Play Misty for Me (1971)

Way better than Stephen King’s psychological horror flick “Misery”, this can show you on what happens when you don’t run into obsessed fans, as they can have mental health problems.

Clint Eastwood in his directional debut, stars himself as a radio host in California, USA as he ran into a female obsessed fan who loves him a lot. She also asked him over the phone to play a song called “Misty” for her. Therefore, he would do it for her. Until later on, she had a mental breakdown. She ran amok, she killed his friends with a butcher knife, until the radio host pushed her over the railing. By doing that, she splatted her brains and guts by the rocky shores near the sea.

Therefore, she would never harm or hurt him ever again. R rated, recommended for adults only who are much older. Especially to those that are fans of Clint Eastwood. And I can tell you this. For what he did was unique. In fact, his title and clues inspired artists and film directors all over the Earth, battling airless as they want to show for what they can create.

For example, by the time Nelvana and Kodansha were on the English version to the anime TV show of “Cardcaptors”, they did an episode inspired by the title. “Play Misty For Tori”. Season 1, episode 14. No killing in this one, as I saw this three times on Teletoon when I was a fan of that TV show, and it’s TV channel too. (Before everything went worse). During a play of “Cinderella” at high school culture festival, light green mist caused a catastrophe that can corrode and break things into pieces. Tori and a girl named Vicky almost died. But they made it out, as Sakura captured “The Mist” card.

Although Vicky looks very cute and beautiful, but she almost looks similar to Ruby Moon who showed up in Season 3 later on. Nearly like sisters, but not as sisters. And that dance around the bonfire, was a moment to remember. With the voice talents of Carly McKillip, Saffron Henderson. Matt Hill, Samuel Vincent, Maggie Blue O’Hara, Rhys Huber, and Tony Sampson, it was definitely an anime moment to remember on Teletoon.

In fact, in the first five minutes of Clint Eastwood’s directional debut, as he dealt with a bartender in an odd game of checkers by using champagne corks, he did what he called ‘fool’s ploy’.

His clue also at some point, gave them the idea to the Cardcaptors episode, “Power’s Ploy”. Season 1, episode 13. That was when Sakura was in a tug of war game, with two elephants at a zoo as she captured “The Power” card.

And I can assure to you it definitely beats that “Thomas the Tank Engine” episode, ‘Henry and the Elephant’.

Since this is a movie review to remember, and how it had inspired CLAMP, Nelvana, and Kodansha to do a TV episode or two of an anime tv show what I saw a while ago, I give this a solid 7/10 stars on this shocker flick. Really good. Just has a bit of too much nudity, and sexuality. No offence to Clint.

Besides, since Vicky didn’t return, Ruby Moon really loved Tori Avalon a lot in high school….

Ruby Moon: “What’s going on Tori?”

(Jumps onto his shoulders)

Tori Avalon: “Oh man…”

Ruby Moon: “I just missed you, that’s all…”

See what I mean?

AVP: Alien VS Predator & Alien VS Predator: Requiem

Whoever wins, we lose.

Since the early 1990s, both Xenomorphs and Predators came together, as they have had epic battles. They still however, kill humans, even if they are colonial marines, but they determine on which will win. Not human.

From the video games, comic books, toys, novels, and etc, it wasn’t that long until in 2004 and 2007, came these two movies in one whole story.

Since the ancient times, the Predators were worshipped as gods. They taught humans how to build pyramids, until some humans were chosen as a sacrifice. To give birth to the aliens. But if the hunters have lost the battle, by the acid blooded aliens, they’d make sure nothing survived. A last civilization was wiped out overnight. But only their last pyramid was buried under the ice of a whaling station on Bouvetøya, Antartica.

