House on Haunted Hill (original) 

From one of Vincent Price’s horror movies, this is one of them that can make madness. Each people in a city is wealthy as some are rich and others are poor. When five poor strangers in a city needed money, a millionaire will offer them $10,000 if they spend the night in a haunted house. 

After midnight, the doors are locked, hard steeled as the bars can block the windows. No one could leave until tomorrow morning. Even the front door and the gates are locked also. A few murders were occurred as ghosts and traps haunted the guests. 

There were survivors, but I can’t tell you who made it and who died in that house. This is totally, 7/10 stars thanks to Vincent Price. 

Top Halloween TV episode specials

Not much Halloween specials on anime, but way better than any Halloween TV special there is, here on Earth. Here on this post, I count down these top picks.

1acowards Bite_Me_Kyouya_by_anime_addict47 images

“Ouran High School Club” on their Halloween episode, “Until the day it becomes a pumpkin”. As they dress up for Halloween on their party, Renge gets the boys to go into a Halloween contest to prove that they aren’t scared. As they are dressed up as vampires, and go amok the haunted high school, they watched out for ghosts, pumpkins and booby traps as they were being tricked. However, they did get frightened when they saw a real goes in the end. Renge got frightened too.

spider guy cowboy zorro schemer hea wimpcarlin

“Shining Time Station” on ‘Scare Dares’. Since it was season 2, episode 1, Ringo Starr left as George Carlin took his place as Mr. Conductor. As a boy scares his friends on Halloween night, the Jukebox Band puppets get scared by a ghost as the boy and his friends get scared by Schemer when a pumpkin gets on his head. Then gets scared by Mr. Conductor as George Carlin did a great role in that. And told the ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ episodes of ‘Percy’s Ghostly Trick’ and ‘Thomas, Percy and the Dragon’. Ghost trains and Chinese dragons.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (3)

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Three “Hamtaro” episodes, on ‘Ghost Mountain’, ‘The Abominable Snow Woman’ and ‘Happy Ham-Ham Halloween’. In the first two, Laura and Kana get scared by Mr. Yoshi’s mom’s ghost stories as they get into mountain trouble when they get lost. Hamtaro, Oxnard, Bijou, Boss, Auntie Viv, Elder Ham, Sandy, Stan, and the rest of the hamsters faced all that to rescue Laura and Kana. But I’ve never seen an abominable snow woman who would look like a woman, but only white. Finally, in their last English dubbed episode, it was their Halloween special as they loved Halloween until the end of the series. I’ve never seen costumes that are amazing. Hamtaro was Frankenstein, Bijou and Pashmina as witches, Penelope as a ghost, Panda as a skeleton, Cappy as a pumpkin head, Dexter as a pirate, Howdy as a knight, Oxnard as a spider, Boss as a UFO alien, Laura as Cinderella, Kana as a fairy godmother, Travis as a vampire, Roberto as a pirate captain, June as a cowgirl, Kylie as a waitress, Roberto’s dog as a green goblin wearing a mask, Elder Ham as a werewolf, and finally, Auntie Viv as a phantom wearing a green pumpkin as a head. They have did another Halloween special, but only aired in Japan as they had changes new this time. It was pretty new, as I liked it. But still, I called dibs on her than that Travis.

“Digimon” on the episode, ‘The Dancing Digimon’. Cast off at sea along with Gomamon, he and Joe were rescued by Sora and Biyomon. Almost like Halloween but true, they ran into a bunch of white Digimon ghosts. They escaped after defeating them as they went on to the next island.

In two episodes of “Digimon Fusion” in Season 2, Lopmon and LadyDeviMon returned as its like Halloween when Mikey and his two friends got scared by them. But it’s been a while since they appeared a while ago.

LadyDeviMon appeared in ‘Joe’s Battle’ in the original series, as Lopmon appeared in ‘Rabbit Transit’. No Halloween episodes on those, but that was their first appearances. Those two episodes on Vampire Land, that’s a total place to celebrate Halloween.

