Jerry Springer in ‘Austin Powers’

Since there was a quick scene in ‘The Green Mile’ when old people were watching TV, there was he as he is like Dr. Phil. He once owned the ‘Jerry Springer Show’ as he no longer owns that show. There is that, before that old man changed that channel, and how he appeared in the second movie, of ‘Austin Powers’.

At a NATO base, a USAF sergeant watches a episode of that show, as Seth Green as Scott Evil and Mike Myers as Dr. Evil were on that TV show. The general watches it with him, as there is trouble ahead when Dr. Evil has returned. They talk on national TV as a priest insults them.

Mike Myers as Dr. Evil goes insane as they have a fight on TV. The swear a lot, a lot of beeping, and cheering for Jerry Springer.

Scott goes wild, as Jerry makes it stop. After calling him a jerk, Dr. Evil and Jerry now fight in this, as there was more chaos in that TV show. There was all that, one last word beep, and that was it.

Today, its not recommended for children to watch this, as its like Dr. Phil. But this scene from ‘Austin Powers’ is really good and funny. Mike Myers can be hilarious. Even to some people today. And I believe Jerry today, is doing great things than that TV show. And can be really helpful too.

For something that has happened in this, can be funny, but not good on TV today. Just this scene is funny, but not the TV series.

The Lord of the Rings (3 parts)

Based on the book by J.R.R. Tolkien, author of ‘Lord of the Rings’, made three parts in three booms, as director Peter Jackson, made them all.

In a middle aged Earth, craftsmen started to make rings. Three given to the elves, wised of all beings. Seven to dwarf miners, and mountain dwarves. And nine rings to nine kings. All was what they wanted, just that in their normal lives in middle aged Earth. However, another ring was made.

In the land of Mordor, by the fires of Mt. Doom, a sinister lord made his own ring. Forged into gold, he loved it in all of his life. When war broke out, his army of darkness have conquered many lands and killed innocent lives. They have felt the power of the ring. But there were some, who were resisted.

A last alliance, man and elf marched against the armies of darkness at Mt. Doom. They fought for freedom for the middle Earth. In their battle, the lord came coming out wearing his ring, as he cannot be undone. He almost killed thousands of lives in a single fight, when his hand was cut off as he exploded.

The ring was forgotten for 2,500 years as the Gollum kept it as it’s precious. He took it to his home in the misty mountains as he lost it. It was picked up by a regular human, only shorter. A hobbit. Bilbo Baggins from the Shire.

60 years later, Bilbo left as his nephew Frodo took care of his home. The ring was still alive, as hooded riders came riding to look for it. A quest was begun as it was not to get rid of it, but destroy it. Frodo, three of his friends and a wizard, went across many parts in lands as they ran into some friends when they came to a place, deep in the mountains.

A warrior, a friend, a dwarf, and a elf decided to join. They had set off as they faced threats. Parts of the army of darkness. They had lost the wizard as it was reborn later. Known as Gandalf the White. However, they lost a friend as they got separated. In three ways. Frodo and his friend, trusting the Gollum to take them to Mordor, the warrior, dwarf and elf to a alliance, and two more of Frodo’s friends that ran into some tree monsters.

Battles were raged in war, as there were two towers. One in Mordor, and the other serving Mordor. They have faced many troubles as they came rushing into Mordor. Frodo and his friend with the Gollum, have faced green ghosts as they were almost eaten by giant spiders. They were tired and dirty, as they came to the mountain.

Gollum and the ring, were destroyed for good riddance as this all ended. Mordor was no more as the army of darkness were defeated. It had all ended as all four hobbits returned home.

This was no more. In such a long story. 6 and 1/2 out of 10 stars in all three movies. It can be freaky in some parts. With a cast of stars, Elijah Wood, Ian Holm, Ian McKellen, Hugo Weaving, Christopher Lee, Andy Serkis, Sean Bean, Orlando Bloom, and Sean Astin.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Better than ‘Noah’ and directed by Ridley Scott, Christian Bale plays Moses in this extraordinary version of the 1956 movie classic, of ‘The Ten Commandments’.

