Studio Ghibli Fest- 2017

Around the summer of 2017, by Cineplex Odeon and Fathom Events, with the support of GKids, they took the chances on doing one thing that every anime fan can appreciate on. 

Studio Ghibli movies in theatres!! 

Cause ever since they showed “The Wind Rises” in Cineplex theatres, they haven’t showed an anime movie since then. The rest such as “When Marnie Was There”, “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” and “The Red Turtle” were shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. The TIFF Lightbox in downtown Toronto. By showing them internationally, they never showed these at Cineplex theatres at all. Cause for how the law of movies come and go, regular and international. 

For what happened really, was how they chose only six Studio Ghibli movies, from director Hayao Miyazaki. And those were “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Castle in the Sky”, “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”, and “Spirited Away”. (For that won Best Animated Feature in the Oscar awards)

And while myself and a friend went to go see “Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” in Cineplex theatres, there were more than 30 fans that were going to see all six of them. And more anime fans for another anime movie, that made it to Cineplex theatres. “In This Corner of the World”. In both English and Japanese. 

I have the entire Studio Ghibli movie collection, including the six at home. But I’m surprised that they did this thanks to GKIDS. 

And hopefully in the future, an anime masterpiece will win an Oscar award for Best Animated Feature. Cause since “Spirited Away” won Best Animated Feature, and how “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “The Wind Rises”, “When Marnie Was There”, “The Red Turtle”, and “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” were nominated, we definitely need an anime movie that deserves to be Best Animated Feature in the Academy Awards. And be a popular movie in film history, rather than that North American animated shit going on. 

So in conclusion, GKIDS? If you can read this, thanks very much for this event that you did. And hopefully, an anime movie, perhaps another Studio Ghibli masterpiece, will definitely win Best Animated Feature in the Academy Awards. There just has to be really. 


Studio Ghibli AMV- Country Roads V2

Like the previous AMV post that I did on Studio Ghibli with this song, this music video is different. Same song, but with scenes from other Studio Ghibli movies that they didn’t added, they did this. 

So, dedicated for the Japanese people and the masterpieces of Studio Ghibli, including Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, here’s ‘Country Roads’. Sang by Olivia Newton-John. 

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Note: I saw this in a Cineplex movie theatre with my own eyes, along with a trusted friend. 

I give this 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’ as this was almost like “Naruto Shippuden: The Movie”. 

“Fairy Tail”, based on the manga books by Shōnen, tells about these dragons slayers and wizards, as they protect their fictional world from one thing that they are on. Dragons. 

And in this movie that I ever saw, since “InuYasha The Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler”, this tells about them, in a search for a staff called, the ‘Dragon Cry’. From explosions, sexy scenes, funny scenes, fighting against an army of darkness, and all the way to fight against a massive diamond dragon in the climax, this became an amazing success!! 😊😊

And to the ‘Fairy Tail’ series, I deeply thank you for everything for what you did. Especially in this movie, that me and my friend Jamie are surprised. So for a success, 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’.

Top 10 Swords in Movies and TV shows

In those movies and TV shows, especially in anime and manga, there have been swordsmen. Given from their dying fathers and their wise masters, to those swordsmen as main characters, they used a matter of different swords, and learn how to use special moves with them.

In this list, are the top 10 swords. Five from movies that I rely on, and five from TV shows. One regular, and four from the best anime TV shows there is.

10. Sting- (The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings). Found by young Bilbo Baggins, this was made by the elves to kill orcs and goblins. It turns blue whenever there are some that are close by. Light to carry, and hard on slicing and dicing, this became the only weapon that hobbits can use. Especially when they are dealing with those giant spiders in the Mirkwood Forest and the mountains of Mordor. But not a massive dragon like Smaug. Years after Bilbo no longer uses it, he gave it to Frodo in order for the fellowship to fight against the armies of darkness.

9. Inigo Montoya’s Rapier- (The Princess Bride). Forged by his father, it was at the time when he was killed by Count Rugen. The six fingered man. His swashbuckling son, Inigo Montoya swore fiery vengeance to find that count, and kill him with his father’s rapier that he was ever given. Long, sharp and with a nice handle, this rapier can be the symbol of a lifelong quest. And Inigo Montoya, can be still the most fantastic swashbuckler of all time with this. Especially after he finally killed the six fingered count.

