100th anniversary of the Easter Rising (1916-2016)

I nearly forgot about this historic event that occurred in Britain and Ireland, during the First World War when I was mostly concerned about that. It was thanks to a movie that my mom was watching. And this really occurred in Easter of 1916, where the Easter Rabbit never gave out chocolate eggs in Ireland.

In April of 1916, during the First World War, a year after the Lusitania sank, and how the United States was getting in, the British Empire was taking things too far. Aware of how World War I was getting worse, especially the air raids, they needed more men to go to war. And how law and order, was what people didn’t like on. Some of its troops were in Ireland, until a revolution struck. The Irishmen were fed up with the British Empire as they struck back. By taking firearms, and everything they had own, they made a stand against them.

Between the fighting Irish and the British soldiers, this was how the Irish Rebellion of 1798 was, but much different. For almost a week, from April 24th to April 29th, 1916, 260 civilians were killed in firefights, as how 2,217 civilians were wounded. A total kill-count, nearly 500. Some of them were executed. As dead as the three victims in “Paths of Glory”.

They never forgot for what happened. This was sort of like “Braveheart”, but mostly in Ireland. No movies that depicted that event. Not one bit. Mostly a few mini-series’s from BBC, and documentary tv shows too. One of them was narrated by Liam Neeson.

A century later, by celebrating its 100th anniversary, they had a parade or marching Irish soldiers, some people watching at the capitol, as seven planes flew above them in honor of to those in Ireland that were in the Easter Rising. One military cargo plane, and six spitfire fighter planes.

This event shall never be forgotten.

Araya (Mystery Hunters) and the Empress of Ireland

From the day I read about the Empress of Ireland in a book once, to this episode on ‘Mystery Hunters’ and it’s 100th anniversary in 2014 since 1914, this is all the proof I finally found as evidence. In media as we all know about this.

When Araya was searching on the Empress of Ireland, they say it was cursed. From a man wearing glasses who swore a curse, or killer fog.

Cause on that very night 100 years ago in May 1914, it was that fateful night. After passing a point in the St. Lawrence River, that was when the mysterious fog started to appear. It went into the fog as they couldn’t see a thing. It had completely covered the Empress.

Araya believed from an author than besides a man curse, it was that other ship that collided with the Empress. As it had 18 minutes to sink when it plunged into the cold water below.

Some people believe it was that man’s curse. But it was mostly that disaster. It was a combination of both for what happened to the Empress of Ireland.

They say many divers try to find the wrecked ship at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, but they mostly got killed during the search. Some suffocated, as others couldn’t go down there any further. 130ft underwater, as when they are down there, it’s like walking into a spooky graveyard at night. Araya and a friend were there, to check it out as Araya couldn’t go down there. The water was cold, as his friend was able to make it to the wreck.

He filmed everything he did, as he looked inside the wreck. Inside the wreck of the Empress of Ireland. The way he did it, he’s like Hooper from “Jaws” as he is underwater, looking at a wrecked boat from that man eating shark that attacked. As he came back up, he told Araya he lost a friend as he went to search on the cursed ship.

As they looked at historic facts on the Empress of Ireland and weather calculations, they knew killer fog since that night can be dangerous. Even to ships that get into that since the Empress.

With everything they did on that episode, suspenseful music, digital artwork, historic photos and documents, we all believed this is true. For everything we know on this cursed ship that happened 100 years ago.

Here is all the proof I have thanks to Araya in Mystery Hunters, and the Empress of Ireland. Along with a prank he did on Doubting Dave after he made his own killer fog.











The fog prank Araya did on Doubting Dave. 

So, beware of killer fog. 

Children Who Chase Lost Voices

In this 10/10 star anime movie that I give an ‘A++’ on, this one’s remarkable!!

As a young schoolgirl finds a jewel, she listens to this beautiful song on the radio that she loves on. The song from the jewel. Also, she meets an orange kitten along with it. Together, they have a good time. Even at her house.

In her life, she takes care of herself while her mom is gone on important shifts at work. At the hospital in the city. She and her mom lived in the countryside not far away in Japan. As she takes care of herself, she loves her life. Even remembers her glory days of her past.

She goes to school and has good grades. After that, she goes to a cliff where she listens to the song from the jewel on her radio.

By the time a boy, along with his brother and a creature came out, they were from another world where life and death matters. A mystical world. Better than “The Book of Life”, and similar to the 1959 movie of “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, the land where they came from reminds me of the Valley of the Wind from one of Studio Ghibli’s movies. From director, Hayao Miyazaki.

With herself, the kitten, the jewel and a professor, they went into this.

