The Heat

Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Tom Wilson (Biff from BTTF), and Marlon Wayans, are in this cop movie in which one expert and one crazy police officer had to take on a case.

Between Boston and a small town outside Boston, a crime lord takes on refuge as these two had to work together to stop this person. It maybe crazy, but it was intense! Even Tom Wilson is the true Biff guy if he was still around. He has changed since the BTTF trilogy.

I can’t say much, because I don’t want to spoil the story. But it was a 6/10 star movie. May have some scenes in which I mostly dislike.


Old School

Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell, after an early flight trip back home, they take on college with members of their team. 30 year old guys and men take on college as they are onto parties, schemes, wrestling and passing grades such as exams, gym dancing, gymnastics, and more to prove themselves amazing.

The funny scenes were that how Will Ferrell can be called “Frank the Tank”, going streaking naked, as he takes on a lady man homosexual, as there was a 100 year old man who died of old age named Blue in which he was his ‘boy blue’, as Will got on fire in a mascot outfit, and was shot in the neck with a tranquilizer gun. Sean William Scott saw that happened. There is more, but I cannot tell because of the way they are hilarious!

During the movie, there was Elisha Cuthbert from “Popular Mechanics for Kids”! She was with Tyler Kyte, and Jay Barauchel years before Jay was with Seth in “This is the End”. Jay and Elisha were young in that TV show, as they moved on as she was in this, and Jay with Seth in “This is The End”.

The movie ended as they moved on after college. It was a smash hit! 8/10 stars foe this!


We all know it’s that time of year on ‘back to school’. But when you’re a college student, you have to have the place where you belong. And that’s what happened to Justin Long when he was a college student.

After graduating from high school, and didn’t get accepted into college, the same as some of his friends didn’t, he was in shame until he made his own fake college. By using the Internet, an old location and making it new, he called it the South Harmon Institute of Technology. Or S.H.I.T. for short.

As he got accepted into that on making it fake, it was his own place to chill when there were thousands of students who got accepted into his college! There were those college students who didn’t get accepted into anywhere as they got accepted into the S.H.I.T. They want to learn about girls, fun, music, hip hop as one student played by Jeremy Howard wanted to blow stuff up with his mind!

This was also, one or Jonah Hill’s early movies as he was a young actor like Justin. After this secret hideout was found and were placed in court, this was now a true college as people get to learn stuff there as some of his friends became teachers. This is a 7/10 star movie.

PLUS, with a mean principal who was shocked to see his car blow up, thanks to that freaky student!

“I told you”

The Phantom of the Opera (1943)

Since the classic play, of a theater of plays being haunted by phantom, this is way more classic than the 2004 version. Starring Claude Rains as a violinist once, who becomes the phantom after being mad because of his song he made that they stole, as he was hit in the face by acid that make photos appear.

Throughout the movie, French actors, actresses and a famous actress in many plays have been the best of the best in all of France in that opera theater. With a police officer falling in love with that famous actress along with her performer too in love, they have the same affection on that woman as rumors were spread everywhere.

The mysterious phantom stealing things like a statue of that actress, as he plans revenge. Like putting poison in a drink, cutting one of the chains to make the big gigantic chandelier fall, murdering some actors and actresses as he wanted that actress more than ever.

He had a lair in the sewers as his face was reviled. His face had a big scar from the acid that spilled on him as he was like a Two-Face. Before a fight was on, the sewers started to crumble as they fell upon him as he died while the actress and the two boyfriends escaped.

This is a 7/10 movie alright. Better than the 2004 version.

Gangster Squad

Since “Public Enemies” was like that, then came this movie in 2013. Another gangster movie, but really epic. Starring Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Giovanni Ribsi, and Robert Patrick.

Two years after WWII, set foot in LA, Sean Penn plays the legendary Mickey Cohen as he takes refuge on LA. With a cop played by Josh taking on gangsters, he teams up with more members that want to join him to find this Mickey guy.

With the setting, color and design, it shows how LA looks very old back then as it shows how different LA was since WWII. This was 1947 as there was no technology we use today, bathtubs like looked original, planes that were hard work and hand made on metal, as many movies had set foot in that time, as everything was different.

For months on catching this guy, they practice on becoming gangsters, knowing how to shoot better, and watching out for his men. Finally close to Christmas, they finally caught Mickey Cohen.

His face was bloody when he was taken to prison, as our band of heroes moved on after that. Our cop hero retired as he decide to spend time with his family when his wife gave birth a newborn child. They were last seen on the beach, having a good time in 1947 LA.

7/10 for a movie this epic.

