The Thing: The whole movie story!!!

With a 2011 prequel, and the actual movie by John Carpenter, its the whole story of “The Thing”!! After Norwegain scientists found an alien in Antarctica, it escaped, and had to arm themselves to destroy this shape shifting alien, and its ship under the ice. After a girl scientist left, a helicopter trying to shoot the dog alien, with 3 more Norwegains were trying to kill it, until they were killed by the American Antarctic team!! Along with them, as one of them is Kurt Russell!! Soon, they found out where there camp used to be, where the alien broke out, and where the saucer used to be in. Already destroyed, out in Antarctica somewhere, until the dog alien, tried to kill their dogs and was discovered, by themselves!! They arm themselves to with shotguns and flamethrowers, and they will try to kill this alien!

And they did! Kurt Russell and a friend, as the last survivors, were glad that this is over. And these two movies, a 2011 prequel and the actual 1982 movie, this is one whole alien story, I will never forget!!

The Last of the Mohicans

After Daniel Day Lewis was in “My Left Foot”, he was Hawkeye in this adaption, based on the book by James Fenimore Cooper. Way better than ever before. In fact, this won the Academy Award for Best Sound.

In 1757, a few years before the Revolutionary War, some Indians and British colonists lived in okay times, until there was a war between the French and some bad Indians. This was different ever since British colonists came in 1607 and met Pocahontas, Pilgrims came and held there first Thanksgiving feast, and must be before or after French people came to Canada, and Quebec was known as New France.

When they play games, the first game was lacrosse. We even play this game today, and how they used to back then. When there are battles, Hawkeye and his 2 brothers fought courageously, as they took on other Indians like Mohawks.

Daniel Day Lewis was very young in this one, as he was very handy, on how to handle a musket rifle. To tell you the truth, time was different when people had the fear of Indians. That was when they had to be mostly killed, every single on of them until the Revolutionary War began. Some might’ve survived in 1776, but mostly had to be killed in 1757.

So Daniel Day Lewis maybe good in other movies, but he was amazing in this. And for as far as how the movie went, only one of his brothers got killed in the end as two survived. For Hawkeye and Chingachgook are definitely, the last of the Mohicans.

So for a success, 8/10 stars is what I give.

The Swarm

In 1978, have you ever see young Michael Caine to take on a killer bee invasion, in Houston, Texas? Have you ever seen a massive swarm of killer bees? Hide in your closets, and lock up the windows and doors, “The Swarm” is here!

When all was quiet, in Houston, Texas, especially in the USAF, nothing bad has happened, until this swarm came. This swarm of killer bees are so deadly, they can kill you in a matter of seconds!! They can also kill a giant grizzly bear! We don’t know why them, but that depends on their mother, the queen!

They can appear everywhere, in this movie! They killed some people in cars, they caused a train wreck, and so much more that the only way to kill them, are by using flamethrowers! You can least protect yourself by wearing a white protective suit, with a mask, with no holes or something!

This was based on a book, for as long as we know that famous Michael Caine, we will remember him in this one.

The Poseidon Adventure

Have ever had a New Years Eve on a ship, when the ship turns upside down after being hit by a tsunami wave? Well this is the original adventure that started in 1972!! Starring Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Roddy McDowall, Leslie Nielson, Jack Albertson, Arthur O’Connell, and a couple more, trying to survive the sinking ship.

“Hell, Upside Down”, “Who will survive- in one of the greatest escape adventures ever!”, is what they say. That is what I found out. And with this movie, I’d say this is even better than the other versions of “The Poseidon Adventure”.

For this movie, along with “Flyboys”, “Top Gun”, maybe something else, this will be perfect for the 1st anniversary of my Grandpa Lorne Houle’s pasture. May he rest in peace, forever in heaven.

And he’d be glad to be remembered, by watching on how he was. He was once a helicopter pilot. That is why all 3 movies that I choose, show helicopters. For this one, he will be glad to remembered, as we watch the greatest movie ever!

“The Poseidon Adventure”!

Starsky and Hutch

Ever since Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson were in “Zoolander”, this is one movie, based on a tv series, where you’ll never forget like “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

Those actors play as the most famous cops, they even stopped a drug dealing group. Their leader was Vince Vaughn, and other drug dealers were Jason Bateman, Will Ferrell, and Terry Crews.