The interesting part can be is how Lopmon and Terriormon look alike as they are the same gender. Only different as Terriormon can have one horn instead of three as Lopmon as they have different colours which is beautiful. Cutemon is the same as them as she can be pink and have big ears on her forehead I think like a rabbit.

“Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat” on ‘Fraidy Cat’. During a windy evening, as Fu-Fu tries to seek shelter, Sheegwa gets scared thinking if there are ghosts everywhere. Yeh-Yeh, Baba Miao and Mama Miao were having a late night talk as they try to calm Sheegwa down. As all went well, and Fu-Fu got out of the windy weather, all three cats and a bat slept together like never before.


tumblr_inline_nrxxheLKkf1smratj_500 hqdefault

“Pokémon” on ‘The Tower of Terror’, ‘A Festival Trade’, ‘The Ghost on Maiden’s Peak’, ‘Scary Hospitality’, ‘A Shipful of Shivers’, ‘Hocus Pokémon’, a bit of ‘As Clear as Crystal’, ‘Mystery at the Lighthouse’, ‘Fear Factor Phony’, ‘Ghoul Daze’, ‘Hoen Alone’, ‘A Ghost of a Chance’, ‘From Ghost to Ghost’, a bit of ‘For Ho-Oh the bells toll’, ‘Take this house and Shuppet’, ‘Malice in wonderland’, ‘The ancient puzzle of Pokémopolis’, ‘Mystery on a Deserted Island’, ‘Celebrating the Hero’s Comet’, that showed how Ash and his friends get spooked by the most three ghost Pokémon there is. Gengar, Haunter and Ghastly. Then came Dragonite, Shuppet, Pumpkaboo and Gourgiest. Those two are like pumpkin like Pokémon as later in the XY series, Ash and his friends dressed up like if it’s Halloween anyway. In the XY series on a Halloween special, Nurse Joy had Wigglytuff ears, as her Wigglytuff had her hair, as Ash was dressed up as a Snorlax, his Pikachu as a Psyduck, Serena as a red Florges, Dedenne as a Corphish, and much more I cannot tell. Because you know, that’s a spoiler alert. And of course, Misty, May, Brock, Iris, did get spooked of course by Haunter, Gengar, and Ghastly.

In a Pikachu short that was aired only in Japan, during the Advanced Generation series, Pikachu and his friends got into a haunted house as they got freaked out. Totally Halloween. But it all went well after that.

“Spider Riders” on ‘Ghost Spider’. Since there was no ghost spider, as two of Hunter’s friends got sick, Sparkle and her spider were the only ones dancing in the dark, practising their dance. They thought there was one but there isn’t. On the other occasion, they did celebrated at the party anyway. (Note: A Halloween party to Corona, can get better when she’s sees someone famous in the end of this post)


“Mew Mew Power” on ‘Pooltergiest’. Thinking that they were ghosts at a nearby high school, Corina and Zoey were the only ones to find out why as they realize, Bridget Verdant was the one controlling all the water as a Mew Mew.

In some of the “Cardcaptors” episodes, there were some ghosts that freaked Sakura and her friends out. No Halloween specials, but some that showed ghosts. One that was her mom, the other in snowy mountains, one that must’ve been lurking in a cave, and a possessed piano presumably. Sakura almost died in those incidents. Even while falling off from the edge of a cliff.

“Kid Paddle” on their Halloween episode, ‘Megalloween’. Kid and his two best friends went on a Halloween adventure as they went to a theme park. His sister and dad followed him after handing out candy to the kids. (This was the English version of “Kid Paddle” that happened on Teletoon before it got cancelled)

“Creepschool” on ‘Tricks that Treat’. With the entire creepy school setting up for Halloween, everyone were ready with costumes. Elliot was a werewolf, Janice as a ghost, Victoria as a witch and Josh as a pale strong zombie as they get into a scary night when they celebrate Halloween.

