2010- The Year we make contact

In a sequel to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, Dr. Heywood Floyd played by Roy Scheider works with American and Soviet astronauts to find the ship that is stranded at Jupiter. And find out more on the mysteries in space after reconnecting HAL and connecting the ship to their spacecraft. But when a ghost of David Bowman played by Keir Dullea appears, he would tell them that something wonderful is going to happen.

So they’ve left the ship in the end, as they found out that Jupiter is being sucked by monoliths! As they left the ship behind, HAL, the ship and all of Jupiter is destroyed as an explosion happens! And all what’s left is a star in the sky the whole wide world sees. It showed about peace, time, and happiness as they would watch at this.

Roy Scheider, Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, and Douglas Rain and are very good actors as they are good astronauts. Stanley Kubrick and the author are maybe lunatics, but they want to believe in the future too.


2001- A Space Odyssey

In a movie I first saw a bit, there was this ape, a bone, the music, and the future on space! It was to talk about space travel. Before I know the title, there was all this as we know about time and space. The ‘2001’ version of “Planet of the Apes”, we all know not to mess up the space time continuum. That’s for what Mark Wahlberg did when he came home and there were apes.

But this movie talks about in space, you can get spirited away. And that’s what it is. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, and made by the novel, Arthur C. Clarke, this is a future about space that has happened in 1999 and 2001. But this is all make believe and never happened in 1999 and 2001. The actual years. It showed what was true in the movie. In the dawn of man, and in the movie, there was a monolith. A black rectangle. That makes a big difference on alien life. It made an loud noise when it was on the moon, as it was lead in a Jupiter mission.

When two crew members are awake, and three in cryogenics, they head for Jupiter as they have a talking computer. HAL-9000. They are played by Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea. They are the two astronauts. A Canadian actor named Douglas Rain plays as HAL 9000! But when the computer malfunctioned, it killed all four. The one played by Keir Dullea disconnected him as he left the ship to investigate when it reached Jupiter.

The monolith in which made a portal, lead him spirited away as he’s transformed into a space baby. It was suppose to show the life for space and evolution. I wonder if you whack at it, the baby will cry? Correct? That was when a sequel was made in 1984. You’ll see!

The Little Engine That Could- 1991

In 2011, when the most famous children’s story came out on DVD, it was the story by Watty Piper. “The Little Engine That Could”. But I never liked that version. The version I watched when I was starting to know was a 1991 version of ‘The Little Engine That Could’. I remember it when I used to live on Reid Avenue in Ottawa.

It was the mostly like the book I read, as the classic blue engine was like the one in the book! The one in the 2011 version was like one of the talking trains in “Chuggington”.

Even when I first loved trains, I still remembered much media in the past that I watched while growing up. Even when I show things like this today. And so on, I think a version like this, would be more specific to anyone that understands the story.

And the song, “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” was a good song. On YouTube, people would make a Thomas the Tank Engine parody of it, the whole thing. And if they make a video movie special on YouTube such as “The Eds Adventures of The Lorax”, they would have the Eds, Little Bear, Tillie and the whole train of it, some pals from Thomas the Tank Engine, and maybe some Pokémon and the colonists from ‘Pocahontas’!

This half an hour movie is classic like the story, but more better than the 2011 version. But it was cool on the voices. Patrick Warburton was a caboose, Whoopi Goldberg as a tower, and Jamie Lee Curtis as a clown.


This was a TV show I remembered that was good, and maybe a friend of mine named Erik remembers it too. It even had Lego toys on the figures! I remembered when I had one. Even my neighbors have pieces of those up in Gatineau.

‘Galidor’ was a TV show about a boy, and a girl that have this device and a machine that transports them into outer dimensions. They made funny faces in the first episode! In the dimensions, they have to stop the universe before a ugly looking alien takes it over. With the help of a robot, a big toad, and a blue yeti dude, they try to save all this.

But that’s not all, the boy can have the ability to shift into parts of his body. Like robotic arms, plane wings, and more! This was a good show, but now I saw what has happened to him at the end. Don’t want to spoil it, but was a little different.

