Top 8 Anime Movies (that fans really love on)

Like those anime movies from VIZ Media, Studio Ghibli, Shōnen Jump, Toei Animation Studio Ponoc and more, they really showed on what anime movies are really made of. 

By the time after “The Wind Rises”, “When Marnie Was There, and “Only Yesterday” were released on DVD, new anime movies arrived and were really beautiful. In this top 8 list, these are the top 8 movies that anime fans really love on, including me. And all of them here that I reviewed on, I gave them all 10/10 stars and an ‘A++’. 

8. “Five Centimetres Per Second”. A romantic story of how a young boy who can really change when he misses his girlfriend that he had ever counted on. From 13 years long passed, to becoming adults, this shows on how you can enter a new chapter to your life. And better than how “Stand By Me” was, this can be a sign of how relationships are. When a young boy and a young girl are together like these two. But I do know that they will meet again together, on a beautiful day in the spring. 

7. “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”. Who says that this would be better than “Edge of Tomorrow” with Tom Cruise? A young high school girl student who finds a mystical object, gives her the ability to go backwards a bit in time. From the previous day. But as it turns out that time travel is very risky, she had to be very careful. And when one of her friends reveals a secret, she had to fix everything before it’ll be too late. Until finally, she made it back to where she belongs. And had made a good decision about her own future, right after a romantic climax just before this was over. 

6. “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”. Who says that a parallel universe could be much serious than “The Golden Compass”? A Panzer Corps Japanese soldier, armed with an MG42 machine gun, was ordered to search and destroy any enemy members who planned to set up booby traps. But when it came to a relationship between himself and a girl, he was aware of what they might get into next. Either life or death. But once you see for what they wear, their armour is 100% bulletproof and 10x stronger. No weapon can get right to their flesh and bones. And as for the violence, blood and gun control, they could instantly give Michael Moore and Quentin Tarantino, death  wishes for the both of them. And go, “Eat lead a-holes!”. 

5. “Miss Hokusai”. Based on a true story on what happened long ago in Japan, this can show that Japanese art is beautiful. A daughter of that famous painter, Hokusai, had been aware of what her father might do next in art. She may had been aware of an very old painter, but was a very kind mother to her blind younger sister. Especially when they began to spend quality time together. Out in the boats where the waves are, and in the snowy countryside where they paid a visit to some shrines. Those moments were very remarkable. 

4. “The Garden of Words”. As it comes to the rainy season in Japan, the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden can be the place where you want to be. A 15 year old student and shoemaker who had been skipping class, has going to that place, whenever it rains a lot. And that was when he met this 27 year old woman, and planned to make a pair of shoes for her. She accepted that gift by the time it came to that emotional climax in the end. I still think that she is wearing those shoes that he made for her. And that garden for where they were, astonishingly beautiful. 

3. “Children Who Chase Lost Voices”. Would you believe if there is a place unlike any other than you ever imagine? Well, if you’re in Argatha, you’re in it. A young schoolgirl who finds a jewel and young boy, get transported to Argatha. Along with them, is a commander who had a wish to be fulfilled. Bring his loving wife, back from the dead. By facing monsters, mystical objects, and everything, they learned a valuable lesson when it came to the climax in this. Although that schoolgirl remembered on how her adventure was, but was lucky enough to make it back home thanks to a friend she had counted on. And that was a promise that they never broke on. 

2. “The Boy and the Beast”. An orphan boy who hates the way life is, becomes transported to another world where animals are like humans. Raised by a tough hombre as his master, and his two friends, he spent 10 years until he was a teenager. By the time he paid a visit to his old home, he befriended a schoolgirl who taught him on reading, and believed on where he had been for the last 10 years. That was before his father finally found him, and how everything changed when this all was coming to that massive conclusion. That boy still loved being in that world. But as he found a bright light that lead him to something else, he was glad to be with his father and schoolgirl who taught him on reading, back in his real world. 