“Bug’s Bunny’s Howl-oween Special”. A Bugs Bunny animated movie with a combination of it’s cartoons as each Looney Tunes characters become scaredy cats. “Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters” is another Halloween special for kids, but not for anyone else older. As they get scared and fight monsters in a parody of “Ghostbusters”.

“Jimmy Neutron” on two Halloween episodes. ‘Phantom of Retroland’ and ‘Nightmare in Retroville’. Out of all the phantoms there was, one of them was the worst. It was lurking at a fun park as Jimmy and his friends were to prove there is no phantom. (Note: this just a Halloween episode alongside with the other one in those days before Nickleodeon cartoons got worse. A little back in those days and mostly today). In their Halloween episode, just like “Abbott and Costello: Meet Frankenstein”, Hugh was Frankenstein, Sheen and Libby as werewolves, and Carl and Cindy as vampires. Jimmy had to be a flying octopus to save his friends, before the town can become mad villagers like what they do, back in the old days in Transylvania. Using torches, garlic, pitchforks, and silver. When all was back to normal, and no candy, Jimmy as an octopus decided to go trick or treating to go get some anyway. And his last words were, ‘trick or treat’ as then came the words, ‘Happy Halloween’.

“Danny Phantom” on ‘Fright Night’. Since Danny made a mistake at school by dropping paint can, on a bully’s head, he and him get ready for Halloween. Not only they are celebrating Halloween, he had to deal with a black knight after taking his sword. So he went into his ghost powers as Danny Phantom. However, he did get a smash on a pumpkin which was funny.

The “Ghostbusters” cartoon episode on ‘When Halloween was forever’. As a pumpkin headed lord was unleashed, he and his ghosts were to make a eternal Halloween. So, the Ghostbusters had to deal with him and his creatures on Halloween night as time stopped and the city went dark. It was all good after that. But I do not want to see another pumpkin head again.

Three episodes on the “Amazing Adrenalini Brothers”. Traveling into Transylvania, they ran in to Dracula and spooky ghosts. In Egypt, let’s just say they got freaked out by a mummy.

“Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi” on two episodes. One in which they faced vampires, and another in a haunted house. They were scaredy cats as well as their short friend. On the other hand, they are sure glad their Halloween troubles are over.

Two “Malcolm in the Middle” Halloween episodes. ‘Halloween Approximately’ and ‘Halloween’. In their first episode after Halloween past, they build a giant slingshot as they started shooting everyone which is hilarious!!! Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, and Francis were the best crew ever!!! In their second after Jamie was born, Reese and Dewey faced a predicament as Hal, their father got freaked out about a murder case that happened in their home. The first one was the funniest ever to see. The second however, was OK but still good.

“Sonic X” on ‘Sonic’s Scream Test’. Sonic, Christopher, Tails, Amy, Cream, and Cheese explore a haunted spooky castle as they run into ghosts. As they get freaked out a lot, one of them possessed Amy. They took care of that as she was not possessed anymore. Totally my type on anime. However, two of my friends type on video game characters.

So these are the only picks I choose. To make this better, I can give them something they would want. A Halloween surprise.

Serena (Red Florges): “Now everyone. Can you hear something?”

(Everyone murmurs)

(Suspense theme plays)

(Rattling noise)

Conan: “What’s that noise?”


Genki: “I don’t know. Sounds like a…dragon train”

Conan: “Don’t look at me. Dragons no longer exist. And besides, I don’t see anything”

Genki: “You mean those?”

(White smoke billows everywhere)

(Gong noise)


(Japanese and Chinese dragons come out)

aah omg
(Kids scream and leave)

four dragons

Sagwa, Dongwa, Sheegwa and Fu-Fu as the Four Dragons: “You were expecting a REAL Halloween surprise?”


Mocchi: “Mocchi!”