The Silence of the Lambs

Since Jodie Foster played the role of “Nell” in a movie I hate, and Anthony Hopkins in a good role in the movie “Noah”, they came together once in a murder mystery. About a killer on the loose who’s been taking dead women’s skin in Virginia. He murders women first as he skins away the skin of women. In fact, he even planted a cocoon of a moth in a women’s mouth! Like a tribal cat eating locusts.

When this mystery went on, a young FBI student women takes on the mystery as he visits a inmate who knows about this character. He was a doc once until he killed people he never trusted as he was like a cannibal. There he sits in his pexiglass jail cell, with sketches of his, as he asks questions to her as a doc. About her life and what happened to her when she ran away after her parents died.

In a straightjacket with a mantle mouth cover, he made a terrific scene of him as a inmate who told the people about this character. As the mystery was beginning to end, the young FBI student agent finally found the murderer as she saved one last girl. She shot him in the dark without wearing night vision goggles as she heard the click of a revolver.

Apparently before the end of this mystery, the cannibal doctor made a escape as he was in disguised as an injured cop and was last seen in a tropical place following someone he knows. He followed that character as that escaped inmate disappeared. The cool parts about this inmate was that he does a snickering and his face whenever he sees the agent.

There was a movie and a TV show related to this. “Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” related to this first as Mr. Tinkles the evil cat was like the cannibal doc as he was in that mouthpiece and straightjacket, until mysteriously he escaped just like him. Along with his cat friend played by that funny Wallace Shawn. He even does riffing on musical instruments as he was like Bob Marley.

And then there was a TV cartoon called “Viva Piñata” as a hedgehog named Fergie with a big hump ate a giant chocolate bunny as he pretends she is his girlfriend. All of his friends believed him and during a dance, he became so like him, he was drooling with sinister eyes with his tongue out, as he must eat it. He was snickering just like him as he ate the rabbit! But his friends were shocked to see a hedgehog piñata eating a piñata rabbit. That was cannibalism. Even that was the title of the episode, “Cannibalism”. In court, he was in that mouthpiece and strait jacket just like him as he had to tell the truth. By telling them the truth too late, he was catapulted to the moon! When a receipt came dropping from the air, they believed him as the judge said “oops”.

That big humped hedgehog learned his lesson as he was on the moon. No one else but him as the air wad breathable.

And that is how we know about this movie, as we trust inmates or not. 6 1/2 /10 stars for this movie.


Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington and Terrance Howard, this is when a couple of commando’s are going from sabotage to betrayal. When they were on missions on cash for money, mercenaries have murdered the leader’s family as they are on a hunt for them. But one by one, they were all getting killed because of this sabotage.

After solving the truth, they found out who was the leader. With a female commando on their team, she was the one who was betraying them and sabotaging. She stabbed them, killed them in a car accident, drowned them, place a guys RV in a train crossing, as she nailed some and ripped their guts out up on the ceiling!

This was a pure bloodbath as she got killed by the leader who was pissed at her. Then suddenly, he vanished. He rode a plane all the way to Mexico as he took on Mexican mercenaries who wished that partner to kill his team.

A pure bloodbath this was when a female cop slipped on blood and looked up. This is a movie with 7/10 stars, way more intense than “The Walking Dead”. The one thing in this, mayhem. If you want to vision a pure bloodbath than ever in this movie, imagine, people swimming in pure blood as this as they are covered by that red liquid. Some would scream in horror and gasp to it, as this was like this since “Carrie” and Moses who turned water into pure blood in one of the Ten Plagues of Egypt. Vampires would love to swim in that, as Wes Craven, John Carpenter or any horror film movie director would love to see this. You’d be bloody all over as you need to wash off.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

When I first watched the first two movies, I get their origin on how they were born, how Master Splinter’s human master got killed and how he lost a part of his ear. They were in the sewers away from the surface world as they had to find abandoned train station as their new home since they lost theirs. And with Shredder’s clan of teenagers as ninjas, I do not like the way that they are like flies and how their second in command is a tough one. As far as I saw in those two movies, Shredder was too much on everything as he wanted to know, especially when he wanted to find out about the secret of the ooze that lead to mutation.

He became too much when he drank a vile of that stuff, as he was a super Shredder. I hated the way he was too powerful, too muscular, and too much blades on his helmet and body armor. He died when he was taking the dock apart. That is how I hated those two movies I’m starting to think. The cool part was that it had a cameo appearance of Vanilla Ice himself in the second movie. But only the critic knows best.