1. “Wolf Children”. This is the number 1# anime movie of all time, before the next anime movie, “Your Name” was released. A university girl student in Tokyo, befriended a nice young man as they got into a friendly relationship. However, by the time it turns out that her boyfriend was a wolf man, she wasn’t afraid at all. That was why they made love every night, and were meant to be together. Months later, she gave birth to two children. And after the wolf man died in an accident, she promised him to raise them very well. And as for her children, they can become a human or a wolf anytime they want. 

This became so beautiful, every single anime fan really loved this a lot. Especially to the most memorable part about the movie. Their very first time on playing the snow. 

Do you agree with my list? Which are your favourite anime movies that anime fans really love?

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Will of Fire

I didn’t find the chance to watch this before going watching the very last Naruto movie. But now I did. 

Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Rock Lee, Choji, Shikamaru, Tenten, Hinata, Neji, Sai, Kiba, Shino, and Gaara are friends together with one friend that they have in common. Kakashi. And this leads to how he got that scratch on his face, and those powers whenever he hypnotizes someone. 

It came to someone who knew Kakashi back then as a young ninja. Until this came to how Kakashi would sacrifice almost himself. But with the help of his friends together, they were able to defeat that psychopathic demon. Who can steal the souls of a ninja, and have the power of a wind tunnel since Miroku has that in “InuYasha”. 

And when it came to the end of this, it gave out this note from Masashi Kishimoto, in the after credits scene. 
“I hope this film has touched you and remains in your heart forever…”. 

Very thoughtful of him. So thanks to him and this anime movie, 10/10 stars. ‘A++’. 

National Lampoon’s Senior Trip

My neighbor Matt Frewer, that funny comedian and actor, was in this road trip comedy movie so good, you’ll laugh until you cry a lot. And is way better than how “Pulp Fiction” was back in the day.

A bunch of teenagers who loved to smoke, drink beer, see the sex of girls and love them a lot, have been grinding the gears of a high school principal. So bad and so much, he would explode. 

However, like “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, they take a road trip on a bus to Washington DC. Cause of a letter that one of the students wrote, that impressed the U.S. President on. He was very pleased. 

From 75 bottles of beer on a bus, two bottles of Whiskey, a few Playboy magazines, lots of sexual film flicks, to a penthouse party in Washington DC and more, you’ll never watch those two movies on “Ted” by Seth McFarlane. This was before some of these stars and celebrities got into some shitty movies and TV shows that I hate on the most. 

But thanks to New Line Cinema and Alliance Films that did this movie, with Matt Frewer, I accept this comedy road trip movie very well. Since “Tommy Boy” had Chris Farley and David Spade, that made them go on a road trip, I give this comedy road trip movie with Matt Frewer, 9/10 stars. Successful. 

Toshihiko Nakajima (1962-2017)

This Japanese voice actor not only was in “Transformers: Cybertron”, but was the voice of…

Surprise, surprise!! Hachi from “InuYasha”! That funny raccoon dog that serves Miroku. 

Born in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan on August 12th, 1962, he had special talents until he went into voice acting in the late 1990’s. By the time “Case Closed”, “InuYasha”, “Gundam Seed”, “Cowboy Bebop”, and “Outlaw Star” were about to be born, he began to volunteer. 

And while he was the Japanese voice of Hachi from “InuYasha”, Canadian actor Terry Klassen was the English voice of Hachi also. By the time “InuYasha” reached Canada and was shown across North America. The four movies too, and I still remember the funny parts of Hachi. Especially that moment in the first movie. 

Toshihiko Nakajima remained in voice acting until his death on September 8th, 2017. He was 55 years of age. Like how those Japanese stars of anime and manga showed the world on what they were made of, so did he. And in conclusion, he was the best on this raccoon dog I really admire.

Bionix on YTV 

Those were the days of Bionix when this was late at night on YTV Canada. Only on Fridays before they were moved to Saturdays. 