Well we kinda knew how crazy Will Ferrell was, but there was that Chinese kid, throwing knives at Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. That was hilarious. But that’s not all, there was that funny part, in a birthday party, those guys Ben and Owen, they were dressed up as mimes, and the killed a pony which freaked the girls out.

It is a good movie, but we don’t want the Captain of the Bay City Police Department to get pissed.

This movie, Snoop Dogg was Huggy Bear, and man! You should’ve seen how cool he looked, how he was dressed, and how he was almost a millionaire. One day I could work for him.

So I’m giving this 8/10 stars.

The Dukes of Hazzard

Based on the famous 80’s tv series, this movie stars Sean William Scott, Johnny Knoxville, Jessica Simpson, Burt Reynolds, and David Koechner. With Bo Duke and Luke Duke, they rid the ‘General Lee’, as they try to save their farm.

Sure there was that guy, who would use armadillo shells for army hats, Uncle Jesse and his brilliant schemes, the Sheriff who doesn’t like those guys, and so much more you would never forget.

They are so amazing, they are like “Starsky and Hutch”, except more adrenaline! 2 people I know who would drive a car like the ‘General Lee’, are my brothers, Hayden and Wyatt Kyte! They’re maybe like Derek Zoolander, or Hansel, but more onto the “Dukes of Hazzard”.


With thunder, lots of lightning, and tornados in the country, you sure are in the dark side of nature. It’s “Twister”! From the creators of “Jurassic Park”, and the director of “Speed”, this movie talks about storm chasers when they go through destruction! There was one tornado that destroyed a drive in movie theater, while playing “The Shining”! This movie stars Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Cary Elwes, and Alan Ruck, as the storm chasers! You don’t want to end up, like Dorothy, or someone like you that could get killed in twisters. Twisters are very dangerous, and this movie, Tyler Kyte from “Popular Mechanics for Kids” even talked about this, in a episode called “Earth Power”!

So be sure to keep an eye on lightning and thunderstorms, especially twisters. Be sure to also get into a emergency bunker or storm cellar, maybe a tunnel like that “Thomas the Tank Engine” story and episode of Henry the Green Engine when he was in a tunnel, it’s going to be pretty windy!

The Man in the Iron Mask

Based on the book by Alexander Dumas, a sequel to “The Three Musketeers”, and like “Kissin Cousins” it’s Leonardo DiCaprio as twins in the most famous story ever told. King Louis XIV, and a good twin named Philippe, both played by Leonardo DiCaprio!!

When the king became selfish, and held a secret, the musketeers try to replace him, with his good twin. This was a time, where all four got a second chance, before one of them got stabbed. Sure they held great honor, as in the end, the new and improved King Louis XIV gave all his people, food, prosperity, and peace and he was the greatest ruler in all of France.

Kissin Cousins

Like the Mark Twain book, “The Prince and the Pauper”, have you ever seen 2 Elvis Presley’s?

Elvis played as a USAF second lieutenant as he and a platoon were to find a location so they can use a bit of land for a USAF base in Tennessee. In the Great Smokey Mountains, they ran into trouble with hillbillies including one, that’s a blonde that looks like a twin to him. Elvis plays as that country bumpkin as they try to get along. Like if they are twin brothers.

Along in this movie, was Jack Albertson as the platoon captain, and Arthur O’Connell as the pappy. They have been together before they were in “The Poseidon Adventure”.

They all went through trouble with hillbillies, cliffs, girls and much more. As they decided, that part of land was not to be used as a USAF base. After all, the country is what matters when it’s their home. And in the end as they celebrate, both Elvis’s sang the song “Kissin Cousins” like for what it is in this movie.

Such as classic. 7/10 stars on this 1964 classic Elvis movie.

The Internship

Ever since Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are in “Wedding Crashers”, this is one where they actually work for the company of the most famous website in the Internet.. Google!

The best part was that their boss, Mr. Chetty played by Aasif Mandv, asked a question, which was “Having a beer with your boss”, I laugh out so hard in the theatre, I was like Billy in “Predator”, on how he laughs before his spine and skull were taken out by the Predator.

Then there was the guy, who they think he’s Charles Xavier, but they just got their butts kicked and they yelled out, “Professor Xavier’s a total-“.

The headquarters of that place is like the future! They have a slide, pods, future machines and more!!! Perfect for kids to come here!

The movie was great, and I think a straight “A”, is good for that.