Finally, this third one I’m talking about, like my brothers I agree to with, the third one is the best of the best than ever. I remember we used to watch this when we were little, as we sat on our parents bed in the mornings on a cloudy rainy day, rolling around as we watched it, along with two more movies that we thought was interesting. “Princess Mononoke” and “First Knight”.

Taking place in the station and NY in 1993, and mostly 1601 Japan, a ancient scepter can open the gates of time. That was when April swapped places between her and a prince as he was in their time, and she was in his time! The people think that she is a witch in Ancient Japan. But at this time, English colonists came to Japan to make a trade with them. This lead to the four greatest turtles ever to save their friend, and go down in history.

This is the greatest movie since “The Last Samurai”! 10/10 stars for this movie!

In 1601 Japan, a revolution was there between the royal emperor and a rebellion of fighters as they wanted freedom. But with the colonists, they wanted to help if they trade their gold, clothing and etc for the weaponry they had. Muskets, rifles, cannons, and firepower. It made a terrific end as our turtles went back and the prince made it back to his own time.

I think for a 3 movie marathon reunion, there would be this, “Princess Mononoke” and “First Knight”. Japan in this movie is what I inspire on the kites the kids fly with, clothing and shoes people wear, art that’s fascinating, archery they use, and all that leads to today’s Japan as we know everything that they do today. Especially the animation they do to TV shows and movies that are lead to North America, and are in english dubbed. The version where they speak English as American and Canadian actors take the role.

In conclusion, this is a movie to remember as I give this 10/10 stars! The best of the best that no one has ever made. Japan is just fascinating on that time area, and samurai’s. Just like “Inuyasha”.

R. Lee Ermy

R. Lee Ermy played his role of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the movie “Full Metal Jacket”. His role as a drill instructor was to train these men hard and become trained killers before he could send them to Vietnam. I did not the entire scenes where he finds a jelly doughnut and how he was very pissed off, and how he needs to train hard on that Vincent guy before he suck his thumb and have his pants going down. He was impressed as that guy as he did great marksmanship. That was when in the bathroom scene, where he finds Matthew and Vincent as those new recruits, he gets shot by revenge on that guy as he committed suicide.

Today, he’s just a retirement marine sergeant who took the role in that film by Stanley Kubrick. He was hard and tough when he was in the marine or army young back then. In this interview, he ain’t a bad guy like Michael Shannon after all. He was kind and loyal as he cared for those actors he trusted with. Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin, the Vincent guy who played Gomer, Kevin Major Howard, and the rest of the cast. He was only instructed to be the D.I. by one director who made him be tough and be pissed off. Stanley Kubrick.

Terminator Salvation (arcade game)

This is a hot smash arcade game from the “Terminator” series. And on the day I went to go see that new TMNT movie, in 2014, I finally beated that game!

With two missions, eight levels, four levels on one mission, inserted 3 tokens per in a play for that game, I played the entire game with $13 dollars on those tokens to make it through. I had to face those T-600’s, rocket missiles, aerostats, spider Terminators, small plasma guns, mechanical serpents, cyborg bugs, T1’s, moto-Terminators, two Hunter Killer tanks, ariel Hunter Killers, and two giant Harvesters as I am a David taking on two Goliath’s. And of course, I had to shoot at objects such as bricks, tires, and metal parts so they won’t kill me.

The missions were to find the control center, take on the battle, get some survivors to the movie theater safe house, get in the battle, and the most challenging of all, Skynet! As I would take on the plasma gun turrets, ariel Hunter Killers, and some T-600’s while entering, I would take the big guns, take on every single Terminator there is, and place three explosive charges throughout the base to destroy Skynet. Finally, take on a Harvester as you aim for the circles to destroy it. That would only happen on Mission 2 on the last level on number 4. But if you just do mission 2, they take you back to Mission 1 and start all over again.

As I went from one to two, it was important to stay alive and never let any Terminator get me in that game or it’s game over. Like “Hero’s Duty”, it reminds me of that game. And in the end after playing that game, I was a true resistance fighter, as it showed the same ending from the “Terminator Salvation” movie, as I was on the scoreboard. OPK. Number 9 on that list! I am known to be one thing, Born to Kill! Just like “Full Metal Jacket”.

There are two modes in which I know of that game. One which is in assault rifle mode in which it’s attached by cords to the rifles as you don’t want to get too close to the screen. The one I did to beat the game was in a M14A pulse rifle mode! It was the same weapon from “Aliens”! And while playing the game, there are power ups that you can use. Mini gun, shotgun, and grenades, in which you use the grenade launcher to do that.

It was a game I beat, I am number 9 on that scoreboard list, as I am born to kill!