By the time “Power Stone” was going on, everyone were loving this a lot. Such as “Dragonball”, “InuYasha”, “Case Closed”, “One Piece”, “Bleach”, “Digimon”, “Naruto”, “Gundam Seed”, “Witch Hunter Robin”, “Zatch Bell” and more before “Avatar: The Last Airbender” came along. 

Those glory days, were all ruined no thanks to YTV when new shows came along in February 2010. 

“Pretty Cure” however, remained a while longer until July 30th, 2010. 

“Spider Riders” on the other hand on Teletoon, remained at 4 am until it was cancelled in 2012. 

Which was why today, you do not want to watch those two channels with their animated TV shows. Everyone loved for how these guys came.

YTV- Hamtaro Contest

Right before YTV Canada, cancelled this anime TV show, and did their Olympic Hamtaro TV special, they had this contest that I remember on. 

By the Heinz soup company, they made Hamtaro soup specials, and a contest that a lucky winner can get onto thanks to YTV. 

The winner who wins that contest, will receive Hamtaro prizes. Plush dolls, the figures with that clubhouse, a few Hamtaro video games, and a ‘Big Fun Party Mix’ CD. And maybe, some of those DVD/VHS tapes for watching some episodes. But by the DVD/VHS company, like how they did to “Spider Riders”, they only made like six volumes. Never got to episode 24, ‘Hamtaro, Please Come Home’ and other rare episodes. But it was worth of doing it. 

“Spider Riders” unfortunately, with their DVD volume’s, they never completed the entire series. All the way to episode 52. They only had 7 episodes each, on only five volume DVDs. So if I were a DVD manufacturer, I would make the right DVDs with the right episodes. 

Although the winner of that contest deserved those Hamtaro prizes in Canada long ago, but I shall never forgive YTV and Teletoon today. For what they did that can be wrong to anime fans all over Canada. Cancelling their anime TV shows, while leaving some of them incomplete. 

I didn’t compete in this contest long ago, but years later, I was lucky enough to buy some of the Hamtaro plush dolls and the figures at the Ottawa Geek Market and throughout Kijiji Canada. Lucky me. 

And I’m telling you, YTV and Teletoon long ago, had the very best anime TV shows of all time. Anime movies also before everything changed. And I said to myself here… “Who says or agrees that anime is the best as always?”. 

Cause this here, is proof from the glory days I’m telling you. YTV and Teletoon today…are thumbs down. 👎🏻👎🏻

Jarhead (2005)

Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx, Lucas Black, and John Krasinski in this war movie, were meant to be one thing that they were as U.S. Marines…Jarheads!

They call them jar heads cause of how their heads are shaved. They remain bald all the time when they are in boot camp and in Iraq.

So based on the novel by former U.S. Marine Cpl. Anthony Swafford, this took place during the Gulf War. And with weeks of training, rather than for what happened in “American Sniper” and “Full Metal Jacket”, they were getting ready to face the suck of it.

The best parts about this movie, were that some of the marines were in sniper training, and how they were able to watch “Apocalypse Now” before going off. They cheered and enjoyed the movie while singing to the beat of ‘Valkyrie’, and watching the action on the helicopter attack that made cinematic history.

During their time of the Gulf War, they marched across the desert. From their camps to scorching ruins of a highway, and to the mucky oil fields, they didn’t stop until they were able to make it to an airfield.

You’re not going to believe for what happened, but these jar heads deserved to be marines. For a pass on this dramatic war movie, R rated, 8/10 stars.

Taxi Driver (1976)

This movie was nominated for 4 Academy Awards including Best Picture. Robert De Niro, Harvey Kietel, Peter Boyle, and Jodie Foster together, were in this psychological thriller, directed by Martin Scorsese as one of his early works.

A discharged U.S. Marine, by serving in the Vietnam War, came home to New York and became a taxi driver for the rest of his life. During his night shifts as a taxi driver, there have been criminals that made New York filthy.

