The Big Red One

From director Samuel Fuller, its “The Big Red One”.

With Lee Marvin, Mark Hamill, Robert Carradine ad a cast of others, this was totally Samuel Fuller’s “The Big Red One”.

Since World War I, a soldier played by Lee Marvin took a red cloth piece as it represents the First Infantry Devision. The number 1. Since after the First World War, that red one became famous. It represents the First Infantry Devision in the Army. They called it, the big red one.

When your in the First Infantry Devision in the army, it can be like first class to soldiers. 2nd or 3rd Devision can mean like close by, I think. But when your in a devision, this can deal with platoons, and squadrons of men going in a war.

When World War II was on, it was popular for the Americans as they were heading to North Africa. By then, they went to Sicily, Normandy, Belgium as they went all the way to Germany to take on the Germans. Four friends, as peach fuzzed rifleman, were under the command of that soldier who had that idea. He was a sergeant later on in WWII since he was a private in WWI as he lead his men through those places they’ve been. All the way to Germany to end this war.

Through North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Belgium, and finally… Nazi Germany.

New recruits, when they are in the division, or platoons to that, they always get K.I.A. All except for the peach fuzzed riflemen as they pushed through. Along with others that pushed through and got K.I.A. in other places in Europe than besides for what happened in North Africa. One recruit almost lost his dick, when he lost one of his nut sacs in Sicily! Must’ve operated on him to get that attached back to his body. But for French soldiers from France, working with Arabs, they cut off ears of dead Krauts.

During the movie, the best part about it was how they found cash. In Sicily, Belgium and France. A bit of that from Germany. They found like $35,000 in 1944 since ’42 and ’43. That’s like rich!!

From the sands of North Africa, to the ruins of Sicily, the beaches of Normandy, to the green fields of Belgium and snowy forests in Nazi Germany, they take on Nazi troops. With their quick fire rifles, and one shot from a bazooka, a mentally insane patient helped them by taking a German submachine gun. He went crazy and killed Nazi troops. By spinning out of control in a circle.

By the time they saved a Jewish boy and some Jewish prisoners in the holocaust, the war was over by midnight. Hitler committed suicide by putting a bullet to his head. That’s for good riddance.

A ‘B+’ on this war movie. Released in 1980, as they did ‘The Reconstruction’ in 2004. For it was dedicated to Samuel Fuller. Who was born in 1912 and kicked the bucket in 1997. ‘The Reconstruction’ was re-released 7 years after Samuel Fuller’s death.

When I thought of the words, ‘The Big Red One’, I thought something bloody was gonna show in that movie. But it was okay when I saw it. Mark Hamill once popular in “Star Wars”, may have did something crazy in that movie, but I would dare him to do my ‘big red one’. He and I to a arm wrestle. And whoever loses, has to drink actual blood from blood bags, (for they used those in hospitals) out of my dirty socks. It’s my bloody big red one from me to him. Gross, but just to teach him a lesson for what he did wrong in his movies.

The Martian (2015)

“Bring him home”.

Those were the words on that poster. Since Matt Damon was in space since “Interstellar”, Matt Damon spent two years on Mars after being left behind. On a routine mission on Mars, a crew had to abort the Mars mission as they headed towards their module. It was a storm causing the problem. One of the astronauts was hit by a satellite and was left behind. They took off, as he was still alive. As a botanist and astronaut, he had to grow potatoes, have enough food and drinks to survive, oxygen, and much of that to last for two years.

By repairing the base, fixing up things, he had to contact Earth and his crew to come back to get him. He was the only living man alive on Mars, as no wonder they called him ‘The Martian’. This was even based on a novel, as this became a hit motion picture.

At last, they brought him home finally. As he started to work in a college close to home.

Jeff Daniels in this, as he was a douche bag. If he never believes anything, believe in alien life out there. This was directed by Ridley Scott, the director of “Prometheus”, “Alien”, “Exodus: Gods and Kings”, as this was heart throbbing. On getting this man back alive. Along with Matt Damon and Jeff Daniels are Sean Bean, Kristen Wiig, Michael Pena, Mackenzie Davis, Donald Glover, and Kate Mara.

This won a couple of Golden Globe Awards. They mentioned this movie on that hit Discovery Channel TV show “Daily Planet”. Pretty scientific. I give this one, 8/10 stars. And along for awards for Matt Damon as a botanist, I’d give him a plant badge.

David Bowie (1947-2016)

As a singer like John Denver, David Bowie was the best man there is. He died on January 10th, at age 69. Two days after his birthday as he died of liver cancer. In his own apartment. People gave his place many flowers as there is than besides the ones, when Robin Williams passed away.

In David’s life, he was the best classical singer. From “Hunky Dory” to his final album, “Blackstar”, he did many songs. He even was in places like Berlin, Austria, and many places in Europe as a hit singer.

