Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Jamie O’Hara and I saw this at Cineplex theatres with our own eyes, since we saw “Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” in the summer of 2018.

This also explained the origin of Vegeta and Goku.

Planet Vegeta was the home world of these two Super Saiyans. Vegeta and a brother escaped before their home-world was destroyed by Frieza. An alien psycho with immense power, as he wouldn’t really care. However, just before that occurred, Bardock and his love named Gine had enough time to have their son Goku in a capsule, and was brought to Earth where the whole story began.

I would’ve thought on what Goku’s mom and dad were, before Planet Vegeta was destroyed no thanks to that psychopathic Frieza. But, he did got his ass kicked by Broly.

Several years later, while Goku, Bulma, and Vegeta were to catch all seven Dragon Balls, Lord Beerus took care of Bulma’s baby daughter.

However, from Frieza’s scheme to the furious battle between Goku and Vegeta against Broly, this was a moment to remember in Dragon Ball history. Our heroes did get help from Piccolo along with a female alien. And to tell the truth, this was my first Dragon Ball movie that I ever saw in movie theatres.

This really made me and Jamie smile a lot, as I’m glad to give this anime movie 10/10 stars and an ‘A++’.

25th anniversary of Detective Conan (Case Closed)

I thought if this was like “Yu-Gi-Oh”, where the main protagonist is a kid, and then he can be a man at some point, but almost or so I began to know about this.

On six seasons and six films that were made into English versions, a high school student named Jimmy Kudo who loved the loves by Conan A. Doyle, was also a detective for the police force. Until after solving a case at an amusement park, while he was suppose to hang out with Rachel Moore, vicious gangsters of the Black Organization nearly killed him with poison, but was turned back into a kid.

By living with Rachel and his detective father, and renaming himself ‘Conan Edogawa’, he had been watching her and protecting her ever since which is really neat. Although he didn’t find a cure, to revert him back to becoming older, but he sure needs to tell her the truth. However, he does fear that if he does tell the truth, those vicious gangsters of the Black Organization will find him and kill him. But we do need that to be revealed, and the final chapter to be told in an English version, so that this whole ‘Case Closed’ or ‘Detective Conan’ can have a successful conclusion.

Thus after 169 episodes, for the English version on ‘Case Closed’, 25 years passed by.

Today in January of 2019, this marks the 25th anniversary of ‘Case Closed’ or ‘Detective Conan’ as it has been those years since Jimmy Kudo was turned into a kid by those vicious gangsters of the Black Organization.

In North America, it was finished or unfinished for “Case Closed”. However for the Japanese version which is ‘Detective Conan’, it had been going onwards and so forth. But after that crossover with Lupin III from “Castle of Cagliostro”, Conan did met a girl who ended up like him, and had found some ways to revert back into an adult at some time. But are nearly close to bringing those Black Organization gangsters to be brought behind bars. However, he does need to make sure that Rachel Moore doesn’t fall in love and marry someone else, but he did tell her the truth anyway.

But we do need the final chapter to be ready in English dubbed, for the whole ‘Case Closed’ or ‘Detective Conan’ saga.

So for a smart detective, and his fiancé Rachel Moore, I sure wish them and this TV show, a happy anniversary for how it really has been 25 years lately.

Also in conclusion, here’s a moment that I really remember since I saw that Valentine’s Day episode.

YTV Promo- Yu-Gi-Oh

You won’t be playing ‘Go Fish’ when you’re playing that famous trading card game, since that anime TV show came out. This in fact was on that programming block that YTV had called ‘The Zone’ in which Carlos would be the host, as this would come on TV every night at 5 pm, from Monday’s to Friday’s.

The Duelist Kingdom in season one was only the beginning, as I remember the first promo.

This one was on their second adventure, during the second season before the third season, as it was all about for what Kaiba called, ‘Battle City Duels’. The whole ‘Battle City Duels’ was throughout season 2 and season 3, that Kaiba wanted the best players to go against him. He wanted all three of the God cards, as three players came from Egypt to face him also. His dominions too, before they left. They were on a zeppelin, before getting to an island that occurs to be the championship finals. That was before a spoiled brat made them late by making them ‘Enter the Shadow Realm’.