Until finally, a 12 year old girl came along. She was a prostitute because of a girlish transvestite who was bothering her. That was when he got into his own vigilante business.

By ordering a .44 magnum, a silver nickelled snubnosed pistol, a Walther PPK, and an arm-anchored Escort handgun, he was like Charles Bronson from the “Death Wish” series. And when it came to the climax of the film, he finally killed the gimp who was after that 12 year old girl. And a few more bad people also that are cheater cheater, pumpkin eaters.

So for a successful vigilante movie, 8/10 stars.

And do you know what else? Before I saw this movie, by having myself a blue dyed mohawk, and an army outfit with a staff sergeant ranking badge on the right sleeve, I was like him in Grade 9 in high school for a bad hair day. I was the only winner. My prize was by having those treats for free in a bake sale potluck. Lucky me.

Years later, Zac Efron and Dave Franco wore these Robert De Niro outfits. In the hit comedy movie, “Neighbors”. That made them win an MTV movie award for Best Duo. They wore those outfits again when they received those awards. Congratulations for those guys.

Sumiteru Taniguchi (1929-2017)

This was Sumiteru Taniguchi, as a mail carrier long ago when the massive a-bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Ending the war in Japan. He was 16 years old on that day, riding his bike, delivering mail without a t-shirt when the bomb exploded.

He received many injuries, including that back of his. He was lucky that he survived. But when people found him, he spent 24 months at the Omaru Navy Hospital, lying on his stomach in bed.

In Januray 1946, when the Americans came to Japan, a kind photographer named Joe O’Donnell took a picture of his back injuries, and the ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This picture here that he took, can show what can happen, when you become badly injured in massive atomic bombings.

In March of 1949, he got better again and was able to start his life all over. Brand new with his family that survived. 

By 1960, he became an activist for treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons, and many years later, a chairman for the Nagasaki Council of A-Bomb Sufferers.

He was interviewed in 2007, before he had undergone ten surgeries to remove benign growths. Cause of the 2007 documentary movie of “White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki”. Keiji Nakazawa, author of “Barefoot Gen”, he was with him at that time before his death at almost Christmas Eve.

Sumiteru Taniguchi after that, he remained in Nagasaki until he died of cancer. He was 88 years of age when he died on August 30th, 2017.

Although I feel very sorry for him, but I was surprised that he was lucky to made it out. And later, rather than being a mail carrier, he became an anti-nuclear weapons activist. Getting rid of nuclear weaponry that has happened in this world since that fateful day that he got those injuries. And as I’m like him, I remember when I faced back injuries. Very painful, as your back is your Achilles heel. 

Finally in conclusion, rather than being a baker employee at a kids baking camp at Algonquin College in Ottawa, delivering the mail is a good thing. And I would keep my t-shirt on, all the time. Especially on a hot summer day.

R.I.P. Sumiteru Taniguchi. Must be way worse on back pain and body pain, like how I faced many years ago. 

The Nutty Professor (1963) 

This is a classic comedy from Paramount Pictures. Rather than that remake with Eddie Murphy, and that animated sequel with Drake Bell, this had Jerry Lewis as the nutty professor. 

A buck toothed chemistry teacher at a local science university, always had been making explosions in his classroom. So massive, that they are more powerful than the explosions were in “Patriots Day”. And very hilarious when he can be under the door, covered in ashes, and almost squashed like a bug whenever someone is looking for him. 

But as a parody to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, he got into a formula that gave him a split personality. So instead of giving him strong muscles, he became a handsome looking devil. 

For almost a week, he had to explain everything soon enough. In which he did at the end. That slick devil was no more when he was back to his normal self. 

So for this classic movie, since my mom was a big fan of Jerry Lewis, I’m gonna give this 8 and a 1/2 out of 10 stars. So good, and so hilarious, Jerry Lewis was like Mel Brooks when he did his own parody movies only for Paramount Pictures.