The Bucket List (2007)

I remember watching this a bit on DVD, as well as a few times on TV. Until after seeing the whole thing, it all makes sense. And this is for people when they need to have a buddy, and do things before they ‘kick the bucket’.

From Warner Bros and director Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson were hilarious in this. In fact, this is one of the very last movies that Jack Nicholson is ever in before his retirement. Morgan Freeman however kept going with his career.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times who was having thyroid cancer, criticized this film, as how it relates to what he was facing. Which is why he gave this one star. In my opinion, I give this 8/10 stars. Really good comedy movie.

Two old men were dying of lung cancer. They had less than a year to live. They didn’t knew each other, until they bonded a friendship. And together, they did a bucket list of last things to do until it’s time. Such as sky diving, car racing, going to Africa on a safari, heading to China, flying over the Arctic Circle, see Mt. Everest in Tibet, and see New Delhi, India. If I was them, I do a bucket list of wise things to do. Besides taking a Winnebago or a RV to ride with my parents to drive across Canada. Cause when I had my first road trip for two weeks to Nova Scotia as a youngster, we were like the Griswold’s in “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, before we saw that comedy road trip movie. Most insane two week trip I had ever faced. And we weren’t going to an amusement park like Canada’s Wonderland.

By returning to America, they had their goodbyes and thank you, as before Morgan Freeman got into surgery, he gave the list to Jack Nicholson to finish. They made up with their families, as they’ll be ready when it’s time.

Morgan Freeman’s character was the first to ‘kick the bucket’ before Jack Nicholson on his character was next. Both were cremated as they had their ashes placed in two coffee cans. Buried in the Himalayas, as a friend of their’s finished the entire bucket list. By watching that last shot in the end, where they were buried, they were like close to the stars in space. Almost like ‘My God, It’s Full of Stars!’.

In conclusion, when I kick the bucket, and when I go to heaven, I want heaven to be like for what happened in the ending scene of “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze. Cause like for what Graham Greene in “The Green Mile” would picture, ‘Could that be what heaven is like?’. And I do not want to be cremated. Notre Dame cemetery in Ottawa, Ontario is where I want to be buried after I die of old age.

Bombshell (2019)

By winning the Oscar award for Best Hairstyling and Makeup, after nominated for two more Oscars awards, and two more Golden Globe Awards, this was really based on a true story. Thanks to Lionsgate that showed us.

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, Kate McKinnon, John Lithgow, and Malcolm McDowell are the only stars I know in this. And the female stars definitely beat Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, as well as Christina Applegate as Veronica Corningstone in both “Anchorman” movies, when they are blonde anchor women.

In 2016, while dealing with Donald Trump on Fox News during the election before he became the next U.S. president, they realized their Fox News boss is sexual harassing women at the office. Even when he fires them. So all three or four blonde anchor women began to sue their ignorant boss, for sexual harassment.

By watching this, this movie does make sense on how Fox News can be a hard job, as how this definitely deserved that Oscar award for sure. Cause of their glamorous looks, as Theron, Kidman, McKinnon and Robbie were like quadruplets. And how the Fox network discontinued Fox Kids in late 2002 before the dark side went too far on its lousy cartoons. Before they were bought in the acquisition on March 19th, 2019. Oh, and how good looking Malcolm McDowell was as an old man.

After emotional moments, as well as telling the world on how corruptive that chubby old boss is (portrayed by John Lithgow, wearing a lot of makeup), he was finally fired just before Donald Trump became the next U.S. President on November 8th, 2016. And his death too at age 77 on May 18th, 2017. He took a tumble and banged his head in his home in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. 3 days after his birthday.

So I’m giving this 9/10 stars. Adults only.

A Dog’s Life (1918)

I had to find something to watch, instead of how tv channels Showcase, AMC, YTV, CTV, CBC and etc kept showing the same movies I had seen already. However thanks to TCM, I had no choice but to keep an open mind on Charlie Chaplin movies. Mostly black and white films from the silent era. No talkies. The best ones were “Shoulder Arms” and “Modern Times”.

They had this shown on April 14th, 1918. During the final months of the First World War as one of his early movies in his career. Set in a small town in England, the tramp luckily saved a canine as he was looking for a job to make a living. By having himself finding a fortune, and of course a female, they had to avoid getting caught by the police as how they made it to the countryside to make a living.

