Wes Craven (1939-2015)

The director of the original classic of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “The Hills Have Eyes”, “The Twilight Zone” TV show, “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare”, and “Scream”, Wes Craven passed away on August 30th, 2015 due to brain cancer. 

This horror film director was interesting, as well as the same other horror film directors like John Carpenter, Sam Rami and Stanley Kubrick. I remember watching a bit of the original classic of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” as it still can be terrifying. How Robert Englund was Freddy Krueger as he and Wes did grand on this horror masterpiece.

I know Hollywood might need a new horror film director in town, but who knows? His movies by the way are maybe too scary, but each of them became a film series. That on ‘Scream’, ‘Hills Have Eyes’ and the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. How each and every person has to find a way to stop the killer on going loose. Like the black hooded ghost killer and Freddy Krueger. I was just glad those guys are dead. I know he had a big long life, but I feel kinda sorry for him for the way he passed away. It always happens to people that get this, and pass away due to brain cancer. Brain cancer happens to like anyone who had hemorrhage problems. To the way he died, he died in his very own home in Los Angeles. He had a good long life, but his horror films can still haunt anyone who wishes to watch his movies. Even to the 1984 classic we all know of. “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. 



In a BBC documentary movie I saw on Netflix, narrated by John Hurt, that can be told in WWII history on anniversaries, he told the whole story of how the U.S. first tested the Manhattan Project on the atomic bomb, as they built a nuclear bomb to drop it on Hiroshima. During WWII on the war in the Pacific, the Japanese empire had been a serious and mean empire as Japan was dangerous. 4 year old’s wore hoodies, as teenage boys and girls in the military were being trained to fight. Even some boys were able to survive, as young girls wearing dresses were able to be sent to a safer location. In cities, they were able to duck and cover in Hiroshima during an air raid, as men were becoming very hard killers. Serious ones. Even when Japanese soldiers would make sacrifices, when they go under tanks and destroy them. Until finally, came the day hell broke loose. In the islands somewhere close to Iwo Jima, a U.S. camp held the nuclear bomb. 30 to 40 Boeing B-29 Superfortress airplanes were there. One of them was damaged on re-entry during an air attack. When the mission was told to the men, it had to be so secret, they wouldn’t tell no one until now. With a Boeing B-29 Superfortress airplane carrying the bomb, it was 4 tons to carry it as they had a okay takeoff. They flew for a day and a half presumably until…they released it over Hiroshima. They had 43 seconds to get away as it was gonna be big until they did. When the chain reaction in the bomb was armed and ignited, a mushroom cloud boomed over Hiroshima. Millions of lives were caught in the blast as they were shadows of people for where they sat and stand. They were burnt corpses as 8,000 survivors were lucky they survived. Children were dead, mothers cried, as some children lost their parents, as they cried and sobbed terribly. Some were terribly injured as Japanese soldiers helped them. Veterans that faced this cried when they had their interviews. When they speak English or Japanese. It was hell that broke loose, as flames and smoke bursted everywhere. Every building destroyed as some injured people had shattered glass on their faces. Other people couldn’t walk as they need help. A survivor covered in black all over, with no eyes, face, or any of that stuff died after walking it’s last miles after the bomb. A doc saw that when he saw it coming. When the bomb was dropped in Hiroshima and he saw the mushroom cloud, he knew they were dead. The wind blew into his house and sent the doc flying in the house across the room. Like what you see in cartoons. Meanwhile, back in Hiroshima, people were desperate for water as others were being treated in hospitals. When rain came coming down, it was black all over as the ashes were in those raindrops as the people drank that stuff like if it was what they wanted. Unfortunately, in those black ash raindrops were radiation from the bomb. Half of the people suffered from the bomb attack, when they were terribly injured, as the rest died of a disease after that and when the US dropped another atomic bomb in Nagasaki. It was radiation poisoning. The people who drank that rain, suffered as they had purple spots, as they lost their hair when they came coming off of their heads. They got sick, as some died. They were lucky ones that survived but were terribly sad. During that, after the atomic bomb was dropped, when it was raining, some Japanese civilians were able to swim in water when they reached lakes, rivers, ravines and ponds. They enjoyed the water they need as thousands went in. Those that went in first, got too much water as people were piled up in water. Those that went in last were okay, as a few thousands drowned in the waters. After all that before the disease, and the atomic bomb that hit Nagasaki, Hiroshima was completely destroyed. Almost all gone. It was a victory for the US as President Truman addressed the nation all about it. It was terrible for the emperor of Japan, the representatives, desk chairmen and important people in Japan to hear about all this. With that on those two major cities, Kobe, Tokyo and other cities in Japan firebombed, Japan surrendered the Allied Powers. US General Douglas MacArthur, the representatives of the world, the emperor of Japan, and his representatives were on a battleship as they signed to surrender on very important papers. First them, then General MacArthur, the representatives as peace was to the world. War was to be no more, as they want to keep moving forward. General MacArthur spoke a very important speech as it was the same in the movie with Gregory Peck as MacArthur. Very thoughtful in his true words. Then the US celebrated big time as the war in the Pacific was all over. Back in Japan, while some civilians in Hiroshima suffered in the radiation poisoning, it was the same as Nagasaki. For Kobe, Tokyo and other cities firebombed, people were trying to recover their injuries, as some were lucky to be home. Those that have lost everything and survived died of starvation as there were dead bodies lying around at night in train stations. That was when author Akiyuki Nosaka wrote his short story of “Grave of the Fireflies” as it was later made into an anime film, thanks to Studio Ghibli. It was based on his life experiences when he survived the end of WWII in Japan. Today, Hiroshima is way bigger and better as some old people can remember the day the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945, a long time ago. Hiroshima can still have the marks of the shadows, in spots of the city, that show people who have been caught in the nuclear blast as they died on that day. In anniversaries finally, they give out flowers to the graves to those who have died in WWII and forget about what they had done wrong. Most importantly, to those who have died in the river on that day, citizens and civilians in Hiroshima today, would light up lanterns at night as they float in the river like boats to celebrate and honor, the dead. With beautiful lanterns at night in the rivers to remember the dead. Thanks to this BBC documentary, this is a 10/10 star documentary movie. ‘A+++’ as I still remember, “Grave of the Fireflies”. Even when they come out at night, beautifully.

