Future Boy Conan

From Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, this is their very first anime TV series they did together, in the 1970’s, before Studio Ghibli was created a year later. 

With the artwork similar to the ones in “Castle in the Sky”, Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki did the storyboard and artwork as their directional debut, while Yoshiyuki Tomino worked on the entire series. 

With 26 episodes and one movie, only in Japanese, this tells about the Earth destroyed as it became a new beginning to Earth, in the very end. When many people tried to evacuate the Earth, their spacecraft couldn’t make it, by passing the Earth’s atmosphere. They were brought down to Earth as they crash landed on some islands, all at sea. 

Among those survivors, a young boy named Conan was with them. And by going on an adventure, with a young girl named Lana, they search for survivors on different islands. And start a new beginning. During the adventure, it became a love story between Lana and Conan. 

I believe that for what they did here, was the very beginning of Studio Ghibli. After how Lupin III, and “The Castle of Cagliostro” became really great masterpieces in the late 1970’s in Japan. 

I am very proud of them here, and this anime TV series as their first directional debut. So for a rating to give, 10/10 stars. Thanks Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. For everything on you two together did this. 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 😃😃😃😃

100th anniversary of the Britannic

Like the Titanic, only a medical ship during WWI and a younger sister, this is the 100th anniversary of this sinking ship and another event in WWI history. In 1916, the Britannic was a medical ship as it had medical symbols on it. As a hospital ship, it was to help and aid people who are ill and injured during WWI. Wounded and ill soldiers. You can tell when it’s painted white and has big red crosses on its side. It was super structured enough as German submarines wouldn’t recognize it.

This was launched when the First World War was declared as it was used out at sea. It was like the Lusitania as this ship sank as a casualty during this war. It was a cruise ship also for British rich people on her maiden voyages.

On her last maiden voyage in November 1916, it was off the coast of Athens, Greece, between three small islands, as it struck a underwater mine as it caused an explosion. It made a hole in the ship as water came rushing in. Bulkheads were filled with water as this ship was sinking fast like the Titanic.

55 minutes she sank as the explosion killed 30 people. There were 1,036 survivors that were lowered away in the 35 lifeboats as 1,066 people have perished on board. The survivors rescued the wounded as they abandoned ship. Some of the passengers even jumped off the ship, and swam away from the doomed Britannic. The survivors made it to land after this did, as the ship sank in at the bottom of the sea, close to Athens. They were luckily rescued from fishermen close by from Greece. Like the Titanic and the Lusitania, the ship sank on the right side of it as it headed straight downward into the waters below. Smoke came rushing from the stacks as the survivors including the wounded abandoned the ship.

The way when scientists discovered this, it was on the ocean floor on the right hand side as it was tilted that way. It was almost broke into two, when it remains together on the ocean floor. Almost broken into two between the bow and the far rest of the ship when the smokestacks broke off when the ship struck the ocean floor. It still remains there, until it’s all gone.

It was an accident for this ship for when it did, in sinking ship and WWI history. Not a single shot fired from any enemy there was from Europe during WWI. This is another historic moment in sinking ship and WWI history as it shall be remembered forever. They mentioned this in some TV movies and history documentaries like for what they showed on the Titanic, Lusitania and the Empress of Ireland. In a TV movie, a hero sacrificed himself as he got killed by the propellers of the Britannic, while sinking.

The Britannic still lays at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, close to Greece, as it’s on the right side down, cracked at the front as its still whole. It can get corroded if it was chewed all up by seaweed.

Best well known Canadian WWI heroes

These are the best well known WWI Canadian heroes as they fought in the First World War. Thanks to some research, a trip to a war museum and some movies, these are the ones.

  • Henry James Wiser. A Canadian WWI bomber as he flew on night missions as a pilot.

  • Eric Ohman. A Canadian WWI fighter pilot as he experienced the air war first-hand.

  • James Moses. A Canadian WWI soldier as he became a fighter pilot instead.

  • Dr. Henry Norman Bethune. A Canadian WWI medic as he helped out the wounded. In the Navy, Air Force and the infantry. And like PFC. Desmond T. Doss, he was a believer in God.

  • Ebenezer William Peyto. A Canadian WWI machine gunner. For he was tougher and similar to that Abraham Ford character in the entire series of “The Walking Dead”.

  • Lt. William F.N. Sharpe. A Canadian WWI aviator as he was K.I.A. in 1915.

  • George A. Downey. An African Canadian who served in WWI for the No. 2 Construction Battalion.
  • James A. Downey. Cousin to George A. Downey, he was an African Canadian WWI soldier as he was in the No. 2 Construction Battalion.

