100th anniversary on the Empress of Ireland

After believing for what that Mystery Hunter believed in, on the Empress of Ireland in that only media TV episode, there was the exhibition on that at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

There was stuff from the wreck, what did it looked liked on sonar, photos of what it looked liked before she sank, and how we understand it’s tale.

The Empress of Ireland in the St. Lawrence River, was making its route to Liverpool, England. The only ship strong like the Titanic.

Killer fog was in the air as this, and a coal mining ship known as the Storstad. With its crew and captain from Norway, both the Storstad and the Empress of Ireland got lost in killer fog.

They could not see for where they were going, until they could see they were heading right towards themselves. The alarm went off, the crew and captain yelled, as the Storstad and the Empress were both heavy. They could not stop until the Storstad collided, right at the hull of the Empress! Boom!

It caused a major wreck as the Storstad ran away. The Empress sank in 14 minutes as people were screaming in terror. During the sinking, there was a lot of screaming of passengers as they were getting out. Even while inside the ship when it was colliding into the water. The Empress sank over the right side, into the depths of the water below.

Many passengers were diving off on the side where the windows were, as they jump from the hull to the waters. That on the left side.

Some might dived off, by sliding on the wooden deck when it was sinking on the right side. The survivors were holding onto floating objects in the water, as some were in lifeboats that were launched.

A little girl named Susanna was one of the survivors, holding onto her father and mother when they died. There was an interview of her at the exhibition as she cried a bit for what happened.

1,012 lives were lost as there were 1,477 survivors including Susanna. It was a tragic moment as Susanna will see her parents, in heaven.

Today, the Empress still lays at the bottom of the river, as it can be deep. Some divers back then, try to go down there, but came back suffering. But they never reach the wreck.

The Empress of Ireland can be a ghost ship, but you will never know what lays in killer fog. Fog like that, was before Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer.

But you will never know, what lays in thick, killer fog.











Empress of Ireland

In a “Mystery Hunters” TV show episode, there was a Canadian ship that sank almost like the Titanic. Because of killer thick fog, the ship struck a coal mining ship as it went down in 14 minutes. Then after everyone survived, perished and died, the ship plunged, over the right side and into the depths below. It was found later in the 1980’s, as today, it’s the 100th anniversary of this! Like the Titanic, but Canadian type. There was no other media of this, nothing but that TV show episode from “Mystery Hunters”.

It maybe still down there, as long as it’s not too deep. Divers tried to go down there, but a few suffocated. That ship stills lays at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, in the deepest channel. For discovery, and more.

Grave of the Fireflies


In this Studio Ghibli movie, before Hayao Miyazaki, this is one of the WWII movies we see today. On the U.S. against Japan in the Pacific except more different. Survival in Japan in the final days of WWII. That’s what this is about. As it takes place in Kobe, Japan.

After a 14 year old boy and his 4 year old sister, lost their mother in the firebombing of Kobe, and their father lost at sea later, they try to live with their aunt hopefully as they remembered for what they had in the past. This does show sadness, as they missed their mother and anyone they ever knew. When things weren’t going out with their aunt, they decided to live on their own, as they live in a abandon bomb shelter.

Some people who are wealthy in Kobe, are still going to school and work these days, and sometimes have to avoid death when US planes attack.

When the 4 year old girl got sick and was dying, her brother couldn’t know what to do. He tried to steal food and goods, when they were air raids and fighter plane attacks. But has luckily survived. However later, when the news spread about the surrender of WWII in Japan, the war ended. As US General Douglas MacArthur did his famous speech, to the people of the world across the entire planet. Even in the live action movie, when he was played by Gregory Peck in 1977.

After all of nothing, she died of starvation. He placed her body in a straw basket, as he cremated her. The next day, he placed some of her ashes in a candy tin. After climbing down the hill, he never went back to the shelter. I wasn’t sure for what he did for the next few days, but did died of starvation in a nearby train station. The candy tin was thrown in a field of fireflies, as their spirits within going to heaven, would watch the modern day city of Kobe. Then they would meet their mother in heaven.

