Maggie (2015)

When you’re bitten by a zombie in a post apocalyptic world, you would have to make a choice. Either commit suicide, ask someone to shoot you, or take you into quarantine. Cause this movie, recommended for 21 years of age and over, showed everything.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in this, took the role as a father. Who was trying to protect everything, including her teenage daughter. But things had to change quickly enough. When a virus outbreak struck the countryside and a city nearby, many people died. Including the infected. There were less people immune, and a few more infected zombies, already dead.

When that teenage daughter was bitten by zombie, during an infestation, she had a few days to live before she could get worse. So after her younger brother and younger sister, were to live at her aunt’s place, she had the house to herself along with her father, and 2nd wife.

As she was changing, a choice had to be made by the doctors, as soon as possible. Before she could get any worse. For her, along with a friend who was already infected, quarantine was a bad idea. Cause they fear something in there, could totally be worse than they ever thought.

By the time she was in her middle stages, to becoming a zombie, her stepmom finally left. So the father and herself stayed together for a little while. However, she was going into her final stages already. As it came to the end at last….she committed suicide by jumping off the roof of her house, and falling to the ground. The father found her dead body and that was that. He must’ve cried and screamed for how she died. She was already in hell.

With himself all alone, he must’ve mourned after Maggie was dead. And for as far I saw, I give this an ‘A-‘. Plus five points, on that infected Maggie kissing an infected boy, before both were dead.

Top picks on firefly nights in media

When you go into the night, in Japan or North America, what’s the best part about the night you can look into? The answer, fireflies. Not bad bugs, but good ones. As they light up at night. Thousands of them glow everywhere. When I was in Algonquin College, on Pre-Animation and Illustration, I did some good artwork inspired by these firefly nights. From the media I see, inspired. In fact, at the time of a Japanese festival, on any special night that happens, they can appear for sure. When they come out from the trees, and the tall grass as they can glow everywhere. It’s beautiful when you see them like that. Especially when you’re in yukata clothing.

And here, I give these top picks in media, on how I love firefly nights.

sakura and the glow maxresdefault tumblr_m7zx2ncsAA1rasay6o1_500 sakura and the fireflies sakura bunny prize dmhFdXk3aVVhaEkx_o_cardcaptors-glow-card-capture ccs-ep18-screen19 Its-an-easygoing-day-for-Sakura  Glow  everyone's reaction to the fireflies julian madison li sakura2 wow, fireflies sakura3 sakura4 sakura5 sakura final

  • “Cardcaptors” on the two episodes, ‘A Fair to Remember’ and ‘The Calm Before the Storm’. In the first one, when Sakura was still capturing the Clow Cards, she sensed one in her dreams. A firefly night one. That was beautiful, just before she woke up. Later came the best part in that episode. A summer festival happening. Sakura, Madison, Tori, Li, Julian, Chelsea, and Zachary were invited. As they had a night to remember. While out in the field, to a tree close to a pond, that is when glowing fireflies show up. Sakura and Julian thought that they were beautiful. By the time Sakura won a bunny rabbit in a contest, she sensed that feeling of a Clow Card. By the time she captured it, it was “The Glow” card. Sakura and Madison thought it was beautiful when ‘The Glow’ did that. It was a really easy capture for her. As she loved it. Later in that TV anime series, on that second debut episode, Sakura transformed ‘The Glow’ card into one of Star Cards. After that threat from Eli Moon was destroyed, Sakura at another summer festival used ‘The Glow’ card once again, to show it’s fireflies. And everyone at the festival were surprised to see millions of them glowing at night. Sakura happily watched ‘The Glow’ do everything, as it was another night for her to remember.

look at them fireflies close up firefly these fireflies are wonderful no wonder they come out in the summer I guess that makes us even firefly night

