More Top 10 Celebrities That Died Too Soon

Since I did my ‘Top 10 Celebrities That Died Too Soon’, here are more that I found out that passed away too soon. Only in this top 10 list, none of them were addicted to drugs, alcohol or anything poisonous for them.

Note: Some voice actors are included on this one. Unfortunately, Chadwick Boseman is not included in this, cause I wasn’t a fan of him when he passed away in 2020; as he never told us he was suffering from colon cancer for 4 years.

10. Robin Williams (1951-2014). Starting off on the list, is the most kindest and hilarious American actor that everyone loved on. He was the nanny in “Mrs. Doubtfire”, a hilarious penguin in both “Happy Feet” movies, the good doctor in “Patch Adams”, a hologram cartoon doctor in “A.I.- Artificial Intelligence”, Theodore Roosevelt in those “Night at the Museum” movies, and more. He was close to retirement until he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and something going on in his mind. Not a brain tumour, but both were making him suffer. When he was getting a lot worse in 2014, he had no choice but to commit suicide by hanging himself in his own home. He was 63 years old when he passed away.

9. Michael Clarke Duncan (1957-2012). Our loving John Coffey from “The Green Mile”, as he was really a gentle giant. He also appeared in “Kung Fu Panda”, “A Night in Roxbury”, the first two “Cats and Dogs” movies, “The Scorpion King”, “Talladega Nights”, two episodes of “Jimmy Neutron”, and four episodes of “Loonatics: Unleashed”. After he was the voice of an alien named Kilowog in “Green Lantern” with Ryan Reynolds, he suddenly had a heart attack and was brought to the hospital in August of 2012. A month later by September, he was 54 years old when he kicked the bucket. Tom Hanks had never forgotten his friend ever since.

8. Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018). He was both a famous chef and a great actor than angry and feisty Gordon Ramsey himself. Kind and noble, he knew his ways around food as he travelled the world to look at cultural cuisine. He got into mostly television shows, and only one movie as himself which is “The Big Short” which won four Oscar awards. Later on, by 2018 after having too much drugs, he did the same thing as how Robin Williams did. Committed suicide by hanging himself. He was 61 years old. And later, his body was cremated in France, as they brought his ashes to the United States two days later. Now it’s still Gordon Ramsey we have to face.

7. Phil Hartman (1948-1998). Like Chris Farley, he was on “Saturday Night Live”. And they loved his jokes. Phil also appeared in “Loaded Weapon 1”, “Sgt. Bilko”, “Three Amigos”, “The Pagemaster”, and some episodes in “The Simpsons”. During his career, his wife grew jealous of him. So while he was sleeping one night, she murdered him in his own bed, with a .38 caliber handgun, and then used it to blow her brains out before the police showed up. But luckily, there are the last two movies of his career. He was the voice Jiji the cat in “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, and a neighbour in “Small Soldiers”. He was 49 years old when he murdered in cold blood, no thanks to his wife.

6. James Franciscus (1934-1991). Star of “The Cat O’Nine Tails”, “The Valley of Gwangi”, “City on Fire”, “The Outsider” and “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” as a sequel to the original 1968 classic movie by joining Charlton Heston & Linda Harrison, he was a real good looking actor indeed. Even with or without his facial hair. He was also in “Mr. Novak”, “Naked City” and “Longstreet” with a canine, and Bruce Lee too which is cool in these old fashioned television shows. While he working as both an actor and a screenwriter, he smoked too much cigarettes until his death of emphysema in July of 1991. He was 57 years old when he passed away.

5. Steve McQueen (1930-1980). The man who loves cars and motorcycles himself. And never gets hurt at all. He escaped numerous times in both “The Great Escape” & “Papillon”, fought against an extraterrestrial slime-ball in “The Blob”, saved many lives in “The Towering Inferno”, fought against the Chinese and Mexicans in “The Sand Pebbles” along with “The Magnificent Seven”, played very well on poker in “The Cincinnati Kid”, and was the boss in “The Thomas Crown Affair”, they also call Steve McQueen ‘The King of Cool’. By early 1980, he had a heart failure and died in his sleep at 3:45 am on November 7th. He was exactly 50 years old.

