Von Ryan’s Express (1965)

Based on the novel by David Westheimer, and nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing, it’s all about hope, time, escaping, and beating the enemy by making it to freedom. Rather than meeting your fate in war by getting K.I.A.

With Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard, and James Brolin, this had no singing that Sinatra sang. It was all about escaping as this became one of Frank’s successful films that he ever did as an actor.

During the Second World War, just before Operation Husky (the Allied Invasion of Sicily, Italy), a USAF Colonel with a British Major made their effort on taking Allied prisoners by pushing their way out of a P.O.W camp through the fence, and took on those fat Italian officers who were in command of Mussolini.

When they made their out, it’ll remind you of how Charlton Heston did as Moses in “The Ten Commandments” from Cecil B. Demille. Unfortunately, this made the German army very cross. They took them on a large steam train until they hijacked it. They killed the officers and guards, as they began to outsmarted the Germans as the Nazi’s, the Gestapo, and Italians as some of the Allies took their clothes and were in disguised as the enemy.

Through station to station, from Germany occupied Italy, they made their way to make it through the mountains of the Swiss Alps so that they’ll make it to freedom. There were causalities to the Allies, as how some Krauts were chubby, but they Allies did beat them for sure.

And I can tell you this. It was the very first time that Frank Sinatra shot a female that almost got away. She was a sourpuss kraut who wouldn’t care. Even if she were pregnant all of a sudden before her stomach could get as big as a ticking time bomb.

So for a success, 8/10 stars is what I give. Although there were some errors like the numbers on a train locomotive, and how some kidnapped German people would make their escape, before getting shot, but I’m sure Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy Sinatra would be proud of her dad cause for what he did was very terrific.


Etsuko Ichihara (1936-2019)

Since we lost Isao Takahata and Kirin Kiki in 2018, she came to an end unfortunately.

In more than 100 films in Japan since 1957, she was notable for being the voice of Hilda in “Horus, Prince of the Sun”, and Hitoha Miyamizu in that famous anime movie, “Your Name”.

She was the girl’s grandmother before Glynis Ellis took her role in the English version.

Born in Chiba, Japan on January 24th, 1936, just before Japan entered the Second World War in the Pacific, she survived luckily until she got into acting in 1957, 12 years later.

After she was in “Cyborg 009 and the Monster Wars” in 1967, 1968 was when she met Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki, as she got the role of Hilda in “Horus, Prince of the Sun”. The directional debut of Isao Takahata. His first anime movie, before Studio Ghibli as both directors made their partnership.

By looking at her character of Hilda, she is a damsel who loves all living animals, and has became a kind friend to Horus, on fighting against the demon of ice.

Next years later in 1989, came her role as Miss Shizuma in “Black Rain”. Centred on the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in Japan. This made her won the Japan Academy Prize for Best Supporting Actress. Almost like an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress, but different. She definitely deserved it.

Throughout her days of acting, she never went to North America. Until by 2016, after meeting with Makoto Shinkai, she was given the role of the girl’s grandmother in his latest work, “Your Name”.

By looking at her character, in one of her final film roles, she is a kind and sweet grandmother to her grandkids. Mitsuha Miyamizu, her granddaughter however, with the help of a boy who lives in the city, both of them were trying to break that curse on how they were swapping bodies, and change the course of history that could affect their lives.

Etsuko must’ve been flabbergasted when it came to North America in 2016, and became one of the popular anime movies since “Ghost in the Shell” and “Princess Mononoke” in the 1990’s.

Three years later, on Saturday, January 12th, 2019, nearly two weeks before her 83rd birthday, she died of a heart failure at the age of 82, just after 1:30 pm at a Tokyo hospital.

She may have had a successful career in acting, but she did deserve those anime roles by those three famous directors. And I can tell her one thing to Miss Etsuko Ichihara.

Miss Etsuko Ichihara-san, say hi to Isao Takahata for me when you get to heaven, will you?

Everyone will miss her, as how we really miss Isao Takahata.

Movies on killer whales (orcas) and how we need to save them

Ever since I saw those “Free Willy” movies, than that lousy animated TV series, I thought orcas were magnificent. And yet, like the polar bears, they haven’t been breeding in ages which makes things worse. Cause like the polar bears, orcas are getting close to becoming an endangered species. We do not want them to go extinct forever really.

They need to live forever as how we care for them. Not cause so much pollution and bad problems. Therefore, they mustn’t become an endangered species. And mostly, we do need movies on killer whales in media. Finest ones. Bright ones. And very kind also.