  • “Hamtaro” on the episode, ‘The Milky Way’. Before their very final episode, which was ‘Ham Ham Halloween’ as the series finale, this was the 2nd final episode to that anime TV series. And everyone watching YTV and Cartoon Network, loved that anime TV show of those adorable hamsters. Everyone loved “Hamtaro” back then, before everything went crazy. In this 2nd very final episode, Laura wanted to see the Milky Way with Travis. Along with Kana, Roberto, June and Kylie, they would make a wish. Her wish was to be with Travis. However, Hamtaro had a bad nightmare about that, thinking if she might leave him and forget him. So with Bijou, Boss, Oxnard, and the rest of the hamsters, they were to stop the wishing. As they watched the Milky Way in the night sky, came the best part even better. Coming out of the sky, flying everywhere above everyone, were fireflies. There were a hundred of them, as they were amazed. There was no wishing on the Milky Way, as Laura shall be with Hamtaro, no matter what in life. For what happened was amazing. And I appreciate on how “Hamtaro”, that anime TV show was glory back then.

wow! fireflies! firefly night watchers ying yang fireflies fireflies that made the number 8

  • “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat”, on the episode, ‘Firefly Nights’. In the early days of that cartoon TV show, this episode was to remember for sure. When Dongwa, wanted to be a grown up like Baba Miao, he would be more mature. As he learned a few things, best ways, responsibility, and got a little tired, Baba took him to a night opera. Where the fireflies came. In a special opera, the alley cats watched along with Dongwa and Baba, as the fireflies did special dancing. It was remarkable. A while back, when Mama and Baba were falling in love, Baba took Mama there to watch the fireflies. As their first date. It was a special night for her, to remember. And as Baba showed that to Dongwa, he enjoyed it. When he told Baba the truth, he wasn’t sure he’d be ready to be a grown up yet. But he will be, as Baba accepts it. For now, being a kitten is what he should be. As he’ll never forget the fireflies.

grave of the fireflies

  • “Grave of the Fireflies”. A Studio Ghibli movie. From the early days of Studio Ghibli, this shows how fireflies are, and how they live. As a 14 year old boy, and his 4 year old sister love them. There were thousands at night, when they are in the Japanese countryside. But it is still a very sad story, as they were losing everything when WWII in Japan was coming to an end. After the firebombing happened in Kobe, Japan. Especially when they have lost their parents. Their father out at sea, and their mother killed in the bombing attack. By the time the war in the Pacific ended, U.S. General Douglas MacArthur said his very famous speech to the entire world. And after that, the 4 year old sister was dead. Died of starvation. Her best time in her life, was how they had the fireflies in their bedroom. She enjoyed them. After a cremation, the 14 year old boy lived throughout his days, until he died of starvation too. By the time their spirits were set free, they were with the fireflies at night, as they watched over Kobe, Japan one last time. Before going to heaven to meet with their parents. And in conclusion, the way Studio Ghibli did those fireflies in their artwork, they were remarkable.

Movie4SpecialProgram hqdefault Shion12 screencap16 05572997a15be650be8ac42090870396 hqdefault2

  • “InuYasha” on the 4th movie, and bits of firefly nights in the anime TV series. In the 4th movie, there were a only a hundred fireflies. Ever since the six demon children lost their families by the Four War Gods, those fireflies would show up at night on the island. Before being rescued by InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Kirara and Shippo. As the fireflies would show up, it would be the spirits of the people that once lived on that mystic island. Especially their families they lost. Parents too. As some help them, they showed signs of how InuYasha can defeat the last War God. And they did for sure. As there was that, some firefly nights can appear in the episodes maybe, but they mostly showed firefly nights in the end credits to some episodes in each season. As they enjoyed them, watching at night.

So besides glow worms that are totally stupid, fireflies are the best ones to see at night. Like locusts, and silkworms, they are wonderful. As I’ve been inspired by these top picks on firefly nights, especially in Japanese animation, I did the best artwork I did in college. Thanks to these top picks here, on firefly nights.

Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Years before the movie “Pacific Rim”, there was this hit anime series everyone had been secretly talking about. As they showed DVD trailers, their movies and more, I did a little researching by books and some Internet, as this is very interesting. I even saw a few video clips and a episode.

