The Cramp Twins

I saw this on animated TV long ago, as twins can be identical, but not identical.

A couple have two babies born. One nice, but one naughty.

Throughout the TV show, they have been fighting but learning lessons. One episode I watched, was how the good twin learned the life of lizards.

He and a friend made a great team, just as long as the blue naughty one isn’t in the way.

That was the only episode I saw, for as long as I can remember. It is for kids, but what they heck? I saw this a long time ago. Ah well, at least we know how some twins are different.

Christmas with the Kranks

Have you ever had a plan that can backfire? Well it did to Tim Allen. In this Christmas movie, a couple almost skipped Christmas by taking a vacation down south.

After their daughter, had to go away on a business trip to Peru, South America, they were left out at Christmas time for that couple. But with an idea from the father, he decided to plan a cruise for him and her and skip Christmas. Avoiding neighbors such as one played by Dan Aykroyd, not getting ready for Christmas and not letting ‘Frosty the Snowman’ out for display, Mr. Krank did play a little tricks on them as he froze the walkway. The carollers slipped on them and went out of control as he froze a white cat!

I can’t tell you much, but there was a lot going on.

After so much for what Luthor Krank was doing, and how Mrs. Krank almost got scared by Dan’s gloves on the side windows, their daughter called from Miami airport. She had a fiancé as she was coming home for Christmas.

That was when it backfired. They had to get everything Christmassy up for the holidays. Everything. Even when Tim Allen saw fiery eyes of Frosty the Snowman when he fell off the roof, and his Frosty the Snowman broke. Good riddance! I hated that evil snowman! They did helped him get a new snowman as it just snowed.

There was a thief on the loose, as they finally caught him. They all had a splendid Christmas, as in the end….uh…. You don’t wanna know! 😦

This is a 6/10 star movie I rate, as you wouldn’t believe me for what these two almost did. But backfired.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys

For as far as I can remember, I heard Rick Moranis’ voice in this Christmas movie, in this sequel to the Rankin/Bass Christmas classic. He plays as a phantom pied piper as he steals toys from all over the world.

China, Russia, America, Europe, and many continents for where toys are.

It even struck the North Pole, for where Father Christmas kept all of his toys! That did after Rudolph and his dentist elf made a visit to the misfit toy island, how there was a hospital for toys by a hippo and her gingerbread men, and teaching her girlfriend reindeer how to fly.

The toys were hidden in his secret hideout as they wondered why. After he robbed toys from the madam hippo’ place, the misfit toy island was next.

Rudolph, his reindeer girlfriend and dentist friend did all they could as they caught him in a peppermint mine. They found out that the phantom was a stuffed teddy bear. He had been saving them to keep them safe. So that they wouldn’t get old and be thrown out.

Things went better in the end, as things were sorted out. The toys were given back as this teddy bear, voiced by Rick Moranis, was back to it’s original owner. Only he has a daughter, in which she loved it.

And that was the last voice I’ve ever heard from Rick. He is still out there, planning what movie he should be in next. On the other hand, since I dislike the singing in this, what parts I dislike, and all that, the okay part was that, the flying lion of the misfit toy island, he had pain in his teeth. With the help of Rudolph’s dentist friend, he did had to fix him up. But he needed a root canal. And by turning on the drill, he fainted as he would know, root canals can hurt a lot.

So this is a 4/10 star movie, as it’s only for small kids. I did watched this when I was little, but this movie could only do for little children.

The Garden of Words (anime movie)

In this anime 45 minute movie, this tells how a high school boy and a woman who is her teacher as they spend time together. Like they are in love. The boy skips school on rainy days, the same as that woman for skipping work.

The boy is a shoemaker as he wants to make shoes for women. Even for that woman that boy was falling in love with. He was good with haiku’s, poems, tanka’s, and everything as a part time worker.

He and that women were really great.

There was a proud ending before and after the credits as they will be together again. This is a splendid anime movie of drama and romance.

‘A+’ for this!!!



March of the Wooden Soldiers (Babes in Toyland)

This is my first Laurel and Hardy movie I’ve ever believed in as I believed in marching but real wooden soldiers!

I saw this for the first time, as I watched clips. This can have its title or known as ‘Babes in Toyland’. Based on the opera by Victor Herbert.