A ‘C+’ is what I give. Very good though. The only dislike were for how those two rotten thieves were.

The Floor is Lava (Netflix game tv show)

“Don’t fall in. Because the floor is….LAVA!!”

-Rutledge Wood, host of the TV show.

I was near 15 years of age when I saw Tommy Lee Jones, in the 1997 disaster movie, “Volcano” on TV channel AMC. On what happens if ‘the coast is toast’. Related to that would be this game TV show, that beats any kids game from any tv show or movie, especially from the dark side, as it’s all about communication, survival, and avoiding booby traps.

Let’s say if a volcano 🌋 has exploded, as lava is into people’s homes when it’s all over the floor. The only way to get out is hop across furniture, beds, tables, mirrors and etc. But most important rule is to not fall into the lava. Cause the floor is ‘hotter than hell’. Which is why this entertains us more often.

During the COVID-19 crisis, everyone were bored while being stuck at home as they needed entertainment. Which is why this came, as it became one of the most popular TV shows that Netflix has ever had. CTV News had mentioned about this, as how I gave this 10/10 stars.

Rutledge Wood is the host, and this is like “Jungle Run” where you need to communicate with your teammates. Three or two players on three each teams. And you are given what room of choice to face. Like a planetarium, or the basement, or the kitchen, or the bedroom, or the study area.

The object of the game is to get across, as you’ll need to talk to your players on where they need to go. There can be some important objects in the room that a team needs, as it’ll help you get across. However, it’s a race against time before two steps start sinking into the lava. It can be suspenseful since “Jungle Run”, but like “Wipeout”, the team with the best time limited wins. ONLY if one or two players can get themselves to the other side of the room. And the most important rule: DO NOT FALL IN. Cause if you do, you’ll get sucked into the lava completely like for what happened in “Volcano”. And it’s ‘Game Over, Butthead!’.

By winning this, a team will not only receive a lava lamp, but there is a cash prize also. $10,000.00 in cash!

And to wrap this up, the lava for what they have, isn’t real lava at all. Just reddish orange water to make it look like lava. But still, you do need to avoid red hot magma if you don’t want to be burned alive if I were you. Otherwise, you’d end up like for how they did when they were burned alive. Way, way worse than smoking more than 25 Cuban cigars that can give you lung cancer, tuberculosis, and emphysema.

If this guy for example were to end up like them, he can take it either the hot painful way, or the short way like how he did….

Beethoven (1992) & Beethoven’s 2nd (1993)

While taking care of a dog, it takes a lot of responsibility to take care of it. By making sure one must get good exercise, have its fur groomed, make sure it eats healthy food than people food, and also have it well behaved like any of the rest.

For example, when we had two dogs named Utah & Fern, they had bladder problems when they were getting old. They peed anywhere in the house. Even on wooden toy trains before they died in 2003. After my mom bought one more named Kona, it didn’t understand very well so we had it euthanized. I don’t know why she would do it, but it was a very bad idea as my brothers were getting allergies a lot. Besides, it was a sign of how our mom was turning out to get clumsy while getting old.

Another example would be that my auntie Barb & uncle Jeff, before they got divorced, they took care of a golden retriever named Lucky. In the very beginning, it would eat on people food a lot, so we didn’t want him to do that. He never had bladder problems, but he did die of old age by looking at his face. After the divorce, my auntie Barb bought herself a dog named Pepper by early 2020. She would chew on peoples footwear, tear furniture apart, dig a lot, getting into people food, as well as peeing and pooping a bit in her house, and her fiancé’s.

So there is that. By watching two movies that they actually had on TV channel YTV in the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ in 2005 that I saw with my own eyes, it does relate to what I said.

By looking at famous canines that made cinema history, there is Toto from “The Wizard of Oz” in 1939, and Lassie the rough collie in her “Lassie” movies. In these two that I admire on, than the other sequels, there is a big one. 185 lbs. It’s a St. Bernard dog, and thank god it’s not Cujo from Stephen King. Cause that was too violent and terrifying from the works of Stephen King. I liked for how Cujo got bitten by a bat in the very beginning, but when it got rabid, that’s when he became a bloody beast. To this one, it didn’t. So ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, say hello to Mr. Ludwig Van Beethoven!!