Hare and Eyeball: “Japanese and Chinese dragons!! And a ghost train too!!”

Plutarch Heavensbee: “Who were you expecting? The phantom express?”

Anime girl: (gasp) “Plutarch Heavensbee!!”

Corona: “Hey Plutarch! You came!”

Plutarch Heavensbee: “Yeah. Uh…shall we?”

Corona: “Oh thank you Plutarch!”

care for a ride

Sagwa, Dongwa, Sheegwa and Fu-Fu as the Four Dragons: “Care for a ride anyone?”

Clemont: “Uh… no thanks. I hate heights”

Rachel: “I’m in!”

(As they fly, some volunteers are riding on them)



Fu-Fu as the Dark Mysterious Dragon: “Aw come on! It’s just for an hour of flying”


Sheegwa as the Gray Pearl Dragon: “So how do you love riding on me?”

Bonnie: “Oh its great! You can see everything from here!”


Dongwa as the Red Fierce Dragon: “How about you beauty queen?”

Serena (Red Florges): “Wonderful! I can see my house from up here!”

Rachel: “Say Pikachu? You ready for some trick or treating?”

Pikachu (Psyduck): “Pika!!”


Sagwa as the Yellow Noble Dragon: “Then why don’t we? After we pick up Ash and drop off Clemont?”

Clemont: “Oh, thank you!”

Later…after picking up Ash…


Sagwa, Dongwa, Sheegwa, and Fu-Fu as the Four Dragons: “Before we leave folks, we just want to say one thing before we do some trick or treating…”

Sagwa, Dongwa, Sheegwa, Fu-Fu, Bonnie, Serena, Rachel, and Ash: “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!”

Pikachu (Psyduck): “Pika!!”


Happy Halloween from osmovies!!!

The Castle of Cagliostro

This happened to be one of Hayao Miyazaki’s early movies as an animator as he did a grand job in this, that made him famous as a anime director. Then came Studio Ghibli later on. This is one of their early movies to that studio. Lupin the 3rd, a flame boy thief, master in everything with his three most trusted friends, head to a European country called Cagliostro as there, lies ahead was a castle.

After running into a runaway bride, she happened to be a princess as she was to marry an evil count. So this master thief lord was brave enough to rescue that beautiful princess from a nasty count before he could marry her. Also, a mystery was told on money that they were making. Happened to be fake.

Rescuing the princess named Clarisse, away from the wedding and the highest points of the castle, he was a true knight in shining amour as he was a true hero. In which that I am very impressed, I give this 10/10 stars and a A+++!!! Really good!!! And I’m proud of Hayao Miyazaki for what he did to make this.

To tell you the truth, between two Studio Ghibli characters, Clarisse and Nausicaa look exactly alike!!! And I’m proud of that too. Way better than the first ‘Shrek’ movie, this is totally a masterpiece I rate! 10/10 stars and a A+++!!!!


And here is what I mean, on how Clarisse and Nausicaa look exactly alike.

riff-lick-cagliostro riff-lick-nausicaa

Unfinished business with ghost busting

Since the Ghostbusters have captured many ghosts in their two movies and cartoon series, there have been unfinished business within them on capturing more ghosts. They made a cameo appearance in “Casper” on ghost busting the Ghostly Trio and Casper, the Friendly Ghost but never did. They broke their equipment and gave up.


That was the last scene, people have seen on them, since the original four retired. And no ghostbuster has caught them, and others ever since. But it would’ve changed if they did captured them. Casper and his Ghostly Trio. And others ghosts in media, no one has ever caught.

IMG_1128 IMG_1136

Spooky and Poli, Casper’s cousins.


Snivel, Kibosh’s sidekick.


Kibosh, The King of the Underworld.


Danny Phantom.


Danny Phantom’s ghost enemies, ghost allies and ghost friends.

IMG_1146 IMG_1147

Mr. White and Mr. White (Lenny).




Jasper, the Douche Bag Ghost.


