Spirit of the West- Home for a Rest

Dedicated in loving memory of John Mann. Lead singer of Spirit of the West.

Since John Mann died on November 20th, 2019 at age 57 by Alziemers disease, he was definitely a remarkable singer. My dad and I saw his last performance on a TV movie as he wasn’t gonna do anymore before his Alziemers disease could get worse.

This was the first song from them that I ever listened. Really splendid. Both he and Geoffrey Kelly were in London, England, on a drinking spree until he came up with a song that brought the band to the UK on a special trip. They mentioned on places such as Easton Station, Yorkshire, and Charing Cross Road.

Whenever I listen to this, it can be a great music video with chase scenes from my favourite movies. “Reservoir Dogs”, “The Cat Returns”, “Castle in the Sky”, “RoboCop” from 1987, a bit from “Mary and the Witch’s Flower”, “A Hard Days Night” with the Beatles too, and maybe a few more that I can think of. It would be as grand as how “The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie” was, thanks to Chuck Jones.

Chases are always grand with a song like so. Even if you were at a zoo, being chased by a cowgirl (portrayed by Venus Terzo) who is riding a female ostrich named Achillea. Just as how “Hamtaro”, episode 67: ‘The Zoo Date’ was. (Not to mention like the one from “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” from the 1960’s. Along with a polka dotted elephant, a jam squirting pistol, an owl that doesn’t fly bust swims, and a boat that always sinks).

But if you get caught by the police, you’re sunk.

My Boy Jack (2007)

From BBC video that did “Robbie the Reindeer” with Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller, Britney Spears and more, comes this true story that takes place in the First World War.

1894 was when Rudyard Kipling’s novel, “The Jungle Book” was published. Before those movie adaptions that I’m not sure of. But I am impressed with the 1942 version as it was nominated for four Oscar awards.

August 1914 was when Germany declared war on Britain. As the First World War has just begun. Rudyard Kipling supported Britain a lot, as he gave wonderful speeches to the people in U.K. His 18 year old only son John Kipling was enlisted in the army than the Navy, just because he had poor eyesight and wears glasses all the time. Besides, he wanted to be a soldier for Britain to put an end to that ‘war to end all wars’. Rudyard Kipling supported him.

By becoming a courageous second lieutenant, he had his own regiment to train as they became great marksmen with their rifle as how John Kipling did. By having themselves set, they travelled to France.

Unfortunately, on September 27th, 1915, John Kipling was K.I.A in the Battle of Loos, and later, was buried in St. Mary’s ADS Cemetery, Haisnes, in north of France. Just close to Vimy Ridge. It was a German victory as how the Battle of Hill 60 was. For the way John was killed, he took bullet shots to his legs, and then his chest. He was wearing his glasses when he collapsed.

Rudyard Kipling and his wife had tried to find out about what happened to him. Untol they did find out about the truth. So besides his ‘jungle books’, he really loved his son John Kipling more than anything, than ever before.

In that 2007 film, Daniel Radcliffe did a remarkable job as 2nd Lt. John Kipling than being with a bratty woman portrayed by Imelda Staunton in one of the HP films.

So for a success on this First World War film, 8.9/10 stars is what I’m give.

Also, the morale is that when we are prepared, we need to be ready to face on what we fear on the most. Cause when 2nd Lt. John Kipling was ready to face the wrath of the German army, he and his regiment were prepared. And he would never lose his glasses unless it’s a suicide mission if the battle goes awry like the one against ‘The Anthill’ in “Paths of Glory”.

Los Bravos- Bring a Little Lovin

All the way from Madrid, Spain, this made them very famous on in the late 1960’s. For this song was then featured 50 years later in Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

By listening to this, it can definitely remind you of the golden age in Hollywood. With such amazing films, tv shows with cartoons too, and familiar faces like Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen, Sharon Tate, Doris Day, Rock Hudson, John Wayne, Glenn Campbell, Robert Duvall, Jim Brown, Paul Newman, Robert Redford and more.

I do think of Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio’s character) and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt’s character) from the movie as this was featured in the teaser trailer. From the moment that they were in ‘Bounty Law’ to becoming famous, and then beating up those hippie weirdos from Charles Manson, they prevented on keeping Roman Polanski’s only loving wife, Sharon Tate alive. And not getting murdered while she was pregnant.

The band that did this, were indeed amazing. And last time they did this, they were in Hong Kong, China. Says so on one of the drums in this music video.

Abominable (2019)

Since Steven Spielberg did “E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial” that freaked me out as a youngster, this one is like that but much better. Thanks to DreamWorks Animation, you would never give up hope. Related to what I learned in school on unexplained mysteries, this made me entertained.