His real name is Beethoven, and he’ll come to kids no matter what. Especially when they need compassion.

“Beethoven” in 1992, showed that after a St. Bernard puppy escaped from a band of pet thieves, a family was able to adopt him and named him after the most famous composer in history. However, the father’s temper was tested when he didn’t liked it. By the time it was growing up fast, Beethoven caused chaos to him. Especially when Beethoven is muddy and dirty all over. Until when they came into contact with the boss and it’s thieves, they worked together to bring them to justice. Charles Gordon was the father, Bonnie Hunt was the wife, Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci were the pet thieves, and Joseph Gordon Levitt was one of the students in school as a cameo appearance.

“Beethoven’s 2nd” in 1993, showed that Beethoven who was lonely and bored, met another St. Bernard names Missy as they fell in love together. Missy had four puppies a few months later, as while Missy was under custody by a nasty woman and a Chris Penn character, Beethoven and the three children had to take care of them. Charles Gordin as the father wasn’t so sure, but the Beethoven & Missy’s children did caused him a bit of chaos before they left for the country. Bonnie Hunt as the wife didn’t mind, but did had an adventure to bring that nasty wife and Chris Penn dirty all over, and brought Missy back. At the end of the film, Beethoven’s children were all grown up.

Film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times wasn’t so sure about these two, when he gave both movies 2 out of 4 stars, but I do feel sorry for him though. It does entertain me as how everyone else enjoys both dog movies. So I give both 8 out of 10 stars.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993)

My hands are registered as lethal weapons. We get into a fight, I accidentally kill you? I go to jail”.

Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they that go to jail. It’s called manslaughter”.

-Mike Moh as Bruce Lee & Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

Just before Jason Scott Lee joined the dark side on some of its god awful movies, he was the legendary martial arts actor, Bruce Lee. And this was the whole story of how he became a martial arts teacher, a Hollywood actor, a fierce fighter, and how he never gave up until he fought the demons that were haunting him.

By watching him fight against his foes, he was superb and terrific. Able to shatter the bones of an opponent to pieces. And can take on every single lousy god awful power ranger from every tv show that I kept away from. He was married to someone, yes. And I did not know that he had children later on. I just felt bad for him about family issues, his wife too in some arguments, and how he was injured in a fight as it took him a while to heal up.

All this was from his early life until his death at age 32 on July 20th, 1973 before the release of his final movie, “Enter the Dragon” that has ever made him famous on.

8/10 stars is what I give. In conclusion, no matter if it’s Jason Scott Lee in this, or Philip Wan-Lung Ng from “Birth of the Dragon“, or Mike Moh from “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, they can be terrific as Bruce Lee after all. In fact, Jackie Chan said that in an interview once, he once fought against him. In “Fist of Fury” from 1972. Bruce Lee also fought against Japanese actor Makoto Iwamatsu in a tv episode of “The Green Hornet”, before Jackie Chan fought against Mako in “The Big Brawl” in 1980. Two years before Mako was Akita the Wizard in “Conan the Barbarian”.

Since then, after Bruce Lee and Mako left for heaven, Jackie Chan had never forgotten them.

Rudy (1993)

Since “Knute Rockne, All American” was shot and filmed at Notre Dame University, so was this. Film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert were very pleased about this. Roger Ebert wrote that this film…

has a freshness and an earnestness that gets us involved, and by the end of the film we accept Rudy’s dream as more than simply sports sentiment. It’s a small but powerful illustration of the human spirit”.

Sean Astin, star of “The Goonies”, was Daniel ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger. A young man who was suffering from dyslexia a bit, wanted to enrolled in Notre Dame University and be a football player. Joining him are Robert Prosky as John Cavanaugh a priest, Jason Miller from “The Excorsict” as Coach Ara Parseghian, Chelcie Ross as Dan Devine, Ned Beatty as Rudy’s dad, Vince Vaughn as Jamie, a football player and Charles S. Dutton as a janitor but former Notre Dame player. (Earlier ago, Charles S. Dutton was the last inmate to be killed by dog alien in “Alien 3”. Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel didn’t liked for what happened to him when he sacrificed himself to be devoured before Sigourney Weaver and Danny Webb poured hot liquid lead to kill the dog alien).