Be human! Never trust machine!

They say robots, machines and all that stuff can take over the world since ‘Terminator’ and ‘A.I.- Artificial Intelligence’. Those movies. But we don’t want to let that happen, many years from now as well as today. Most people talked about all that in movies and stories, to think that they are real. But they are not. Thanks to Stephen Hawking’s true words in a interview once, my posts on this blog than my uncle Murray’s conversation, being human is what matters than machines.

Thanks to a very famous folklore legend, that I’ve seen in a cartoon short and a live action movie with Danny Glover, this was the ‘man VS machine’ story of John Henry. John Henry was an African American hero, who was very tall, very strong and can hold four sledgehammers. He was a pile driver on building the railroad tracks and can hit the nails down, hard. He was married to a woman named Polly presumably, as he worked hard. He was even strong enough to hit a pole, through a rock and breaking it. Also carrying 10 piles of wood. Working on the railroad, all day was okay, until things changed. When it might take a very long time to make a tunnel through a mountain, an inventor made a steam drill. One of the very few first drilling machines to go through. It was gonna take away their jobs of the workers when John Henry challenged it. Working to face 10 hours against it, hitting hard on nails into the tracks, and through the mountain with two sledgehammers, he was a man powered Arnold Schwarzenegger as he hit his hammers hard, digging himself through the mountain, and making a tunnel. In the darkness, thunder and lighting was inside as they worked stormed through as fast as they can. The winner was John Henry as he won. He made it to the end, as the steam drill didn’t make it. It malfunctioned as it was destroyed. John Henry collapsed and was dead when his heart bursted. His legend was to be never forgotten as the train tunnel he made, was dedicated to the loving memory of him. Drills today are okay, when they made tunnels. But John Henry was a great hero as he made that was splendid, with his own sledgehammers.

Hal 9000 you know of, from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘2010’ as Heywood Floyd played by Roy Scheider had to fix all that, after for what happened to astronaut Dave Bowman. But was lucky when it was destroyed, in the end of ‘2010’ when Jupiter exploded.

‘Transcendence’ was way out of bounds, as it hacked into people’s bodies as it was the same as ‘Terminator Genisys’. Johnny Depp as the scientist was way better as a human, before hid death. His wife wanted him more, but made a total mistake when she hijacked him From ‘Bicentennial Man’ and ‘I, Robot’ to ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and ‘9’, the technology like Apple is okay to use today, but we don’t want to be advancing too far ahead, even in the future. And being human is what matters, than being a machine since I saw ‘Halo Legends’ on the episode, ‘Prototype’. Soldiers like those are fighting machines, since John Candy was like that in ‘Stripes’.