From China to Mt. Everest in Tibet, a girl teenager who is an expert in the violin found a yeti on her roof and named him after the mountain that is the highest in all of Tibet. With the help of two boys, they bring it home all the way, and were all OMG when it has mystical powers.

During the voyage, a mad scientist who is a female, wanted to re-capture it and have it terminated. So they didn’t stop until she was defeated just before they got to Mt. Everest. They did bring him home. And you should’ve seen for how big and terrific that they were.

10/10 stars is what I give. Thanks to Jill Culton who did this since she did “Open Season” with the voice talents of Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher.

Midway (2019)

Since the 1976 classic with Charlton Heston, Peter Fonda, James Coburn, Glenn Ford, Hal Holbrook, Toshiro Mifune, Pat Mortia, Tom Selleck, Robert Mitchum, Cliff Robertson, and Robert Wagner, it was thanks to Roland Emmerich who did this. The director of “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. In fact, this occurs to be his second historical movie that he did since 2000. Almost 20 years.

Sunday, December 7th, 1941 at 8 am was when the Japanese did the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour, in Hawaii. Four ships were annihilated, as how the Second World War against Japan had just begun.

Six months later, while the Americans did some air raids as how they were losing pilots two by two, it was then later their next move on the colossal dogfighting battle that they did in the Pacific over shark infested waters. Near the island of Midway, Atoll.

In this movie are Woody Harrelson, Dennis Quaid, Ed Skrein, Aaron Eckhart, Luke Evans, Nick Jonas, Mark Rolston, Peter Shinkoda, Hiro Kanagawa, Jun Kunimura, Hiromoto Ida as General Hideki Tojo, Hiroaki Shintani as Emperor Emperor Hirohito, and Geoffrey Blake as film director John Ford. (In which he did “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”).

So for a success, 10/10 stars is what I give. And I can tell you this. Both the director, Roland Emmerich and the cast members as those historical characters in that battle (except for Nick Jonas), were very wise indeed. I occur to be very impressed, and very entertained. The original cast would be very proud of them as they should be watching them all from heaven.

Roland Emmerich in fact, had dedicated this film to the Japanese and Americans who fought in the Battle of Midway, during the Second World War in the Pacific. Just as how Oliver Stone did with his Vietnam War movie, “Platoon”.

In conclusion, I’m not a fan of Nick Jonas, but he did deserved a valuable lesson on not messing with the Japanese. Cause after he shot down a bomber plane, he was shot down too and was captured by a Japanese battleship. As of punishment, they attached him to an anchor, and dumped him in the sea. Dead as Chris Kattan’s character from “Undercover Brother” when he was eaten alive by great white sharks. And I mean a lot of them.

El DeBarge- Who’s Johnny (Short Circuit)

This was used in the 1986 movie, “Short Circuit”. In which one of the experimental military robots, after getting hit by lightning, gained humanlike intelligence. It then escaped, met with an animal care giver as he became really amazing. In fact, film critic Roger Ebert must’ve been flabbergasted when he saw the whole thing.

To this song, sung by El DeBarge, it was how the No. 5 robot changed his name to ‘Johnny 5’ in the very end. And he loves that name. Cause while driving a truck from the factory he was born, he was listening to this on the radio rather than listening some railway music. He became interested, as he listened to this all the way.

So when you are given a name, you can also call yourself whatever suits you. For example, when Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born like that, he changed from his real name to his pen name, Mark Twain as he did his famous novels.

A music video was for the whole song, as El DeBarge and Ally Sheedy were in court like if they were really in massive trouble. With a judge, a prosecutor, the jury and more, Johnny 5 was in it as he was able to set them free. By replacing the prosecutors glasses with a fake funny one, swapping the judge’s gavel for an exploding one, calling the fire department, resulting in the judge being sprayed with water, as he turned on the fan, to make a windy storm of papers flying around.

Whenever I listen to this, I can imagine doing a performance at the Oscars, using this song, before everyone goes home. As I would have someone like Johnny 5, clever enough to swap for the real Oscar awards, and replacing them with fake ones, before the dark side could take them away. Then give a bang as white flour would cover them completely as an act of payback. Especially if I were to be dressed up as Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker from his new movie.

The Running Man (1987)

My mom and dad watch a lot of game tv shows when they were getting old. No time for movies on our PVR. Such as “Masterchef”, “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks”, and a few more that I’m not so sure of. We used to have Bell Canada, but then my dad got us Videotron that I wasn’t sure of. He and my mom can be glued to it so bad, they want entertainment immediately like if it’s an live opera house.

However, since my brothers and I were kids, we loved watching “Survivor” in the very beginning. And yet, that host Jeff Probst is such an amazing host. Not Gordon Ramsay.