From avoiding his tricks and unravelling secrets, both that kid and everything he did were annihilated. And was never found again. What about Kaiba, Yugi, Mai, Tristian, Joey, Serenity, Bakura, the three players from Egypt and Kaiba’s younger brother? They faced the darkness at the championship finals of this whole ‘Battle City Duels’. Some of them were possessed, but were luckily rescued before someone activated a self destruct mechanism that destroyed the ‘Battle City Area’.

Kaiba and his younger brother escaped to his HQ by taking a dragon jet, while the rest went back home to their hometown. Everyone had said their goodbyes and thank you, as they were glad that this was all over.

It was thanks a lot to that on YTV alright.

YTV Promo- Beyblade

Since I was right about anime on YTV, these are two Beyblade promos that I remember watching.

At the time when Carlos did this programming block called ‘The Zone’ from Monday’s to Friday’s, there would be ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ first at 5 pm, and then ‘Beyblade’ at 5:30 pm. Me and my brothers were big fans at that time, as we played on both Beyblade and then the ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ trading card game after watching those TV shows before we can have our suppers.

The harsh part was that we weren’t allowed to have those at Elmdale Public School on 49 Iona Street, before “Battle B-Daman” merchandise were banned because of those marble shooters that were like water squirt pistols. They’re okay to play with them in the schoolyard, but not too close to the fence, and maybe in the gym rather than those lousy videotape movies that were harsh on rainy days. Just as long as they weren’t too loud on the volume.

During the time when the Beybladers were famous on YTV, I kept two characters that I loved on a secret. Both Miriah from season 1 and season 3, and then Hilary from season 2. Judy Tate also.

Top 8 Anime Dragons

Dragons. Fierce creatures. For they’ve been extinct since the Chinese Four Dragons, as how Japan fought against a few of those, and demons mostly. It was no wonder Hokusai did paintings of those in his life as an artist.

J.K. Rowling however in Britain, took hers too far as she made her dragons in novels too aggressive and too fierce. However, thanks to this photo, it would be interesting if the last ones were in the days of the First World War. Taking on the Axis and Allied Powers in the snowy battlefields of No Man’s Land on the Western Front. At the trenches shooting flames, burning soldiers alive in the trenches and in tanks, as they would also take on biplanes in the skies. Only these soldiers would have to terminate these fierce mountain dragons with extreme prejudice.

So anyway on dragons, I remember the first dragon I ever saw in anime when I was a fan of it’s shows on YTV and Teletoon. The big red one from “Cardcaptors” episode 31. ‘Dragon Slayer’. With the voice talents of Carly McKillip, Matt Hill, Maggie Blue O’Hara, Rhys Huber, Nicole Oliver, Kelley Sheridan, Jocelyne Loewen, and one more, one of Sakura’s friends finds a book that whenever she writes, it’ll bring a creature to life. The big red dragon was the massive one, as they didn’t want it to cause mayhem. I can’t tell you for what happened, cause well, that would be telling it wouldn’t it?

The second dragon that I ever saw in anime, was the Dragonite messenger in “Pokémon: The First Movie”. The one who sent the invitation to Ash and his friends on the Mew VS Mewtwo battle at a island stadium out at sea.

So in this list, these are the top 8 anime dragons. No Dragon type Pokémon will be included in this top 8 blog post, since they are different.

8. Blue Eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh). This happens to be Kaiba’s number 1# monster that he loves, whenever he plays that card game that can mean life or death against Yugi or anyone who dares to challenge him. Blue all over, armoured platted, with its claws eight times sharp, and can shoot lightening from his mouth, this happens to be one of the most top duel monsters in the trading card series. And whenever he combines two more with this dragon, he calls on the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon that’ll remind you of King Ghidorah.

7. Grandeeney (Fairy Tail). With soft thick white fur, and much better than the other two dragons in that TV series, this can be a dragon that can go very fast, and can slice the throat out of that voodoo vulture from Venus from that 1957 movie, “The Giant Claw”. She has very positive emotions towards humans, but also has immense speed, immense strength and immense durability. This dragon is also telepathic in which she can communicate with other dragons who are left alive. Maybe humans such as our courageous heroes.

