50th anniversary of True Grit

This blog post is dedicated to these 1969 movies that made cinema history. The very best ones that are my favourites.

The summer of 1969. The final year of the Golden Age. After the 1969 Oscars in April, there were more movies that made cinema history. Just as how Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11 landed on the surface of the moon in July.

Out of flicks such as “Battle of Britain”, “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”, “Destroy All Monsters”, “Midnight Cowboy”, “Death Rides a Horse” and the rest that made me entertained, only one remains to be amazing.

With John Wayne, Kim Darby and Glen Campbell, it’s “True Grit”. They say revenge is a dish, best served cold. Just as how you really mean it. But in that film that made cinema history, it’s all about justice. Based on the novel by Charles Portis, a young girl’s father was murdered by a notorious outlaw as he and his pals roam around Indian territory. So the girl hired a U.S. Marshal with an eyepatch and a sharpshooting Texas Ranger.

By hunting them down, it cost an arm to get them and back again. Cause by accidentally landing in a snake pit, Kim Darby as Mattie Ross was bitten by a poisonous rattlesnake. In the 1969 version, she made it as had her arm was all okay in one piece. In the lousy 2010 remake, Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross made her lose an arm. And that Mattie portrayed by Elizabeth Marvel who was a southpaw and never cared in the very end, did the worse acting I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Kim Darby however did an excellent job. The same thing to her friends such as John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Dennis Hopper and Robert Duvall.

50 years later, now comes the 50th anniversary of this all time western classic. The same thing for the rest that deserve to make cinema history. By celebrating its anniversary, like “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, Fathom Events brought this movie back in theatres. For only 3 days. Turner Classic Movies was involved in this, yes.

My dad and his friend, JR Watson did showed me this when I was turning 17 years of age. Way before the anniversary. And in 2019, both me and my Uncle Mikey would agree that this occurs to be the best western cowboy movie of all time. Much better than the lousy 2010 remake.

John Wayne totally deserved to win that Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award for Best Actor as that eyepatch U.S. Marshal. And no matter how hard he tried, he really had true grit in him. The same thing to his friends who were with him. Not those two weirdos on those motorcycles from “Easy Rider” that got shot by a shotgun on a small highway near New Orleans in the very end. And to tell you the truth, I really like Peter Fonda better when he was grandfather Burnett Stone in “Thomas and the Magic Railroad”.

So here’s to 50 years on “True Grit”, and those 1969 classic movies of all time that entertained me. I’m sure that Quentin Tarantino on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is as grand as “First Man” with Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong.

Inglorious Basterds (2009)

*Note: To those that want to understand French and German, this is your movie to learn the languages. However, it does have English bits tbh with*.

From director Quentin Tarantino, this occurs to be his first world war movie that made cinema history. Set in an alternate timeline, during the Second World War, it was the German-occupation of France. All French Jewish people were brutally murdered by the Nazi’s. However, it became the rise to a team of American-Jewish soldiers. They were in enemy territory to do one thing, and one thing only: KILLING NAZI’S. And I mean a lot!! It was way before Operation Neptune. (The Allied invasion of Normandy).

While those guys were in the Nazi killing business, a French woman who lost her family was working at a local cinema theatre, as she and her African-French friend were to do a special film premiere of a German propaganda film. But that’s not all….

Both Shosanna Dreyfus and Marcel with the Basterds, did the biggest assassination attempt that they ever did. With most of the German high command, including Adolf Hitler, it was so glory, you’ll be like Charlie Sheen or James Franciscus to kill some bastards that you definitely hate on in war. By making a film, just for the Nazi’s that they placed in, using nitrate film prints that burnt the screen, two Basterds used sub-machine guns as they killed Hitler, his wife, the propaganda film director, and so much more, that they didn’t stop. The doors were locked, as none of the Nazi’s ever escaped. Every single German were killed, as the movie theatre exploded with TNT. None of them at the climax, survived.

However, only two made it out. And did some payback on a colonel, that he’ll never forgive himself.

Brad Pitt, Eli Roth, Michael Fassbender, Christoph Waltz, Diane Kruger, Til Schweiger, Daniel Brühl, Mélanie Laurent, Samuel L. Jackson and Mike Myers are the only guys I know in this movie. In conclusion, this became such a rip-roaring movie, that this won a Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Christoph Waltz who deserved it.

So for a success, 7.5 out of 10 stars is what I give.

Doris Day, Tweety & Bugs Bunny- Freddy, Get Ready

I did see on how Gene Kelly was Tom & Jerry in “Anchors Aweigh” as he danced with them, but I was all ‘holy schnikes’ when Doris Day was with Tweety and Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes.

Way before Michael Jordan was with them in “Space Jam”, this is a scene from the 1949 musical movie. “My Dream Is Yours” with Doris Day and Jack Carson. Set in the spring when Easter was about start, a little boy named Freddy was sleeping too much as Bugs Bunny, Doris Day and Jack Carson were singing a song to wake him up. Tweety made a short appearance, as Doris Day and Jack Carson were dressed like rabbits. (I guess this was how Nick Park and Steve Box got the idea for “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”).