  • Joseph A. Parris. An African Canadian WWI soldier, as he was a part of the No. 2 Construction Battalion.
  • William Parris. Joseph A. Parris’s brother as he enlisted in the No. 2 Construction Battalion with him. And as a Canadian WWI soldier, he did his best. And never left his brother at all.
  • Seldon Parris. William and Joseph’s cousin as he enlisted as a Canadian WWI soldier, to be a part of the No. 2 Construction Battalion.

  • William A. White. An African Canadian as he was one of the officers of the No. 2 Construction Battalion.

  • Daniel H. Sutherland. A Canadian WWI Lt. Col. as he was the commanding officer of No. 2 Construction Battalion.

  • Jerimah Jones. An African Canadian WWI soldier as he was a part of the No. 2 Construction Battalion. He was courageous at that time.

  • William George Barker. A Canadian WWI soldier in the Canadian Army and fighter pilot of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

  • Billy Bishop. A Canadian WWI  flying ace. After being in the infantry long enough, he became good as a pilot.

  • Thomas Ricketts. A Canadian WWI sergeant in the infantry, who was from Newfoundland.

  • Frederick Harvey. A Canadian WWI Brigadier who happened to be really good in rugby and cricket.

  • John Chipman Kerr. A Canadian WWI private in the infantry, as he went onto becoming a sergeant in the Air Force.

  • Michael James O’Rouke. An Irish Canadian soldier and dockworker. For he fought in the battle of Hill 70. Not Hill 60.

  • John McCrae. A Canadian WWI Lt. Col. as he became a poet. For he wrote that famous poem we all know. ‘In Flanders Fields’.

  • Herman James Good. A Canadian WWI soldier as he was a corporal throughout the war.

  • Harry Alchorn. A Canadian WWI soldier in the infantry as he fought hard.
  • Wilfred Lloyd Virbert. A Canadian WWI soldier in the 257th Battalion. He then later in the war was transferred the 7th Batallion.

  • George Beaumont. A Canadian WWI soldier in the infantry, as he was also a private for the Cyclist Corps in the British Army.

  • Leonard Heath Barker. A Canadian WWI soldier in light infantry as he was suppose mostly, a rifleman I believe.

And finally…

  • Humphrey Cobb. An Italian Canadian as he served in the Canadian Army for three long years. And like Wilfred Owen and John McCrae, he got into writing. As a novelist, he wrote the book “Paths of Glory”. And after that later on, his novel was made into a movie.

So these are the very best ones, that Canada knows on its heroes as they all fought in the First World War. There maybe no more WWI veterans alive, but they shall be never forgotten. Never. They shall be remembered forever. Amen to God on them all.

John McCrae’s poem- In Flanders Fields

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow. Between the crosses, row on row, that mark our place; and in the sky. The larks, still bravely singing, fly. Scarce heard amid the guns below.We are the Dead. Short days ago.We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow. Loved and were loved, and now we lie, in Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw. The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die. We shall not sleep, though poppies grow, in Flanders fields”.

That’s John McCrae’s famous poem. For that we all trust on, and is still famous, throughout these centuries. The History Channel may have did a TV documentary movie once on TV like how “War Game” was, but TV programs will deal with Remembrance Day specials. Especially movies too that they won’t forget. Such as “War Horse”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Band of Brothers”, that TV series perhaps, and what are good for Remembrance Day. To our Canadian war veterans.

100th anniversary of WWI (2016)

This is still the 100th anniversary of WWI. And as we celebrate the Canadian soldiers who have fought and died in that war, in such battles, we’ll never forget them. Especially on Remembrance Day today.

As the Battle of the Somme was crucial, and had it’s flamethrower, Canada was sure getting into Vimy Ridge I believe. However by the time the battle of Verdun was on, then came a rebellion. Irish people fighting against the British as they couldn’t take any law and order. ‘Easter Rising’, for what that was called.

From submarine warfare, gas attacks, a battle in Transylvania, Germany declaring war on Italy and Portugal, to the sinking of the HMS Hampshire, came Humphrey Cobb and Giovanni Caproni. Giovanni Caproni was the Italian airplane maker, as Humphrey Cobb was an Italian Canadian. By serving in the Canadian Army for three years, he fought well. But after inspiration came to him on the battlefields, he began writing his novel. “Paths of Glory” . After he died in 1944, young film director Stanley Kubrick loved his novel so much, he made that into a motion picture. The same for Hayao Miyazaki as he loved Giovanni Caproni. When he did his farewell masterpiece before his retirement.

And in WWI, by the time New Zealand was fighting hard, came Christmas Battles. Between Russia and Germany on December 23rd-29th. They were indecisive. In a swampy region, for where that took place long ago, there was no Christmas truce there, two days before 1917.