Moaning Myrtle.

Ghosts in Hogwarts.


John Cleese as one who can rip his head off (Harry Potter).


Ghost trains.


Blue pirate ghost (Fruit Loops).


Ghosts from ‘ParaNorman’.


The Flying Dutchman (SpongeBob)

Maybe more?

As they haven’t caught them, people imagine what would it be like if they did captured all of these ghosts. For the Ghostbusters on them.


In books such as ‘Bailey School Kids’, they can accept to capture these ghosts. Those ghosts are the ones we know of from those movies and TV shows. Especially Casper movies, Ruby Gloom, Harry Potter,, and that psycho vampire Mona girl.

Slimer, the slimy green ghost was captured by the Ghostbusters when he escaped and just love eating food such as snacks. I suggest he needs to be captured again. And just for sakes on editing, the first Mr. White from Ruby Gloom is the real ghost man. The other which is a teenager, I prefer if his name would be Lenny than ‘Mr. White’. It would be a fun idea if they caught Danny Phantom and his ghost friends from that ghost portal. No way he would return. Ghosts trains, the ones in Hogwarts and the rest of them ghosts, would be their only chance on capturing these ghosts. All except for Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar and Ghost Pokémon and Digimon. They have tricks up their sleeves as they love scaring people. Way better than the monsters at Scare School.

So that is the unfinished business to the Ghostbusters on capturing these ghosts. All are guilty, except for Boo-Boo, Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar and the Ghost Digimon and Pokémon. Those ones, are innocent. And deserve a second chance. But still, Casper and his ghost pals would be the first ones to be caught.

They would be the final ghosts they would ever capture, before they even leave this world, and forget everything for what they just did.

Out of all the ghosts they can capture in media to the Ghostbusters, they can capture them all. All except for…    

…these guys!!!


 DexDoruGreymon_bmonsters-raremon    DexDorugamon_b

Bakemon: “Sorry Ghostbusters. But we’re the next generation on ghosts. Even to Digimon and Pokémon”

Boo-Boo: “And I, the master of ghosts will be their leader to freedom. So don’t try to stop us!”

YTV- O Canada! 

This was the original version of ‘O Canada’ on the National Anthem. And that happened during the years YTV was a popular children’s program before Nickelodeon and other crappy cartoons took over and cancelled many good shows we all know of.

“Battle B-Daman”, “Hamtaro”, “Pretty Cure”, “Pinky and the Brain”, “Inuyasha”, “Dragonball”, “Uh-Oh” and much of those, cancelled away from YTV. All gone. “Pokémon” stayed until it was later in the XY series. After the first few episodes, that show got removed and transferred to Teletoon instead.

YTV is still a bullshitty channel. The way I grew up, it was perfect. Same as Teletoon before it got worse.

I remember watching and listening to this song while growing up. Before watching “Once Upon a Hamster”, and “Battle B-Daman”. Yep. Best times. Before going off to kindergarten, elementary school and mid high school. It left YTV as I gave up watching some programs I hated.

The way I look it, it was my way of life when I was in a kindergarten as I look how young I am as I was to these kids. I was to be careful in the way of life and watch anything out there in media, that I dislike.

Now, it’s a song to remember. I gave up listening to that song, but it’s good to see it again since YTV got worse. Not the music video, but the way people listen to it. Hockey games and ball games.

YTV sure did had great cartoon shows in the past than there is today.

Oct 21, 2015, 4:29pm, Back to the Future date

At this date and actual time, in time and film history in this moment, this is when Marty, Jennifer and Doc have came into the future!! Our future in this time and area. Out of 1885, 1955 and 1985, this is the last time date in the “Back to the Future” trilogy to be set for. Those dates were in the first, a bit of the second and everything we know of in the third.

