Can the Ghostbusters ever catch a Ghost Train?

Previously, on my blog ‘osmovies’, I did my blog post: “Unfinished business on ghost busting”. On how these Ghostbusters were to catch Casper the Friendly Ghost, his Ghostly Trio and relatives, Danny Phantom, some from “Harry Potter”, and more. The only ghosts they cannot catch are the Ghost type Pokémon and the Ghost type Digimon. But can they really catch a ghost train by chance?

Ever since I saw the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze, that’s a ghost that the Ghostbusters cannot catch. Cause everyone had loved that actor a lot. Especially when he got into “Dirty Dancing”, “Red Dawn”, “Point Break”, “Road House”, and what other movies that he did. (Before he joined the dark side until he died of pneumonia in 2009).

The only question is, rather than those ghosts that I’ve mentioned, can the Ghostbusters really catch a ghost train?

A ghost train is a really big one to catch. No one had seen one in years. Especially in those motion pictures a lot. Ernie Hudson as Winston got spooked by one from the 1920’s, but there has to be more. However, they did do a few ghost trains in a couple of comic books, and that cartoon TV show. But wasn’t enough.

The only ones I found on TV that are really good, are these…

And every year, on the dates of those accidents, they run again as a warning to others, plunging into the gap, shrieking like lost souls!

George Carlin, 1991.

Four that look alive, one mentioned called ‘Phantom Express’. Named after that 1932 mystery crime-thriller movie. Real ghost trains that were rarely seen. One of them in fact, can be crossing an old iron bridge whenever the moon is full can be shown. But it never reaches the other side.

So rather than that Lego Monster Fighters set on that Ghost Train, these can be the real ones for sure. No matter if it happens to be a full train, or just the steam engine. Bad boys such as these ones can make those ones in the female version to piss themselves.

But not the ones we know such as Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, and Zeddemore. Tully also as backup.

My response is: YES, THEY CAN.

Depending on what new equipment they have. Better than for what the sissy females did, that weren’t so great.

And like capturing Casper the Friendly Ghost, with the rest that he has known for, they’d make a great ghost capture to remember.

Here’s what I liked on Alec Baldwin than being on SNL….

When he was that tiny little conductor man in that movie, “Thomas and the Magic Railroad”, before he was the third narrator, I was all OMG when I saw him scrubbing the nose on James the Red Engine. Portrayed by Canadian voice actress Susan Roman. She was also the voice of Sailor Jupiter, from the original English version of “Sailor Moon”.

The same thing to her friend Linda Ballantyne who portrayed the small green engine on delivering the mail. She also was the original voice on Sailor Moon, while Eddie Glen was Thomas the Tank Engine since he was in the original “Beyblade” TV show. Both were on YTV. Her other friends, Karen Bernstein who played Sailor Mercury, Stephanie Morgenstern who played Sailor Venus, and Katie Griffin who played Sailor Mars didn’t make it in that kids movie unfortunately.

Since this occurred, and how he doesn’t like D. Trump as the U.S. President, his makeup and outfits are worse as that ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. But for what he did here, did entertain the kids who love “Thomas the Tank Engine” while most of us were watching on what we loved in the glory days of YTV.

I can imagine if Alec Baldwin were to be still doing this today as an old man. Scrubbing the noses on these talking steam engines. Not especially in computer graphic animation. Just to learn a lesson on not portraying that fat pig ever again. His friends on SNL too, including Jeff Dunham and Neil Patrick Harris.

However if Jeff Dunham does anything worse, he’ll lose his dummies for sure. Have them chopped into pieces and be used as firewood.

National Panda Day in 2019

Holidays are always great in our religion. Such as St. Patrick’s Day, Lunar New Year, Christmas, Easter, and more. But besides the food, such as for what happened in the movie “Free Birds” to change the course of history, here’s the ultimate question….

“What’s black and white, and adorable all over?”

As a kind friend to the environment, it’s a panda-monium to these adorable critters.

March 16th is National Panda Day. For these pandas and their cute baby children are adorable. All over the Earth. Like the orca’s, they’re native in China and have become the poster child for endangered species. Which means that we do not want these pandas to become extinct. So they need to be safe, as their lives must live on.

Fewer than 2000 exist in the wild, as poaching is a very bad ‘no-no’ to these animals. We cannot do that to these animals. However, conservation efforts have prevented them from extinction. But we do need to be aware of climate change, cause it occurs to their food source: bamboo. Like the ones in Japan that are different.

