Amy Tan and Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat

This is the actual author who wrote the book of “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat”. I am inspired by her like Hayao Miyazaki so much, I care for her book and the entire TV series. It’s like saving her animated characters in that TV series as I’m a William Weberforce and a Abraham Lincoln all together.

I may go into animation at Algonquin College, for as long as children care for a second season of that TV show, as I got to make a better world for media. On TV and movies everywhere. And making DVD season sets of that Sagwa TV show as I want to impress children and three cousins I know of that love that stuff. And of course, making sure DVDs of Sagwa won’t be forgotten. There are some out there, that I got to find as there are episodes I have to post on YouTube from my TV.

I’ve been watching that show a bit, since before and after we had our vacation to Toronto on Canada’s Wonderland. And when I came back. I later found that after “The Muppets” came out. It was a smash entire TV series. All of those episodes were amazing!

They even show lessons on how they do in China. Pretty stunning.

Since it is still out there, maybe on TV by chance, I’m doing the best I can to save some episodes. Amy Tan, one day when I meet you, we should think on making a motion picture on Sagwa!

The Bridge on the River Kwai

This has been an all time classic! From the director who made “Lawrence of Arabia”, he brought this movie to the bring screen in the 50’s.

During WWII somewhere in India, a PoW camp by the Japanese ordered British prisoners of war to build a bring across the Kwai River. A train bridge. For a narrow gauge train in order for transport. Many prisoners have suffered, became sick and died for this, but some worked hard on building that bridge.

When a American PoW escaped, he made it to British intelligence in India as they planned to go back there, and destroy the bridge along with the Japanese. The prisoners were like working men when they were working for the Japanese. As they were finishing the bridge and singing that famous tune they always whistle. The Kwai River March tune.

As the American PoW lead a small band of British soldiers, they got to the bridge when it was finished as they planted explosives underneath the water of the bridge.

On the day they left and the British officer prisoner was left behind, the train came coming as they found out about the plan. Both he and the Japanese commander. The commander was stabbed in the back as mortar shells came bombing just before the train came to the bridge. And when they both got killed, the British officer prisoner fell, setting off the detonator as the bridge exploded, killing the Japanese people and soldiers on the train as the train collapsed in the water. Right in the river!

Thousands have slaughtered for what they get, for what they deserve during WWII. Even when they had to surrender in the final days of WWII in 1945.

There were some survivors to our heroes, but it was madness to some prisoners. Japanese soldiers were killed in that battle before the bridge exploded. And how they knew it, when that did. For one path they chose during WWII, and that was the path of surrender.

For as far as it’s good, a 8/10 star movie is for what I rate. Even when there is that theme whistle tune thanks to my high school principal.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble (anime movie)

Based on the manga books and a TV series I’ve heard about, it was about a western anime space story that tells about an funny comedian, two female rangers and mostly a young woman who was out for revenge on a gigantic outlaw.

This movie had a lot of weapons for protection out in the west. For as far as what’s better, this is way better than ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Screw those two!!!! This is way better!! Even cooler!!

When that gigantic outlaw was planning revenge on three men he trusted 20 years ago, he stole the city’s power supply as it was up to that woman, that comedian and his partner to stop him.

They did in the end, as I figured out that woman was 19 years old in this! She was my age! I knew it when I saw the end credits before this movie was over. This may have a lot of weapons you have might’ve known, but futuristic ones that come in new designs. So I guess, this is way better than any of those movies out there, today!

“A++” for this, and 10/10 stars!!

The Shining (1980)

From director Stanley Kubrick, based on the novel by Stephen King, this has been a great horror classic since ‘Misery’, ‘Carrie’, ‘The Dead Zone’, ‘The Mist’ and all of Stephen Kings horror stories.

Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, and Danny Lloyd play as a three person family. The father as a writer, a teacher once and gave up drinking, got the job offer on watching over the hotel as a caretaker for the winter.

At a isolated hotel, north of Colorado, USA, things have changed since they have been up there. The son was developing psychic powers in his dreams of horrifying visions, as he and a chef man were related. There was one called, ‘the shining’.