In Toyland, for where are your favourite fables and fairy tale stories are, two brothers are to pay Barnaby the rent for their home or else. They don’t want to disappoint their mother.

They even got fired at the toy factory for when they made an accident and a very big mistake. They were to make 600 toy soldiers at one foot high for Father Christmas. Instead and misunderstood, they made 100 soldiers at six foot high. They got busted and didn’t get the money to pay for the rent. While Tom and Mary were to be in love, Barnaby accused Tom as he wanted Mary. So they go behind the plans of Barnaby as these two try to save the day. Just when Mary was taken by Barnaby to a place for where bogeymen were, Tom, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy save Mary as they escaped. But the Barnaby and the bogeymen followed them and were causing destruction to Toyland.

That was when the best famous part comes. On the song, “March of the Toys”, they used the army of wooden soldiers as they saved Toyland! It made a great scene, in film history, as this was the very first version of “Babes in Toyland”. Better than the other versions that are crappy, this here is a straight ‘A’.

The Little Drummer Boy

In a time of passion and trust in this animated movie, it takes place during the nativity story as a drummer boy and three animals were wandering around in the desert.

The drummer boy, once had a family on a sheep farm as they were killed by sheep thieves. His parents were murdered as he was the only survivor. Along with a camel, a donkey and a lamb. He hated humans and people as he wanted to be out on his own. No one else but he and those animals.

When he was caught by a street performer and his assistant, he wanted to make money. He did quite a performance as he went mad. It was the part I disliked that reminded him of the incident that did. How he lost his parents.

They escaped at that time, as they were in the desert at that night. When they saw a camp, there were the three wise men as kings as they saw the star in the sky. Jesus Christ was born.

The three wise men decided to leave as the street performer wanted to perform something at them. But they didn’t. Instead, when the wise men had lost a camel, they had to buy the camel from those three. It was the third animal friend that little drummer boy befriended. He was rich as he letted the drummer boy, the lamb and the donkey go.

They were out on their own, as they would search for their camel friend. All three followed the star for where the wise men went. All the way to Bethlehem.

The lamb got injured by a Roman as it was dead. He wanted to do something, but instead, made a song. It was the song we all know of when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. He stood at the crib of Jesus Christ for where Joseph and Mary are. They smiled as he used his drum to play the song. Everyone loved it, as Jesus smiled. After that, the lamb was alive again as he was not into hatred again.

No one knows what happened to he and his friends, but hopefully found a new family. It was dramatic a bit, but good. For a good mark in all that, ‘D-‘.

The Toy that saved Christmas (Veggie Tales)

From the TV show, ‘Veggie Tales’, this is how giving there is in Christmas than getting things.

When a new toy was presented, known as ‘Buzz Saw Louie’, by that pickle guy and his potato with no eyes, he wanted to make money. By making children spoiled as people would buy those figures of ‘Buzz Saw Louie’.

At the factory, where they made each and every figure, penguins were onto working those, when one of them came to life! He escaped and met with Junior Asparagus, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. They save Christmas as they head to the factory for where Louie was born and how they made the commercial.

They saved Christmas and their town as they know who was behind all this and what Christmas is all about. But when they were caught by that potato and pickle, they escaped as his henchmen penguins followed them. The pickle and the potato guy too.

They almost got killed in a cliff in which a bridge had been broken as they were glad they made it.

Buzz Saw Louie stayed with Bob, Larry and Junior as they were the true heroes that saved Christmas. They did a spectacular TV Christmas special as they did amazing!

A straight “A” for this!

The Nativity Story

From New Line Cinema in 2006, it gave out the best version of the nativity story. On how Mary was chosen to give birth to a son, by god as she and David had traveled to Bethlehem.

In a time of terrible deaths and tragedy, the Roman Empire was born as they went out of control. Which was why God chose Mary on this, that can bring peace to this world, and unlock the gates of heaven.

They had to stay safe, and travel far as long as they were alive. And on the night they made it, Jesus was born as the star shone upon Bethlehem as this began all this we know of.

So that is why at Christmas, we always celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on how he was. Even the three wise men came. Shepard’s, farm animals, the people of Bethlehem, and everyone in this famous story.