8. Dragon Head Katana- (Highlander). From the 1980’s classic movie, forged by a legendary Japanese sword smith in England during the Middle Ages, this katana was given by a wise teacher to his kind student. From those Middle Ages to a modern day New Yorker, this sword can have special powers in it. By cutting off the heads of victims, to that climax in the end, that raving lunatic, portrayed by Clancy Brown had to ‘quit while he’s a-head’. And remember, ‘There can be only one’.

7. Martin’s Long Sword- (Redwall). From the first three books by Brian Jacques, to that animated TV show, that was once aired on Teletoon, Martin the Warrior was so courageous, he chose only one sword since he lost his father. Years after the 3rd book that lead to the 1st book, Martin the Warrior went on designing this. For he wrote those words on the long blade: ‘I Am That Is’. And after he died, in his last will, it was passed onto the next warrior mouse who believed in him. Young Matthias. Captured by Asmodeus Poisonteeth, he had to ‘quit while he’s a-head’ when Matthias grabbed it, and did his first blow. Long, sharp, and powerful, Martin’s long sword can have the power to lead a way out of caves, and can have the ability to cut the ropes of a cathedral bell. That’s how Matthias defeated a rat named Cluny. And after it was over, he redesigned the words on it, to ‘I, Matthias’.

6. Erza Scarlet’s Sword- (Fairy Tail). Owned by Erza Scarlet, she can have this finest sword ever to be forged by the king. And as this goes with her special powers and armor, she can be the most greatest fighter in the ‘Fairy Tail’ anime TV series. With that magic that she has, and some sword magic, she can transform herself including that sword. From her regular knight outfit to becoming an massive angel of death, she can be unbeatable. The same for her sword, as it never breaks at all. Tougher than the ones were in “First Knight”, with Sean Connery and Richard Gere.

5. Excalibur- (Excalibur). From 1981, this shows the better legend of King Arthur. And how it is was meant to be, rather than the other versions that were bullshitty. Especially the new one that didn’t do very well, “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”. Retrieved by the wizard, Merlin from the Lady of the Lake, and given to Uther Pendragon, Excalibur, the sword of power, can have magic to those who wield it. And after Uther Pendragon died in a battle, it was given to his young adult son, Arthur. (Portrayed by Nigel Terry.) With it, he became known as King Arthur. And by wielding it, he had to fight against the evil for what lurks. That’s how he defeated Mordred in the final battle. Given back to the Lady of the Lake, a new king will rise and Excalibur will return. That was King Arthur’s final wish while he was buried on the Isle of Avalon. The resting place for him after he died.

4. Rukia’s White Shirayuki Sword- (Bleach). As a gift to Rukia, after training Ichigo Kurosaki to become a Soul Reaper, she was given this sword by their wise master. At first, she had a black one from the first few episodes in the first season, but she liked this one better than her black old one. Sharp, long and with a white ribbon on it, this made her beat a snow woman who would come from many years past. And with special abilities, this can make any victim bleed in the snow, on a snowy evening. Anyone who gets near Rukia.

3. The Tetsusaiga- (InuYasha). Years after the Great Dog Demon died on the night that InuYasha was born, he gave away three swords. One to be sealed away, one to his brother Sesshomaru, in which that was the Tenseiga, and the other which is this, to InuYasha. Cause his father trusted InuYasha on using it, as Sesshomaru wouldn’t have it for such chaos that he might cause. When you look at it, it’s only a rusty old sword that no human or a dog demon has been used for many centuries. However to the point when InuYasha uses it, it becomes much more powerful and bigger for InuYasha to use on killing demons in Feudal Japan. For specialty moves and abilities, this can turn red, have diamond shards, dragon scales, and turn black to unleash a final blow. Also, from wind scars to backlash waves, any demon or a descendant of Naraku will be shattered to bits with this, thanks from the Great Dog Demon who once lived on this Earth.

2. The Sharp Rapier- (Cardcaptors). In the manga books and TV show, (that was once aired on Teletoon) it’s known as ‘The Sword’ card. But I call this the sharp rapier, cause this sword is much more sharp than Li’s sword. As a card that Clow Reed sealed away, this is the only weapon of choice that he made. Long, sharp, stabilized, and given to Sakura, she used this throughout the TV series after capturing it. By setting her friends free, getting out of a maze, and cutting off a possessed teddy bear’s ear. And for how very sharp it is, you’d lose your rapier in a fencing match.

1. Hattori Hanzo Sword- (Kill Bill). This 1# samurai sword, owned by Beatrix Kiddo, was her only weapon to kill Bill. Forged by the legendary Hattori Hanzo, (portrayed by Sonny Chiba,) a retired sword smith who swore a blood oath to never make anymore samurai swords. Even so after that, this katana by Hanzo’s own admission, his greatest creation that he had ever did in his life. This can be so powerful, with such hard Japanese steel, this can cut off parts of your body. That’s how Beatrix nearly killed the Crazy 88’s, before confronting her boss and members.

