The 5th Wave

Like “Enders Game” presumably, but like “Super 8”, this showed how an alien invasion can be. Especially aliens are in the bodies of humans, and are disguised as humans.

With Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson from “Jurassic World”, and Liev Schreiber from “Defiance” and that X-Men origin movie of Wolverine, they are the only stars I know in this movie.

As we all know, like “Independence Day” and many other alien movies, aliens want to take over Earth and kill us all. That’s what these were. As they cut off power, sent out tsunami waves, earthquakes, and killed people in a virus they gave out, they were totally getting clever. But by the time when they were in disguised as humans, that was how things went a little off hand.

After a teenage girl and his younger brother lost their parents in those waves, and got separated, they had to be reunited together. When kids and teenagers had to fight as soldiers, they were very young doing that. Especially shooting their assault rifles.

It went good throughout the movie. The two things are on those aliens, is one, they were alien drones flying around, close to the forest, and two, is how some alien parasites, got into the minds of a human. Like a facehugger from the “Alien” franchise.

This is a ‘B+’ movie I rate. Kinda scary for kids, but this is based on a novel by Rick Yancey. And not only that, this movie was produced by Tobey Maguire. The very first actor who played Spider Man once. At least he loved hanging out with J.K. Simmons, Bruce Campbell, James Franco, and Kristen Dunst from “Kiki’s Delivery Service” as Kiki from Studio Ghibli. But where on Earth is Willem Dafoe who played Sgt. Elias from “Platoon”, when you need him?

Si Robertson, then and now


This was Si Robertson when he served in the Vietnam War, as a soldier. And that picture beside that, is him retired. Before he went onto “Duck Dynasty”.

When he was a student long ago, he dropped out of of a university in Louisiana after three quarters,  as he went onto the United States Army. At the time when the Vietnam War begun. Like Charlie Sheen in “Platoon”, dropping out of college, and serving in the Vietnam War, that’s what he did I presume.

During his time in the war, his mom would sent him two boots, a set of Tupperware cups, two jars of jalapeno peppers in each boot, beans and rice by U.S. Mail. He loved jalapeno peppers as he would eat that. One time while fighting in the war, he was rarely seen drinking ice tea without drinking from a plastic cup. It treated him in his importance.

Although it was tough long ago, fighting in the jungles in Vietnam, as he would have the right stuff he needs to survive. But he was lucky when his mom would do that. In case on giving him needs and wants.

The horrors of Vietnam may have frightened him, but he fought very hard and made it out in one piece.

If I’d given him a wish at that time, I would’ve saved his butt, as he would see the jungles of Vietnam go up in flames, firebombed as explosions would boom everywhere. Like the 4th of July fireworks he would see at home. Like destroying every jungle in the world, especially that jungle we all know from Rudyard Kipling’s story we all know. “The Jungle Book” as those jungles like Vietnam in Africa, would be firebombed for good. That way, we don’t want to see anymore versions of that story; especially Disney that we all hate on. For what they did that’s not very good. Except for the 1942 version with Sabu.

As Si served in the Vietnam War, and after it was over for him, he stayed in the U.S. Army until his retirement in 1991. He was Sergeant First Class when he retired. Finally, he was recognized for his military career as an exhibit was for him. At the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum in Monroe, Louisiana, USA.

He may have seen Dale Dye, R. Lee Ermy, Gustav Hasford, Ron Kovic, or Oliver Stone, but he sure was pretty lucky to be serving his time in the war. With the help of his mom.

Makiko Futaki (1958-2016)


Born in 1958, and passed away on Friday, May 13th in 2016, the most unluckiest day of the year, she was a Studio Ghibli animator. And the best to Hayao Miyazaki the most. Even as to be remained a legend.

Makiko Futaki, as a Studio Ghibli animator, she helped Hayao Miyazaki create his Studio Ghibli movies long ago and now. Her job she worked on, was to make sure the animation was good I think. And give it good quality and color. So that when we see its movies on the big screen, we’ll know it’s remarkable.

On that day she passed away, she was 58 years old.