4. Bill Paxton (1955-2017). Ron Howard, James Cameron and Jim Kyte’s favourite actor that they ever loved on. Bill Paxton was also hilarious. For he was in “Apollo 13”, “The Terminator”, “Aliens”, “Predator 2”, “Weird Science”, “Navy SEALS”, “Titanic”, “U-571”, and “Twister”. After his last movie, “Edge of Tomorrow”, that was when he had a problem with his heart. He went to heart surgery on Valentine’s Day in 2017. Eleven days later, just before the 89th Academy Awards, he was 61 years old when he died of complications from his heart surgery. Jennifer Anniston who loved him, was really emotional, as she explained about what happened.

3. Michael Lindsay (1963-2019). An American voice actor, who took his career mostly in anime tv shows. He was both Joe Kido and Greymon in the first two seasons of “Digimon: Digital Monsters”, including the movie, one of the soul reapers in “Bleach”, Apollo in “Zatch Bell” one of the ninjas in the “Naruto” series, and more. He completely retired from voice acting in 2012, as most of his anime roles were recasted by American actor Doug Erholtz. Seven years later while living in Laurel, Maryland with his family, he went to bed one night, suddenly passed away in his sleep, as his wife and two children found out the next morning. He was 56 years old when he kicked the bucket.

2. Kirby Morrow (1973-2020). Not a famous Canadian actor, but he was critically acclaimed for his work in some television movies, TV shows, some cartoons and of course, mostly anime. He was a perverted monk named Miroku in “InuYasha”, one of the robot fighter pilots in “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”, Captain Dave Kleinman in “Stargate” both ‘Atlantis’ & ‘Universe’, Goku in the Ocean Dub version of “Dragon Ball Z”, ElecMan in “MegaMan: NT Warrior” and more. In November of 2020, like Michael Lindsay, he went to bed, suddenly died in his sleep, and never woke up. He was 47 years old when he passed away. Anime fans will miss him very much indeed.

1. Sharon Tate (1943-1969). Taking the number 1# spot on the list is a real Hollywood bombshell. Married to film director Roman Polanski, she was in numerous roles in movies & tv shows. Then came that fateful night of August 8-9th, 1969. She was 8 and a half months pregnant. While her husband was doing a movie in Europe, she and other Hollywood stars were with her having a baby shower late at night, until those hippie weirdos, lead by Charles Manson broke in and murdered them in cold blood. She was 26 year old, when she was stabbed several times. The hippie weirdos were arrested and sent to prison in their separate ways. They described Charles Manson, ‘Mad as a hatter’ before his death in late 2017. Since her death, throughout 50 years, I’ve seen a few actresses that remind me of her. The McKillip Sisters, Carly and Britt are one example than Hilary Duff. Then came Margot Robbie who looked exactly like her. And thanks to her portrayal as her and Quentin Tarantino in his comedy/drama movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, we look at an alternate timeline in 1969 that instead of Sharon Tate and her friends getting murdered, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt’s characters prevented that from happening. As they beat the living hell out of those hippie weirdos to their deaths. Dog bitten, crunched, bashed, stabbed, and torched. All three as dead as the Viet Cong.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite celebrities that died too soon?

25th anniversary of Sailor Moon (Canadian English dub version)

I nearly forgot about this, but I was glad I remembered. Yes, it’s about to some anime showed on Canadian TV channel YTV. And I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since the Canadian tv version of Sailor Moon was on that tv channel. On both it’s show, and it’s three movies too.

August 28th, 1995 was when it was premiered on YTV in Canada, as it went on for long 8 years until January 2004.