The setting in that dream was really inspirational. Like Nick Park and Steve Box on their first Wallace and Gromit full length feature….

….there was Sally Struthers who narrated the 1992 direct to videotape children’s classic story, “The Tin Soldier”. Years later, came the kids tv show, “The Toy Castle”. Same thing as how the rabbits would came to life on signing and dancing while the kids are asleep. And I saw that on TV twice with my own eyes!!

The Bugs Bunny part was really remarkable. I would be sure that Doris Day is with Jack Carson, Mel Blanc, Tweety, & Bugs Bunny in heaven since she died at age 97 on May 13th, 2019.

In conclusion, we do not want to sleep too much.

And the next character who should wake up and show his eyes would be that Snoozer dude from “Hamtaro”. He should be somewhere else to sleep than being at that clubhouse.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Since “Kong: Skull Island” and “Godzilla” in the mid 2010’s foretold on how the Earth belonged to titans and kaiju’s, than the ones on Mt. Olympus in Greek mythology, there were 15 more of them including those two. Three of them in this movie on their colossal battle were against Godzilla, as five more caused mayhem on Earth. I don’t know what the other two were, but there was a prehistoric mammoth, one more flying predator that eats nuclear waste, and an odd spider like the one on Skull Island.

Places such as Boston, Massachusetts and Washington DC in the USA, annihilated. Mexico was torched as hot as hell, while the rest were nearly wiped out off the face of the Earth.

The ones fighting Godzilla were Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah. King Ghidorah was the three headed dragon kaiju that shoots lighting bolts from its mouths, at the same time. And whenever King Ghidorah loses a head, another one grows back. Not like the hydra dragon that grows two more after losing a head.

While the humans have learned about who they are, why they rule the Earth and so forth, Monarch, a scientific organization has been finding out the secrets behind them. Since these titans were once on this Earth in the prehistoric times, they’ve been worshipped as actual gods on the island of Atlantis by the humans. When they disappeared beneath the earth, that was when they believed it was a civilization too far when the oceans drank Atlantis.

Godzilla had almost died, but was glad to have the humans as allies. Since five years after the attack on San Francisco, they’ve built better technology on how they were fighting against Rodan and King Ghidorah mostly. Mothra was only evolving in a waterfall in China, before she could be complete.

Since Tom Hiddleson, John C. Reilly, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Jing Tian, Jason Mitchell, Shea Whigham, Thomas Mann, Miyavi, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Bryan Cranston had faced the wrath of those titans including some skull crawlers from the first two movies, Kyle Chandler, Ken Watanabe, Charles Dance, Sally Hawkins, Aisha Hinds, O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Ice Cube’s son), Eli Roth as a fighter pilot, and Millie Bobby Brown got into facing the battle of those titans. And it was so colossal, it nearly brought doomsday to this Earth. In fact, you should’ve seen Sally Hawkins squashed like a bug. That way, she can never be with her loving amphibian man from “The Shape of Water”.

The saddest part was when Dr. Ishirō Serizawa portrayed by Ken Watanabe made a sacrifice by reviving Godzilla. Since he was Katsumoto from “The Last Samurai” and General Tadamichi Kuribayashi from “Letters from Iwo Jima”, it made me shed a tear when he did. His last words were “Sayōnara…Kyūyū”. (Goodbye…old friend).

I can’t tell you on how Godzilla defeated King Ghidorah, and was hailed as king of the monsters, but I can tell you this. 8/10 stars is what I give, than that lousy “Rocketman” on Taron Egerton as Elton John. Too much gay parts with homosexual scenes. Worse as that Oliver Twist musical in 1968. However….

COMING SOON: March 24th, 2021, will be the climatic battle of all time. It’s the king of the monsters VS the eighth wonder of the world.

Godzilla lives!! (For Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishirō Serizawa who revived him in battle)

As the eighth wonder of the world must die. And you have already known the name that will pay for what he did wrong.


Top 8 Train Crashes in Movies

I was 4 years old when I saw my first train crash. Not on live TV such as ‘Real TV’ and ‘Destroyed in Seconds’, those two TV shows when I was 8 years old and 13 years old. But honesty, just in a few videotapes a couple of times. Thanks to Ringo and George that did these.

Narrated by George Carlin who was on “Thomas the Tank Engine”, this was where I first met him and saw his accident. As he talking with Oliver, a great western who looks like him, he accidentally broke through bumpers, crashed through a fence, dive bombed down a hill, and took a massive boom at a brick wall. I was all ‘oh boy’ when I saw that.

The second train crash that I saw, narrated by Ringo Starr first on “Thomas the Tank Engine”, was how Henry the Green Engine was delivering crates of fish on a special train that they nicknamed ‘The Flying Kipper’. Through the land of snow at night, from the harbour to their destination, frosty ice caused a nasty accident. It made him crash through a train on a siding, off the main line. I was shocked and was all ‘OMG’ at it.

