Have you ever heard the saying “Be careful what you wish for”? Well this happens in this stop frame animated movie before “ParaNorman”. About a girl who moves into a new home that’s not what she seems to like. But when she finds a door that’s leads to another world, it was even better than expected. But the thing was everyone except her were wearing buttons as eyes!

But she’s not alone. She even met a black cat from her real world that he talks! And 3 ghost children. So working together, they found out this whole worlds a trap. They would have to save those three ghost children, and her parents also by that other mother. Who’s skinny and butt ugly as a bug, and wants to keep Coraline forever.

Starring Dakota Fanning, Ian McShane, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Keith David, and David Bailey Jr. In fact, the word “Coraline”, almost rhythms with “Caroline”. Doesn’t mean the cat in the title for the letter, “L” has to deal with a Caroline here!!

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The Grey

Starring Liam Neeson, he plays in a movie where its a good day to die. After a plane crashes in the Alaska wilderness, a group of men fight for their lives when they are being hunted by man eating wolves who like to eats their guts out! On snowy snowstorms, but mostly at night. One by one, they get eaten. Until they had to stay away from the light of fire. They even met a lack wolf close up!! And they only even killed one that almost killed one of them! There are 2 types of wolves. Alpha and Omega. And you can hear them howling at night together than coyotes. They even ate one of them!! Well, only on the meat. To make matters worse, the wolves even howl louder only when they are closer. Even cutting a wolf’s head that’s better than “Lord of the Flies”!! But they can hear the bigger ones that howl loud than never, like in “Stand By Me”.

But as the guy played by Liam stands alone, fights against the wolves. But after the end credits, the guy and the wolf died. It seems that the wolves won. Neither of the men didn’t survived.

The Wind Rises

In Hayao Miyazaki’s last film to announce, this is the only Japanese anime movie I must see in theaters. About a young invention who makes designs of planes as he falls in love with a girl who relates to him. I found out such a great cast this movie has. Will be released in theaters on February 21st this year. Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, Emily Blunt, Martin Short, John Krasinski, Stanley Tucci, Elijah Wood, Mandy Patinkin, William H. Macy, Mae Whitman, and Jennifer Grey. I definitely want to see this! It’s the last of Studio Ghibli and what’s left of Hayao Miyazaki! I believe in him, for what he did for everything he had done. All of his movies. The way I love Studio Ghibli, and Japanese anime, is all what great animation comes better than those cartoons we see today that aren’t so good. Ever since 2000, they came out mostly, there have been some on TV until by Summer 2010. Luckily there are some, but aren’t so good. Only a film critic knows the good way of a Japanese anime movie and a TV show.

The Lego Movie

In more than a matter of years such as since 1995 and 1999, this stop frame animation movie will all have everything made of Lego. With all Lego figures, some stuff from it’s sets, a Lego world will be revealed! And with a construction figure named Emmett, he can be the hero. There are Lego figures such as Superman, Abraham Lincoln, the Statue of Liberty, a clown, a forest man, a cop, Wonder Woman, an artist, a mermaid, knights, an old space man, AND MORE!!!

When that movie comes out, the fate of their world will be in his yellow hands! You know what? This will be the greatest movie since “Digimon: The Movie”, and those “Pokemon” movies that made it to theaters!! Think about it?

Starring Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, and Will Ferrell! The cast looks great, but why Will Ferrell?

The Monuments Men

This is a movie that has never been told of! Set in WWII, this American platoon go behind enemy lines into Nazi Germany, into Berlin to steal many treasures and artifacts before D-Day begins. Even bring back artifacts to artist owners. And such a great cast!

George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, Cate Blanchett, Sam Hazeldine, and Dimitri Leonidas!

This movie will be directed by George Clooney himself also! It will be in theaters on the first week of February, as long as they can steal enough treasure, and with only 10 actors and a actress, this shall be less people for the mission than “The Dirty Dozen”!

Will they survive this, or will Matt Damon face death when the soldiers saved him in “Saving Private Ryan”?

I, Frankenstein

From the book by Mary Shelley, this wind up dystopian time, it happens in a future after Dr. Victor Frankenstein after he created his monster and named him ‘Adam’, Adam Frankenstein the monster, goes in a war between gargoyles and demons in a ancient city.

Aaron Eckhart, ever since he played Harvey Dent/Two Face in “The Dark Knight”, plays as that superhuman being. He did looked hidious as Two Face, but never has Frankenstein ever fought against gargoyles such as the ones in churches, catherdals and maybe Notre Dame! He should maybe meet Quasimodo, I think.

Besides him, are Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney as the leader of the gargoyle army, Kevin Grevioux, and Aden Young as Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Will that concern you than the Mary Shelley story?

Willy the Sparrow

In one my early days, since I became a film critic, one of these movies I watched at Elmdale Elementary School, this was one of them. This made me okay to watch, than the rest that we hate to watch. This was called, “Willy the Sparrow”. About a sick boy, who goofs around learns a lesson as an old lady uses a magic spray can until he becomes a sparrow! On a adventure he flies around in the city, he meets new friends as he learns on never to harm any animal at all, even when in trouble. A old guy sparrow even drank wine and became drunk! With good music, and a great adventure, he becomes a boy again in the end. Even when that old guy sparrow becomes a human and he and the old woman would have a great relationship. The good part of this movie, was that female cat who was looking for her. I like the way she was dressed up because of that clothing on her head. Even in the end, when she, the boy, and the sparrows go home together, even when that boy has that spray can! So I’d say, 2 1/2 stars to say, good story!