1904 was when the whaling crew members got killed by both alien and Predators. A century later, the pyramid was found by the Weyland Industries. Charles Bishop Weyland lead an expedition team to investigate, including himself. Three Predators came to hunt both humans and aliens. But as they unlocked a tomb with blasters, one of them had woken up an alien queen, beneath the pyramid. The hunt began as every single alien egg came, and hatched facehuggers. Charles Bishop Weyland was killed by one of the Predators. Out of his team that got killed by the Predators, aliens and gave birth to baby aliens by facehuggers, that became drones, only one human made it out. She never spoke about what happened. And as two Predators got killed by the aliens in the pyramid, one of them was attacked by a facehugger, and became an ally to the sole survivor. They together destroyed the pyramid, killed the alien queen, as the last predator died by getting stabbed by the queen. But a spacecraft came, took its dead body, and a few live facehuggers. Unfortunately, the facehugger impregnated that Predator, and gave birth to a Predalien.

That was when we were lead to its sequel “Alien VS Predator: Requiem”. Right after the Predators took the dead one away, ands it’s facehuggers, they were separated from the big ship on a frigate to destroy the facehuggers. Unfortunately, the Predalien grew quickly and killed its pilots. The Predator frigate crash landed in the forest outside of Gunnison, Colorado, USA. Both the Predalien and it’s facehuggers escaped, and began breeding its kind one by one. One more Predator came to Earth to wipe away the crime, and for what the Xenomorphs are causing.

Now, the facehuggers can impregnate one human at a time. But for a Predalien, it can have its multiple jaws on a human mouth, and shove embryos down a humans throat! That my friend, is so gross, that you may need holy water to clean your eyes. Cause when they attacked a hospital, that abomination took on a pregnant woman, as she gave birth to eight baby aliens, bursting right out her stomach…screeching.

While the National Guard got wiped out, U.S. Army Colonel Stevens had no choice but to wipe out the town by calling in a nuclear strike. The last predator finally killed the Predalien, but both aliens, that Predator, and humans were wiped out in the atomic blast. But the good part was, that in the sequel, four humans made it out, and found one of its blasters. However, Col. Stevens kept it hidden, as they do not want show the world. Both aliens and predators are dead, as they left no evidence.

But in conclusion by facing both movies, Predator has won the fights. As the last surviving humans, never told about what happened.

Only Lance Henriksen, and Ewan Bremner are the only stars that I know, as I’ve never seen some celebrity faces that were in both movies. 8/10 stars is what I give on both movies.

Anne of Green Gables (anime version by Isao Takahata)

I couldn’t believe that he actually did this before he died of lung cancer, but he really did. Rather than that cartoon version from TVO Kids and PBS Kids, this was remarkable.

Only in Japanese, in 50 episodes with the help of Hayao Miyazaki, he must’ve really loved reading the novel by Canadian author L.M. Montgomery before he died of lung cancer in 2018.

Now, as we get the story than that lousy “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens, this tells on how Anne Shirley, in an orphanage was sent to Prince Edward Island in Canada as she began a new life. The couple did learned about Anne’s very sad past, as she gradually becomes an irreplaceable member of the Cuthbert family.

Made through the year of 1979, years before Studio Ghibli was born, this became one of their early works that have really impressed the anime fans.

10/10 stars and a A++ is what I give, as this takes place in Canada, thanks to these Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki. Besides, we do need to be aware of some cartoons, movies and TV shows going on today.

Besides, he had warned us about how bad the dark side is….

Voice: Can’t you see? Everyone!!

Kevin McCarthy: There here already!! YOU’RE NEXT!!

Kevin McCarthy: You’re next!! You’re next!! You’re next!! You’re next!! (fades)

Predator, Predator 2, Predators, & The Predator

Since H.R. Giger’s work came to the big screen on the ‘perfect organism’, it wasn’t that long when its rival came out in the 1980’s. The ultimate trophy hunter. Nothing like it, that has ever lived on Earth before. They kill humans for sport, and hunt for our skulls as trophies. They have glowing green blood, and are really vicious.