Since he was a prince of Egypt, can cast away from home, he gets a mission from God as he leads his people and Hebrew slaves away from Egypt. After for what Egypt had did for 400 years of slavery, for that is wrong.

He trained them for war, revolution, as they have burned homes, farms and boats with oil, as then comes the Ten Plagues of Egypt. Crocodiles and alligators feasting on fishermen, turning the water into blood, flies, frogs and locusts attacking farmers, hail dropping down hard, firestorms, cows and livestock dying, lice attacking too, darkness as children have died, boils, as wild livestock go out control. Finally comes the angel of death.

Every man, women and child leave Egypt as they are all free. Never again to do work under the command of the pharaoh. The pharaoh have weeped in pain, as his newborn child have died by the angel of death, as they mummified him.

The pharaoh became pissed, as he and his men wanted to kill Moses. Every horse soldier charged on, as the pharaoh ordered.

Marched across the desert, over the mountains, Moses and his people made it to the Red Sea.

Like the famous scene in 1956 on ‘The Ten Commandments’, in film history, the water in the sea water currents lowered down, as they crossed the Red Sea. As they made it, the tides came rushing back drowning the pharaohs men, as some died in a cliff a avalanche. Due to tremors by their chariots on the cliff.

4,000 horse soldiers by the pharaoh, died in the ocean with their horses and chariots as they have been eaten by Red Sea sharks. Ramses was left alone, weeping back on shore. With a new life, being free, Moses receives the Ten Commandments as he takes the Ark of Covenant.

The Ark of Covenant! From ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ with Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones! And Charlton Heston would be proud of him, for what he did. 8/10 stars in this.

The Hobbit (3 parts)

Based on the book by J.R.R. Tolkien, author of ‘Lord of the Rings’ and it’s movies, made a sequel to that, as it talked about Bilbo’s adventure, before Frodo’s. Peter Jackson made three parts of this, as it took a while to make the entire book.

It’s titles are ‘An Unexpected Journey’, ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ and ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’.

When a dragon takes down a dwarf kingdom, and mining mountain, it uses it as it’s home as it slept for a while. Bilbo as a young hobbit, joined a band a dwarves and Gandalf as they were on a quest to reclaim that kingdom. They had set off far away, as they had to avoid goblins, giant spiders, and danger there is. Mostly orcs when they wanted to kill them.

Bilbo, found the ring from Gollum as he took it away from him. They moved on going far, as they ran into some elves. Going far and passing a lake town, they made it as Bilbo had to take a special jewel. Unfortunately, the dragon woke up as he spoke!

Fighting against a bit of orcs, and taking back the kingdom, the dragon escaped as it destroyed the lake town. However, a market man archer and his son killed it, by shooting a black titanium metal arrow in it’s hole, aimed for the heart.

They finally killed it, as they had to face a final battle and they did. Man, elf, orc, dwarf and gigantic killer bat armies fought in one battle, as only dwarves won. Three dwarves lost their lives in the epic conclusion, as Bilbo returned to the Shire for here he was wanted.

60 years later, Bilbo receives a visit from Gandalf the Grey, as it ended all three movies in one book.

With a good cast, this was since ‘Lord of the Rings’. All three movies. Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andy Serkis, Billy Connolly, Christopher Lee, Hugo Weaving, Luke Evans, Ian Holm and Elijah Wood as cameos. For just those two.

All three I rate are, 6 1/2 out of 10 stars. Maybe plus an extra for two I know of.

Bindi Irwin and Free Willy

Bindi Irwin. Australian actress. Daughter of Terri Irwin, and Steve Irwin, the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ himself. I must say.

I first knew her father, when I first saw him on TV. He was a brave man as he faced a lot of wildlife challenges. Even on alligators and crocodiles. He portrayed as himself along with Terri in “Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course”. He did amazing, as he did a great TV show. On Discovery Channel that President Bush loved, and how it was on the channel, Animal Planet. Very well done on him.