In this actual time date, they are in the far future where flying cars are, and how everything is futuristic. In this date. How there is everything futuristic in the second, but nothing has happened like that today. That future showed on how some parts need to be changed before they happened. Like when Marty needed to save his future son from Griff, his girlfriend from his future family and how he bought the almanac. Then came the old man Biff who took the almanac and changed his future to the alternate 1985. Before that, his son Griff got arrested, as the future Marty McFly got terminated after scanning his work. The Japanese boss was cool. Ito T. Fujitsu played by James Ishida. He gave him the “You’re Fired!!!” papers as Jennifer fainted when she saw her future self.

This was in the first few minutes of the second part as this is the last time date. This was mentioned in the third as everything was erased.

Stuff like power laces boots, skin faces, automatic trashcans, power up metal bats, hover boards, odd Pepsi drinks, Pit Bull’s, Pizza Hut pizza’s that grow in a few seconds, things that can make you upside down, dog walking without you doing it, a TV that can make you watch as many channels as you can watch, pay phones, newspaper drones, jackets that can make you dry again with the voice of Stephen Hawking, thumb scanning that can make you enter in your home, a 3D movie on Jaws, funky clothes, garden for foods, glasses for phone calls and so much more they showed in the future. Just as long as they would show in our future. They did show a few things from the 80’s like the book and a arcade game. And some 80’s music like “Beat It” with Michael Jackson. Nothing like that has happened today, but it will soon. This is a historic moment anyway. If only Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Thomas F. Wilson would come here right now. Along with that actress who played Jennifer. Maybe in the Delorean.

It would be cool to live in a future like that today.

The Man From Laramie (1955)

This movie was interesting like ‘RWBY’ as it can be like “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”. James Stewart was in this as he played as a cowboy for the last time before he went on into other movies. 

He played as a cowboy who avenged his brothers death when he was in the U.S. Calvary and was ambushed by Apache Indians and unworthy cowboys. 

It took a while to avenge his brothers death after ambushed by them for the first time after taking salt from a salt lagoon, and picking on them in a fight after they placed cattle in the fences. 

Arthur Kennedy and Donald Crisp were in this as they did good roles. Shot with an arrow and three shots from the Indians with a rifle, the Indians killed him for him. He wanted to kill him, but didn’t. Killing will not bring him peace.

This was a 6 1/2 out of a 10 star movie as it was interesting. Probably for western fans only. 

A Trip to the Moon- The first motion picture in film history


10/10 stars on a movie like this. Thanks to the Ottawa Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, “Salty’s Lighthouse” the cartoon show, and “Hugo”, this was the very first motion picture ever to be created in film history.

It started in 1900, Paris France as Georges Méliès was an illusionist, as he wanted to create something. When he was inspired by “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells “First Men in the Moon”, he had the idea that could change the world. The first movie to be filmed in history.

They say in the prehistoric ages, when man walked across the Earth and killed the last dinosaur, that man didn’t know he invented the first chase. And how he invented the second chase. And when man catch women, and women catch men. And all that went into the “Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie”. Finally that showed how motion pictures began when Bugs showed how cavemen look at the paintings on the walls.

As this began in motion picture history, this was all about how men should travel from the earth to the moon. By making a giant canister with enough men on board, they were to ride in it as it will transport them to the moon. With women pushing them into the cannon, and firing it, the shell was in space. Then came the most famous scene in motion picture history as when the moon got closer and closer, it had a face as it crashed landed on the eye of the moon. That must’ve hurt for him, the moon did.

Like “First Men in the Moon”, they were inside the moon as they ran into creatures on a paradise that no one has seen before. They were lucky they were alive, as the air both on the moon and inside, was breathable. People thought of the moon and space travel, as they realize their is no air in space. You’d be dead anyway.

By falling off the cliff of the moon, they came back down to Earth and made a splashdown. They were pulled in by a tugboat to shore and that was it. And from that moment forward, that was to change everything. After Georges created more motion pictures, he was to stop for a while when the French army was plunged into WWI. By the time the author of “Hugo” was inspired by this, that author wrote the book as it showed how happy Georges can be after that. Even in that movie for what showed. Georges had a automaton in that, as it was an android like doll sitting on a desk as it was to draw something. And it did. The moon shot of that historical movie in film history.