ReBoot- a TV show

This TV show didn’t make any sense in some episodes as there was the finale of it finally. It originally happened on YTV, and was last seen on Teletoon Retro. Finally, now its gone for sure.

It was a digital world about network warriors that want to protect the world from forces of evil that want to wreck up networks. There were three warriors, one which a child, and a big red dog. And to program themselves with abilities, they would press a reboot button on their uniforms as they are dressed up.

In the first season, and maybe the second was good, but in the third the child becomes a renegade as he tries to find his friends again. In the final episode, that wraps it up as I don’t want to see it again for good! And for a report on that, “E—“.

Flat!- A TV Show

This TV show I watched myself only lasted for a few weeks on YTV. It made a bit of sense but had no word for what has ever happened in the final episode. It was about being flat as paper.

When a kid came home and brought many magazines, he was transported in those magazines as he was flat like paper and how they did a magazine type cartoon. When the boy ran into a girl, she could help him. And they did. Throughout some episodes, they would find a portal that takes the boy back home. So far, there were only a few.

Each episode would begin in a magazine, when a portal opens as the boy and girl would fall in. And it would end as they enter another portal to the next and hopefully last one.

When there was nothing that TV show can do, that was cancelled from YTV for good. Hopefully, the boy found his way back home as the girl form the magazines decided to stay in the real world or back in the magazine world.

In the future, YTV or Teletoon would both have the last episode for a TV finale for the end of that.

Action Man- 2000

Ever since me and my brothers found out about the Max Steel figure we found, there was another TV show we watched when we were very young related to Max Steel.

Like Max Steel, this guy was the greatest hero of them all. Action Man. An adrenaline hero of action and daredevils as he faces dangerous villains that want to control anything and take over the world. He can dodge arrows, think of best ideas to save the day, and goes “Rev it up!”.

He does have a few weaknesses about visions. But he needs to face them unless he is capable on doing it. He is like Max Steel. But both heroes we trusted on are both greatest heroes. We even own toys when we were young. I liked when he had a parachute.

Good memories, for all three. Me and my brothers.

Max Steel- 2000

A few years ago, before my brothers became popular on models like Zoolander, they won a prize at a party for being the best popular bros. even in high school I think. It was a golden figure. They think it was another boy doll on those Barbie’s, but when I realize a wrist watch on it, me and my bros. were surprised to see what it was. It was a Max Steel figure!

Long ago, when me and my brothers were very young, we watched a hit TV show in 2000 and had popular toys about it. Max Steel. About a spy, an action man, and a hero who’s always charged up on electricity and computers.

With the help of his team, he would save the world because of man villains including one that has the face of a Terminator!

“Great show. Hell over for a third straight year”. Charlton Heston would say that in ‘The Omega Man’ for a hit TV show. But now things have changed, they made a reboot and I decided not to watch that type of version. This version here is way more better and classic than that. Childhood memories.

Where Eagles Dare

Starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood, these two play as soldiers disguised as Nazi’s as they try to rescue a U.S. Army General from a castle up in the snowy mountains. A whole team of commando’s went through, only them, two women and the general made it out. The rest were killed by the Germans.

What was so impressive was that they were good in demolition bombs, avoiding getting killed by the Germans, locking doors, getting away from traitors, doing very good stunts, and so much more this a first class adventure movie! This one here, “A+”. They even got to the plane and took off in the end like “Get to the chopper!”.

This was their early movies of Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood before they were seen in other movies. Clint was pretty well with those MP40 submachine guns as Richard was awesome in the gadgets. As far as I know, they have made a few tricks about their identities as the officers would fall into that, and get shot by the silencer pistols.

So here, “A+”, and I must be proud of Richard Burton. He was amazing in some movies, but was dedicated to the memory of him when he did in “1984” before his death. And Clint, was spectacular. For a moment there, I thought he would get killed. But he didn’t. Looks like these two are Hollywoods best known actors.