6. The Blue Dragon (Blue Dragon). Years before Lord Beerus, you could say that he is like from Ancient Egypt. But he really isn’t. And I haven’t seen this dude in years. As a companion to that boy Shu, this dragon mostly appeared as his shadow while fighting against other monsters. The same thing to his friends, but are much different than him. However, he can leave his master when he can show his true form. His special attacks are bursting balls of energy from his mouth, blue flames, and a destructive blast that can cause an explosion. He maybe fierce, in both his true form and his shadow form, but I sure did miss this dragon.

5. Dragonoid (Bakugan: Battle Brawlers). Rather than those other seasons and adventures, the first adventure with him and Dan are best for the kids to watch on how these monsters do in that game that they play. Since he came from another world where the Bakugan came from, he had been Dan’s only friend since the games had begun. Although he did befriended Tigrerra, the white tiger Bakugan in which they made a great team. However, with the ability to create fire tornadoes, fire walls, and rapid firing, this fireball dragon can mean business before this whole adventure came to a conclusion.

4. A-Un (InuYasha). A two headed dragon companion to InuYasha’s older brother Sesshomaru, as this can fly and shoot lighting from the mouths. From the right head, it shoots blue lighting. From the left head, it shoots green lighting. As a kind friend and protector to that orphan girl Rin, this two headed dragon has been rescuing her from other demons no matter what. Especially when A-Un had also came into a combat battle against an army of zombie samurai’s in the third movie. As what they say. ‘Two heads are better than one’ on this lightning dragon.

3. Dragoon (Beyblade). Since this dragon was on the handle of an ancient katana, this dragon became Tyson’s Bit-Beast on his Beyblade for years. And is much better than that Pegasus in the ‘metal saga’. For this dragon can summon windy hurricanes, tornados, and storms whenever Tyson is in the Beyblade tournament. Dragoon also had defeated a blazing phoenix, several times against his rival Kai. And has never lost against him ever since. Although Dragoon was almost gone forever in the movie, “Beyblabe: Fierce Battle”, but Tyson managed everything to get him back.

2. Magnadramon (Digimon). The final Digimon evolution to Gatomon. Kari’s loving Digimon companion. Very rare and very fierce, no anime fan has seen this holy serpentine dragon in ages. Furry, fierce, and with ten wings on its back, this dragon Digimon appeared in two movies that you’ll really love on. Her special abilities are dragon fire and fire tornados. She was also remarkable enough to rescue Meiko’s loving Digimon companion, Meicoomon before the dark forces would get worse. And I can imagine if Kari (portrayed by Lara Jill Miller, the original voice of Kari) was riding on her, going through the clouds in the night sky, as you can see something that you’ll remember forever.

1. Shenron (Dragonball). As the number 1 dragon on the list, this wishing dragon can only give you one wish, once all seven Dragon Balls are together. Granting on those to resurrect someone from the dead, or restoring our world after mayhem and destruction, notable members like Goku and his friends can summon him, than the bratty villains that want those Dragon Balls. He does talk really, but wants your wish no longer than minutes before the Dragon Balls can go in their separate ways. And he does get flabbergasted and shocked whenever he sees Lord Beerus, in which you’ll really love.

Do you agree with my list? Which are your favourite anime dragons?

Von Ryan’s Express (1965)

Based on the novel by David Westheimer, and nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing, it’s all about hope, time, escaping, and beating the enemy by making it to freedom. Rather than meeting your fate in war by getting K.I.A.

With Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard, and James Brolin, this had no singing that Sinatra sang. It was all about escaping as this became one of Frank’s successful films that he ever did as an actor.

During the Second World War, just before Operation Husky (the Allied Invasion of Sicily, Italy), a USAF Colonel with a British Major made their effort on taking Allied prisoners by pushing their way out of a P.O.W camp through the fence, and took on those fat Italian officers who were in command of Mussolini.

When they made their out, it’ll remind you of how Charlton Heston did as Moses in “The Ten Commandments” from Cecil B. Demille. Unfortunately, this made the German army very cross. They took them on a large steam train until they hijacked it. They killed the officers and guards, as they began to outsmarted the Germans as the Nazi’s, the Gestapo, and Italians as some of the Allies took their clothes and were in disguised as the enemy.