Sean Astin as Rudy really took all the effort to play football for Notre Dame. He was like the little engine that could do it. He almost gave up, but never did. He followed his dream and never stopped. Just because he can be like Dav Pilkey who was suffering from dyslexia, and can act like a child trapped in a man’s body, especially when he was a misfit left out, some people began to care for him as he was brought in the team.

And that 1975 football game between Notre Dame against Georgia was amazing. Not just the players that cared for him, the people in the audience cared for him also as they chanted his name at the last bit of the game. He finally fulfilled his dream, as he became one of the most famous people in NFL history.

Which is why I give this 7.9 out of 10 stars. In conclusion, I felt very sorry for Sean Astin that later on, he ended up like what Charles S. Dutton faced. Season two of “Stranger Things”, episode 8. He was killed and devoured by god awful monster dogs with razor plant mouths, and no eyes. All no thanks to the Duffer brothers that don’t look alike, as they made Matthew Modine as the bad guy in season one.

Top 8 Dragon Ball characters

Now the moment you might be waiting for, my top 8 characters in the ‘Dragon Ball’ saga. Since this hit anime tv series was mostly popular on YTV, thanks to Ocean Dub, “Dragon Ball Super” with new characters wasn’t on that TV channel unfortunately by the time that it was released in 2015. Besides, Funimation was doing all the work while YTV got worse. And after introducing new characters to this, they are indeed, impressive. In this top list, these are the top 8 characters in all of the “Dragon Ball” series.

8. Videl. Married to Gohan and have a baby daughter, she’s been an excellent character. She used to be a martial arts student, until she met Gohan for the first time, while she was in high school. And yes, she did dressed herself up as fabulous superhero vigilante like how Gohan did as they made a team. But not for long when they got into a relationship. She then became like Goku, Gohan and Vegeta with such immense powers, able to fly, and can only go super saiyan only once. Not twice or thrice by changing her hair looks. And she would have faith in him no matter what.

7. Chiaotzu. Companion and best friend with Tien Shinhan, he may look like a French mime, but he isn’t. Born with telekinesis, telepathic powers and the ability to fly like the rest, he’s a little mime kid that could do it. And he does talk like how normal humans do. With psychic bombs, psychic attacks, and more, he would never give up no matter what. And would be right beside Tien Shinhan whenever there is a battle that he and Tien are involved in. He nearly gets killed, but not too much. He’s a lucky one, this youngster. So in your face Mr. Mime from Pokémon! Watch out for this kid.

6. Gohan. The only son of Goku, and then married to Videl later, he can be like his father with such intense powers. Just as long as he doesn’t lose his left arm in battle. He can go super saiyan like his dad yes, and Vegeta too. Able to wipe out the Arnhem bridge to the chilly waters, and shatter Mt. Everest to pieces, he would be invulnerable no matter what. He used to be dressed up as superhero vigilante like what you seen in a fictional comic book, but that was when he met Videl and had a relationship with her. He doesn’t do that anymore when they’re married and have a baby daughter.

5. Krillin. Married to Android 18 and have a cute and adorable daughter, he’s been Goku’s best friend ever since they were youngsters, when he and Goku were Master Roshi’s first students. He can be hilarious sometimes. And would have the ability to get away from machine gun bullets. He does nearly have the same powers as how Goku has, but not a lot. With special solar flares, spirit bombs, and those destructo disks, he is nearly unstoppable. And also very lucky by not having himself killed by his foes. Not even from a horned freaked named Frieza.

4. Bulma. A friend to Goku ever since she was a teenager, and then married to Vegeta for they later, have Trunks and a baby daughter too, she has been a very kind friend ever since. She can get pissed off whenever someone is being a pervert to her. However, she’s an actual technology genius on creating gizmos, gadgets, and finding all of the seven Dragon Balls. She does have Tights as her only sister. But will they ever meet again? I surely do hope so in future. She doesn’t make the time capsules no, but it’s a good thing that she never uses them.