I started to hear things about her, when she was young as she did a TV show. He wanted to help wildlife like her father. Steve was with her, in that show. Along with Terri.

Things were amazing, as I found out about this. On a November stormy day, while I was coming home from school in Grade 6, with my dad, bros and I, my bros and I were surprised to hear about Steve Irwin from my dad. He had died from a stingray attack as it stung him. It must’ve been painful when this did.

I must’ve felt sorry for Terri and Bindi when this did. As they must’ve been very sad as they said ‘goodbye’ when they came to his funeral. We all felt sorry for her. After that, she did on doing good things. Like what she can do in acting.

That was when I was very proud of her, in a movie I couldn’t believe it. She was in “Free Willy: Escape from Pirates Cove”. She helped an orca to get back to his family, thanks to herself and her uncle as they did a grand job. I was proud of her, and orcas. As she did great in acting.

But who was this ‘Free Willy’? Let me tell you, as I’ve seen it’s movies, but too dramatic. I wanted to post about them, on this blog but couldn’t. Too dramatic. In it’s first movie, I saw this a bit in the beginning on VHS from the video shop, and some scenes on TV, as I saw the entire movie, it was about a big orca as it was captured by poachers. Taken to a amusement park.

I feel kinda sorry for that. However, there was more about that when a troublesome 12 year old adoptive boy, was making trouble in the streets, stealing food, money and making a mess at the park as he got into trouble. Wanted to find his mother, but couldn’t. Taken by the police, he was sent to a foster home, as he began to start a new life.

In his punishment, he was to clean up the mess at the park. However, he befriended that orca whale as he learned a lot about orcas. Met new friends too. That boy named Jesse and that killer whale Willy, became good friends, as Jesse had to find a way to get Willy home. That is what Willy wanted. Things began to get worse, as a man played by Michael Ironslide wanted to do something worse. His crew wrecked the pool there, as Jesse and his adoptive parents began to help Willy escape. They did as Willy made a terrific scene, in filmography history as he jumped, as Jess touched him as he was home free. A music video was made by Michael Jackson, as it was dedicated to an association for orca whales. Very helpful.

Two sequels came, along with final installment. In “Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home”, it was two years since for what happened in the first movie. Willy was growing up with his whale family, as Jesse and his adoptive parents were planning a camping trip. Before that, news had came. His mother that abandoned him, died in New York as a 8 year boy was all thats left. A brother he might have named Elvis. He never wanted to have a brother. He wanted to see his mom. It was harsh on him, when he heard she died.

Jesse and Elvis had to get along though, as they went on this camping trip. However, Jesse was glad to see Willy again, as they made a great scene close to the camp site. Later, he met Willy again, only this time, with his two sisters. Luna and Little Spot. He met Nadine, a girl as they and the whales did a great love scene, while swimming.

An adventure, economical and dangerous was to happen, when a oil tanker bursted out oil from the bottom as an oil spill was raged. The oil company was to pay for all that, as the same as the crew on that tanker ship. Flames on fire, flamed everywhere as it was a chance on saving Willy, his sisters and themselves. A terrific end was amazing, as Elvis showed Jesse a photograph of their mom. He told Jesse she had mentioned about him, missed him, loved him, cared for him, and everything she can before she died. They did great as brothers, as Willy and his sisters were saved.

In “Free Willy 3: The Rescue”, Willy made love to another orca named Nikki as they had to survive from whale killers. Far up north, close to Alaska, Jesse and a friend found Willy again as they had a rescue to attempt to. It was so adventurous and dramatic, it was a chance on saving orcas than killing them. The boys father, was a harpoon shooter as he forgives his son. No more of that. Willy and Nikki had a son, as they were together as a new family. Very generous.

And I suppose, that calf ran into Bindi in that fourth installment.

So Bindi and Willy I think, made great friends, as Bindi must’ve heard about the three movies of ‘Free Willy’ as she volunteered to play as a character in the fourth installment of the movie series.
The way I think about her, I must be proud of her at all times. Orcas too, as they are a great race of killer whales, even close to British Columbia. I’m proud of her, for what she did. And there are a few things she may hear about to be proud of.