Like “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”, and before “Pacific Rim”, these teenagers in a future volunteered to fight alien war machines. In order fight monsters, they created monsters of their own. Gigantic fighting robots. Highly advanced, they run faster, they can be quicker, as well as being strong. The pilot does control the head of it, than two. By using the controls, than the minds we use like “Pacific Rim”, we do need to be careful.

As they advanced year by year, since the anime TV show, they are getting good. Especially the movies. But sometimes while fighting, it can be sad after a big bad battle. One of the pilots I love, a girl with orange hair, and wearing red clothing, got her left eye crushed when her robot crashed. She wore an eye patch for the rest of her life. After that, she did got her revenge. Before or after she lost her left eye, she’s still beautiful. Even when she smiles happily.

Ever since then and now, this still remains popular to anime fans who secretly watch this. When you are not alone, and you can not advance.





Only Yesterday (a Studio Ghibli masterpiece)

only-yesterday-dubbed-14628-large 1007321

Never been released in North America in 1991 from Studio Ghibli, until now in 2016. After 25 years. With the voice talents of Daisy Ridley, Dev Patel, Ava Acres, Ashley Eckstein, Laura Bailey, Grey DeLisle, and Alison Fernandez, this is a masterpiece to remember.

I even give this 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’. Great movie. From director Isao Takahata and general producer Hayao Miyazaki, before they retired, I thank them very much for this to come.

This tells the story of a woman, named Taeko. Who’s unmarried, and lives her entire life in Tokyo. As she took a trip to the Japanese countryside, she remembers her days, when she was a young schoolgirl. She was in Grade 5 when this happened to her.

In the end of the movie, after changes happened to her, Taeko chose to stay in the countryside. And began a relationship with a very special man.

Between her adult self, and her younger self, they are remarkable together.

hqdefault ABadDayForSirHandel18

When you recall your days of youth, it’s like how he remembers the days of his past. Just like on how Taeko did. Before those two new arrivals showed up. And besides, you just need to be in the right place where you belong. Either the country or the city. Like the cartoon TV show of “Country Mouse and City Mouse”.

As I give this 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’ on this review, I thank Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyzazaki very, very much for this Studio Ghibli masterpiece. After waiting a long time for this, I’m glad it made it to North America. However, Studio Ghibli will definitely need more Oscar awards for sure.

(Note: Those two pictures here, from “Thomas the Tank Engine”, are just related for how Skarloey remembers his days in the past. In the days before Sir Handel and Peter Sam arrived. Just like how Taeko did in this Studio Ghibli masterpiece).

Dances With Wolves (1990)

This long story directed by Kevin Costner, won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture. Amazing, but very long. This 3 hour long movie, tells the story about a Union soldier, as he headed out for the American frontier. As he took command of an outpost, he befriended some Indians at a tribe nearby.

They grew fond of him, became great friends, as they taught him about their language, hunting for buffalo’s and their culture. In fact, an American lady was raised by them since her childhood.

Graham Greene was one of them, as he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Academy Awards. He became a really great actor later on. As well as he was Alren Bitterbuck, in “The Green Mile”. The first victim to be executed in the prison, as a success. The 2nd execution was terrible when one was botched, as the last one was very sad.

Based on the book by Michael Blake, and after taking on bad Indians, the Union Army too and more, he and a girl finally found their freedom together. In addition, there are native names. Like ‘Kicking Bird’, ‘Stands With a Fist’, ‘Wind in His Hair’, ‘Chief Ten Bears’, and ‘Dances With Wolves’.

He became known as ‘Dances With Wolves’, cause he dances with a wolf at day or night. At his outpost, there is only one wolf. And it was old. You can tell on how old it is, cause it was getting skinny. He became a great and kind friend to it, by giving it food and playing with that animal. Especially his dancing.