Sailor Moon (season 1) began when a careless 14 year old schoolgirl Serena Tsukino saves a black cat named Luna from bullies while on her way to school, running late. Her name is Luna, as she was chosen to be ‘Sailor Moon’. A real guardian of the moon, as she would defeat the forces of evil. Soon, she accepted that responsibility as more joined in, to be the protectors of their planets in our solar system. Amy Anderson became Sailor Mercury, Raye Hino became Sailor Mars, Lita Kino became Sailor Jupiter, and Mina Aino became Sailor Venus. Joining Luna the black would be Artemis, a white cat. And for the sailor scouts would be Darien Shields as Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Moon (season 2) began when the team was brought back together to defeat more of the forces of evil. During this, a pink haired girl named Rini came out falling from the sky who reveals herself to be the daughter of Sailor Moon as a queen. She wouldn’t go back to her own time until the job was finished. And she looked exactly like Sailor Moon, only smaller and cuter. They did get to know her and like her, as they learned that while taking care of a child like Rini, they have to be responsible for watching over her so that she wouldn’t get into mayhem. Especially some nasty women who are after her to alternate the future. By stopping them, she was able to go back to her own time in the future.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie: Promise of the Rose showed that during season two, as how Serena was getting to like Rini a bit, she and her friends had to help out Darien with someone who made a promise with him, since the first met when they were kids. A friend who is not of this world. By unleashing an army of plant monster like body snatchers, and going after the soul of Darien, they went out of this world for the first time on an asteroid heading course to Earth. And this is where Darien reveals himself as the Tuxedo Mask vigilante for the first time in front of the sailor scouts. Rini didn’t help out unfortunately. She stayed behind back on Earth with Luna and Artemis.

Sailor Moon (season 3) began when they met three new girls were new in town, near their school. Their named Michelle Koh, Amara Tenoh, and Trista Meioh, who as schoolgirls like them, but have revealed themselves as Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Uranus. No Sailor Saturn unfortunately, but that’s fine. After a rocky start with those three new members, they later joined the team as they began to know them while fighting the forces of evil. Until Rini returned from the future to do some more training with the sailor scouts. And became herself as a new sailor guardian like for how they are. After defeating the forces of evil, she decided to stay a little longer with them.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie: Hearts in Ice showed that while they were on Christmas vacation, Luna was rescued by an astronomer who was nearly killed by a car while having a fever. She felt much better after that, but soon realizes on how much she loved him. In fact, while the astronomers fiancé was in space, he believed that Princess Kaguya is still alive. Unfortunately they were lead to big trouble, when a snow queen from outer space arrived, as her plan was to freeze all life on Earth. So by confessing by battling the snow queen from outer space, they were lead to a big climax as Luna will never forget the astronomer, as Artemis will stand by her side no matter what.

Sailor Moon (season 4) began that Rini was having herself sweet dreams of a half unicorn/half Pegasus that no one has seen before. A white flying horned horse with angel wings. But more trouble came when a dead moon circus group came from outer space. They wanted to have the soul or the horn of that creature, but Rini wouldn’t allow them to do it. So the sailor scouts had to face every single nasty clown, as they came face to face with the black queen who was the head of the whole circus. She gave up the fight at the climax after revealing herself, as she nearly killed Rini by pushing her as she was falling more than 50,000 ft from the sky. But they had help to be rescued.

Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie: Black Dream Hole showed that during season four, while getting ready for Valentine’s Day, Rini was falling in love with someone. Who is really an angel and a magnificent pied piper. However, the big trouble occurred was when three clownish pied pipers were abducting children all over the world at night. By having a lot including Rini taken to a massive space station, they had to rescue them including Rini’s friend she met who became an ally that can help the sailor scouts, before a nasty queen could fulfill her destiny by creating a black hole in outer space. And just when it was all over, Rini gave that angel boy only one kiss on the cheek, as he flew off.

During their adventures, they had their powers and abilities upgraded. In addition, their transformations were remarkably beautiful. Unfortunately they didn’t make it to the last season where Sailor Saturn was meant to be introduced, as how Rini returned home once more, but due to what was gonna happened in the last season, they decided not to show it anyway in which was fine with me. Besides, I didn’t like the Viz Media version of “Sailor Moon” so I decided to stick to this version much better. And as for Luna & Artemis, they had a grey kitten from the future as their only child named Diana who joined in. For she was too cute.

With voice talents of Julie Lemieux, Susan Roman, Katie Griffin, Tracey Hoyt, Karen Bernstein, Stephanie Morgenstern, Stephanie Beard, Sabrina Grdevich, Sarah Lafleur, Barbara Radecki, Rino Romano, Toby Proctor, Jill Frappier, Ron Rubin, Naomi Emmerson, Loretta Jafelice, Mary Long, and Rowan Tichenor, this is the real deal.

By celebrating its 25th anniversary, I was able to look back at its episodes and three movies in my bedroom at day or night, while no one is around or if everyone is fast asleep. And I do look for its merchandise a bit, as I think about buying some. But not too much.