In fact, there were two more that Hattori Hanzo did before his blood oath. One for Bill, and the other for his brother Budd. However, as a drunk and cranky cowboy, he lied to Bill on pawning that. But after such betrayal by Bill’s one eyed counterpart, Beatrix used Budd’s Hanzo sword, to take out her last remaining eyeball. In order to grab hers back.

So by looking at a sword like this, rather than those stupid fairy tales we get too much as kids, Japan makes them very well long ago. Especially in the Fuedal area. The UK and France too in the Middle Ages, before everything changed to today.

Anyone of these top 10 babies will make any victim be as dead as the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, including their boss, Bill.

Or something I love to call… “The Vipers Grimm”.



Snake bitten.

Eye plucked.

And heart exploded.

Do you agree with my list? Cause they made history for how they are. Made by their masters and fathers, and given to their sons and students, they never lost those swords at all. Ever.

The Founder

‘Super Size Me’ turns out to be the worst documentary movie in history, when they fear on what McDonald’s, that fast food joint business could do. But in this movie here, comes the origin of how it was born.

The McDonalds brothers, Dick and Mac, born on a farm in the U.S. wanted to get into movie business. Unfortunately, the Crash of 1929 ruined everything and started the Great Depression. So instead, they got into fast food business.

From opening up their location, planning out their kitchens, and how their speed system works, they make your food fast in 30 seconds. They did that in one location: San Bernadino, USA.

And instead of waitresses bringing your food to your car, you just get up in the car, go to the cash, order your food, and it’ll be nicely done. Easy as pie.

That was when a founder came in, and changed everything for the good of business in North America. In 1954, a traveling salesman wanted to sell milkshake mixers. But when he loved everything for what the brothers did, he wanted to help.

So by building a massive empire, he built many locations all over the America. Before the 1960’s came onto them. In this true trustworthy story of business, this has Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, and Patrick Wilson. And by the end of it, they made the most biggest fast food joint in the world. Years before everything changed, that I do not want to like on, here in North America.

That is how their origin story is, in fast food history in America.

But never in the history of McDonalds, had ever did a McChicken/Filet o Fish/Bacon and Egg Bagel eating contest. And the first man to finish those, will win a cash prize. Less or basically, $10,000.00.

Like for what happened in “Meatballs”, “Beethoven’s 2nd”, “Meet Dave”, and a bit from “Beerfest”, this can be a great idea. But never end up like for what happened in “Stand By Me”. Cause that blueberry barf-o-rama, turns out to be hysterical, while many people deserved it. But only one made it out okay in which he did it. For a little payback.

So for a pass, 8/10 stars. And you will really love this. Especially when you do business class in high school or college. So bring this in as an example, and hopefully your teacher will accept this.

Going in Style

Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Ann Margret, Christopher Lloyd, and Matt Dillon were all together in this funniest bank robbery movie. And for a pass, a ‘B++’

Three old men together, were to rob a bank since those pensions that they get in the mail, ruined their lives. And together, they did. Successfully. Cause for what they did, they were wise together, rather than other movies that they were in that were in that were too crappy. In fact, when a suspect almost saw one of them, that suspect kept it a secret. She never told anyone.

So I’m glad that this is a pass. And how they successfully made it.

Haruo Nakajima (1929-2017)

He was in ‘Seven Samurai’ at first, until he became the original Godzilla. In many kaiju movies as a Japanese actor for 24 years, he showed on how Godzilla really is. And how he defended Tokyo from other kaiju’s. Such as Mothra, Rodan, King Kong, King Ghidorah, Hedorah and Gigan.

When he was not Godzilla, he was also Rodan, King Kong, and Mothra. That made him spectacular. Born in Yamagata, Japan in 1929 on New Years Day, he really wanted to show the world on what he really is. And that is for what he did in the early 1950’s.

Starting off in ‘Gojira’ or ‘Godzilla’ in 1954, he wore that outfit in which was waterproof. It suited for him nicely. And when they did the attacks that he did as Godzilla, they were able to do some model sets. The buildings, the vehicles, the subway train in his hand and more.

Soon after that, he got into more Godzilla movies. But what was a shockingly surprise, is that he was in “Ultraman” and “Ultra-Seven” as five kaiju’s. The first two original Japanese TV shows that were showing on Ultraman and the Ultra Brothers. In which that makes me very surprised.