Pandas are slow to adapt and bamboo loss can mean the end of their population within a century. So we definitely need to save these pandas now. As the lives of these pandas, must live on forever. And to never ever become an endangered species to go extinct. That’s a no no for that. But a yes indeed that they must live on. With more bamboo plant that they can eat in their lives, than some lousy climate change.

What are remarkable on these giant pandas, is that they don’t hibernate like the rest of the animals. They just love the winter and love to roll around in the snow. For that is the one thing that we love on.

So here’s to the pandas that they must live on forever. And a Happy National Panda Day to these furry adorable critters.

Artists and Models (1955)

Since I saw my first Jerry Lewis movie, “The Nutty Professor”, my dad once told me that like Abbott and Costello, he was partnered with singer/actor Dean Martin. And he sure did before they went in their separate ways.

From Paramount Pictures, and director Frank Tashlin who did some cartoons for Looney Tunes, this depicts on how these two artists must never break up. They’re not gay. They’re just friends that want to be together.

Along with those guys, are Shirley MacLaine and Anita Ekberg. (Anita was with Bud & Lou in “Abbott and Costello Go To Mars”, as this was one of Shirley’s first movies. Before she met Clint Eastwood years later in “Two Mules for Sister Sara”).

While Dean Martin was an artist in this movie, Jerry Lewis was a children’s story author, but has been addicted to superhero comic books such as ‘Bat Lady’. Way before Batman and Superman were born. However, all of a sudden, Jerry Lewis got the shock of his life at 3 am in the morning, when he met Shirley MacLaine as Bat Lady! Her friend was the author who did the “Bat Lady” comic books as it got the attention on those two clowns. Besides, this must’ve been an amazing movie for Shirley MacLaine.

Inspired by the works of DC Comics, and how they nearly got caught by the U.S. government, I give this 7/10 stars. Really good.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

I was at seven years old when I first listened to that song, ‘We Will Rock You’ in the movie, “A Knights Tale” with Heath Ledger. I didn’t know who the rock band was until today.

Starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, Allen Leech, Joe Mazello, and Mike Myers since no one saw him since his short appearance in “Inglorious Basterds”, from director Quentin Tarantino, this depicts on how that band Queen was born. For how they did the songs that were born, as some of them were used in that rock and roll jousting movie, “A Knights Tale”.

By winning two Golden Globe Awards, and four Oscar awards, this movie deserved those for sure. In fact, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were at the Oscars as they loved that movie. Since you’ve known them from both “Wayne’s World”, Mike Myers in those “Austin Powers” movies, and Dana Carvey in “The Master of Disguise”.

So I’m giving this 9/10 stars. Thanks a lot Rami Malek!

Penguin Highway (anime film adaption)

I remember that in my days as student at Algonquin College, in a program called Pre-Animation & Illustration, us students did a comic book assignment. I did my own story called ‘Planet of the Penguins’. Rich Lauzon, my professor accepted it, as he find it really interesting.

Years later, this came out. Based on the book first, and then an anime movie adaption came out second in the summer of 2018, this is how we should care for these penguins before disaster strikes. Besides, based on the facts that we do not want animals like penguins, polar bears, orca’s, cheetahs, whales, and etc that do not want to become endangered species, this is how we need to stand up and save our Earth.

Set in a small town in the Japanese countryside, some penguins started appearing in the suburbs, miles away from the sea.

For example, when a woman opens a Diet Coke can, and throws it, it magically turns into a penguin all of a sudden. Almost like in Pokémon, where a player throws a Pokéball, as he/she might go…

“I choose you! Penguin!”

From a multiplicity of those, to how a boy and a woman have kept them in a house, before more came from a stormy typhoon, it would be a rise to a planet of penguins. Much different than Alfred Hitchcock’s nature revenge movie, “The Birds”. And much different nearly close to the original “Planet of the Apes” saga.

No violence, no blood, no carnage, less drama, but with lots of fun and excitement, this can be a summer adventure to remember. And we do need to save our animals such as these. Therefore, we do not want any species to become an endangered species.

I didn’t find this whole movie on DVD or online unfortunately, but not to judge a movie by its poster and artwork, after looking at its trailers and promos on YouTube, I know that this is a remarkable success.