Cause rather than their cameo appearances in “Jaws”, “Jaws 2”, and those disaster flicks that they think that killer whales are our enemy, they are not our enemy really.

We need more movies on orcas that can be our friends. Not as enemies. Just as how all four movies on “Free Willy” were. And since I saw Bindi Irwin for what she did, her father would be really proud of her. The original orca who played Free Willy too with those celebrities who helped him, and his family.

Studios such as Warner Bros, or Paramount Pictures, or 20th Century Fox, or Fox Searchlight Pictures mostly, they need to start making movies on orcas immediately. Not documentaries, or anything boring. Just some entertainment, and how we do need to care for these orcas.

For example, when Steve Irwin worked with director George Miller on “Happy Feet”, his movie was dedicated to Steve after that fateful moment that killed him. All about penguins in Antarctica that are threatened by mankind, and need to tell the truth. After they did tell the truth at the very end, fishing was banned in Antarctica. It was no wonder his masterpiece won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

That is something we definitely need on orcas. Especially if David Suzuki will love it. Make it as grand as how “Happy Feet” was, and how we definitely need to save orcas from being extinct. Polar bears too like the penguins. And maybe those pandas, lions, cheetahs and other animals that are being threatened by mankind, and how we do not want them to be endangered species.

I’d say it’s time to save orcas today at this very moment. I really care for these orcas and the environment as how David Suzuki would be.

Blood Diamond (2006)

From the director who did “Glory” and “The Last Samurai”, Edward Zwick, finding diamonds as treasures in another country is very difficult.

During the Sierra Leone Civil War in Africa, in the summer of 1999, cities in West Africa were being torn to pieces as they’ve been looking for blood diamonds for a very long time. Guerrilla warfare was massive, orphaned African children were P.O.W’s and were forced to be guerrillas by a warlord, as only a man of fortune and a fisherman were to find those diamonds before things would get worse.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connolly, Arnold Vosloo, and Djimon Hounsou were the only guys that I know of in this flick. DiCaprio and Hounsou in fact, they were nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor at the 79th Academy Awards ceremony.

In their quest on finding diamonds deep in Africa, it was mostly on pink diamonds. Pink diamonds such as those, and maybe some red rubies are super rare. It was no wonder that civil war was chaotic.

Although it maybe very aggressive on searching for that diamond, but became really emotional on that fisherman by finding his son who was taken by that warlord. They’ve rescued him in the nick of time, as how only the fisherman and his kid made it to safety. The soldier of fortune got shot and was found dead on a mountain, by watching the African landscape.

It wasn’t that long until in January, 2003, with the pink diamond locked in a safe, as how the fisherman’s family came together once more in London, England at last peacefully, 40 countries signed to an agreement by bringing that civil war to an end.

Africa has been very glad that guerrilla warfare shall be no more. So for a success, and how this was nominated for two Oscar awards, 8/10 stars.

Hooper (1978)

Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jan-Michael Vincent, Terry Bradshaw, and Adam West as himself star in this action comedy movie, from director Hal Needham who did “Smokey and the Bandit”.

A Hollywood stuntman has been making good progress in some movies, especially his last one with Adam West. Right after youngster stunt double came to the film business, they’ve made an excellent team.

Two funny parts in this movie were hilarious. One, was when a horse took a massive dump on a new car. (You should’ve seen his flatulence). And two, was when they said ‘Bye bye officer’, as they blasted off big time. Their jet engine hidden in the back of their car made them go much faster than a bullet. They did it again on set, as they flew across a river. (And I can tell you this. It’s IN YOUR FACE on that ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ TV episode in which someone had a jet engine as he went, BLAST OFF)

Dedicated to the stuntmen and stuntwomen that were in movies, that they were made the old fashioned way, I give this 8/10 stars. Really good movie.

Mirai (2018 anime masterpiece)

Made it to the 76th Golden Globe Awards ceremony, for Best Animated Feature Film, it was thanks to Mamoru Hosoda, the director of ‘Wolf Children’ and ‘The Boy and the Beast’. His masterpiece ALMOST won that Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. Unfortunately it lost that award, if it weren’t for those a-holes that did that lousy spider monkey movie from Sony Pictures Animation.

For what happened wasn’t really fair. Cause the rest that GKIDS on their masterpieces, when they made it to the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars, such as “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”, “When Marnie Was There”, “Song of the Sea”, “A Cat in Paris” and “The Breadwinner”, it wasn’t fair that they were left out nominated at both award ceremonies. If it weren’t for both the voters, and other animation studios in North America on their shitty work. All they care for is nothing but money in their pockets which is really a bad idea. Especially if its more computer graphics, or more CGI animation that are much worse.