Her father and mother should be proud of her, for what she did for ‘Free Willy’ and the original ‘Free Willy’ whale should be proud of her too. And I can imagine her, out in the waters of British Colombia, she’d be riding on ‘Free Willy’ now along with a pod of orcas. As I’m making a film of this as the new Stanley Kubrick, as she’s with them, along with the actor who played Jesse. Jason James Richter. They’d be orca killer whale riders by now.

Steve Irwin must’ve done something on those orcas before he died, as he might’ve did that in a episode. However, I’m just proud on Bindi as for what she did as an actress, as her parents and the original ‘Free Willy’ would be proud of her too.

And I can imagine that idea, as she’d be right now with Jason, Willy and those killer whales, as they’d be orca whale riders right now. Riding in the waters, with those magnificent orcas. That is the beauty of that, in nature.

What I understand well in “A Clockwork Orange”?

Since I first saw this movie by Stanley Kubrick, I didn’t know well when I borrowed a DVD copy from the Ottawa Public Library as I tried it. I watched it a bit, as I skipped some scenes until I got to the end. That was then.

Now, I understand well. I understand everything.

Stanley Kubrick’s, “A Clockwork Orange” was based on the novel by Anthony Burgess. About a dystopian future where nudity, sexuality, violence and course language is allowed. It took place in London as Alex DeLarge played by Malcolm McDowell was a young criminal as he was obsessed in Beethoven music.

He and his droogs, Pete, Georgie and Dim, would sit in a milk bar, down below the streets. They would sit, stay, stare and drink that type of milk as they would think about what to do for the evening. The stuff they were drinking would sharpen them up and get ready to do the ultra violence.

They had gang fights, invading people’s houses, taken on homeless drunken people, and murdering them. Even when he sings, “Singin’ in the Rain”. Alex on one hand, sometimes daydreams on doing what he can for a living. One day, he would skip school as he invited two girls over as they made sex and love. Even when he met them at a music store.

However, his friends needed to change after that. When Alex took things the wrong way as a punk leader, one night after beating up a cat lady, they smashed a glass milk bottle in his face as they ran off. No more. Alex was bleeding in pain, screaming a he got arrested by the police.

He was sent to jail after that. However, the government wanted to do something to change people.

Alex was sent to a hospital, as he was strapped in a chair, wearing a different type of headband helmet as his hair was twisted up, and his eyelids were wide open by wires. That way he can’t close them. A doc would sit right beside him, placing drops of brainwashing medicine in his eyes whenever he watches movies. At first he was okay, when he watched some good parts. However, his eyes watched as he began to change. He didn’t wanted to watch more.

He was okay when the first test was over. The second test made him suffer and scream as he watched the screen. He wished to stop this, but the government couldn’t take it. They did a test on him, to make him do violence and touch boobies. But he couldn’t. He was brainwashed to never again do any of that stuff. He was sent home for good, as two of his friends as police officers beaten him up. He was growing weaker.

When his brainwashing in his head had gotten stronger, he was out of his mind as he had no choice but to jump out of the window. He had broken parts of his bones in his body as he was sent to a medical hospital. The government was to never again to any of that stuff, on brainwashing as I suppose every man in the British government got fired for handling people. No more governments in this dystopian future at all.

He was able to eat as his casts couldn’t make him move his arms. A nurse was able to cut his food and feed him, as a friend took care of that. He was a governor as he will start a new life. And so will Alex.

The movie ended, as the press came in as they took photos of Alex and his friend. He was a cured man as he will soon get out of the hospital. When they played Beethoven music, his eyes twitched upwards as he was daydreaming. About he and his girlfriend making love, having sex in the snow, bare naked as Christmas 18th century type people would watch them and clap at them.

This is a 7/10 star movie for sure, as I understand well. And Alex’s four last words were before the credits role, as ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ performed by Gene Kelly was played were….

“I was cured alright!”

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

In this third and final movie to the ‘Night at the Museum’, this was about saving friends before the end. It was the last of Mickey Rooney and Robin Williams before their deaths.