In the end, she returned home as the professor stayed behind. He lost an eye after for what happened, as she said goodbye to him. She also said goodbye to the kitten and the two boys, as she had a fragment piece left of the jewel for what was left of it. Most of it were destroyed.

During the mid-credits, she grew older as she never forget for what happened. She never returned to the cliff, as she and her mom, were ready for high school graduation. The way she was in this, she was remarkable.

After experiencing for what did happened in this, I totally rate this 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’.

Sonny Chiba, legendary actor and martial artist


He was mentioned in “True Romance” on three of his movies, as he was Hanzo Hattori in the two volumes of “Kill Bill”. He is a legend in his time. He is a martial artist, actor, director, singer and producer.

Born in 1939, he and his family went to a better place in Japan to avoid the warfare in WWII. As he went onto sports and gymnastics, he went onto martial arts. That is when he became good, as he became an actor.

In his movies, he was famous in ‘The Street Fighter’ movies. Not like the video game, but more likely different. A different street fighter but different.

“The Street Fighter”, “Return of the Street Fighter”, “Sister Street Fighter” and “The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge”, four in 1974 in Japan. They made their movies and media fast.

By the time he was in “The Executioner”, “The Bullet Train”, and etc., he was okay and good. However later on in 2003, violent director Quentin Tarantino loved him so much, he had him in his next movie. An epic bloody revenge. “Kill Bill” in volumes 1 and 2.

In “Kill Bill”, he took the role of Hattori Hanzo. A sushi restaurant owner in Okinawa, Japan, and a retired sword craftsman who never made another samurai sword again. However, when Beatrix Kiddo came, and knew about his first student, Bill, he agreed to make her a samurai sword. One month later, the samurai sword he did, was magnificent. As his very last. As they played ‘The Lonely Shepard’ from Gheorghe Zamfir, the way he was dressed, held the sword, and had it in his hut, it was terrific.

He told the truth on his oath, as he agreed, this was his finest sword he ever created. After giving it to Kiddo, she was ready to use it. In the two volumes of that movie, he said that ‘revenge is a never a straight line. It’s like a forest as its easy to lose your way. To get lost. To forget where you came in’.

He is still alive today. And will be remained a legend still on. He is still Quentin’s favorite, but he is still my favorite.

Cyborg 009 VS Devilman

Between two manga series, there was not only a fight between a boy devil and a robotic humanoid team, but they had to stop a mad scientist on creating robots and demons who was pulling the strings. 

Like Batman VS Superman, this was way even better than the fights we see. Better than Thor VS Hulk, Capt. America VS Iron Man, and all those other battles we see in common. Especially Kid VS Kat from YTV. 

Cyborg 009 on that manga series is an intergalactic team on humanoids that protect our world from any danger there is. Especially monsters and aliens. Even better than Buck Rogers and Star Wars. 

Devilman on this manga series is how a boy got powers to become a demon flying devil. He becomes a monster whenever he gets fierce in him. And he fights demons also. Way stronger than the Hulk and the Thing from Marvel comic books. 

In just three acts like .hack//Quantum, they were able to take this on in just two single nights. In order to stop the demons, robots and the mad scientist. And when I looked at everything here, I must say!! 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’. 

What’s black and white and ____ all over?

For many years, there has always been the same riddle question. It has happened in media many times, as it goes to anything that is black and white. Especially to those we ask today.

“What is black and white and ____ all over?”

For example, on the TV show “Daily Planet”, they answered that question as it go into my head on that. A woman asked, “What’s black and white, and adorable all over?”. The answer was baby panda’s in China. They showed those, like the same ones in a picture I saw in a magazine. When “Kung Fu Panda 3” was out.

Since there was the newspaper riddle on that, and for what happened on “Daily Planet”, that question took me a trip down memory lane. Lets just say, back to when YTV was glory.

In 2010 on YTV, before “Dinosaur King”, an anime dinosaur action packed TV show was cancelled, there was the question that made me inspire on. And it’s not “The Mighty B” or ‘The Manly Bee’ from “Funpak”.

This question happened on a commercial to this anime TV show, that I totally love on.

“What’s black and white, and pretty all over?”

It maybe to an anime woman who’s a referee at a high school. But this commercial was really good. With black and white thunder, and shooting it like lightning, the answer was “Pretty Cure”.

Thanks to that anime TV show “Pretty Cure”, or “Futari wa Pretty Cure”, that was how I shall love and inspire that question for as long as I live. Ever since I saw that with my own eyes, they can give you shock therapy. Even when you have a problem, they can totally give you a pretty cure.

“Cure Black!”

“And Cure White!

“Together, we are Pretty Cure!!”

