Titanic 1997-2012 film Today Day #6

It all ends, when 85 year old Rose, dreams of the Titanic on the ocean floor, brand new, and young again, and she is there with everyone who have died on it, and she’s reunited with Jack, young again. so this ends to what I’ve said, people should pray to Christ the Lord to worship the people on the Titanic, and to everyone out there, a Happy 100th Anniversary to the Titanic!

Titanic 1997-2012 film Today Day #5

What I have watched so far, is that the sailors on the crows nest, they called out an iceberg ahead to the officers. But the ship was so big, it was slow, it hit it on the side. Then minutes later, it was going to sink. So many passengers heard the news as they abandon ship. Many women and children got in first, then men. Everybody was in panic! 25 lifeboats were launched that the Titanic had, including spares, people were jumping off, baggages too, officers, sailors, and so much passengers that the Titanic had… When the ship was sinking faster and faster by the minute, every second, everyone was in panic a lot! The Grand Staircase was gone under, dining rooms too, hallways destroyed, and the 1st smokestack of the Titanic broke off! 2 people have just died on that ship while sinking, 1st Officer William Murdoch who commit suicide, and Capt. Smith who went down with the ship. Until everyone, including Jack and Rose went up to the stern, the very end. Everyone really started jumping off the Titanic. There was a man who jummped, and was hit by the propellers! When the Titanic’s stern was high in the sky, the lights went out. Then… it happened! The planks shaked and breaked and the Titanic was broken in half already! Then the stern rose high in the sky, and it sanked with its final moments. Jack and Rose were safe with the passengers swimming in the water. Most of the passengers died of hypothermia, except Jack and Rose which were finally saved! It was cold at night, until at dawn, came the Carpathia. the whole ship took them to New York City, including Jack, Rose, and Jacks friend. Rose didn’t saw her other boyfriend ever again until he shot himself in the head in 1929. And there, ends the the story by the old Rose person. Everyone loved it. But as the old Rose herself, she can will see him though, for he is already is in heaven. As they will reveal their young selves in 1912.

Titanic 1997-2012 film Today! Day 4#

After those 2 lovers had a great time, Jack and Rose, they were both very happy. Until later that evening, Rose gave Jack 10 cents for a drawing she wants. She wanted one, wearing the Heart of the Ocean necklace, on a sofa naked! And so they did. It was the most romantic drawing no one has ever seen. So later, after that, when she was fully dressed, she kept it in her safe for safekeepin, and her necklace. And so, when those 2 were fully in love together, they ran around the ship happily, as they passed the 3rd class hallway, the boiler room, the cargo room where they had sex naked in a car, and went back up on deck. 1st Officer William Murdoch and 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller liked those 2 lovers when they saw them. It was cold at night. The Titanic was off the coast of Newfoundland, getting close to New York City, and was getting radio messages and warnings from other ships of icebergs very close. They can be very dangerous to other ships like the Titanic. But when those 2 sailors in the crows nest of the Titanic, freezing, saw Jack and Rose having a wonderful time, they thought it was romantic scene they have ever saw. Until they saw something straight ahead, very close to the Titanic, all the way from the Artic Ocean that was in there way. and that was… an iceberg!

Titanic 1997-2012 film Today! Day #3

As what I have watched so far, is that the boyfriend in Rose’s family who wanted to marry her, hated Jack! So he told Rose to stay away from him, and never go back to him. So this made them very sad for a while. But the Molly Brown person told her what she can do to change. So later that evening, she went up to him at the bow, and frogive Jack for what they have done. Until Jack gave her a surprise, and that was she was holding on to him, at the bow while flying! this made them very cheerful as they kissed when it was over. In today, the people and scientests where still listening to the story from the 80 year old Rose. {including the scientest played by Bill Paxton}


Titanic 1997-2012 film-Today Day #2

What I have watched so far on the movie, is that Rose wanted to commit suicide, but the 3rd class passenger named Jack Dawson came to help her. But when she was about to fall, he saved her and Rose told everyone in her family what happened. So after that, they invited him for dinner and Jack loved it. After that, Jack invited Rose to dance with him in the 3rd class dance section and they had a wonderful time.

Titanic 1997-2012 film- Today! Day 1

I started the Titanic film, to celebrate its 100th anniversary. what I have seen so far, is the old film reel of the real Titanic’s departure, the discovery of the sunken ship with Bill Paxton as a scientist, the old drawing they found, the old woman who spoke to the scientist on the phone who was in that photograph and was one of the survivors, her arrival on a helicopter to the science ship, where the location of the sunken ship is, the old stuff they found on the sunken ship that was hers, her story, the Titanic 1912 Southampton, England departure, Leonardo DiCaprio as a 3rd Class Passenger with a Swedish friend, the departure of the unsinkable ship, the 1st sight of the unsinkable Molly Brown person, the Titanic sight off the coast of Ireland, the Capt. of the ship and crew, the Titanic going faster, the dolphins swimming by the Titanic, the 3rd class passenger crying: “I am king of the world!”. {which was Leonardo DiCaprio himself} and how he and his friend found their rooms in the 3rd class section.

Titanic Anniversary!

Starting today, on April 10th until April 15th, it’s the Titanic 100th Anniversary! About its voyage and how it sank on the evening, of April 14th. and shook the world on April 15th, in the morning! To celebrate it, people should pray Christ the Lord, to tell the 1912 Titanic people that they’ll never be forgotten, and watch the 1997 “Titanic” movie, day by day, date by date, until you get to the end of April 14th and 15th.

Titanic- 100th anniversary!

From April 10th, 14th and 15th, 1912, to 2012, its the 100th anniversary that the Titanic sank almost 100 years ago! and I sent this message to people, who are were a part of this disaster, Happy Anniversary! to you, and the Titanic!