There were ghosts up there, from the past of the hotel as there was the previous caretaker there. He developed cabin fever as he went insane, murdered his family as they say he took a shotgun and blasted his brains.

When the father was changing, he was seeing ghosts as they found out, that the hotel is haunted. The boy was feeling that in him, as the chef was getting the feeling inside of him. Of what was wrong up there. Which was why he went from Miami, Florida, back to Colorado to see what’s wrong.

Scratman Crothers was the chef as he had psychic powers like him.

The boy was getting worse as the father was growing insane. He wrote down in his typewriter, “All work and no play makes Jack a full boy”. In a Simpsons parody of this, there was “No TV and No Beer make Homer go crazy”.

The mother locked him up in a room as she found out he sabotaged the radio for the police and the winter vehicle. He was free when the previous caretaker letted him out.

Best scenes came to come after the mother and son found out, that the word ‘REDRUM’ was spelled ‘MURDER’ in backwards by the mirror. Jack Nicholson did the ‘Here’s Johnny!’ scene as he was breaking down the door with an axe. Shelley Duvall screamed as loud as she can as she was terrified.

The chef man came to the rescue as he was stabbed by him. As the boy decided to lose him in the hedge maze, the mother was finding out that the hotel, is haunted. There were dead bloody people, cobwebs, skeletons covered in cobwebs, freakishly people in costumes from the 1920’s, and a massive elevator full of blood that was flowing out of it, as much as there is.

Shelley Duvall and Danny Lloyd as the mother and son escaped by taking the chef guys snow vehicle. There was no psychic powers anymore by that boy, after that was over. They must’ve made it back to their apartment home in Denver, Colorado anyway. Jack Nicholson as the insane father was suffering getting lost as he gave up. He froze to death in the maze, the next morning.

The movie ended, with the hotel haunting gone as there was no one there. Nothing but the two dead bodies for what happened minutes early. The father was spirited away in a photograph of the hotel in the 1921 Ball, taken on the 4th of July.

The morale is to keep away from haunted hotels, cabin fever, mental breakdowns, and ghost stories of Colorado, USA. They can let your imagination go wild as the snow up there, can get worse.

Between this movie and the book, the novel does say that they blew up the hotel by using the boilers to explode. Stanley Kubrick just made this movie, as he wanted no explosions.

This is a 7/10 star movie alright. There are some scenes in this than besides the horror, I do not want to hear, see, or never say at all. This is a classic horror movie in film history.

Misery (1990)

James Caan, Kathy Bates, Richard Farnsworth and Lauren Bacall, were in this hit horror classic story by Stephen King.

A romantic novelist almost dies in a car accident, due to a snowstorm in Colorado as a nurse brings him to her home, and aids him well. She’s a big number one fan of her so much, she begins to go crazy as she begins to become a psycho killer. She becomes that, after reading his book that’s not even published.

Burning that by flammable liquids and lighting it, he stats alive to write a new book for her, that will be a part of her book collection. Her book collection on those novels he wrote. For days and nights, he writes that book as he tries to kill her and stay out of trouble. He got caught by that stuff as he had his ankles hit by a sledgehammer. In a hobbling.

A sheriff came by as she knew he was coming. When he found him and before he knew it, he was shot by her two sided shotgun. After he had enough, he made a last night as he burned the papers and hit her in the head, many times as he can, as she was a psycho killer.

She died after that. 18 months later, walking again by cane, he was good as new as he decided to be careful on what he writes. Even for fans like that psycho killer nurse. Kathy Bates as that psycho killer nurse won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress after that, as the creator of ‘Family Guy’ years later, made a parody of this. The same went for ‘Robot Chicken’ on Charlie Brown.

Stephen King can be great on his novels, as long as they made any sense. On a classic horror story like this, that can take place in Colorado, 7/10 stars. Pretty good, but some parts I dislike in this. Not on the horror parts, but just some words I do not want to hear. Not swearing, but something I dislike.

Hobo with a Shotgun

It was brutal a bit, but not recommended for some people who wished to watch this. Rutger Hauer plays a homeless man as he enters a crime city.