YTV had this as the best anime show there is. Thanks Hannah and Natalie!! 😏😏😏😏



Natasha Henstridge became famous in this thrilling flick, that you can watch over Halloween. Especially when she is an alien who wants to reproduce.

From the SETI program, they found alien DNA as they destroyed most of it. But there was one bit, they were experimenting on. In just three days, it began to create a female alien. But most likely human in disguise.

With supernatural strength, it escaped as it began to steal people things, and began to change. It didn’t care a bit. It wanted to find a male, so she can reproduce. Have alien babies to take over Earth.

The way that alien woman is, she’s like the female Terminator from “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”. So she was an anti human alien reproductive terminator.

With Michael Madsen, Ben Kingsley, Forest Whitaker, and Alfred Molina, they were the only ones to stop her. Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina were the only two men killed during the hunt. Michael Madsen and Forest Whitaker were the only ones left as they did.

And that’s what I call, ‘alien hunting’. For a pass, 8/10 stars on this.

And the best way to kill an female alien, even when a rat has a long tongue, is of course, a grenade launcher, but also this. A hydrogen fuel cell. A perfect gift for Michael when he sees aliens again. And Forest too.

“When ruptured, the fuel cells become unstable”.

So it damaged, they will totally explode. Even when you shove it in an alien’s mouth.



The Wizard of Oz (1939 classic)

The classic version that had changed movies forever. As it became a smash hit, as everyone loved that movie. Children, adults, old people and more. It went throughout generations in the time of these movies, as it’s all thanks to MGM. L. Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz”.

Starring Judy Garland as a young teenager, she was really good as a young actress. There was also Frank Morgan as the wizard, Prof. Marvel, a soldier, a guard at the door, as he was the coachman driving the horse. As it can change colors. Finally, there was Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, and Margaret Hamilton. They played as the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, as Margaret played a wicked witch.

As it spread throughout generations, after these people that did this movie passed away, they did parodies of this. They made some parts into parodies funny, as you can laugh hard until you cry. As the very first movie, there were many versions after that. There was even a cartoon version with Tom and Jerry as they ran into that classical movie. Only that version was edited in that.

What was famous, was Judy Garland’s song of “Over the Rainbow”, and other songs also. Such as sung my midgets as the munchkins, the people in Oz, and people who in the orchestra that did this. But what really changed movies forever, was the color. From black and white Kansas to colorful Oz, this was the very first movie to be in color. First this, then “Gone With The Wind”, and movie directors that did as they made movies in color.

There was also, special effects. Such as red smoke, flames, the tornado, the house falling, the striped socks, the wicked witch flying in the sky on the smoke, lightning, melting, flying monkeys flying, colors on the horse, the alien head of Oz, the things inside the tornado, the whistle toot, and more. Those were really good.

With best costumes, designs, talking trees, memorable quotes, and  funny scenes, this took was worth a lifetime on changing movies in film history. As we all know the whole story, the ruby slippers after that, were placed in a museum we all know of. As the very first pair. There were other ruby slippers that shoemakers created, with actual rubies on them. As they cost a billion dollars when you look at them.

As there were merchandise, and more, this movie is one of the very firsts that changed films forever, in film history. As kids and many people can watch it again. Maybe even a hundred times.

For what I rate on this, 8/10 stars.

San Andreas

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ioan Gruffudd, Paul Giamatti,and Matt Gerald were in this epic earthquake movie the Charlton Heston movie of “Earthquake”. In time, earthquakes happened around the world. Japan, Hawaii, Tibet, Thailand, and Alaska as well as San Francisco and Los Angeles. They can be major. However, this earthquake that struck, was worth the limits. A 9.5 earthquake as it hit San Andreas. From Las Vegas to LA and San Francisco. It destroyed the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, and everything in it’s path on the west coastal side of the USA. Paul Giamatti was really good as a seismologist when he found out about this. That explains a lot.

As a helicopter pilot was having his family to a divorce, everything changed when this earthquake struck. Many times. They had to come together in order to survive. What was worth of rescuing, was their daughter. Lost in San Francisco. After many casualties, more came as a tsunami struck. It had wiped out everything on the big wave from the Golden Gate Bridge to the San Francisco Bay.

The way you look at it, after the destruction’s, it had become what people imagined on. A world of shit. With buildings destroyed, battleships in the streets, cruise ships totaled, flames in areas, those cities were majorly flooded, as everything all gone. It’s like what we see in disaster movies such as “The Towering Inferno”, “Volcano” and more.

So I give this a 8/10 stars. Worth of how a world of shit can be when a 9.5 earthquake happens, in a matter of years.