If you were actually dancing with wolves, you outta be careful. Wolves can still tear you apart. But this one was never carnivorous. In the end, when they fled for the mountains, there were many wolves howling. Like in the end of “Wolf Children”, and some from “Balto”. Since the old one died, known as Two Socks, I thought there might be more than just one. However, then came more in the end, when this ended. As I’m glad I watched the entire thing, I give this 8/10 stars.

In conclusion, related to this, there is Chris Pratt as Grady in those new ‘Jurassic Park’ movies. Since he bred, raised and rode with four velociraptors, he is known as ‘Riding With Raptors’ as a Native-American name. Just like ‘Dances With Wolves’.

The Patriot (2000)

Dramatic and astonishing, I give this Mel Gibson movie 8/10 stars.

During the American Revolution, cruel forces of the British empire killed many innocent lives. As the war raged on, a resistance was formed. Lead by a farmer, and four of his sons, they killed every single redcoat there was.

A British calvary commander was selfish in this as he killed two of his sons.

With emotional feelings, casualties in the American Revolutionary War, the father killed the commander. At the final conflict, he killed by by stabbing him in the stomach and his throat. That way, he would die of stomach ulcer and a stab throat by him.

Besides Mel Gibson, there is Adam Baldwin, Heath Ledger, Gregory Smith, Trevor Morgan, Logan Lerman, Bryan Chafin, and more of others, this was excellent.

That’s why I give this 8/10 stars. And if anyone asks ‘What kind of patriotic knight are you?’, you could say that Mel Gibson, is one of a kind.

Summer Stock (1950)

Judy Garland and Gene Kelly were together, once again since “For Me and My Gal”, and “The Pirate” in this romantic comedy musical movie. Along with them, are Phil Shivers, Majorie Main, and Eddie Bracken before he was Roy Walley, in “National Lampoon’s Vacation”.

After buying a tractor for a farm girls farm, her sister and a troupe moved in. Causing damage, letting animals escape, as well as getting ready for a show they were putting on for Broadway, and some people in Connecticut.

As Judy Garland did singing, Gene Kelly did great dancing. Frank Sinatra must’ve been proud of him in that, since they were together in “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, “Anchors Aweigh”, and “On the Town”.

By the time there was love, fighting, and much of that, there were some changes really. Her sister left for New York, as the farm girl took her place in that position she was in.

I recommend this is for Judy Garland and Gene Kelly fans only, as long as they understand on love and much of that. But for what I rate, I give a ‘B+’ on this.

The first flamethrower in WWI (1916-2016)

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of WWI, there was this TV special, on the History Channel that historians and archaeologists discovered. “Breathing Fire: Secret Weapon of the Somme”, was the title of that TV special. As it showed what we never believed before.
In one of the most historic battles in WWI, that happened in 1916, many soldiers tried to face the Germany army on the other side of the trenches, but never did. In one part of it, at the far end down below, some of them made it through with a secret weapon.

By digging a tunnel, deep down below the trenches, like “Beneath Hill 60” before “The Great Escape”, they dug a very long way underground. By digging straight ahead, they made three paths. One of them had the secret weapon. And that secret weapon, was the first flamethrower ever to be built in weaponry and WWI history.

By building it with gas tanks, lots of pipework, flammable liquids, and a hose with a flame under the ground, they used this to scorch the Germans. So by the time the next battle was on, they activated this from underground by seven members. And flames came whooshing far, scorching the Germans one by one.

On “Breathing Fire: Secret Weapon of the Somme”, they were at the site, looking for the tunnels and evidence to this. And after a long time excavating, they found what they were looking for. Finally, they did a demonstration of that first flamethrower in 2016. And it was like, whoa!!

Since for what happened in WWI in the Battle of the Somme, they did more and more flamethrowers. From the trenches of WWI, to soldiers using it at that time, WWII and the Vietnam War, this had been the most powerful weapon ever used. As long as you don’t explode with it on Dieppe and Omaha Beach.

As this shall be remembered in WWI history, this very first flamethrower ever invented, can be still powerful since 1916. And it can scorch any victim there is.