The police don’t believe him, about the crime there is as he faces them himself. Grabbing a 20 gauge shotgun, he goes around the town killing criminals. Especially for the big boss. As he befriends a girl who’s a teacher, he tries to stay safe for him and her as they try to survive.

There have been homeless people dead in that city, having a rebellion, bloody violent scenes, how the hobo takes crime one shotgun shell at a time, as there have been two boys that killed kids in a school bus by using a flamethrower. It’s maybe like “Hot Fuzz”, “Walking Tall”, or “The Purge: Anarchy”, so its R rated. Adults only. Maybe like “Blade Runner”. It’s a 5 1/2 out of 10 star movie.

Some violent scenes remind me of “The Interview” and some “Tropic Thunder” in Vietnam, but still brutal. I wouldn’t watch something like that if I were you. In the end, as the rebellion and crime ends, the hobo dies for what he did, as he got shot by the police. Things have changed from that moment on I suppose.

And the best part that I’ve been looking for, the ending song of that movie. “Run With Us” from the kids cartoon TV show of “The Raccoons” as the song was sung by Lisa Lougheed. Just as the ones I’ve been looking for. I’ve been looking for that song since that was on Teletoon when I was 3 years old.

This movie is a brutal one, but I would recommend the song to be the best.

Walking Tall

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Johnny Knoxville from “Jackass” were together like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in “Hot Fuzz” as they took their hometown by law.

An army veteran came home as he knew the hometown he grew up, had changed. So he became sheriff as he had a friend who became deputy.

They have been taking on drug dealers, a casino boss, and a guy who might have drugs in his truck. So they have took that guys truck apart as Johnny loves taking things apart his way, since he and his friends were in the hit TV show, “Jackass”.

Not only there was these two, there was the boy who played Hector in the movie, “Holes” along with Shia LaBeouf in this movie. Just him. Not along with Shia. He was the nephew.

This is a 5/10 star movie. Just as long law goes in order by the police of that town.

Act of the Heart (1970 movie)

In one of Donald Sutherland’s early movies, he played a priest as this movie took place in Montreal and was filmed in Canada.

“The Act of the Heart” was about a French Canadian skater who was falling in love with a fiancé as she met this priest while skating. Played by Sutherland. Unfortunately, her fiancé died as she prayed everything in church for everything to change her life.

However, because I saw the end, after too much she can’t handle, she was on a hill on Mount Royal. With too much of that, she covered herself with flammable liquids and burned herself to death on a cold winter day. The movie ended on that woman, burning herself to death. All the way to the bones until she was a burnt crisp. The fire died down as she was dead from that to her black bones because of burning herself.

It’s a total suicide, no one would ever want to do. Not even freezing yourself to death on a winter night at -30 degrees.

It’s a 5/10 star movie. For as long we never do these things in Canada. Such as burning yourself by flammable liquids at over 1000 degrees and freezing yourself to death on a -30 cold winters night.

Executive Decision

Kurt Russell, John Leguizamo, Halle Berry, and Oliver Platt were together, in another one of those airplane attack movies since “Air Force One”. A plane hijacked by terrorists as it contained a deadly gas that can wipe out life on the eastern board of the US.

A commando squad was able to get on board the aircraft quietly as they took out the terrorists, close to the conclusion. They had to know where the deadly gas was at first, after climbing on board. Then starting a plan to take out the terrorists.

For what I’m more concerned, was how great Kurt and John worked together to save 400 passengers on that plane. One of them was the detonator. But they took the detonator out. For those terrorists look Russian, but more afghanistan type. Their leader was out of his mind on threading but was finally shot by John Leguizamo. Still, people like their type, you would never say that ‘n’ word at all to them.

It’s a good movie, as I rate only 5 1/2 out of 10 straight stars to this one.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Don Knotts was like Abbott and Costello when he was solving a case, while spending the night in a haunted house. Almost like their movie, “Hold That Ghost”.

A frightened reporter solves a case as he spends the night in a haunted house. In the morning, when he came out, it did took him a few days to solve the case as he did in the end.

For as of what I’ve watched, this can be a 5/10 star movie. Half bad, half good. So, be careful on what you see to believe.