Another example of game TV shows with such an amazing host, would be Chris Jarvis that did “Jungle Run” on Discovery Kids. He brought teams of 3 people to beat the Temple of the Jungle King as they were to collect monkey statues first, face booby traps, solve puzzles, and then get prizes. My favourite is the pyramid maze.

And last but not least, from YTV as one of my favourites, Scott Yaphe as ‘Wink Yahoo’ who did “Uh-Oh!”. He was remarkably amazing. For three teams were to win or get slimed by a black goalie punisher with ultimate muscle. Two kids on one team. Either blue, green or red, as they bet on who wins in the field games. Either someone who is wearing yellow, or orange or violet. In which city in Canada that they choose on. Glory times. Especially the promos that I missed, including the ‘Crazy Corey’ one.

However, based on a novel by Stephen King that I didn’t know on, and then later into a movie, this explains everything and how we do not want to trust a host such as Gordon Ramsey.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yaphet Kotto, Jim Brown, Jesse Ventura, Prof. Toru Tanaka, Rodger Bumpass and Edward Bunker, (before he was in “Reservoir Dogs”) this was the very first annual Hunger Games on TV. Way before those novels, and then made into those four movies.

By 2017, after a worldwide economic collapsed, everything changed as we see futuristic cities like Neo-Tokyo from “Akira”, and Los Angeles 2019 and 2049 AD from both “Blade Runner” movies. Set in a dystopian future, convicted killers would be placed on a gladiator style game TV show. They would go in, as no one would go out.

In 2019, a former police helicopter pilot (Schwarzenegger) was so absolutely great, that he was able to give a fiery bang on a fireball, deal with a buzz saw maniac, and bring the host at the end of the line

Which is why I give this 9.5/10 stars. Really great. He brought that TV show to an end, as I love the rock music at the end credits. In conclusion, if this were to happen, I can imagine if it really does happen.

“What does Bradley Cooper say when gets frightened by Prof. Subzero, and pees his own pants?”

UH OH!!!!!!!!

Pokémon: The First Movie- 20th anniversary

November 10th, 1999 was when this came out in English in theatres. The very first Pokémon movie. Set during the original first season of “Pokémon”, before the second season took place at the Orange Islands, I definitely saw this at a movie theatre with my own eyes.

And November 1999, was the glory times for us anime fans. By the time that this came out, they did the trading cards from Topps, chapter books, art books, toys, games, a CD music soundtrack from the movie, and more. And for what we saw, was amazing and remarkable.

Mew. The very first Legendary Pokémon. Until scientists and members of Team Rocket, under the command of Giovanni, were to make a clone of it. And therefore, they did.

Mewtwo. In its early years in a water tank, he and four more clones were in the process. One of them is a human girl named Amber. Unfortunately when four of the clones including the girl died in the process, it broke his heart sadly, and made him sob in tears. Cause Mewtwo had loved Amber, more than anything in all of his early life.

A few years have passed, until by the time that he was an adult, he bursted the tank with his psychic powers. With it, he killed the scientists. Until he was caught by the boss himself. Giovanni.

At their Team Rocket HQ in Kanto, he was given battle armour, until he became fed up with him some time later. He escaped, destroyed their base and everything that they had, as he returned to the island from where he was born. That was when he realized that humans can be cruel to Pokémon, as Giovanni, head of Team Rocket wanted to use them as bio-weapons. Which can be a very bad idea. Which was why Jessie, James and Meowth were after Pikachu in the first place.

So by returning to the place to where he was born, he rebuilt it as a castle. His new home. And plan to challenge several strongest Pokémon trainers including Ash. Which was why he kidnapped Nurse Joy first before he gave out the invitations.

From that, and the storm that he made, Ash, Misty, Brock, Neesha, Corey and Fergus made it to his island. Team Rocket however followed them, and learned on what happened, while Mew found him in his castle. And his clones that he made, were the very first clones that I ever saw in my life.

Mew and Mewtwo did fight, yes indeed. However when Ash got caught in the middle of the blast, he was turned to 14 carat stone. He almost died on that island, at that emotional moment. The moment when the Pokémon including the clones gave out their tears, as they magically revive Ash, bringing him back to life. At last, they gave up their battle, took the clones with them and left until they have met again in “Mewtwo Returns”, two years later. I gave them both 9/10 stars while film critic Roger Ebert didn’t know about these anime critters.

20 years have passed since that day that it made its premiere in movie theatres, and its home video release. The same thing to it’s sequel as they brought Mewtwo back one last time, as an act of payback on Giovanni, head of Team Rocket.