In the beginning, the tablet and, the pharaoh as a mummy and his parents tomb were discovered by American and British archeologists. It was in Egypt, 1938 when this did.

Today, at the Museum of Natural History in New York, the tablet was losing its magic. You can tell when its corroding green, like if its getting rusted. Whenever it loses its magic, it males the characters come to life go insane. It was up to Ben Stiller as that night guard to restore the magic. Only by the pharaoh’s parents in London, at the British Museum.

The British Museum was seen in the movie, “The Mummy Returns” when Imhotep came back to life again as a mummy as he was seeking to the Scorpion King. 

If he and his son fail, then all of those friends will not come back to life at all. They had a crazy night though, but it was good. Throughout the movie. The crazy guy all along, was Lancelot! He thinks King Arthur and Guinivere are alive but aren’t. He took the tablet until he learned a lesson.

All went well, when the tablet had it’s magic back, as the pharaoh stayed with his parents at the British Museum, along with the tablet.

It was a last farewell for that night guard, as he said goodbye to his friends on his last night. He was no longer a night guard anymore. He retired.

3 years later before the end, the Museum of Natural History had it’s tablet back again, as the pharaoh and Lancelot paid a visit. Along with a skeleton of a Triceratops as it began to play with the skeleton of a T-Rex. 

Besides Ben, Robin and Mickey, in this movie were Owen Wilson as that cowboy figure, Steve Coogan as that Roman gladiator as they faced Pompeii, Ben Kingsley as the pharaoh’s father, Dan Stevens as psycho knight Lancelot, Rebel Wilson as that British gate guard, Ricky Gervais as the museum owner, Rami Malek as the pharaoh, Dick Van Dyke and Bill Cobbs along with Mickey as those retired night guard men at the retirement home, since the first movie as Dick was nice to tell Larry about the tablet corroding, Patrick Gallagher as Attila the Hun, Hugh Jackman and Alice Eve as themselves, AND….

As a archeologist named Archibald Stanley in the prologue in the opening scene, it was him that he told me as I saw him. I thanked him for everything I believed in. He is, my neighbor Matt Frewer!

Matt Frewer was in this movie! My neighbor from Gatineau. I’m proud of him, as I thank him, for doing such a great job in this movie. 10/10 stars on that actor!

However in this movie, it can have bad scenes at some point, so I rate this a 6/10 star movie. But I’d give 10/10 stars on Matt Frewer.

On the way home from the movie, I listened to “Amazing Grace” on my IPhone, the song from the end of that movie as it’s a farewell song to those two guys.

But I am proud for my neighbor, Matt Frewer. For he did such a great job in this movie.

Batman and Mr. Freeze: SubZero

You know some animated motion pictures have almost tried to win the Academy Awards for Best Animated Motion Picture, while some can be nominated? As it can be in theaters maybe, but also straight to video? Well this happened to this only movie, in which I know of, as it tried to, but failed. It was good though, as everyone liked it, as it took place during the TV series of “Batman: The Animated Series”. This was like “Batman and Robin” as these guys took on Mr. Freeze. But whatever happened to Mr. Freeze throughout this movie and TV series?

I remember my bros and babysitter watching this, as I gave it a try. It was good, as my friend Jamie saw it. Epic.

Since Batman last encountered Mr. Freeze, and escaped from Arkham Asylum, he had been living up north with his new home, two polar bears, an adopted boy, and his wife Nora, as she was still in cryogenics when she had to be placed, when she developed a very rare disease.

When a U.S. sub emerged from the ice, it destroyed his home an lair as his wife’s cryogenic tube broke open. She was still asleep as he had to keep her safe. He took revenge on the crew, as he decided to return to Gotham City.

Batman and Robin were still fighting crime in Gotham City, along with their new sidekick, Batgirl. They had a dinner night to chill, as Mr. Freeze had returned to Gotham. With the help of his two polar bears, and Dr. Gregory Belson, Barbara Gordon was a match on blood veins and maybe an organ transplant, in order to save his wife. That was his last step. So they kidnapped her, as he had his polar bears coming running in! Wow!