And here, these are the Godzilla movies he was into, right after the ‘Seven Samurai’:

Godzilla (or Gojira in 1954, the original)

Godzilla Raids Again- (1955)

Rodan- (1956)

Mothra- (1961)

King Kong VS Godzilla- (1962)

Mothra VS Godzilla- (1964)

Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster- (1964)

Invasion of the Astro-Monster- (1965)

Godzilla VS the Sea Monster- (1966)

Son of Godzilla- (1967)

King Kong Escapes- (1967)

Destroy All Monsters- (1968)

All Monsters Attack- (1969)

Godzilla VS Hedorah- (1971)

Godzilla VS Gigan- (1972)

He stopped basically around 1975 in Japan, when things changed on the ‘Godzilla’ movies. But I am proud for what he did really.

Throughout the rest of his days, he paid a few visits to the U.S. At Japanese monster-themed conventions. Until his last visit in April of 2011, he was at Monsterpalooza right after he finished writing his autobiographies. A monster themed convention in Burbank, California, USA.

After his return to Japan, he remained as a retired old man until his death on August 7th, 2017. He was 88 years of age. R.I.P. Haruo Nakajima. You showed the world what Godzilla really is. And how you were splendid on fighting Godzilla’s rivals. Especially Ultra-Seven and Ultraman.

Top 10 Deadliest Aliens in film history

You’ve saw many movies with extraterrestrials. All from space, and they care for one purpose, and one purpose only: unleash hell on Earth.

Since the 1950’s, they showed famous sci-fi’s that made movie history. Such as “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Earth VS the Flying Saucers”, “50 Million Miles to Earth”, “War of the Worlds”, and more. I trust on some of those guys than the ones that are bullshit.

But here in this top 10 list, these are the ones that made movie history forever. 

10. The Massive Blob- ‘The Blob’ (1958/1988). Fallen to Earth in a meteorite from outer space, this gelatinous mass can feed itself by touching a human, and devour that person alive. It’s only weakness, freezing temperatures. And it can be pissed off if someone threw a bomb at it. The way it comes to you, it can make you piss you pants a lot. For how one human is being devoured by this oozing alien.

9. Prawns- ‘District 9’. Alien refugees in search of humanitarian aid, travelled to South Africa to find them. And some resources too. Basically some to fix up their massive ship. Living in a district to keep humans out, they do not want to spread toxic gases that could affect them. That was why a battle was on by using to defeat those ugly critters.

8. Cooper- ‘Super 8’. Bigger than what Four Arms was in “Ben 10”, this bad boy was captured in the 1950’s by the U.S. Air Force. By taking apart it’s ship, he vowed revenge on the humans. Until after that massive train crash, he didn’t stop until his ship was built again. Also, he wanted revenge on the USAF Colonel. With razor strong teeth, no toes, no feet, telepathic abilities, and four arms, he’ll rip your guts if you are ever using an M16A1 assault rifle.

7. Parasites- ‘Apollo 18’. Many people believed a reason on why they never did an Apollo 18 mission to the moon. Until they came, and how they became clever to kill a space crew. Alien critters to be in the form of moon rocks, as they can give a lot of scratches on astronauts to make them be infected. That’s why they never made it back to Earth, and got killed after take off. Like a crab with grey claws, four legs, and a face of horrors, you’d be facing the evil dead on the moon by these parasites.

6. Harvesters- “Independance Day’ series. These deadly extraterrestrials wearing hard armor, slimy tentacles, and have psychic abilities can definitely cause annihilation on Earth. By using their spacecraft, and plasma technology, they can wipe out a major city off of the face of the Earth. Especially when they drill to the Earth’s core, and bring life to an end on Earth. Not only they are hard to outsmart them, but their queen can be very clever like her minions.

5. Sil- ‘Species’. With alien DNA combined with human DNA, it made a reproductive alien in disguised as a human female. With telepathic abilities, fast self healing, long tongues, strong, ugly as an alien, but sexy in its true form, she wanted to find a male mate so she can reproduce. Make a lot of alien hybrid babies…fast. So this is one you wouldn’t be dating on.

4. The Predators- (Predator series). By collecting skulls as trophies, and skin a human alive, these trophy hunters can do a game hunt. On humans. By using plasma shoulder cannons, thermal vision, wrist blades, invisibility, and deadly traps, they will make sure to take out your spinal cord along with your skull as a bonus prize.