From my childhood to seeing the films that made cinema history, these are the top 8 picks on train crashes in films.

8. Crashing Through the Station- “Hugo”. Thanks to famous film director Martin Scorsese who did that scene, based on for what occurred at the Gare Montparnasse in Paris, France, it was no wonder it became one of the most famous train crashes that we know of. Hugo Cabret almost got killed while retrieving the robotic automaton at the station that belonged to George Méliès and was found by his father, portrayed by Jude Law. But was luckily rescued by the French inspector portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen who pulled him out just in time. Only 6 injuries and one death occurred after the train crashed.

7. Beware the Avalanche- “Snowpiercer”. From the moment that the people on the Snowpiercer were taking things too far, to our heroes who sacrificed themselves, they brought an end to it by causing an explosion on the long futuristic train, during a harsh second ice age. For they rigged a massive avalanche. So massive, that it brought half of the passenger cars to get hit by the ice and snow, while the rest at the front exploded and derailed. Only two survivors made it out. One female woman and a male child. As they found out that life still exists outside the train. Thanks to a polar bear that they saw.

6. Battle Against the Vampires- “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. With more vampires in disguise as Confederate soldiers, our U.S. president knew that they weren’t going to stop. So in his final conflict, with the help of his friends, they had a steam train as a way to lure them, while the rest delivered silver weaponry. Therefore, he got his revenge against the vampires including the boss, since their train got derailed by a fire on the long wooden bridge. It was badass, thanks to Benjamin Walker and Dominic Cooper. Mary Todd luckily on the bright side, got the vampire b**** for the bridge she burned & killing Willie.

5. Out from the Underground- “Speed”. It was thanks to Keanu Reeves to rescued Sandra Bullock, from that lunatic mad bomber, portrayed by Dennis Hopper. He had to ‘quit while he was a-head’. However, after he had rigged the subway train, the only solution was to speed the train. Therefore, he did as they crashed through a danger zone, climbed on a slope, and were shot out in the streets of Los Angeles in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre. It also made Sandra Bullock to get out of those handcuffs that Dennis Hopper hooked her on. But they were glad that the whole mad bomber crisis was over.

4. When Two Steam Engines Collide- “The Train”. During the Second World War against Germany, French resistance fighters took on the German Nazi troops that were stealing artwork and paintings. By the order of a ruthless colonel. So as a setup, they outsmarted them. They first uncoupled the freight cars with the artwork, as two steam engines made a big crash. One more was able to save them. This made the German colonel super pissed. He wanted them so badly, he was all greedy. Until he had finally met his fate by our hero portrayed by Burt Lancaster, in which he finally terminated him with extreme prejudice.

3. Down Into The River- “The Bridge on the River Kwai”. It was no wonder this film made cinema history. During the Second World War against Japan, Col. Saitō of the Japanese Imperial Army wanted his P.O.W.’s to build a long wooden train bridge to cross the River Kwai. However the British Army and the US Navy wanted that bridge destroyed. From the moment that Col. Saitō was stabbed, and his scouts killed in a mortar strike, Lt. Col. Nicholson before dying detonated the TNT, and brought that troop train into the river. You could say it was madness, but they were glad that they did it, and rescued the P.O.W’s.

2. Off the Rails for the Turks- “Lawrence of Arabia”. This had to be Steven Spielberg’s favourite, since this made cinema history. During the First World War in Africa, against the Turks, British officer Major T.E. Lawrence joined forces with Arabs. Together with Omar Shariff, they got into guerrilla warfare with them. The first train attack that they did made cinema history. By bringing that steam train to come off the rails by TNT, and to open fire on the Turks, it was amazing to make cinematic history. The second train attack also, to rescue lots of horses. It had made one of his Arab friends to become very impressed

1. The Silver Streak Comes to Breakfast- “Silver Streak”. From Los Angeles to Chicago, it won’t be Thomas the Tank Engine who’s coming to breakfast. On board are Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Ned Beatty, Clifton James, Scratman Crothers, Richard Kiel and Jill Cayburgh. While on board a special diesel train, a madman (which is Patrick MacGoohan), was the man responsible for a murder mystery. Until he didn’t had a good time to lose ‘a-head’ of himself. However when the brakes were disabled, they uncoupled the passenger cars while the diesel engine crashed into the Chicago train station. For what they did was terrific indeed.

Do you agree with my list? Which are your favourite train crashes in movies?

Oh and as for what happened to these guys, this superintendent better pay more than 47 trillion dollars for the damage that they’ve caused. Otherwise, that cartoon TV show, and everything that they ever have will be terminated.

Cause when that does get cancelled in the future, never again to see talking trains in CGI animation. I preferred it really good in the glory days when it was all stop motion and models.

But they better to pay to price for that to end…or….THOU ART DEAD!!!!

(Sinister lord laughing)