All this that they did was worth the entertainment. So that’s the whole story. Real galactic guardians than the ones you see in some lousy super dude comic books. (Except for the ones from DC Comics). I do have some friends that get freaked out by this stuff, as they think I’m too much a ladies man on wooing girls like how Ryan O’Neal as Barry Lyndon would do. But I still think about this stuff sometimes, like how I remember my relatives. Not too much.

In addition, when you look up at the night sky where you can seen the moon, and it’s stars, make sure you have your big telescope, and check out where the planets are. Cause you never can tell. There just might be a sailor scout protecting its planet in our solar system, that is out of this world. Watching out for extraterrestrials.

The Vikings (1958)

Kirk Douglas and Ernest Borgnine together, loved whooping the butt of Tony Curtis, in this epic adventure. Joining them are James Donald, Tony’s wife Janet Leigh (Before she was Marion Crane in “Psycho”), and Orson Welles as the narrator. All are Vikings in this tale.

Long ago, when the world was in the medieval ages, Vikings roamed the northern lands. They were pirates, all were fierce warriors, and were unstoppable. A lot attacked England several times, conquered many lands, took treasure to steal, as all worship the god Odin, than facing the hammer of Thor. (And I don’t mean Anthony Hopkins & Chris Hemsworth as those two from the dark side based on Marvel Comics).

It has been said that when Vikings ruled at that time, a lot fought against dragons. Big ones that have huge wings and breathed fire. Unfortunately, there aren’t any dragons in this movie. In this story, it’s more like ‘This Means War’.

Kirk Douglas & Ernest Borgnine are the rulers of a Viking tribe, as Tony Curtis is a slave. He was responsible for nearly tearing off Kirk Douglas’ eye out. But by having himself a new eye look, he definitely beats one of the commanders in the ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ cartoon tv show, before George Lucas sold his work to the dark side. In which is a very bad idea.

Both Kirk Douglas & Tony Curtis were going for the love of Janet Leigh’s character, as they went on a wild goose chase. Across Viking waters towards killer fog in the distance. I can’t tell you for what happened in the end, but Tony Curtis learned a valuable lesson in this, as he got what he frickin’ deserved. In doing so, had his left hand cut off. Didn’t replace it with a hook, thank god. Since he nearly took out Kirk Douglas’ eyeballs out, he really got his whole left hand cut off.

If I was a samurai like Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe in “The Last Samurai”, I’d cut off the whole right arm of Mark Hamill since he was that big fist villain in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”. By doing that, “Kill Bill” style.

And it does make sense on how Janet Leigh fell in love with Tony Curtis. Which was why after Janet’s death in 2004, and Tony’s death in 2010, their daughter Jamie Lee Curtis became as grand as how they were. Same thing to Kirk Douglas on his trusted son, Michael Douglas.

No stunt doubles were in this, as how the whole film was shot in Norway. In fact, the Viking funeral scene was last used in the ending scene of “History of the World, Part I” by Mel Brooks in 1981. Showing his teaser for ‘History of the World, Part II’. So for a success, 9.5 out of 10 stars is what I give.

Lafayette Escadrille (1958)

Tab Hunter, and a young Clint Eastwood in a supporting role are the only two Hollywood actors I know of, in this First World War movie, way, way before “Flyboys” with James Franco.

Clint Eastwood’s character as George Moseley didn’t talked very much, but he sure did had an amazing look of how young he was. He in fact, almost beaten someone up during a game of baseball at their airfield.

Four Americans joined the Lafayette Escadrille, during the First World War along with a squadron of Americans that joined in. In “Flyboys”, not enough. In this 1958 film, there is a lot. Clint Eastwood as George Moseley was already joined in, before the four Americans did. And this was way before the U.S. entered the First World War.

One of these young hotshot pilots, which is Tab Hunter’s character, who doesn’t like being slapped in the face a lot, like how his father did to him, as how he wooed French woman, was a tough one indeed. He in fact, took a scar on his face as how Kirk Douglas did in “The Vikings”. He didn’t lose an eye, thank god.

The other one, looked like Clark Gable from “Gone With The Wind” as he knew on what the French were saying. I didn’t liked it for how too dramatic it was, but the dresses were magnificent in that Oscar winning movie, in the first half of it.