So be human, and be what you are no matter what for good. Not for anything bad. And don’t even think about making animals like lions, pandas or any of those critters be an endangered species.

Stephen Hawking interview

Stephen Hawking said true words in this interview, since he did one long ago on his book, “A Brief Time in History”. About what he believes, what he thinks and how I relate to this guy. I even just love how he and Jane Wilde made a visit to the film location set of the prom scene of “The Theory of Everything”. Right in front of Cambridge University in London, England.

Movies on giving you, a death wish

From 70’s movies like ‘Dirty Harry’, ‘Play Misty for Me’, ‘The Deadly Tower’ and ‘Death Wish’, they always show one thing, and one thing only. A death wish.

Not like a wish, that you want to be dead but something, that you can get unexpectedly if you are planning to murder someone.

Deadly Tower 5

Kurt Russell as Charles Whitman in ‘The Deadly Tower’ hated his life when everything changed as he murdered his wife and mother after that. He started killing people from that tower, as he was shot by the police when they caught him. He sure had that. Lee Harvey Oswald was the same when he killed President Kennedy, only killed by Jack Ruby for what he did, that he hated. He was sent to prison after killing Oswald as death wishes can be a bad idea for guys like these ones.


In a film series, Charles Bronson was a vigilante as he dealt with death wishes. In the ‘Death Wish’ series. After his wife was murdered and his daughter in shock by rapists, sent to a mental hospital, he had to tell the police on catching the criminals they did. But they did all the best they can, very slow. During a business trip in Arizona or Texas, at a gun club with a cowboy, he did great shooting as a complete marksman. As a present from the cowboy after his trip, he received a chromed revolver pistol. And with it, killed 10 thieves in Manhattan in a matter of single nights. Police detectives wondered who this vigilante was until a lieutenant found him in the end. He was sent out of town and started a new life later. But his vigilante stuff went on. That was when it became a series from the first to the fifth and final movie that Charles Bronson did when he was older. He dealt with many weapons as he took on criminals in the city, as he gave them death wishes. He was changing year by year, Charles Bronson was when you look at his hair. Even when it’s white.


Related to the ‘Death Wish’ series, Denzel Washington became a vigilante too in ‘The Equalizer’. Since he and Jeff Goldblum made cameo appearances in the first ‘Death Wish’ movie and got killed by Charles Bronson, he decided to become like him only to make things equal. Timing perfect, on doing killings, he dealt with giving guys death wishes, as fast as an eagle. He must’ve been very young and happy when he saw Charles long ago, as they must’ve been friends before Charles Bronson passed away.


‘The Punisher’ was like that, when John Travolta received a death wish in the end. For it was the same as his crew. Based on the Marvel comic books, after killing Frank Castle’s entire family, Frank Castle gave them all death wishs as he became known as the Punisher. Cool name and amazing vigilante. He even sent John Travolta in the fires of a car parking lot he died in the fires. And it was a flaming skull of his T-shirt, when you look from above if you’re in a helicopter. And his last words were in the end…

“Those who do evil to others — the killers, the rapists, psychos, sadists — will come to know me well. Frank Castle is dead. Call me… the Punisher.”

The Punisher, The Equalizer, and Charles Bronson in the ‘Death Wish’ series are the best greatest vigilantes that can ever give a death wish since Charles Whitman, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby were different in the 60’s.


Kevin Bacon must’ve learned his lesson when he was a vigilante. As an actor, after he has been such a bad guy in movies, he learned that crime can go way out hand. All that did, in “Death Sentence”. He gave rapists and racists death wishes after his sons of his family were murdered. He was trying to protect them, as he must put an end to this business.

And since those movies have happened on vigilantism, and true events, death wishes can really happen to criminals that do evil. It maybe scary for young teens to watch this, when they are older, but okay for adults like if they are 20 years old. Probably 19 years of age too.


So remember, if anyone does anything stupid as a narcissist, in the ways of crime, they will get one thing and one thing only.


A death wish.

(loud gunfire by young Kurt Russell)

The Deadly Tower- 10/10 stars and a ‘A+++’!!!

Kurt Russell in a TV movie, was just like Patrick Swayze in this movie, based on this true event. On the tower of the University of Texas, in Austin Texas in the 60’s, Kurt Russell played as Charles Whitman. From murdering his mom and wife, and buying weapons at a gun shop to the tower, this former marine began himself prepared, as he started shooting people way up high, up to 400 yards on a 28 story high building.


