Why do I mention YTV and Teletoon?

YTV and Teletoon long ago, in its glory days, were popular kids TV channels. For those that are young, and are getting older soon.

YTV was launched on September 1st, 1988 as John Candy was the one who presented it. Teletoon however, was not born at that time until on October 17, 1997. Two years after John Candy died of a heart attack, and his final movie, “Canadian Bacon” was released.

From their days that were born, passing the year of 2000, they were popular at that time. They started off with TV shows such as “Shining Time Station”, “The Screech Owls”, and the early days of “The Simpson’s”.

Both YTV and Teletoon made a deal with Corus Entertainment, as they brought in more animated TV shows, that no kid had ever laid eyes on. Except for some bullshit like ‘Chip and Orbit’.

In August of 1995, YTV made a deal with Japanese animated TV shows, such as “Sailor Moon”, “Pokémon”, “Digimon” and “Dragonball”. And at that time, they were smash hits as they were becoming famous. Teletoon however in the early 2000, made a deal too as they got into “Cardcaptors”.

Both kids TV channels were making TV history with its anime. And more live action and animated TV shows that were glory, before they’ve turned to the dark side of movies and TV shows today. And as for myself, I was only into the anime at day of night. Rather than being at elementary school.

More and more anime TV shows such as “InuYasha”, “Blue Dragon”, more “Digimon” and “Pokémon”, “Power Stone”, “MegaMan: NT Warrior”, “Spider Riders”, “Blue Dragon”, “Mew Mew Power”, “Yu-Gi-Oh”, “Battle B-Daman”, “Pandalian”, “Silverwing”, “Beyblade”, and more kept on coming. In fact, they also premiered some anime movies such as the first few Pokémon movies, “Beyblade: Fierce Battle”, the four “InuYasha” movies, and the “Sailor Moon” movies too.

On YTV in 2004, they used this programming block called “Bionix”. And every night before kids would go to bed, they would watch anime TV shows such as the ones that were very popular. In fact, “Zatch Bell” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” joined too.

The years have passed, as “Avatar: The Last Airbender” was coming to a successful conclusion. Slowly but surely, anime TV shows on both channels were being cancelled. One by one.

Not only YTV made a deal with Nickelodeon, but Teletoon made a deal with Cartoon Network also. Cause of TV shows such as “Spongebob”, “Ben 10”, “Jimmy Neutron”, and “Johnny Test” we’re becoming popular for North America. And I hate to tell you this, but they were making a deal with those goddamn assholes that I hate on the most.

After around 2010, the very last anime TV shows were “Dinosaur King” and “Pretty Cure”. Or ‘Futari wa Pretty Cure’ in Japanese. “Pokémon” however was ongoing from its original series to the XY series. And after those two were cancelled, “Pokémon” was ongoing some more, until it finally got to the XY series. After four months of its episodes, that anime TV show was transferred to Teletoon.

By 2014, both YTV and Teletoon, turn out to be the worst TV channels for kids since they’ve forgotten too much, and how they were making money for Corus Entertainment. Besides, their cartoons are really shitty today, as Ash Ketchum in the “Pokémon” series, has been getting too much on being a Pokémon master. Getting dumb and dumber every day.

No one would ever like for what they are today. For how they made a deal with those fuckers that I hate on the most, acting therefore that they don’t care, forgetting its history after anniversaries, with hosts such as Carlos, Joyce, Sugar, Andy, Simon and etc that are really shitty, and celebrities in Hollywood that have becoming long gone dead.

With no anime left, and how hard times came, that was when I left. And how I got myself into anime more often such as Studio Ghibli by GKIDS. Although I did find anime DVDs in full seasons, and how they were premiered on those two TV channels back in those days, but I’ll never forget for what they really did. And as of today, no repeats with new US casting such as “Cardcaptors” and “Sailor Moon”. I prefer the ones from the early 2000’s.

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