Besides, GKIDS hasn’t won a Golden Globe Award or an Oscar award for Best Animated Feature Film ever since. And they really deserve a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar award for sure, more than what they can imagine. For one category and one category only: Best Animated Feature Film.

Mirai means ‘future’ in Japanese. Which is really interesting.

Set in Isogo-ku, Yokohama, Japan, an architect father and an executive mother with their 4 year old son Kun, have brought their newborn baby daughter to their home. They named her Mirai. Adorable and cute, they had really loved her.

Kun was left alone, until he met Mirai in the garden….who is much older and came from the future. So together, they looked at their family tree of how their grandparents were, and how their mom and dad were as 4 year olds. Until Kun reconciled with his baby sister Mirai, just before they left for a family vacation.

With the voice talents of Jaden Waldman, Victoria Grace, Daniel Dae Kim, Rebecca Hall, and John Cho (who played Mr. Hikaru Sulu in the new Star Trek movies), we definitely need a bright and better mirai (future) for us anime fans. Especially to those that MUST WIN Golden Globe Awards and Oscar awards.

So for a remarkable masterpiece, 10/10 stars and an ‘A++’!!

Gundam Wing: The Movie (Gundam-W: Endless Waltz)

“Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” was one of the popular anime TV shows on that TV channel YTV. In fact, they had a very Gundam Wing movie premiered in which it was a blast for them. Before that anime tv show got cancelled, as everything on YTV changed. By going from bad to worse, and then those total shit storms in the future.

Until by November of 2018, I found a DVD copy of it and that is what you’re reading on. Like the rest such as “Pokémon 3: The Movie”, “Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie”, and more, this is one of them.

By Christmas, a year after their war had ended, a seven year old rich daughter, of military effort and leadership, wanted to rule the Earth. By making a mistake, she caused chaos on Earth with an army of new Gundam robots. As for our Gundam Wing heroes that were ready to retire, did one last effort to save the Earth from destruction once more.

With the voice talents of Kirby Morrow, Maggie Blue O’Hara, Brian Drummond, Scott McNeill, Brad Swaile, Saffron Henderson, and more that worked for the support of YTV and Teletoon mostly, they saved their Christmas on Earth and in space stations, as their Gundam war shall be no more. The daughter learned a lesson after that, as they destroyed the Gundam robots. They’ve retired after that, and will never forget for what they really did.

So for a splendid and remarkable success, for this this was on YTV a long time ago, especially their anime TV show, I give this 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’.

Top 8 Digimon

This blog post is dedicated to the English cast members, that did the first four seasons of “Digimon”, as they were mostly popular on that Canadian TV channel YTV. Most of all, “Digimon: The Movie” and the “Digimon Adventure tri” movies.

Remember my previous blog post on my ‘Top 8 Anime Feline Characters’? For Meicoomon happens to be number 1#? Well, related to that, for the moment that you’ve been waiting for, are the top 8 Digimon that I’ve seen that are amazing.

8. Kazemon. Owned by Zoey in “Digimon Frontier”, she’s like a god among the Digimon. For she is athletic, strong willed, caring, and can fly much faster in the wind. She in fact, contains windy powers. Although she does martial arts, but can also transform into her mega form which is almost like an angel. With those special moves on her, she can summon a massive hurricane than ever before.

7. Terriermon. Owned by Willis in “Digimon: The Movie”, he had been an adorable Digimon with those long floppy ears of his. Although he has a twin brother named Lopmon, but I’m sure that the both of them are equal. Especially by getting rid of the old infected one, for a new one. And by looking at how he transforms, he becomes a hunter Digimon with those blue pants and machine guns of his. Wow.

6. Palmon. Owned by Mimi from the movies and first two seasons, this plant like Digimon can have the vines like a grass type Pokémon. She does contain poison ivy in her. For she is very kind, she can be curious sometimes, and want to help out. Also, not only she can transform into that cactus boxer, but can transform into those two flower Digimon that no anime fan had ever seen. Lillymon and Rosemon.

5. Renamon. Owned by Rika from “Digimon Tamers”, she’s a massive yellow fox who happens to be bigger than Ninetales from “Pokémon”. For she is quick, athletic, very nice, and can transform nearly like Ninetales. As a bigger fierce fox with nine actual massive tails. She does contain fire power. And I mean a lot. She would also snarl more vicious by facing an enemy, and tear off a victims foot by jaws.