She may have saw “Only Yesterday” in English dubbed, with the voice talents of Daisy Ridley, Dev Patel, and etc by GKids, but we should thank her and Studio Ghibli to their movies. Hayao Miyazaki too for the most as a director.

As she will rest in peace, we’ll never let Studio Ghibli down at all. She must be remembered in the Oscars for sure.

Major League (1989)

On this straight ‘A’ baseball comedy movie, this showed winning than besides being in last place.
Tom Berenger, Wesley Snipes and Charlie Sheen were in this movie as they were splendid. This was filmed in 1989. Which meant it was three years since Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger were in “Platoon” in 1986. As that won Best Picture in the Academy Awards long ago. This was their second movie together, on Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger.

When a baseball manager lady wanted this team to be in last place, it would make her be sarcastic as they would move to Miami. Even when she would close down the stadium. So an inmate, a official player, a comedian, a voodoo prayer, and more baseball players were to win this once and for all.

This made them happy as they won the championship finals, in the end of the movie. That woman manager was finished, as they glad they beat the New York Yankee’s.

And come to the think of it, Charlie Sheen did had cool hair as an inmate. But his hair was better in ‘Platoon’. And when I look at Tom Berenger, between this and ‘Platoon’, there is a difference I found. In ‘Platoon’, as a sergeant who is facing the war in the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia, he had a scar on his face. Until his death after the battle was over. In this one, he was good looking.

Although stars like Willem Dafoe, Kevin Dillon, Johnny Depp, Dale Dye, Forest Whitaker, and other legendary actors were good looking. Right now, they are to remained as legends. Even if they are old today or not.

And when I look at Charlie Sheen wearing glasses, he can’t be a nerd from that ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ movie. On this baseball movie, a straight ‘A’ on this here.

Top 10 mazes in media, especially movies

Mazes. An obstacle labyrinth as you have to find your way out. Cause the only way out, is through the maze. As there have been many types. Hedge mazes, mirror mazes, stone wall mazes, moving mazes, glass window mazes, fence mazes, and so many mazes, there can be no way out unless you have help. Or end up dead by something that lurks. And I am counting down the top 10 mazes they ever show in media, especially movies. (TV shows included here).



10. “Yu-Gi-Oh!: Pyramid of Light”. In the time, back when the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game series, became popular back then, everyone loved them. Especially the anime TV show, when it was once aired on YTV. As things went serious, that was when this first movie came out. In the cinema theaters, as it aired only once on YTV. I saw that with my own eyes. Especially “Beyblade: Fierce Battle” as their first movie to the Beyblade series, as that was aired on TV only once, on YTV. In this anime movie, was a pyramid maze. As there was fighting and battling in games, a darkness came upon as then came this pyramid maze. Yugi, Joey, Tristian and Téa were the maze runners in this, when they were being chased by live actual mummies. Téa got freaked out by them, as the rest went on mummy hunting, killing the Egyptian living dead. In that maze, is similar to number 1 on this, as this maze, is just like what artists created of paintings of mazes. When mazes can be a jagged. When you go up, down, sideways, and longways. Interesting in this, as long as the Egyptian living dead is not chasing you.

9. “Time Bandits”. When a 11 year old boy and a group of dwarves got into an adventure, in search of treasure, they have to go through these mazes like so. In many twists and turns, there is a prize at the end. A big jewel, beyond darkness. When you look at these mazes, they have to stay on top but don’t fall off, all the way down. Or you’ll be lost forever. That’s the rule of the game.

8. “Wrath of the Titans”. As a sequel to the new version of “Clash of the Titans”, Perseus and his men were trapped in a big stone maze. And on their way to the underworld, Perseus played by Sam Worthington ran into a Minotaur. Half man, half bull. More human like, but ugly on the face and horns. Usually, a labyrinth is what Minotaur’s are in. Squared mazes. But this one was to destroy Perseus and his followers, for what Hades and Aries ordered it to. The maze in that, was unbelievable. Stone walled, gigantic, as it can be many hours long to get you through. Even while sliding down to the underworld.