3. The Shapeshifter- ‘The Thing’ (1982). This transforming alien life form can transform anything it touches. A human or a dog, it will remain silent until it transforms again to something or someone different. And by dividing it into two parts, this alien species can outsmart humans, as well as killing some members silent but deadly. What came to this, was that spider head.

2. Mimics- ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. From a Japanese manga to how they really are, they can come in different types. Drones and Alpha’s. With sharp pikes on their tentacles, black acidic blood, they can be reborn by the Omega. The central intelligence of these alien species, as it can reset time from the day they died in battle. That was how this alien race made that massive beach battle, in which it was very destructive for the human soldiers to attack on. And no human soldier ever made it to the other side.

1. Xenomorph- “Alien” trilogy. Made by Swiss artist H.R. Giger, this became number 1#. With acid blood, twin jaws, several dozen teeth, a blade tip tail, and a armoured exoskeleton, they can be born in a victims body when they are impregnated by a face hugger. They can crawl on any surface, and make sure to find more humans to use as hosts. More importantly, their alien queen is much deadlier than you ever imagine. Especially when you are messing up her hive, her eggsac, and the entire egg chamber. Also, there are new ones that can not only burst from a human chest, but from the back and throats of a human which is really gross. They are called Neomorphs.

“Perfect organism”

-Ash in his dying words, portrayed by Ian Holm.

Do you agree with my top 10 list?

They not only scared the living shit out of viewers who are watching those movies, but made movie history besides any shitty movie that can have a lot of extraterrestrials that we do not trust on.

And if any alien hunter like Michael Biehn, or Michael Madsen, or Danny McBride, or Michael Fassbender, or Tom Cruise, or Emily Blunt, or Liam Hemsworth, or Will Smith, or Jeff Goldblum can go on an alien hunting trip, they will be a natural extraterrestrial killer. Or as in the words of Bill Paxton as a Colonial Marine in 1986…

“That’s it man! It’s game over man! Game over!”

Ghost in the Shell (Live action 2017)

Besides “A.I.- Artificial Intelligence”, “THX-1138”, “Blade Runner”, “Blade Runner 2049”, “Bicentennial Man”, the “Robocop” and “Terminator” movies, “Looper”, “The Six Million Dollar Man”, “Transcendence”, and more, this can show on how humans can be better when they have cybernetic parts.

More importantly, this is based on those manga books and those anime movies that they’ve been talking about. At anime conventions, poster sales, Comic Con and etc.

Scarlett Johansson portrayed as who was once was Mokoto. And as Mokoto, she ran away from home when she was little. In the futuristic city of Tokyo, Japan. And with runaway kids, they were kidnapped by members of a corporation. Years later, they were dead. Except for her, in which as a policewoman, and after getting killed an accident, she was rebuilt as an robot.

Her brain and organs were removed by wise scientists, and made her more advanced than how Robocop was in the 2014 remake. With the ability to become invisible, hack into security, take on bad guys and everything, she had to figure out on what went wrong with that corporation on building robots.

I will watch those anime movies of “Ghost in the Shell” someday. And perhaps give them 10/10 stars. Right now, I’ll give this 9/10 stars.

Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo

This is my first anime movie review on one the Evangelion movies. This occurred after the events of “Evangelion 2.0: You Can Not Redo”.

For what happened in the 2nd movie, made a massive wipeout as one of the pilots was knocked out cold. The male pilot while the three female pilots were still alive. And in this anime movie, this shows the appearance of Asuska’s eyepatch since she lost her eye on her last assignment.

With Asuka like that as a bad ass, she can kick your asses, and make sure you wipe off that piss on your hairy ballsacs.

Mari here however, she is just sexy as a kitty girl.

Fighting against deadly Angels, years after the Third Impact, they are into some changes before the attack at their Arctic base occurred. More importantly, you should’ve seen the bloody water in the Arctic was, for how things got serious in “Evangelion”.

For the male pilot, he couldn’t believe for what occurred after that. They were almost no more Evangelion units to use. And everyone who almost knew him, they really hate him. Cause for what he did perhaps in the 2nd movie.

But after saving the world again, from the Fourth Impact, chaos was almost unleashed. Hell on Earth. And for that male pilot, for what he had done, he never made a sound.

“Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0” won’t be out for months. And I still need to get into those other Evangelion movies. And how Asuska lost her eye. But I’ll review it. For this here as a success, 10/10 stars. Pretty bloody and really dramatic. But more will come in the final chapter…

つづく… (Tsudzuku…)

To Be Continued…