This is a ‘B-‘ movie, since I first watched this a long time ago. It can be dreadful, but amazing on this classic nativity story.

The Polar Express (2004)

Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg, this is the classic a Christmas story of believing in some things that you must see. Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks, he plays the conductor in this movie as he was really good. But serious.

Children who want to believe in Father Christmas, climb on a mystical train that transports them to the North Pole in one night.

Magic begins on Christmas Eve when time stops five minutes to midnight, then resumes when they were there at the North Pole. They had a trip in one night as a boy, wanted to believe in Father Christmas. While he befriended the conductor, she befriended a lonely boy, a girl, a know it all nerd, a hobo on top of the train as a ghost, a fat train engineer and a train fireman as he had long hair!! On his beard and head hair. No moustache.

They traveled through the forests, over viaducts, mountains, cliffs, tunnels, one which had a scary face, a caribou crossing, a glacier glutch, a frozen lake in which it froze parts of the track, a big mountain, a suspension bridge, the Arctic Circle as they made it to the North Pole. It was huge city as it had many toy factory’s.

The centre of the city, was that it had a gigantic Christmas tree, as it was the office of Father Christmas. Many elves were there. Thousands of them like the book! And they did see him, just when a bell was cut off from his sleigh by the jumping reindeer.

The boy was chosen to have ‘The first gift of Christmas’ as it was the bell. It can ring for when he believes. But not if one doesn’t believe.

It struck midnight as time stopped after Father Christmas left, and when they left. But resumed when the boy went back home and went to sleep.

He had the bell as a Christmas gift when he did, as he and her sister would listen to it. It did followed like the story.

Now, this movie is good, but there are parts that I dislike. Such as when he had to pull the emergency brakes when a lonely boy needed to get on, and when he got in trouble by the conductor, his reaction face on the conductor when he says that tickets are not transferable, how he almost threw a girl off the train and drag her like a slave on the roof, how one of the coaches had abandoned toys as one scrooge puppet from the hobo was frightening that boy, how they should get rid of that abandoned toy railway coach, how they can’t hear a bell but a girl can, how those reindeer are always jumpy, how the elves and everyone except the boy were singing ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, leaving the boy left out when he could see Father Christmas and the bells ringing, and the hobo and Scrooge puppet calling him a ‘doubter’. And there is no Rudolph in this.

But on the bright side, the boy can hear the bells. It was different than the book on what parts on this adventure that they added to that made it amazing. It even had classic music like the Andrew Sisters, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, and Josh Groban.

There are interesting parts in this. One, the story began in the 50’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan for where Chris lives. Two, the lonely boy’s house had a sad looking face in the beginning as it had a smile in the end when the lonely boy realizes he has a Christmas tree and a big present. Three, the tickets are golden and looked original typed, as they say ’round trip’ and have great designs on it. Even when the conductor says words in punch holes like “Learn”, “Depend on”, “Rely on”, “Count on”, “Lead” and “Believe”. And four, by the Brio wooden train company, they only made 7-8 wooden train parts to make one whole set. The same as the Lionel model train company, as they made an electric train set and almost 14 additional parts to it. Coaches, figures, different trains, and all that.

This is a 7/10 star movie, as seeing is believing.

Robbie the Reindeer

Ben Stiller plays this funny character as a reindeer. For he is the son of Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer, as he joins the sleigh team and makes the best of it. In two adventures I know of. “Hooves of Fire” and “The Legend of the Lost Tribe”.

The second one was on TV as I saw that the first time. The first one was where he came in. He did all the best he could in that to be popular. As long as that reindeer Blitzen doesn’t get in the way.

The second was the best, because there were Vikings in this! I always wanted to believe in Vikings. How they fight, how they look like, as they fought against mad big white rabbits!

Those were Blitzen’s evil gang as they stopped him. As Robbie was in love with Donner. Those were amazing classics. As I always wanted to see real vikings.

Besides Ben Stiller, there are the voices of his dad Jerry Stiller, James Woods, Hugh Grant, Jeff Goldblum, and Britney Spears!! You probably saw for what she did in “Break the Ice”.

So I give on both specials, 10/10 stars. Thanks to BBC. Great to watch over the Christmas holidays.