Through station to station, from Germany occupied Italy, they made their way to make it through the mountains of the Swiss Alps so that they’ll make it to freedom. There were causalities to the Allies, as how some Krauts were chubby, but they Allies did beat them for sure.

And I can tell you this. It was the very first time that Frank Sinatra shot a female that almost got away. She was a sourpuss kraut who wouldn’t care. Even if she were pregnant all of a sudden before her stomach could get as big as a ticking time bomb.

So for a success, 8/10 stars is what I give. Although there were some errors like the numbers on a train locomotive, and how some kidnapped German people would make their escape, before getting shot, but I’m sure Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy Sinatra would be proud of her dad cause for what he did was very terrific.

Movies on killer whales (orcas) and how we need to save them

Ever since I saw those “Free Willy” movies, than that lousy animated TV series, I thought orcas were magnificent. And yet, like the polar bears, they haven’t been breeding in ages which makes things worse. Cause like the polar bears, orcas are getting close to becoming an endangered species. We do not want them to go extinct forever really.

They need to live forever as how we care for them. Not cause so much pollution and bad problems. Therefore, they mustn’t become an endangered species. And mostly, we do need movies on killer whales in media. Finest ones. Bright ones. And very kind also.

Cause rather than their cameo appearances in “Jaws”, “Jaws 2”, and those disaster flicks that they think that killer whales are our enemy, they are not our enemy really.

We need more movies on orcas that can be our friends. Not as enemies. Just as how all four movies on “Free Willy” were. And since I saw Bindi Irwin for what she did, her father would be really proud of her. The original orca who played Free Willy too with those celebrities who helped him, and his family.

Studios such as Warner Bros, or Paramount Pictures, or 20th Century Fox, or Fox Searchlight Pictures mostly, they need to start making movies on orcas immediately. Not documentaries, or anything boring. Just some entertainment, and how we do need to care for these orcas.

For example, when Steve Irwin worked with director George Miller on “Happy Feet”, his movie was dedicated to Steve after that fateful moment that killed him. All about penguins in Antarctica that are threatened by mankind, and need to tell the truth. After they did tell the truth at the very end, fishing was banned in Antarctica. It was no wonder his masterpiece won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

That is something we definitely need on orcas. Especially if David Suzuki will love it. Make it as grand as how “Happy Feet” was, and how we definitely need to save orcas from being extinct. Polar bears too like the penguins. And maybe those pandas, lions, cheetahs and other animals that are being threatened by mankind, and how we do not want them to be endangered species.

I’d say it’s time to save orcas today at this very moment. I really care for these orcas and the environment as how David Suzuki would be.

Blood Diamond (2006)

From the director who did “Glory” and “The Last Samurai”, Edward Zwick, finding diamonds as treasures in another country is very difficult.

During the Sierra Leone Civil War in Africa, in the summer of 1999, cities in West Africa were being torn to pieces as they’ve been looking for blood diamonds for a very long time. Guerrilla warfare was massive, orphaned African children were P.O.W’s and were forced to be guerrillas by a warlord, as only a man of fortune and a fisherman were to find those diamonds before things would get worse.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connolly, Arnold Vosloo, and Djimon Hounsou were the only guys that I know of in this flick. DiCaprio and Hounsou in fact, they were nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor at the 79th Academy Awards ceremony.

In their quest on finding diamonds deep in Africa, it was mostly on pink diamonds. Pink diamonds such as those, and maybe some red rubies are super rare. It was no wonder that civil war was chaotic.

Although it maybe very aggressive on searching for that diamond, but became really emotional on that fisherman by finding his son who was taken by that warlord. They’ve rescued him in the nick of time, as how only the fisherman and his kid made it to safety. The soldier of fortune got shot and was found dead on a mountain, by watching the African landscape.

It wasn’t that long until in January, 2003, with the pink diamond locked in a safe, as how the fisherman’s family came together once more in London, England at last peacefully, 40 countries signed to an agreement by bringing that civil war to an end.

Africa has been very glad that guerrilla warfare shall be no more. So for a success, and how this was nominated for two Oscar awards, 8/10 stars.