It was harsh in the fields, but they managed everything. And as for poets Wilfred Owen and John McCrae, they had their poems published. Especially the one we all know. ‘In Flanders Fields’.

Coming up, another 100th anniversary. 10 days from now, will be the 100th anniversary of a another sinking ship that happened during WWI in 1916. As it sank off the coast of Athens, Greece. The Britannic. And it was no German U-boat that did this, by it’s torpedo’s.

Anime on YTV

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beyblade bluedragon_ytv


pretty-cure-shafted  shows-bpromomainimg_yu_gi_oh_5ds1


These here, show the days when YTV loved anime, and had these before they were all cancelled and dumped. Ever since they began a while back, they accepted them all, as well as their anime movies too. Such as Sailor Moon, Beyblade, Battle B-Daman, Yu-Gi-Oh, InuYasha, Hamtaro, Power Stone, Medabots, Bleach, Zatch Bell, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pretty Cure, Digimon, Pokemon, and the rest, every YTV anime loved them. They would sit on the couch or bed at night, as they would watch the very best ones before falling asleep.


The same for Teletoon when they dealt with Cardcaptors and Spider Riders. But as things changed, YTV and Teletoon were in too much control of Nickleodeon cartoons, as well as Cartoon Network.

Some of these did appeared on WB Kids, but me and most fans prefer the anime we see on YTV and Teletoon. For these here are glory a while back. Not the ones we see today.

The Last: Naruto the Movie

Ever since Shonen Jump had been doing those manga magazines, and 72 volume books of Naruto, comes the very last movie they ever created. Thanks to Viz Media, and TV Tokyo for like 50 years on doing those anime TV shows they created, now comes this here.

For 25 long years, Naruto and his friends had been doing great times together. When they were students in ninja training. From like 8 years of age, to 10 years of age, they were getting into learning. Then from 17 to 19 years of age, they were all grown up good. Learned new skills and were granted special clothes. And by 21 or 25, they are like almost adults.

They’ve definitely changed. And we’re getting into confessions of love. Which was why Hinata loves Naruto very much. And Naruto loves Hinata very much also.

In the beginning for me, I thought it was Sakura who care for Naruto the most. And she would love him. However I guess, she would just want him to be safe. And never lose him. Cause she’s Naruto’s bestest friend. And she is always there for him.

In a TV episode a while back, she did tell her confessions to Naruto that she loves him. And how she kissed him once. That, I never forgot. But she’ll be with him, when they are together as adults.

Throughout the movie, confessions need to be told from lovers who do love that person, no matter what. Even if you are shy, nervous, or frightened, you do need to tell your love, that you actually love him/her.

In this very last movie, they were able to save the Earth from a ghost ninja. Who was bringing asteroids to Earth from the moon. Chunks of the moon, coming down as meteorites as it can mean the end of the world, when worlds like the Earth and the Moon collide. In fact, travelling from a portal cave on Earth, to another, they were actually inside the Earth. And outside of the moon in the big fight. The air was breathable, as there is air on the moon. Way imaginary and amazing than H.G. Well’s story of ‘First Men IN The Moon’.

And after a furious final conflict, it was all over at last. And from flashbacks to when they are kids, to now as adults, everything was beginning to change. In the end credits, Naruto and Hinata were finally married and had two children. The same for Sakura when they found Sauske. She got married to him and had children. But she’ll be by Naruto’s side no matter what in life. She is always there for him. For this review, on this very last movie, I rate this with 9/10 stars.

Race (2016 movie)

This showed me the true story of Jesse Owens. As he was played by Stephan James. An African American runner who is the fastest man alive. And the the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Three years before WWII was declared. Along with him are Jeremy Irons and Jason Sudeikis. As a coach and a Olympic committee.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Jesse Owens is a true runner as he won eight world records in running and jumping. After apologizing to his love and marrying her, he volunteered to be with African American runners, to go into the 1936 Summer Olympics. In Berlin, Germany.

Around the 1930’s, Nazi Germany was aware of Jewish people and African Americans. They were taking on Jewish people mostly as were building the stadium for the Olympics. U.S. Olympic committee’s were arguing over that, as the Summer Olympics cannot be cancelled. The games were still on, in Berlin.

After winning five gold medals, making a new friend, and had a splendid homecoming, Jesse Owens was the most terrific athlete he did in Summer Olympic history. Three years later, with Adolf Hitler in power, he and his army attacked Poland. Until finally, WWII had just begun.

Although it was tough for African Americans long ago in the 1930’s, but things worked out okay. When everyone were loving things since Jesse Owens won the 1936 Summer Olympics. So I’d give this 8/10 stars. Dramatic, but splendid.