100th anniversary of the Britannic

Like the Titanic, only a medical ship during WWI and a younger sister, this is the 100th anniversary of this sinking ship and another event in WWI history. In 1916, the Britannic was a medical ship as it had medical symbols on it. As a hospital ship, it was to help and aid people who are ill and injured during WWI. Wounded and ill soldiers. You can tell when it’s painted white and has big red crosses on its side. It was super structured enough as German submarines wouldn’t recognize it.

This was launched when the First World War was declared as it was used out at sea. It was like the Lusitania as this ship sank as a casualty during this war. It was a cruise ship also for British rich people on her maiden voyages.

On her last maiden voyage in November 1916, it was off the coast of Athens, Greece, between three small islands, as it struck a underwater mine as it caused an explosion. It made a hole in the ship as water came rushing in. Bulkheads were filled with water as this ship was sinking fast like the Titanic.

55 minutes she sank as the explosion killed 30 people. There were 1,036 survivors that were lowered away in the 35 lifeboats as 1,066 people have perished on board. The survivors rescued the wounded as they abandoned ship. Some of the passengers even jumped off the ship, and swam away from the doomed Britannic. The survivors made it to land after this did, as the ship sank in at the bottom of the sea, close to Athens. They were luckily rescued from fishermen close by from Greece. Like the Titanic and the Lusitania, the ship sank on the right side of it as it headed straight downward into the waters below. Smoke came rushing from the stacks as the survivors including the wounded abandoned the ship.

The way when scientists discovered this, it was on the ocean floor on the right hand side as it was tilted that way. It was almost broke into two, when it remains together on the ocean floor. Almost broken into two between the bow and the far rest of the ship when the smokestacks broke off when the ship struck the ocean floor. It still remains there, until it’s all gone.

It was an accident for this ship for when it did, in sinking ship and WWI history. Not a single shot fired from any enemy there was from Europe during WWI. This is another historic moment in sinking ship and WWI history as it shall be remembered forever. They mentioned this in some TV movies and history documentaries like for what they showed on the Titanic, Lusitania and the Empress of Ireland. In a TV movie, a hero sacrificed himself as he got killed by the propellers of the Britannic, while sinking.

The Britannic still lays at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, close to Greece, as it’s on the right side down, cracked at the front as its still whole. It can get corroded if it was chewed all up by seaweed.

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