Today, marks the 20th anniversary of ‘Pokémon: The First Movie’. Rather than the late 2010 DVD copies of that, I bought an early 1999/2000 original DVD copy along with “Pokémon the Movie 2000” from a local geek market. The trading cards too from Topps. And I don’t think I’ll ever watch the CGI remake since I’m done with this Pokémon business.

However, I am very impressed that they did do a female Mewtwo in one of their movies that was direct to video, and was seen on that TV channel YTV. And how can we forget Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu? He dealt with one like them.

So here’s to 20 years on this anime movie from my glory days since November 1999.

Polar Bear Week (November 3rd to November 9th)

I didn’t had enough time to be a part of them, cause I had problems of my own. But I know it’ll be almost a week to save these endangered species. So every first week of November, from the 3rd until the 9th, Polar Bears International aims to raise awareness to these furry creatures and the impact on climate change to sea ice. They’ve been mentioning stuff like this on the Weather Network on their videos.

By the end of this century, let’s say 3000 AD, they say that they’ll be dead and be extinct. But we don’t want that. All must be saved, as they must live on.

Some environmentalists have looked at the difference on how the ice is. Global warming affecting the polar ice caps, as chunks of icebergs from Antarctica are breaking away. Scuba divers however with film cameras, have been beneath the ice of the caps, as they see everything in chilly waters. What about the polar bears? They need to stay away from slushy waters, icebergs breaking away, ice drafts too, and stay close to snowy land. Where they can hunt, get fish, and make sure their children are safe. And never be cast out at sea, cause that can be a very bad situation.

Since the early and mid 2000’s, polar bears have been close to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada as they can be amazing to see. But not some that are too aggressive like for what you see in “The Golden Compass”.

The Polar Bears International, since they were founded in the mid 1990’s, have been watching over them as we want to stop the whole global warming crisis. Green houses gases too. And in my opinion, all of us need to reduce our carbon footprints like what they have been mentioning. Also raise enough money to save them by doing something green for a change.

The next time Polar Bear Week occurs, we need to be ready. And polar bears need to be saved immediately as of this very moment.

One Piece- 4Kids version

There once was man named Gold Roger, who was King of the Pirates. He had fame, wealth and power beyond your wildest dreams. Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said….

“My fortune is yours for the taking. But you’ll have to find it first. I left everything I own, in one piece.”

-Gold Roger, before his execution.

Ever since, pirates from all over the world set sail for the grand line; searching for One Piece. The treasure that would make their dreams come true.

Those were the words said by American voice actor Eric Stuart who worked for 4Kids and Funimation as Seito Kaiba from “Yu-Gi-Oh”. The guy with the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Yugi’s rival. And whatever this pirate had committed, ended up dead and executed as how Guy Fawkes did for doing the Gunpowder Plot on November 5th, 1605.

The 4Kids version of “One Piece” is my type of watching that anime TV show. Before they had to cancel it and did the extended episodes to start all over. I really enjoyed it on YTV.

Thus, nearly 30 years have passed as how this is almost like a never-ending story. Just as how “Pokémon” is, but different. They did got older yes, but this whole anime tv show needs to be brought to a successful conclusion, once they find this ‘one piece’. They were suppose to, but their journey is going way too far out. And they better not start over.

For as far as I researched, the 4Kids version went from the moment that it began, to how they brought a tiny blue nosed reindeer on board as a new shipmate. That reindeer than Rudolph, the red nosed, brought Nami (portrayed by Kerry Williams) well again as she fell very ill. Her friends thanked him a lot for that. Especially a few more portrayed by Amy Birnbaum and Lisa Ortiz since they were Téa Gardner and Serenity Wheeler from “Yu-Gi-Oh”.

And yet, that Monkey D. Luffy is still a stretch dude, as he would get fat sometimes like Dana Carvey from “The Master of Disguise”. He’s been like that since he never cared as a kid, and how he was irresponsible when he ate a fruit that made him be like that.

This version does have funny scenes that I enjoyed. Such as how they played in snow, stopped at a town nearby, and how Luffy was covered in ink all over and couldn’t see.

He was like this red engine for example, who ran into two tar wagons by accident, and can be more dirty and sticky all over than hurt. The important thing, is to be careful what you wish for. And I sure hope he and his friends do find for what they’re looking for. And better not get themselves in a jam or a sticky situation. No starting over. But they don’t use tar wagons like these here in their world, since their adventures are all at sea.

Only 11 DVD volumes of the 4Kids version of ‘One Piece’ remain to be very collectable. Especially when they’re very rare to shop online. And yet, this is indeed my version of ‘One Piece’ on YTV when they accepted a lot of anime tv shows.