For what I rate on this remarkable, but very sad story, 10/10 stars. Really good. That I am more proud of. And it does show how fireflies can be at night when you look at them. There were so many of them, there must’ve been thousands of fireflies in the fields of Kobe, Japan. In this Studio Ghibli movie, as one of their very firsts. Thanks to that, on how they did this. The fireflies in this, can glow at night even brighter.

Like what I said, I give this 10/10 stars. And a “A++”.

Godzilla (2014)

This version is better than the Matthew Broderick version! The old version is still good, but this one is way more often. With two actors I know, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Bryan Cranston, they take on the king if the monsters and two more creatures on whatever was happening from beneath the Earth.

Two more creatures are almost like kaiju’s. One can fly, and another can walk and lay eggs. They are 500ft high, and they only eat nuclear waste and chemicals. Godzilla’s the same thing, except than the American type version, he’s more of the Japan version like what we wanted for a long time.

In the beginning, the father played by Bryan did went out of his mind when there was something out there that killed his wife and the boys mother, until he died on a battleship. The boy did grew up as he joined one of the U.S. military’s. Wife, little boy, he was considering those facts to go back to very carefully.

I wouldn’t say any more since I don’t want to spoil, so maybe if you found that out for yourself, you would see like the version with Matthew Broderick.

For this movie, 8/10 stars, since the father did went out of his mind, and how it was awesome to see for what Godzilla did. You can find that out for yourself.

“We got the Beat” by the Go Go’s

This is the song that has happened in the opening scene of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. My mother loves this song, that she remembers the band and what other songs that they sing. I remember this song when I first watched “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” the movie in theaters as the kids battle the slime aliens! By karate moves after drinking a soda drink, pulling one out of a can with a sticky gun, loud music, an inhaler to make them blind, threatening and flying around like Astro Boy! Take that Patrick Stewart and Martin Short!

I will remember this song as I watch that movie a few more times. Maybe even use it for a limo idea on songs to put on for graduation.

And finally, no matter what happens, Hey Sean Penn, let’s dance, Sandy!!

Escape Plan

Starring Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, these two try to escape a prison on a cargo ship in the middle of nowhere!

This guy, who’s a Houdini, Sylvester plays as that as he does it for a living at all. But when he was taken to that, he has to work with a guy who knows about things around here.

I’ve only seen half part of it, but I’d say this is good. Sylvester and Arnold are always together since the two movies of “The Expendables”.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This is a hit loving comedy movie I really liked! Starring Sean Penn, Judge Reinhold, Phoebe Cates, a cameo appearance of Nicolas Cage, and so much more these guys love about. In the beginning in the opening credits, they play the song my mother really liked. The Go Go’s, “We got the Beat”. And their are many pairs of love couples, making a few accidents, as they go wild!

Even Sean Penn as a surfer dude was amazing! Judge too before he and Phoebe were in “Gremlins” in 1984, and Sean in 1989 on “Casualties of War”.

This is a “A+” movie I would really like! They even did a cartoon character of the surfer dude, Ferris, and the Karate Kid in a “Spaceballs: The Animated Series” episode where they got their crotches and butts kicked by President Skroob, and Dark Helmet. “The Skroobinator” was the title, a spoof of “The Terminator”.

And I love the quotes, “Hey Bud! Let’s Party!”, and “Mr., if you don’t shut up, I’m gonna kick 100% of your ass!”. They are funny! In the final months of this school, they were hiding answers from the teachers, as they passed a few grades. They hide it behind plastic toys, their glasses, on their legs and more! In the graduation, they did the song “Woolly Bully” before it was in “Full Metal Jacket”

This is a “A+” hit 80’s movie!!

I, Robot- Superstition by Steve Wonder

From the opening scene of “I, Robot” after telling these Three Laws, Will Smith as a cop with a real arm and a robotic arm plays this hit song, on his boom box that he listens to, every morning before he goes to work. ‘Superstition’. Very clear and awesome for a hit song! I even listen to that some of the time before I go to school every morning.

I think this song, is a best one I’ll listen to some of the time, as long as school is not going into superstition. And it will be nice if a FedEx robot, like the one in “I, Robot”, will be nice if it’s a beautiful morning, and to wish me to have a nice day.

As I think in that movie, man and machine don’t want to be together as artificial intelligence. Just like ‘Transcendence’. Get it?