While Commissioner Gordon wanted his daughter back, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were Batman and Robin again as they went to go rescue her. At an oil rig, they were there. An epic fight was on, as Dr. Gregory Belson accidentally shot his pistol at one of the fuel tanks. The oil rig was ready to blow, as they had to leave. They were able to save Barbara, Mr. Freeze’s adopted boy, and his wife Nora.

Dr. Gregory Belson was killed while escaping as Mr. Freeze broke his leg. Batman and Robin did had a fight with the polar bears which is epic. They were plunged into the waters, as Mr. Freeze was gone. He swam with them, back to the Arctic as our heroes and captives escaped the oil rig when it exploded.

With an ice cast on Mr. Freeze’s leg, he heard the news from Gotham City at a outpost when two guys were watching the news. He heard it from outside. Thanks to Wayne Enterprises, Nora Fries was well again after having an organ transplant as she was awake. She was alive and well, as he was glad she is better again. After all that hard work he did in his life. There was no sign of him, as no one knows where could Mr. Freeze be. But they’ll never know.

The movie ended, with Mr. Freeze walking with his ice cast on his leg, holding a crutch, as he walked into the Arctic with his two polar bears. He started a new life there when he did. And that was the end of the movie, as he disappeared. He never returned in the animated TV series at all, as he disappeared.

For what I saw, with my own eyes, thanks to trailers and my friend Jamie, this is a 10/10 star animated motion picture movie!


Chris Evans, Jamie Bell and John Hurt star in this dystopian ice age movie that you could have the ride of your life. When a second ice age struck, all life became extinct as humanity’s last survivors are boarded on a very big passenger train. It goes around the world as life on it wasn’t fair. They were people in the tail end of the train who have been trying to make it to the front. A revolt against the rich.

Almost like “The Hunger Games”, “The Maze Runner” and “The Colony”, this was a chance of survival as people needed to play fair and stay safe.

This train had everything. A garden, a school, a kitchen, an aquarium, a sushi bar, a meat storage, passenger seats, a dentist, a royal dining section, a hair salon, a swimming pool section, an observation car, a steam room, a bachelor deck, a coat deck, a radio room, a powerhouse room, and the engine run by powerful motors. It’s so powerful, it can hit hard through ice blocking the track.

The people at the front are so rich, they don’t care as they want to be wealthy. But people need to know, people need to be equal.

A sacrifice was held as their chances came to an end. After an explosion was let off, it started to cause avalanche. It had killed all people and everything on board for good riddance. There were two survivors. Only two survivors. One teenage girl and one small boy. They saw a polar bear heading north and that was that.

This is a 6/10 star movie. Good movie. However, we all need to be equal to survive in a second ice age.

Escape from New York (1981)

With an all star cast, directed by John Carpenter, Kurt Russell plays Snake Plisskin as he’s on a dangerous mission.

New York was once a major city, as it’s now a prison. All of Manhattan. All the bridges and boats have been mined as no one gets out. They say you go in, you may never come out. Thats the rule. The wall all around it is massive, and the police force is like an army.

It was the end to crime and how Russia and China were almost at war together. The President of the US was embarking on stopping this when Air Force One was hijacked by Russian kamikaze pilots. He escaped in a pod, as the plane crashed. Everyone died on it, as the President was taken captive by the criminals in New York. Taken away.

Snake was offered a rescue mission to save the President. Some of the criminals there have heard about him, as they saw him. There were a few members that joined his mission. A taxi cab driver played by Ernest Borgnine, and a friend he met a while ago played by Harry Dean Stanton.

They rescued the President as they made it back alive. Donald Pleasance was the President and Lee Van Cleef was the Commissioner of the Police Force. Such a great cast.

It had a great ending, as they made it. For as far as I know, this is a ‘B+’ movie. The sequel, “Escape from L.A.” is a real thumbs down. Didn’t turn out great. No thanks to too much future technology, guerrilla warfare against the government, how America in the future became corruptive, as some people can go unrealistic.