Independence Day: Resurgence

20 years after the first movie of “Independence Day”, now comes a sequel. 20 years after the aliens attacked Earth for the first time, it became a future for the humans. Flying cars, helicopters with no blades, plasma guns, light cannons, hovering trains, fighter ships that go on air and space, alien prisons, and all that stuff. With a bit of the alien technology they took, from the damaged alien ships.

Not only that, they mobilized an intergalactic corps. Like “Halo”, the USCM Corps in the “Alien” franchise, the Green Lantern Corps, “After Earth”, maybe from “Edge of Tomorrow”, they created the Earth Space Defense. With their satellites, giant lasers, moon bases, gigantic bunkers, a warning system, and more bases on the planets in our solar system, they would be waiting for more aliens to come.

Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, Brent Spiner, and Judd Hirish, were the only ones to return from the first movie. Will Smith as Capt. Hiller was mentioned in this from the first movie, but never returned. Adam Baldwin never returned too. Along with new members, those are Liam Hemsworth, James A. Woods from some tv shows on YTV, Makia Monroe, William Fichtner, Travis Tope, and Jessie Usher as the son of Capt. Hiller from Will Smith.

Dillon Hiller, played by Jessie Usher, was Capt. Hiller’s son. He was young in the first movie, but now an actual pilot like his dad. After he died in an accident, he took the advantage on joining the Earth Defense Force. He wanted to be just like how Will Smith did. And show the world some fireworks. He even was fast as a red rocket.

Since the first movie, three members have been infected by alien psychic powers. An African marauder, a scientist who woken up from a coma after 20 years, and Bill Pullman as the president. Now retired and old. As they contain that power, they wrote alien symbols meaning something. And that was how this happened.

As it was a future for the people of Earth, they were aware of what might be left of the aliens. When broken down alien ships started drilling, a probe ship came out of nowhere out of a black hole, and appeared on the moon. The ESD shot it, found it, and in it, was a artificial robot. In the shape of a white sphere, to the size of a boulder. It had a line of eyes, as it floats and talks. With a bit of white goo. And its a female. She is the last of it species, as she and it’s people know about the aliens. They once lived on their home world, far out in space, as they were attacked by them. They fought back, but never did. After her people are nearly killed, she is the last of her artificial intelligence. So she escaped. And after her home world was destroyed, then came Earth. But the first movie showed what they are made of.

With signals activated, from her and the damaged alien ships, and a black hole bursted open at Saturn, more aliens came. New, powerful, with laser cannons, as the aliens from the prisons, know that they are coming. Before arriving at Earth, and out of the black hole, they destroyed a base at Saturn. They even destroyed the rings of Saturn there.

As they arrived, drilling began. For aliens to destroy Earth, by getting to the core and destroy it.

And only the aliens have been in charge of all these alien invasions, but the humans discovered that they are hive. As there is one who runs the whole show, after 20 years since the first movie. The mama. Or more importantly, the queen. An alien queen, as it can lay thousands of alien eggs. It’s even bigger than the alien queen in the ‘Alien’ franchise.

With a two galactic battles for Earth, it cost the lives of some members from the first movie. In the first battle, some of the new members were inside the queen’s spacecraft. As they escaped, and made it out. The second showed how they took down the mother ship. But with the alien queen pissed off, she attacked. Like if she wanted to tear up an android in half. However, there was a weak spot. And I wouldn’t say. Cause you know, that would be a spoiler alert, eh?

After the drilling stopped, with the queen dead, and the aliens dead, even some from the prisons, the drilling alien spacecrafts left. They even took away some damaged ones. After they left Earth, they found coordinates from the white sphere. Coordinates to their alien home world. So when they begin interstellar travel, they would travel out in space, far across the galaxy, and destroy the alien home world once and for all.

For what I saw that’s terrific, 9/10 stars on this. Like the first one I rate, this is good.

This and it’s first movie rock!! So if you wanna kill aliens, and light off fireworks with red rockets, lets rock!!