The first movie told on what happened, as this became a popular flick with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Guatemala, 1987. Along with Carl Weathers, and a cast of familiar faces, an elite rescue team went deep into the jungle. High end. Only one of them made it out. Since they took on guerrillas, they care into contact with one of them. It wore a cloaking device. Made it invisible to the troops. And that’s not all. Predators can see infrared. The heat of our bodies. Arnold Schwarzenegger used thick mud to block his, and how Predators couldn’t see humans if they’re covered in mud. He was lucky enough to beat it, before it activated a self destruct mechanism that was more powerful than the explosion in Nova Scotia, 1917. During the whole hunt, it hunted and killed his team one by one.

After that happened, some people had found out about other Predators that have been around here since 1715 AD. A few more happened in a major places like Iwo Jima, until they came together in 1997 Los Angeles. That was when more info came on them in “Predator 2” with Danny Glover, Ruben Blades, Bill Paxton, Gary Busey, and Adam Baldwin.

In the second instalment, 10 years after what happened, a crime wave, a heat wave, and turf war was outrageous. Between Jamaican and Columbian drug lords in LA, one of the Predators began to kill them all, bit by bit. As a team of police officers began to investigate, Gary Busey, Adam Baldwin and a team of mercenaries knew about them, as the boss wanted to capture a Predator alive. Unfortunately after two of the police officers were killed, the second Predator took on the boss and his team of mercenaries in a massive bloodbath. Baldwin didn’t even flinch. Danny Glover however, took him on and has beaten it. Before more of the Predators took off in their spacecraft, and they’ve left Earth. Baldwin did wanted to capture it, before they took off. But they were too late anyway. However in the words of Danny Glover…

“You’ll get another chance”.

Since 1987 and 1990, on the first two movies that came out, 20 years have passed until then came the 3rd instalment in 2010. With Adrien Brody since “King Kong”, this shows on what happens when we’re marooned on a distant planet, with visitors in the hunt, as they’re would be no escape.

“Predators” showed on how a few super Predators, with different masks and are very deadly, they captured a few humans from Earth, and took them to a game preserve planet where they can practise on their hunting skills. During that, that team of mercenaries together, had to find a way to escape back to Earth or the predators will take their skulls as trophies. Out of those strangers, only two made it out. As Adrien Brody did the same thing to one of them with skull jaws. Covered in mud, as he had to make sure that the berserker leader will need to ‘quit while he’s a-head’.

These Predators not only can make themselves invisible, and have a self destruct mechanism, but they have badass weaponry. Wrist blades, shoulder blasters, net guns, long sharp spears, laser traps, a hand held blaster, shooting spear tips, throwing blade discs, blue acid to wipe away a crime scene, crackling whips, and medic kits. They roar very loud, they can cause a massive mess, and can have the ability to rip your skull and spine dead or alive.

Years later, two more came back to Earth. Highly advanced as the hunt evolved in the new flick, “The Predator”. With Boyd Holbrook, Keegan Michael Key, Thomas Jane, and Gary Busey’s son Jake Busey, familiar celebrity faces that we’ve haven’t seen in years, this can remind you of what happened in “Predator 2” and “Predators”. Since the boss was killed in “Predator 2”, his son took his place on capturing one of them alive in his laboratory. Unfortunately, a bloodbath occurred as one of them escaped, and killed his mercenaries, scientists, and more in a single rampage. Only PSTD afflicted soldiers were able to stop it, along with one more who is stronger and ferocious than Goliath.

As some of them became dead meat with the extraterrestrial trophy hunters, they’ll know that a few more will be arriving. So the last survivor, found some Predator armour, that he’ll intend to use.

Before I get to the conclusion, one last thing. Like for what happened in “Predators” and “The Predator”, the hunters can also have Predator hounds. Alien dogs that are carnivorous.

So on all four movies, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Glover, Adrien Brody and Boyd Holbrook, 9 and a half out of 10 stars is what I give.

However, with three humans that survived on Earth, only Adrien Brody is left alive on an game preserve planet after a horrible battle. Wounded and stranded, will he ever get off the Predator planet? Will he ever get home? Will he?