Not enough dogfighting in this. Just one dogfight. And Clint Eastwood wasn’t in it unfortunately. Two French and three Germans were K.I.A and crashed down in that only dogfight.

So for a success, 7.2/10 stars is what I give. Adults only. Especially for fans who want to see a young Clint Eastwood in a supporting role.

Kirby Morrow (1973-2020)

Kirby Morrow (1973-2020)

I didn’t like him at first in other cartoon roles or whatsoever in North America, but he was the best in all of anime. He was Goku in the Ocean Dub version of “Dragon Ball Z”, Trowa Barton in “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”, Noel in “Hamtaro”, ElecMan in “MegaMan NT Warrior”, Captain Dave Kleinman in “Stargate” both ‘Atlantis’ & ‘Universe’, Tom Halsey in “A Ring by Spring” and most of all, Miroku in “InuYasha”, along with ‘The Final Act”, as he got into only the first episode of the spin-off, “Yashahime: Half Demon Princess” before his death that shocked us.

He did get into some of the popular tv shows, such as ‘The Good Doctor’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Olympus’, & ‘Arrow’. Only one episode each. Nothing else.

I was glad that the original cast including him were gonna be in this InuYasha spin-off, but then was shocked like Rambo in the opening scene of “First Blood” that he passed away at age 47. 😱😱😱😱 Internet doesn’t say about how he kicked the bucket. Just went to bed normally, died in his sleep, and then the news spread. Same thing for what happened to American voice actor Michael Lindsay earlier ago, ever since he was Joe Kido in the first two “Digimon” tv shows. Season one & season two.

I must feel very sorry for the Canadian voice actors who knew him very well. Richard Ian Cox, Kelly Sheridan, Moneca Stori (retired), Scott McNeill, Brian Dobson, Carly McKillip, Samuel Vincent, Matt Hill, Maggie Blue O’Hara, Brian Dobson, Kira Tozer, David Kaye, Nicole Oliver, Chantal Strand, Tabitha St. Germain, Brittney Wilson, Jillian Michaels, Terry Klassen, Don Brown, Cathy Weseluck, maybe Matt Frewer, and the rest of the Canadian voice actors/actresses.

So anyway, Kirby Morrow was born in Jasper, Alberta on August 28th, 1973 as he studied theatre at the Mount Royal University in Calgary, and worked in Vancouver, British Columbia until his death on November 18th, 2020. It would’ve been great if he got into more roles of his career. Some that could’ve make him very famous on.

His brother Casey wrote this in Facebook. “Kirby was a blessed and talented individual who brought joy to so many but also thrived off all your love and friendship”. His co-star Kelly Sheridan wrote this on the day of his death. “It seems at every important stage in my career, he was there at the mic right next to mine. My good luck charm. He’ll be so very missed by myself & our entire community”.

I will miss him very much, as how he did back in the glory days of his anime tv shows. He was my childhood voice actor at first, as I really got to know him, and his other roles in anime that he did. Since I was emotional for what happened to Isao Takahata, now this. R.I.P. Kirby Morrow. I and us anime fans will miss you very much indeed. 😭😭😭

And Kelly Sheridan? You and Kirby Morrow did made a great team in anime after all. I’m sure your character Sango can look after the kids in this new “InuYasha” spinoff.

Welcome to the Jungle, Callahan (a Dirty Harry tribute)

Dedicated to JR Watson and Jim Kyte that love a lot of Clint Eastwood movies.

This song was first used in the final chapter of the “Dirty Harry” franchise. “The Dead Pool” in 1988. It made both Jim Carrey and Liam Neeson famous on, in their film careers. Jim Carrey as a rock and roll start lip synced this song while doing a horror movie. And therefore, and I quote…

“A director with talent would shoot something original instead of ripping of all movies like The Exorcist!!”

-Jim Carrey as Johnny Squares.

I believe in those words he had said. So when it comes to filmmaking, don’t be like Kenneth Branagh who did his lousy movie adaption of “Murder on the Orient Express”. Come up with something original. Even if it’s based on a book you love reading on, or an historical event you saw.

In this video clip, this contains the good scenes from all five Dirty Harry movies. Film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel were very pleased on all of them. From his .44 magnum revolver to a rocket launcher, as well as an auto mag model 180 to a harpoon gun, he’ll have his victims K.I.A in just one shot.

