Simple Minds- Don’t You Forget About Me

This band here, happen to play the major theme of the movie, “The Breakfast Club”. In the opening credits, and the ending scene before a bit of the credits. I think that this song, is like U2, or the band that played “sexcrime”, but even better! So an “A+” for this one, and all the other songs I posted. It may sound like love happening, but to more on what people have themselves in common. Just like “The Breakfast Club”!!

Ender’s Game

From the book, and now comes a movie, this shows how a boy in a military zone, at war against bugs shows if it’s a game or not. When a war against bug aliens is going on, the boy who’s the brains is onto training recruits and doing lots of war games when they’re about to be sent into battle.

When they were fighting and playing a game, they thought it was fake, but it was real. So when he thought of what was going on that could be wrong, he ran into a real live alien bug queen that’s dying. With the help of her, she gave him a gift to find a safe place to let it live. An alien queen egg. So in the end he becomes admiral as he searches for a location for the egg to be safe.

In this movie are Asa Butterfield from “Hugo”, Harrison Ford, and Ben Kingsley. Don’t know any of the rest. But I can tell you this. The way video games are, can be real or not unless you see that you are trying to do. Even though they feel like it’s real, but it’s only a game.

Kung Fu Panda- 1 & 2

With Jack Black, like “The Karate Kid” except different, this tells about real kung fu fighting.

Jack Black plays as a panda, as there is Dustin Hoffman as a red panda, Angelina Jolie as a Siberian tiger, Seth Rogen as a mantis, Jackie Chan as a monkey, Lucy Liu as a viper and David Cross as a crane.

Throughout the two movies, he does training as he becomes a true warrior when he defeated a snow leopard played by Ian McShane. That was the first movie after he killed a rhino army in the prison such as one which was the leader played by Michael Clarke Duncan. He was defeated thanks to the panda.

A wise master knew he did that. He was a tortoise and was played by Randall Duk Kim!! He was the grandfather in “Dragonball Evolution”!!

So after the first movie, the story continues which leads to the second movie.

In a big city, a part of China that made fireworks such as some on New Years Eve, a peacock after it’s parents passed away, took over the city and kingdom as he controls an army of wolves and he invented cannons!!

That white peacock was played by Gary Oldman!! Commissioner Gordon from “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, and “The Dark Knight Rises”!!

Then there is the wolf boss, commander of the wolf army as he was played by Danny McBride!!

Along with them, are Michelle Yeoh as a Soothsayer, Dennis Haysbert as a Ox, and finally there is a Crocodile played by Jean Claude Van Damme!!

In the second, the panda finds out about his family he was abandoned until he was adopted by his goose father played by James Hong. He was in many films we know. What I like about the second was that the panda hugged the tiger, after she helped him out, so much.

Jack Black hugging Angelina Jolie, her husband Brad Pitt and her father Jon Voight must be proud of these two. If there is a “Kung Fu Panda 3” coming up, it might show between action and closer to home, leaving no evidence.



wolf boss



The Monuments Men- 8 Stars!!!

For what I saw in that movie, that movie was amazing!! True art and history together!! Even for these guys who fought well to bring back all the art back from the Germans!!

Hugh Bonneville, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Bill Murray and John Goodman did very well in this! I’d say this is Matt Damon’s 2nd WWII movie since “Saving Private Ryan”!! He was once a private, now a lieutenant!

George Clooney knew the art was stolen, but besides art was gold! Such as gold nuggets, bars and coins! This is a WWII I outta give 8 stars such as this!

I must be proud of these guys saving much all of art.

Jackass- Bikini Wax

From the hit TV series with Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, and more, this is one of their stunts me and a friend of mine really liked about. When one of the guys does a bikini wax, as he gets all of his body hair, facial hair, and all the hairs on his body to be taken off by wax! In the end, he becomes the smoothest man this guy has ever had! Imagine being the smoothest man with no hair! And that guy was Steve-O who did his TV show, “Killer Karaoke” after Jackass was no more a bit. You’ve should’ve seen him on his smoothest skin!

Mr. Bean and the Chariots of Fire

Like all the Summer and Winter Olympics, they have been normal since the video game, where Mario and Sonic were in the Beijing Olympics, but never has anyone seen something like this almost 2 years ago! There were William and Kate, James Bond 007 played by Daniel Craig, Eric Idle from Monty Python, and finally in the opening ceremony to “Chariots of Fire”, there was the Mr. Bean guy! Man, the way he plays the piano, and how he imagines in that movie scene, and how he made a funny scene at the end. We all love that Rowan guy, as we might even see him again maybe next time on his movies for sure. But I’d still say he’s still Mr. Bean!!

Mozart and Family Guy parody

From the movie “Amadeus”, this shows the funny scene on how Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart plays the piano at a party until he farts. Look how wide his butt is! Even they did this on a “Family Guy” episode. Even the people who wore wigs, laughed at him even on the piano. I’d must say Mozart was a pretty good piano artist, but also a comedian! His butt and Stewie’s are so wide, they could lay eggs! So between these two parts, 5 stars on these!!