100th anniversary of WWI (2016)

This is still the 100th anniversary of WWI. And as we celebrate the Canadian soldiers who have fought and died in that war, in such battles, we’ll never forget them. Especially on Remembrance Day today.

As the Battle of the Somme was crucial, and had it’s flamethrower, Canada was sure getting into Vimy Ridge I believe. However by the time the battle of Verdun was on, then came a rebellion. Irish people fighting against the British as they couldn’t take any law and order. ‘Easter Rising’, for what that was called.

From submarine warfare, gas attacks, a battle in Transylvania, Germany declaring war on Italy and Portugal, to the sinking of the HMS Hampshire, came Humphrey Cobb and Giovanni Caproni. Giovanni Caproni was the Italian airplane maker, as Humphrey Cobb was an Italian Canadian. By serving in the Canadian Army for three years, he fought well. But after inspiration came to him on the battlefields, he began writing his novel. “Paths of Glory” . After he died in 1944, young film director Stanley Kubrick loved his novel so much, he made that into a motion picture. The same for Hayao Miyazaki as he loved Giovanni Caproni. When he did his farewell masterpiece before his retirement.

And in WWI, by the time New Zealand was fighting hard, came Christmas Battles. Between Russia and Germany on December 23rd-29th. They were indecisive. In a swampy region, for where that took place long ago, there was no Christmas truce there, two days before 1917.

It was harsh in the fields, but they managed everything. And as for poets Wilfred Owen and John McCrae, they had their poems published. Especially the one we all know. ‘In Flanders Fields’.

Coming up, another 100th anniversary. 10 days from now, will be the 100th anniversary of a another sinking ship that happened during WWI in 1916. As it sank off the coast of Athens, Greece. The Britannic. And it was no German U-boat that did this, by it’s torpedo’s.

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  1. Aunt Wanda

     /  November 11, 2016

    Lest we forget. Owen, thank you for sharing the storiez of all those brave soldiers and many others who died to save their countries. Because of these heroic efforts we are blessed to live in such a remarkable country, Canada. May they all rest in peace. We remember…


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