He didn’t kill Kevyn Major Howard who was with him in “Sudden Impact”; since he was PFC. Rafterman in “Full Metal Jacket” with Matthew Modine. But he did took a big splash for a nice swim.

Gemini Man (2019)

Since Leonardo DiCaprio was King Louis XIV & Philippe in “The Man in the Iron Mask”, Tom Hardy as the Kray twins in “Legend”, and Michael Fassbender as the David and Walter androids in “Alien: Covenant”, Will Smith took on a double role as two assassins in this movie. After he turned 51 years old.

A former Marine Scout Sniper who is an assassin, was planning for complete retirement, until he realized that the Defence Intelligence Agency and scientists made a clone of him; only younger as they sent that clone, to terminate him.

From Georgia, USA to Colombia, then Budapest, and back home again, he knew that his last mission had some loose ends, as why they were trying to kill him. He had some Russian agents to give him advice, before his clone found out the truth about his self, as he turned to his side later on. A ruthless director of the DIA didn’t care, after giving him so much lies. However, after an insane moment in the end, that guy got what he frickin’ deserved.

So for a success, a ‘B++’ is what I give. Way intense than a very old Linda Hamilton in one of those lousy science fiction movies in late 2019, that ruined the “Terminator” franchise.

Will Smith took all the effort to play that duo, while making this. It was thanks to Ang Lee who did this. The director who did “Life of Pi”, and “Brokeback Mountain”. “Crouching Lion, Hidden Dragon” that he did wasn’t my cup of coffee, as I will not forgive him when he made Eric Bana as that hulk monster in 2003; as his movie freaked me out as a youngster since those god awful ‘Matrix’ movies that the Wachowskis did.

I can imagine if this were to happen. Two Gemini men as brothers, giving those Marvel super freaks including those god awful spider monkeys, and that hulk monster too, a death wish.

Officer (portrayed by Jane Eastwood): They’re horrifying! Planning on what they might do that could threaten the world. We gotta stop them before they cause more mayhem across the entire planet!!
Henry Brogan: We’ll take them all on. Just watch us.
Jackson Brogan: Wait a second, we don’t have enough firearms.
Dr. Malamar (portrayed by Adrian Truss): Use these. It’s my new firepower with armour piercing ammunition, 100% guaranteed to destroy all monsters!
(The female officers laughs at this, happily. Henry Brogan then kills Shameik Moore, Tom Holland, Jake Johnson, Chris Pine, Mahershala Ali, Kimiko Glenn, Nicholas Cage, John Mulaney, and Hailee Steinfeld’s character as those idiotic spider monkeys}
{Jackson Brogan then kills Jon Berthanel, Michael Peña, Benicia del Toro, Pom Klementieff, Idris Elba, Laurence Fishburne, Brie Larson’s characters as more super freaks, including a silver surfer. Same thing to Chris Evans, Iona Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, and Michael Chiklis as this ‘fantastic four’. Dr. Malamar, turns very pleased as the Brogan brothers turn to SLJ}
Henry Brogan (quietly): Eat your ape s***-
Jackson Brogan (quietly): -that is coming out of your ass.
{Henry shots him at his kneecaps as Jackson shots him at his genitals, in which SLJ’s character screams loud in total pain. Then dies of wounds until they come face to face, with the second Nicholas Cage’s character, as the Ghost Rider himself).
Their commander talking to them on their headsets, by walkie talkie: Terminate him.
(They nod their heads together, as they blow his brains out. Nicholas Cage as the Ghost Rider screams out ‘Momma!!’ as his brains get blown away on the walls)

Never again, we shall see any of those super freaks that are not marvellous, including those god awful spider monkeys.


Thousands of walruses in the Arctic

Since the COVID-19 had caused mayhem throughout the world, we were glad that Joe Biden finally defeated fat pig Trump as the new president of the USA. No sign of a vaccine 💉 yet, but this came in.

It’s estimate that there are 12,500 adult Atlantic walruses left in the world. All came huddled together in the Arctic Circle. 12,500 walruses left in the world is very bad. Due to warmer climate cycles as their haul outs for where they hang out, are shrinking. They are also threatened by oil and gas exploration and more Arctic shipping. Activity and noise is hard on these walruses, which can create a disturbance. Maybe a stampede which maybe lethal to these animals.