7. “The Maze Runner”. Based on the novel, along with two sequels, a group of boys were trapped in the middle of a maze. They wondered, on who sent them here, and why for a reason. The only out, is through the maze. Without getting attacked by robotic bug monsters known as Grievers. By day, they try to find a way out when the doors are open that lead into the maze. By sunset and at night, the doors close, as no one goes into the maze at night while the Grievers are around. While finding a way out, the maze in that was shifting, and can change in a matter of seconds each day, by the hour. When they did at last, they realized they were being experimented by a evil organization known as ‘W.C.K.D’. The World Catastrophe Kill zone Department. As they believed, ‘W.C.K.D is good’, that was a bad idea. Experimenting on teenage boys. Avoiding infected zombies when the sun scorched the Earth, they joined a resistance. With Canadian actor Barry Pepper as the leader. Like a true John Connor. And by taking on that organization, the old lady scientist, Dr. Paige played by Patricia Clarkson was dead as a Dillenger. She deserves to die for what she did on those boys in that maze.

6. “Your Highness”. Related to ‘Wrath of the Titans”, and a ‘Mystery Hunters’ episode that show the true deal, they show a real Minotaur in a maze. When James Franco, Danny McBride, his servant and Natalie Portman were trapped in a maze, they ran into a Minotaur as it was raping Danny McBride’s servant. Shoving his privates up his butt. That is how these guys are funny when they do these movies. The Minotaur in that, was more bull like than the one in “Wrath of the Titans”. I prefer that better than number 8 on this post. The maze in that, was really good, as it had thorn vines on the thick stone walls.

img_2369  img_2370
5. “The Shining”. From the book by Stephen King, and directed by Stanley Kubrick, there is the hedge maze behind the haunted hotel. And the most biggest one in film history. In the autumn, it is cool for Wendy and Danny to check it out. By the end of the movie, when Jack goes insane, and tries to murder his family, Danny lead him to the snowy hedge maze. On that very night, when they left. While Wendy played by Shelley Duvall gets freaked out by the horrors of the haunted hotel, Danny planned a trick on his crazy father. That was when he got lost, as he and his mom were reunited. When he found his way out. They left the hotel by going back to their apartment on a snowcat, as the insane father, weak and tired in the maze, was left behind. He froze to death and was spirited away by the ghosts of the hotel. That gigantic maze was so enormous, you could totally get yourself lost. No wonder Stanley Kubrick was an expert and genius on his ideas for his movies. Especially when he had the idea for the maze.

4. “Enter the Dragon” with Bruce Lee. In the end of this epic Bruce Lee movie, he goes after the villain where he ends up in a mirror maze. Like “Conan the Destroyer”, he had to smash some of the mirrors. And by getting that villain, he killed him by pushing him at a sharp metal stake. Stabbed in the back and through his body. That showed how great he is, in his martial arts skills. And got famous scratches while fighting. For what he did in that, was epic. In Japanese and Chinese cinematography and film history.

3. “Jungle Run”, a game TV show. From the 1st season with Chris Jarvis, in this action game TV show, there is the pyramid maze. As there are five monkey statues to collect, a player was to go down into the pyramid maze, grab many statues, and get out as soon as they can. Cause whenever they enter, they set off a booby trap. Meaning that they have 2 minutes and 15 seconds to get out. Or else they’ll be stuck in there to pay the price. During this, while one player is in the maze, the two players are to communicate with that. On opening the doors. It’s better when that player makes it out, but not good when a player is trapped inside.




2. “The Cat Returns”. From Studio Ghibli, this masterpiece showed on how Haru, as a catgirl, after the ballroom dance with Baron, and rescuing her, they got help from Yuki. A white cat. The only way out, to get her back to the real world, is to go through the the Cat King’s maze. And upwards to the highest point of the tower before sunrise. With Muta cheating on the walls, Baron was able to protect Haru from the Cat King’s guards. And with some cat cheaters blocking the way, Baron pushed them down. Lined up like domino’s, they fell like domino’s. And that wasn’t so bad for them, wasn’t it? After that, they climbed the tower until they made it through.




img_2408  img_2407

1. “Cardcaptors” on the episode, ‘No Way Out’. In the first or second season of that popular anime TV series, that aired on Teletoon once as I saw this, with my own eyes, this episode showed after meeting their new teacher, Layla McKenzie, Sakura, Madison, Meilin and Li got trapped in a big green maze. When it came upon them, that was when the game in that began. They tried going over walls or cut their way through the walls, but no avail. It became like what artists imagined, as it can be jagged. The way the paths can be upside down, or sideways. However, rescue came for them at last. Their own new teacher herself. Layla McKenzie. Using a big bell, she smashed down the walls, with just one hit to it. They made it out, as Sakura captured that as a Clow card. It all went well for good, as their teacher helped out.