Invasion of the Neptune Men (1961)

From Toei Company, I couldn’t believe that Sonny Chiba was very young in this sci-fi flick, filmed only in Japan, before he was hired by Quentin Tarantino several years later in “Kill Bill”.

Metallic aliens from Neptune, in this 75 minute film, by wearing those rocket like dome helmets, came to Japan to annihilate life on Earth….

…until Sonny Chiba, who was almost looked like the guy who transforms into Ultraman came in and stopped them. He did so, by taking on every single alien fighter ship, before a nuclear missile that Japan launched, finally destroyed the mothership. And just for working for the support of Japan, than North America, I can imagine if he whooped E.T.’s butt. The same thing for Kang and Kodos from “The Simpsons”, and those other alien dudes from “Futurama”.

Sonny Chiba is really grand as a Japanese actor for his home country since that and “Kill Bill”!! 😃😃

So I’ll give this 10/10 stars. Really unique.

The Fly (1958)

Rather than watching those parody spoof horror flicks that are actual rip offs, this can be terrifying that no man or woman would ever face. Vincent Price was in it, as he believed in every word of detail.

Based on a short story, thanks to 20th Century Fox, that took place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, right next door to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a French Canadian scientist had made a teleportation machine that could really work. By the time he used it on himself, the experiment went haywire and was a really massive mistake.

A housefly was caught in the machine with him, as he had his arm and head swapped.

His head and arm was on the body of the fly, and the fly’s head and arm was on his body. It had shocked his wife in horror, as the fly’s instincts took over his mind and brain. The fly smashed the equipment, burned his notes, and destroyed his lab as his wife had no choice, but to smash the fly’s head and arm on a hydraulic press at a local factory close by.

What about the fly with that human head and arm? Vincent Price and a police inspector found it in a spider web, and was being devoured by a hungry spider. Until a rock smashed them both together in death. They thought the wife was crazy, but she was telling the truth for sure.

They did a remake of this in 1986, with Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum. Unfortunately, that remake became so gruesome and so gross, that I do not want to see that version. Not especially one bit.

So for a Vincent Price horror flick, 8 out of 10 stars.

First Man (Apollo 11 mission to the Moon)

Since Japanese folklore told the tale of Princess Kaguya, a girl born on the Moon and was sent to Earth as of punishment, she had became very fond of the Earth, and how Feudal Japan was since she was born in a bamboo plant.

But as the celestial beings wanted to take her back to the City of the Moon, and the Moon Kingdom, she had to return to the Moon. But this time that they won’t believe; since Feudal Japan until July 1969, they’re getting a special surprise.

Astronaut Neil Armstrong, on the Apollo 11 mission. First man to step foot on the Moon. Based on a true story and a novel by James R. Hansen. As Ryan Goshling portrays that historical character by going from the Earth to the Moon. By watching that whole movie at Cineplex, this beats every single movie/cartoon/TV show/TV show episode that took place on the moon. Especially novels from H.G. Wells and Jules Verne for example. And I mean all of them. Made in the USA and UK mostly. Except for the good ones such as that Studio Ghibli movie, “Sailor Moon”, and etc on anime and manga.

And it was a good thing that Abbott and Costello didn’t went to the moon, or Mars. By instead, they went to Venus in 1953.

Besides, both Princess Kaguya and Neil Armstrong on the moon wouldn’t want moon cheese, or run into those ugly aliens from “First Men In The Moon”. Not especially if they’re made by Ray Harryhausen, that are born in the center of the Moon. Oh, and those massive alien starships that contain more of the Transformers since ‘Dark of the Moon’ buried on the surface also, with those rock aliens that killed the 3 man crew in “Apollo 18”.

And as this can be as grand as “Apollo 13” with Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon, this totally deserves those two Oscar awards, and nine more nominations, this was no wonder the ‘most dangerous mission to the Moon’. Cause when most people believe that they weren’t going to make it, they try to locate filmmaker Stanley Kubrick by doing a fake moon landing, but they didn’t. Especially if you need to see “Moonwalkers” with Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint that talked about that event.