If this keeps up, all walruses would go extinct for these endangered species and that would be very bad. Same thing to the polar bears, killer whales, penguins, and all living animals that live in colder places such as the Arctic and Antarctica.

If we were to cut down on this, reduce our carbon footprints, and of course, no more shipping around the Arctic by boat, then they would live longer. Especially when they need to hunt for food. And therefore, we wouldn’t want all the ice in both the Arctic and Antarctica to completely melt away, and make the sea levels rise. Otherwise, costal cities such as New York, Amsterdam, Venice, Tokyo and more, forever lost. And we do not want to end up like those people in that movie, “Water-world” with Kevin Costner.

So if we act now, right this second, then these climate change threats would definitely stop. So if you want to do it, hurry right away. Do it today. NOW.

In Cold Blood (1967)

Nominated for four Oscar awards, film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave this 4 out of 4 stars and he wrote….

“At times one feels this is not a movie but a documentary where the events are taking place now”.

The same rating rate he did for “Capote” with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote, the author himself as he deserved the Academy Award for Best Actor. And he wrote, and I quote,

‘Capote’ is a film of uncommon strength and insight, about a man whose great achievement requires the surrender of his self-respect”.

Since I saw that movie, as how he deserved his Oscar award, it took me two years to find this very first adaption of this story. Of how these criminals did the murders, how they were on the run from the FBI, until they were caught and were sentenced to death row. Execution- To be dropped and hung, until their necks break.

November 15th, 1959 was the night of the Clutter family massacre. Right in their very own home on their farmland. In the early morning, two ex-convicts were the ones that killed them in cold blood, by finding a fortune for what the family was suppose to have. $10,000.00 in cash. Unfortunately, there was no fortune. So they went psychotic, and then killed all four members of the Clutter’s before they drove off into the darkness of the night.

Perry Edward Smith (left) & Richard Eugene Hickok (right)

Their names were Perry Edward Smith and Richard Eugene Hickok.

By going on a wild long ride in America, they didn’t stop until the FBI and the cops caught them red handed. During the journey, they were having hallucinations and were having their minds psyched out. Which was why they ended up in jail for six years on death row, as they watch other the inmates they befriended get executed, one by one before they were next.

Wednesday, April 14th, 1965 was the night of their execution, after midnight. Both criminals were chained up, as how they had black blindfolds to cover their eyes and mouths instead of a black leather bag like for what happened in “Capote”. It was the best idea anyway. And you should’ve seen of how their hearts were pumping, until they slowly stopped, after being dropped and hung. At 12:41 am, Richard Eugene Hickok was 33 years old when he was executed. And at 1:19 am, Perry Edward Smith was 36 years old when he was executed also. Both were dropped, as their necks broke while being hung.

Scott Wilson was Richard Eugene Hickok, Robert Blake was Perry Edward Smith and John Forsythe was Alvin Dewey. The FBI agent who found them in Las Vegas. (He was Lew Hayward from “Scrooged” who spooked out Bill Murray)

Clifton Collins Jr. as Perry Edward Smith (left) & Mark Pellegrino as Richard Eugene Hickok (right) in “Capote”.

Since this came out and then “Capote” in 2005, the three guys as old men really appreciated Chris Cooper as Alvin Dewey, Mark Pellegrino as Richard Eugene Hickok, and Clifton Collins Jr. as Perry Edward Smith. (Just before John’s death in 2010 at age 92, and Scott’s death at age 76 in 2018; after he was Hershel Greene in “The Walking Dead” tv show)

So for a success, 7.7 out of 10 stars is what I give. And my best part about this, is the execution at the very end that I enjoyed as how this made cinema history.

Top 10 First World War movies

Note: No documentary movies are included on this list.

When we look at movies that depict events during the First World War, in both Europe and Africa, they are absolutely true as some people wrote stories later on. And then came the motion pictures. Some maybe old and boring in such dramatic stories. But in this list, they’re not only my favourites, but they deserve to make movie and tv history. No matter if they are short, or long, or animated.