4. Gomamon. Owned by Joe from the movies and first two seasons, this white seal happens to be adorable. For he can swim like all seals, beat Misty’s Psyduck from “Pokémon” in a race, and can transform into a big furry one. Although he cares for Joe a lot, but doesn’t want to lose his friend. Even if he was drowning at sea all of a sudden. Luckily for Joe, he was glad to have him as a friend.

3. Hawkmon. Owned by Yolei from “Digimon: The Movie” and the second season, this bird Digimon has been clever, polite, and can transform into three different forms. One like a samurai, and two that are way much more bigger than the bird Pokémon’s that Ash had as a trainer. Although he has these serious looks in his next forms, but he’s a good friend to Yolei as he cares for her. The same for Yolei on Hawkmon.

2. Biyomon. Owned by Sora from the movies and first two seasons, this magenta bird Digimon happens to have fire powers, and be cute too. For she can be very nice, fly like an eagle, and can transform like the mythical phoenix in three different forms. One like a god, and two like the actual phoenix, including her mega form. One firestorm out of her, and you’d be in a stuck in a shack in flames.

1. Gatomon. Owned by Kari, Tai’s younger sister from the movies and first two seasons, this cat Digimon is almost as cute as Meicoomon. For she is so wise, cute, adorable, and can transform into Nefertimon and an angel woman that no anime fan had ever laid eyes on. In fact, you should’ve seen her other forms. Two as very cute kittens, and her mega form as a furry serpentine dragon.

So those are my top 8. And do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite Digimon? Please be sure to subscribe to my blog, anytime you feel like anime fans.

Digimon Adventure tri: Future

Like Part IV, it left me no choice but to watch the final chapter, Part VI online on the Internet, as a DVD copy was coming out very slow at my local library. As I made it just in time for Christmas, when “Digimon Adventure tri” came to an end.

By going back from the Digital World to our world, it was almost a digital apocalypse as the Digimon Emperor caused mayhem. More and more dark Digimon that were infected, caused the military to show up, as they were unstoppable to them. Tanks, gunships, and battleships were like toys against them. And with that, they fought back by nearly wiping them out.

Just before more and more dark Digimon, were heading on our continents of the Earth, the Digidestined with their Digimon did all the best they can, on mega digi evolutions. Until finally, they rescued Gatomon as Tai came back. Kari who was suffering from a fever was glad to have Gatomon and her brother back, as Gatomon became a dragon Digimon called Magnadramon at once. I haven’t seen her as Magnadramon since her cameo appearance in “Digimon: The Movie”.

Meicoomon returned to the Digital World after the darkness was destroyed, as Meiko will never forget her at all. Some other characters like the Digimon Emperor disappeared however. But the good part was, the memories are fully restored to the Digimon, as they also rescued the new Digidestined from season 2 from the hit anime TV show. They made a cameo appearance in cryogenic pods.

A few months later, Meiko returned to the country. By the time it was Christmas Eve, they sent her a package with Christmas gifts to her, and gave her a phone call too. During the phone call, that made Meiko very happy, is that they’ll always be friends forever no matter what. And they’ll have a bright future (or Mirai in Japanese) that they’ll have, and remember forever no matter what happens. Meiko was very glad to be a new member of the Digidestined.

So for a remarkable final chapter to the “Digimon Adventure tri” saga, 10/10 stars and a straight ‘A’ is what I give. A year and five months is what I’ve been going through, as I’m glad all six anime movies foretold the whole story, as I got to the successful conclusion.

And as “Digimon Adventure tri” concludes the whole story…


The End

Akira Miyazaki (1934-2018)

As we’ve lost former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, and Japanese screenwriter Yū Yamamoto who did “Mobile Suit Gundam”, Akira Miyazaki came to an end sadly by bile duct cancer at the age of 84 on November 25th, 2018.

Born only in Japan on October 27th, 1934, four years before Orson Welles did his “War of the Worlds” broadcast that shocked North America, Akira Miyazaki went on from his early childhood to becoming a director, and a screenwriter too.

He did the anime versions of “The Wizard of Oz”, “Tom Sawyer”, “Little Women”, “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp”, and other interesting titles in anime such as “Racoon Rascal”, “Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow”, and “Like the Clouds, Like the Wind”.

So you could say that he read a few books first, before making them into anime adaptions, as he created for what he can do as a director and screenwriter.

And in conclusion, he is not related to Hayao Miyazaki I believe, as he showed Japan on how his masterpieces were really made of.

R.I.P. Akira Miyazaki. Say hi to Isao Takahata for me, will you?