From that generation forward, many makers created motion pictures. Silent movies at first as they began talkie movies. Black and white talkies, as then came colored motion pictures, and everything we see. This was how it all began. Even when the moon can still have an eye shot.

DVD Release- When Marnie Was There!!

At last, this very final Studio Ghibli movie is out on DVD!! For it is the very last, of all Studio Ghibli movies. Featuring the voice talents of Hailee Steinfield, Kiernan Shipka, Ava Acres, Kathy Bates, John C. Reilly, Rani Rodriguez, Geena Davis, Catherine O’Hara, Vanessa L. Williams, Taylor Autumn Bertham, Mila Brener, Grey DeLisle, and Ellen Burstyn, this is a 10/10 star movie, thanks to Studio Ghibli. On their Japanese animation, their ideas, and inspiration thanks to the book by Joan G. Robinson the director read. Hiromasa Yonebayashi. Hayao Miyazaki too, since before or after his retirement.

It is on DVD right now. Wherever your favorite stores sell those. Not regular places. But more like the Comic Book Shoppe, the Anime Stop, or any of those places where comic fans, superhero fans and anime fans go to.

As you’ve read the book and seen the movie, Anna is the name of the girl who checks out an old mansion as she befriends a blonde girl like her. Marnie who had been living up in that mansion, as her life is different like hers. They became great friends as they kept a secret forever.

To the book that I read, on the seaside town and city, that was in England for where Joan G. Robinson wrote her story. However in this version, way better than the book, there were two known places in Japan that are amazing. Sapporo, Japan for where the anime movie started with, as Kushiro, Japan was the seaside country town for where the anime movie took place.

Pretty neat, interesting and amazing thanks to Studio Ghibli. This movie and it’s song, “Fine on the Outside” are the most two ‘must wins’ in the Academy Awards. Even for Best Animated Feature on this very final masterpiece. And Best Song too.

Now that it’s on DVD, be sure to add it to your Studio Ghibli collection! For it’s the very last masterpiece. And both this movie and song, have got to win for Oscars on this years Academy Awards! So let the world know about this! Do not let any animated movie win! This one and it’s song must win together in this for Oscars! Not even Disney!


Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sam Worthington, and a cast of others were in this actual true story. Based on the 1996 Mt. Everest disaster on May 10th-11th, a expedition group made it to the summit of Everest, as a handful made it out. 

Mt. Everest is the ‘most dangerous place on Earth’ for what they say as it can be true. Wasting so much oxygen to the summit, they didn’t had enough to come back down. A storm hit so badly, two fell off as five died of dizziness and froze to death. Suffocated way to die.

Jason Clarke was the leader along with climbers of the world, as they wanted to achieve the impossible for what gives to climb Mt. Everest. Then froze to death on the mountain along with the others, including Jake Gyllenhaal. To a handful of survivors, they had scars as Josh Brolin as a lucky man, lost both of his hands and nose when he came home. Then his pregnant wife cried when he was gone. 

Achieving the impossible is a terrible idea. Like Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’, a sailing ship with its crew and leader wanted to make it to the Arctic on the summit, when they believed the story of how one man did the impossible, when his creation became a monster. Killed his entire family and fiancé as he tried to kill it. After all that racing to stop it, grew ill and died as they cremated him. Along with the monster as he died with him sadly for what he did wrong to the world. Instead, they went home. 

A lot of disasters can happen in Nepal. Snowstorms, Earthquakes, planes crashing down, and avalanches. Climbing Everest, can make you suffocate and die. Even frostbites. This movie I recommend is for 20 year olds and adults only, as it’s not suitable for young kids. 9/10 stars, because some parts can make you sick.