10. The Blue Max (1966). Based on the novel by Jack D. Hunter, James Mason, George Peppard and Carl Schell as the Red Baron are the only three stars I know in this. By looking at the final months of 1918, we look at the German side as the Krauts were not only going for the love of women, but want to win the ‘blue max’ medal in dogfighting. Just as how the Red Baron did, before his death. Some went too far, while others just need to take it easy. Not make it too dramatic, including an accident in the end.

9. Beneath Hill 60 (2010). We go underneath No Man’s Land as Brendan Crowell is Oliver Woodward. An Australian tunnelling expert, as he kept his 1st Australian Tunnelling Company alive, during the Battle of Hill 60 in the spring of 1915. Near Ypres, Belgium. By avoiding shell shock, getting buried alive as well as a few booby traps, they had to stay strong above and underneath the ground, in order to survive if they ever want to see the surface of the Earth, and also the sun again.

8. The Fighting 69th (1940). Based on for what happened when America got into the First World War, Pat O’Brien was Father Francis P. Duffy, George Brent was Major “Wild Bill” Donovan, and Jeffery Lynn was Sergeant Joyce Kilmer as look at the very first Irish-American regiment that has ever head off for Europe. James Cagney as a New Yorker misfit was one of them. By nearly getting himself into trouble as a coward, he had a second chance to save his regiment in order to keep going. Dramatic yes, but very good also.

7. My Boy Jack (2007). Based on for what happened, British author Rudyard Kipling (portrayed by David Haig) had an only 17-18 year old son named John Kipling (portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe), who went and joined the infantry, despite his poor eyesight. By becoming a second lieutenant, he and his regiment fought in the Battle of Loos, somewhere in France in late September of 1915. He went missing in action for a while, until Kipling and his wife found out about what happened to him.

6. War Game (2002). An animated movie, directed by Dave Unwin, and based on the book by Michael Foreman, we look at how the Christmas truce of 1914 was. After three brothers as early football players joined the infantry to ‘play the game’, they survived for four months until then came that amazing miracle on Christmas Day of 1914. They played football together with the Germans, had some treats, and lots of fun until they were ordered to go back to the trenches.

5. Shoulder Arms (1918). Charlie Chaplin was the star, director, writer and producer of this film at the same time, which is insane in his very first shortest feature film. His brother Sydney Chaplin had helped him out to make this, as he was one of the soldiers in this. An American doughboy (Charlie Chaplin) who faces life in the trenches, gets into all sorts of hilarious messes before taking on the other side. One of the moments was how he was wearing a gas mask while eating Limburger cheese.

4. 1917 (2019). By winning three Oscar awards and three Golden Globe Awards, we look at how early 1917 was, before the battle of Vimy Ridge. Filmed only in two long shots, two British lance corporals were to go behind enemy lines to deliver a message by calling off an attack before it starts. One of the soldiers has a brother that was gonna be killed so they had to beat the elements, watch out for Krauts, ask for help from other soldiers to get there, and watch out for booby traps.

3. Flyboys (2006). James Franco was a real American hotshot pilot in the Lafayette Escadrille, a French Air Service with four more Americans that were with him before the USA joined the war. Jean Reno was their commander. They had a ton of dogfights, as real ‘knights of the air’ to take on Krauts. One of the German pilots was dastardly dangerous as how the Red Baron can be. So after they had friends that were killed by him, they outsmarted him with a clean kill at the very climax.

2. Paths of Glory (1957). From director Stanley Kubrick, and based on the novel by Humphrey Cobb, we look at how the French army faced a suicide mission on the battle of ‘the ant hill’. After soldiers became cowards in that battle, they were in big trouble indeed as the officers had chosen three soldiers to be executed by firing squad. One of the officers (which is Kirk Douglas) tried to defend them, as he did the best he can. And the French regiments learned to never be cowardly at all. Always follow orders.

1. Lawrence of Arabia (1962). Taking the number 1# spot on the list is the real deal that deserved six Golden Globe Awards & seven Oscars including Best Picture. British officer Major T.E. Lawrence became a saviour to the Arabian people after the Turks had almost wiped them out. He taught them how to fight against the Ottoman Empire in Africa, across the sandy deserts, as he learned a bit about their culture. From those airplane attacks, to train attacks, and that ‘No Prisoners!’ scene, this really deserve to make cinema history.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite movies that depict historical events during the First World War?