3. Vegeta. Goku’s friend and partner. Married to Bulma and have two children, he’s been a badass ever since they first met. With the ability to become a super saiyan so fierce like Goku, he would go from damaging a punching machine, to defeating an alien villain if his skin colour was brightly gold. However, both he and Goku together transform into Gogeta. A way of how they would fight together as one, with immense power. He did get himself turned into an ape monster back in the beginning, but not anymore he doesn’t. He used to be a part of a squad with awesome gear.

2. Goku. He eats so much, he fights a lot, he flies a lot, teleports a lot, practises with Vegeta, and can go super saiyan so fierce, he would have the ability to shatter the Tibetan mountains to pieces without causing the snow to melt. And his powers are very intense. He used to be a pervert, and also turn into a massive gorilla whenever the moon is full, but not anymore. Sometimes, his powers can go haywire whenever he uses too much of it. But does need to check really. And like Bulma, he always watches out for those Dragon Balls whenever they are close by.

1. Lord Beerus. Taking the number 1# spot on the list, is my favourite character in the entire Dragon Ball series. The God of Destruction himself. For how badass he is, and how hilarious he can be while dealing with Goku and Vegeta. Yes, he does sleep a lot like a regular cat. But has badass powers that no super saiyan can ever have. He in fact, scared Shenron a few times whenever he makes his appearance. So if you’re in for a fight with this guy, watch out for this kitty cat. Cause he won’t give you any cat scratch fever from this god. He’s dangerous.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite characters in the Dragon Ball saga?

Jeremiah Johnson (1972)

During my years in high school, I knew a student named Jeremy who graduated, two years before I was next. We sometimes called him Jeremiah or Jeremiah Johnson as in this Robert Redford character from this movie. He liked that name, but wasn’t so sure until he found out. In this movie that is my dad’s favourite, it’s all about killing Indians.

Based on a true story for what really happened. A few years after the Mexican-American War came to an end, a veteran decided to become a mountain man or a trapper, as he headed for the Rocky Mountains. During his voyage, he found out that the Indian tribes are animals. Real savages. He rescued a uncommunicative son from a shocked mother, before being killed, as well as a Indian woman who joined them. Later on, after rescuing a traveller and a U.S. Army Cavalry, the uncommunicative boy and Indian girl were killed by more Indians from different parts of the Rockies.

After that, at rage, he killed a ton of Indians. One by one. As a few settlers began to know who he is, and why he was killing them all. And after making peace to the Indians, he disappeared until his death on January 21st, 1900 at age 75 in Santa Monica, California, USA. They just didn’t show on how he died. They only showed in the end, that after making peace, then he disappeared. And it would be badass, that if he is ever still an Indian killer like Jeremiah Johnson, next target for termination: Rebecca Rolfe herself. A.k.a- Pocahontas.

The whole film was shot in Robert Redford’s home state of Utah, as before Roger Ebert came to review movies, his friend Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune gave this 3 out of 4 stars. And he did quote…

“Oddly enough, it is the violent scenes, the ones that don’t work within the story, in which Pollack excels. Jeremiah’s battle with a pack of wolves, and later, a pack of Crow Indians, are stunning examples of direction and editing”.

-Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune.

Not a fan of film director Sydney Pollack, but I known he did “The Yakuza”, “Out of Africa”, and “Tootsie” before his death in 2008. So I’ll give this one 9/10 stars.

New baby orca finally born!!

Since that ‘tour of grief’ for 17 days at 1,600 km, the orca who grieved on her dead calf, good news finally came over Labour Day weekend in 2020. A new baby orca is finally born!! Born on September 4th, 2020.

With the population increasing to 73, we still need to keep an eye on them. Cause orcas are still endangered species like the cheetahs, pandas, penguins, lions, tigers, otters, Tasmanian devils, and more.

Researchers spotted the two in the strait of Juan de Fuca, between the Washington state and Vancouver Island over the Labour Day weekend. They say that the new calf appears to be healthy and is already a good swimmer. When I heard about this, it’s an absolute miracle of a new baby orca since “Free Willy 3: The Rescue”.

Orcas however, still need to increase their population as we want to make sure we help them. And no more threats to them like pollution in water such as plastic, noise from motor boats, increase our carbon footprints, and etc. Environmentalists such as David Suzuki should know about this by now, as we may need a little help from the Irwin’s, after Bindi’s first newborn child is born.