Shooting everywhere from university students, to shops in towns, cars and automobiles, to anyone in sight, even in grass fields, he killed 16 people and injured 32 including one fatality. Many civilians in Austin tried to shoot him, including an airplane. But never got him.


A Mexican- American officer was able to stop this, when he and his partner shot him at last.


In this 10/10 star movie are Clifton James, Ned Beatty, and Richard Yniguez as the Austin police officer who shot Charles Whitman. Since there was him up on that deadly tower in Austin, Texas, there was another former marine who was in Houston, Texas as he was known for killing JFK. Lee Harvey Oswald, as he was 250ft. Shooting at a moving target, he got off 3 rounds with an old Italian bolt action rifle in only 6 seconds. Scored himself two hits, including a headshot. He was arrested later, and was shot by Jack Ruby who gave him a death wish. 10/10 stars for this 1975 TV movie. A+++. In fact, he was 25 years old for Kurt Russell in this movie.

For he and Oswald, shooters like these two, in the 60’s will give you one thing, and one thing only. A death wish.

Crocodile Rock- Elton John

Elton John did this hit song I’ve ever heard in my life. I sang to it in elementary school, listened to it in a ‘Bob the Builder’ Christmas movie, as I saw him singing that song on a Muppet Show episode with crocs, as I listen to this song on the radio. I am proud of this British singer for how he sang this in the 70’s and today. This is an ‘A+++’ song. This song was in a bit of the movie “Dark Shadows” when Collins was at a bar joint. 

So if you are ever for a taste of crocodiles, and alligators, time to do some Crocodile Rock!! And before you leave, ‘see ya later alligator!’. 

Meet Dave

Long before I watched “The Secret World of Arrietty” by Studio Ghibli, and the John Goodman movie of “The Borrowers”, I always knew what little people would look like when they are small and tiny. In a Eddie Murphy movie, there was oddball man who was a fish out of water in New York City. But not quite.

He looked human on the outside, but inside he was a robot spaceship! Like a human, disguised as a robot spaceship, little people control that thing as they control the entire body. Not like the human body, but a robot body controlled by little people. Eddie Murphy played two roles. As the oddball, and the captain of the robot spacecraft.

There was also Ed Helms, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Scott Caan, and Kevin Hart. When a orb crash landed on Earth in New York, it had the power to store water in it. Three months later, another big thing crash lands on Earth in New York, but as the oddball. To the little people, their planet was in crisis. They needed salt water for their planet, so they had to find the orb. Learning about Earth, it’s technology, the humans and everything, emotions, shops and everything, they knew how Earth can be.

Retrieving the orb, and sending it to outer space, it was complete. Even if it takes, to save their ship. There were 100 little people inside the ship. When the FBI caught it, they escaped in a lifeboat which was a shoe. As they made it home safe. 99 survived, as one who was a traitor was left behind with the ship and was never seen again.

It can have funny scenes and dumb scenes. So I rate this almost 7/10 stars. Almost to that.

Sands of Iwo Jima

John Wayne played as a marine commander in a WWII Pacific movie, as he and marines were the soldiers to ever raise the flag of Iwo Jima. In the Marine Corps in the Pacific, a tough sergeant against PFC’s, corporals and privates, took on beaches in battles as they were up against Iwo Jima.

With Navy corpsmen, lieutenants, colonels, lieutenant colonels, marines and battalions, they have fought invasions in Honolulu, Tarawa, as they took on Iwo Jima.

Iwo Jima, was suppose to be one of the biggest mountains in the Pacific, close to Japan. A few marines took on the challenge as they raised the USA flag. The most memorable moment, in world war history.

There was some love I disliked. So 6 1/2 plus a 9.10 percent out of 10 stars is what I give this. Only on what happens to them in the battles to Iwo Jima.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)

An all star cast I’ve never seen before were in this. James Stewart, John Wayne, Vera Miles, Lee Marvin, and Lee Van Cleef. In this western classic. An outlaw in the west to a small town, injured a lawman very badly. The lawman after getting back on it’s feet, began to rose up as he shot the outlaw later on. He was dead, as two of his pals were sent to jail. He became a hero after that, and went on to be governor.

Before he left, and was married, a secret was told to a deputy as they kept in, in their hands. They never told no one. The lawman and his wife later on, told the whole story to newspaper men when they visited his friends funeral.

And I must say, both James Stewart and John Wayne were the two men that shot Liberty Valance. I give this western classic, 7 1/2 out of 10 stars.