Later in the third season, on the episode, ‘When Stars Falls’, she transformed that maze card and a illusion card into Star Cards when something happened on a special night. She made everything remarkable as everyone there, including her and Yue loved it.

As that goes on my top 10 mazes, that showed on TV and movies, followers will have to be careful for what lurks in a maze. Just like how they did. Such as booby traps, bull mans, deadly spirits, mummies and the living dead. And to be sure to find a way out.

The Devil’s Brother (1933)

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, were in this “Barry Lyndon” and “Robin Hood” type movie that had ever took place in Italy in the early 18th century. As this is my 2nd Laurel and Hardy movie I saw.

It was in 1933, before their big hit of “March of the Wooden Soldiers” later on. How they were funny together as their talent, were brought into that big hit of ‘Babes in Toyland’.

Laurel and Hardy play as two poor travelling men, as they were robbed. They play as bandits as they were working for a serious thief master as he and his men caught them in the forest.

They got into a scam as they were to steal jewels. They got away quickly as they were funny in this. Drunk, woozy and spinning out of control. As this is for Laurel and Hardy fans, I give this a ‘C+’.


Rupert Grint since he was Ron Weasley in “Harry Potter, and Ron Perlman since he was in “Hellboy”, as the actual Hellboy, they were together in this. Based on an actual true event.

In 1969, Apollo 11 was launched during the Space Race. After President Kennedy said his famous speech. Some feared that they may never make it. So a Vietnam War veteran, a failing band manager, and a Stanley Kubrick impersonator were to find Stanley Kubrick, and make an epic scam. By faking the 1969 moon landing.

It was after the time Stanley Kubrick, created his masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey” right before Apollo 11 was launched. He worked so hard on this, he felt proud of himself when this movie changed everything. After Kubrick won only one Oscar in his masterpiece, he believed alien life could exist out there. However, he was onto his next movie as these three were the only ones to do the fake moon landing.

Working with hookers and dealerships, smoking on pot on weed, this actually did happened. In England when they just wanted to have fun, and smoke on weed. They were not like the US when they were competing against the Soviets. It was different in the time of the 60’s.

While doing this, an old mad crime boss in London really wanted revenge for what happened early. So they had gone into a little bit of a twist. Especially when Rupert Grint as an astronaut was holding a stakeout shotgun.

After this was told throughout the world secretly, Stanley Kubrick had an interview. About the fake moon landing. The man behind the operation was a USAF general, as an inspiration from “Dr. Strangelove”. While in London, some of the scenes were an inspiration to Stanley Kubrick’s, “A Clockwork Orange”.

As they mentioned Kubrick’s movies such as “Dr. Strangelove”, “Lolita”, “Killer’s Kiss”, “The Killing”, “Paths of Glory”, “Spartacus” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”, this is a movie I recommend for Kubrick fans, party poopers such as my brothers, historians on the Space Race, and smoking guys only, like my neighbor, JR Watson. The Golf King at a indoor golf place in Ottawa.

Not recommended for young kids. For what I rate on this, “B+”.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Based on a 1960 classic with Frank Sinatra, George Clooney was Danny Ocean in this 2001 version. 

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Scott Caan, Elliot Gould, Eddie Jemison, Shaobo Qin, and Andy Garcia are Ocean’s Eleven. 

All thief masters, as they planned to rob a casino in Las Vegas in just one night. On grabbing millions of dollars in cash, and getting it all out the door in one piece. 

With cleverness and tricks up their sleeve, they were able to fool the millionaire and the SWAT teams when they made it out alive. Bringing up more than $150,000,000. Wow!! 

10/10 stars and a ‘A+’ on this. Good movie. Almost like the best ones I rated.