So in conclusion, I can imagine if Ryan Goshling as Neil Armstrong had found Kaguya, and take her from the Moon back to Earth. Cause of anime director Isao Takahata dead in April 2018 and have a good time to say goodbye to him. She would be happy to have an anime father/creator who created her, from Studio Ghibli, based on that folklore story.

And as this tells the whole story and it’s event that occurred in July 1969, in which the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon became a success, 9/10 stars is what I give. I only didn’t like two parts in which one, for how his kids were, and two, was the sound of alarming on the Gemini 8 shuttle pod, as they went out of control and almost died. Luckily for Neil Armstrong, he made it back on Earth, and didn’t threw up at all in space.

12 Strong (2018)

It isn’t the heart that makes a soldier strong. It’s the heart of a warrior that makes him strong. Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, and Michael Peña, are the only stars I know in this new war movie. Based on a true story, and was written in a book after that, they foretold on horse soldiers. (Almost like the ones from that 1959 Civil War movie with John Wayne but different)

Moments after 9/11 occurred, the United States and other allied countries including Russia and Canada have declared war on Afghanistan. Because of the loss of the World Trade Center. Twelve badass men of the U.S. Army were deployed into Afghanistan to terminate those terrorists.

Fighting for almost 3 weeks, they ran into a resistance as they began to ride horses together. They became horse soldiers, as all twelve strong were way better than those guys in “The Dirty Dozen”. Although it maybe Matthew Modine’s favourite, but I was flabbergasted that William Fichtner from “Independence Day: Resurgence” and “The Perfect Storm” in this movie, was as bald as Dr. Evil from those movies on “Austin Powers”.

Out of those men that made it, and just in time for Christmas for their families as promised, one got injured and made it through, as the rest came alive in one piece.

So for this war movie to avenge the loss of the World Trade Center, Phillips Petit’s most favourite place in the world, ever since he walked on a high wire between those two towers in NYC, I give this 8/10 stars. Although Afghanistan never surrendered on fighting in a war, but I can imagine if we were to drop nuclear bombs all over that country, and their allies in the Middle East too. Wiping them all out, off of the face of the Earth, it would have to be an only option to finish that war, since those two nuclear bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. As it became the beginning of nuclear arsenal.

Remember. The only good middle eastern terrorist, is a dead one. And I mean all of them, until every Afghani are wiped out off the face of the Earth.

My Neighbor Totoro- 30th anniversary

In 1988 Tokyo, Japan, Studio Ghibli was becoming more and more famous. Such as Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces that he was working on. Right after he did “The Castle of Cagliostro”, “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”, and “Castle in the Sky”, he worked on this that became Studio Ghibli’s very top icon. Totoro in “My Neighbor Totoro”.

An anime masterpiece that tells about two sisters, that moved to a new home. Right next door, are forest spirits that the girls can only see. Such as the large, furry Totoro, his two pals, and the Catbus that he and the girls can ride on. The best part, was how they got to ride on him, and the Catbus next.

With the voice talents of Dakota and Elle Fanning as sisters together with Tim Daly and more, they did really great. And was the very first movie that Dakota and Elle, did a sister act for the support of Studio Ghibli.

30 years later, now comes the 30th anniversary of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece since 1988. Congratulations for Hayao Miyazaki’s work, and Totoro too.

So thanks to GKIDS and Fathom Events, after they premiered only six Studio Ghibli movies in select cinemas, they had premiered this too in honour of “My Neighbor Totoro”, for it’s 30th anniversary event. For only 3 days, they finally did it.

And the Fanning sisters; they did really great as a sister act, and supported the work of Studio Ghibli, and GKIDS too.

So to Totoro, that furry forest god, I wish him a happy anniversary. And how he became Studio Ghibli’s icon, for their masterpieces.