As a singer and actor, he made a cameo in “Zoolander” when Derek and Hansel were in a dance off, as you would’ve loved him in that. From that to “The Snowman”, “Arthur and the Invisibles”, “The Man Who Fell To Earth”, “Labyrinth”, and a TV movie on “Spongebob Squarepants” where was the king of Atlantis, he was remarkable.

There is so much I want to know more on him, and his songs. I heard one of his songs on the radio as I know that song. “Changes”. It was really good. There was a different version in “Shrek 2” when Shrek and Fiona were human. David Bowie accepted that in thar new version. And I accept that too.

I was so surprised to see him pass away when I saw a cover in the magazines. He had a good long life. It was nice they gave him thousands of flowers for his funeral. I’m sure he battled hard to get rid of liver cancer, but I do feel sorry he’s all gone now. However, he still has that smile in heaven.

I can imagine for where he is now, up in heaven. As the wind rises, he is a frolicking find in the flowers, as he is in the open meadow. On a sunny spring day. Where pink flower pedals fly in the wind, he plays gentle music as a gentleman playing a guitar as children there, would enjoy it. He is singing playfully, as animals there would dance to it.

He did had a great life. Totally. If he can hear me, and my imagination thought, that is what he is doing right now I believe in heaven. And if he can, it would be nice if he said hi to John Denver for me. And David, you are the best classical singer we’ve ever known.

Tanker railcars that can cause natural disasters

From a “Mythbusters” episode to TV shows, cartoons and movies I’ve seen a while back long ago, there have been many accidents that relate to tanker railcars. In that episode I saw, Adam and Jamie were to not only do an explosion, but an implosion. With the biggest prop they ever did, a a black tanker railcar, they vacuum it with hot water, locked it up, and gave it cold water. When it did, the tanker railcar got crushed by itself. It was the best they ever did.

When I look at that, it took me down memory lane on tanker railcars. From “Real TV” and “Destroyed in Seconds” on Discovery Channel to real current events, many tanker railcars can cause major accidents. I even saw that in cartoons and movies.

Tanker railcars are important to transport liquid. Mostly oil and fuel, but sometimes liquid nitrogen. But the way I saw them, they cause major disasters. Even in movies.

In two major disasters, two freight trains caused those. It happened around the time when I watched “Unstoppable” and “Super 8”. One big massive freight train, with tankers were derailed as the bridge was not stable. They fell in the water, created smog as they polluted the water. Killed all the fish as it was horrible. It took a long time to take them out, as they built the bridge stable enough to make sure everything was safe. Some of the tankers were derailed when the train crashed, just by the pond as they polluted the ground. The train drivers must’ve been in big trouble when this did. The second with tanker railcars were left in the siding as the brakes weren’t on. The black tankers at night rolled down the track, and created a massive explosion. It was a missile on wheels as it happened that one early morning. I saw that in the papers, just when I saw those two movies. Years later, they showed for what caused the disaster on Discovery Channel, and how Sandra Bullock or Tina Fey mentioned about that in her truth to stop pollution. Along with kids also. The driver responsible for this got fired, and was put on charges for what he did wrong.

It was scary to see that. As I saw “Unstoppable”, it would’ve been what happened in that true event. But luckily, Chris Pine and Denzel Washington stopped it. In “Super 8” on the USAF train crash scene, tanker railcars can still explode when a train derails after hitting a truck on the tracks. However, the way J.J. Abrams did the special effects on that movie, they were pushed out of their under frame, as the tankers came whooshing out, and exploding on the ground. Just when the entire crash was over. They contained fuel as they exploded.

Trains have to be careful with oil, fuel, liquid nitrogen and contaminated black waste as stuff like that needs to be destroyed. However, we totally need to be careful of liquid nitrogen. If tanker railcars were crashed, and liquid nitrogen started pouring out, we have to get out of there quick. Or we’d be covered by that stuff. And if we fall to the ground, we’d be shattered, dead. Oil and fuel are still important for what we need today. Not only tanker railcars are used to transport those in freight trains, but black sticky tar as well.

Tar, is also a good liquid source that tanker railcars can use. For we need that for building our house roofs. It’s still sticky when you look at it, but not when they are solid when we are done with construction.

Related to that, based on “The Railway Series” by the Rev. Wilbert Awdry, as it was created into a TV episode on “Thomas the Tank Engine”, there was what they call, a ‘dirty object’. Since Toby the Tram Engine came to the railway, James the Red Engine had been insulting him and Henrietta by calling them, ‘dirty objects’. He even hated dirty slow freight trains. Just before he can insult them again, his freight train went out of control. And by crashing into four tar tankers, he became a dirty object. By ramming into two tar tanker railcars, he was covered in tar. Black from smokebox to cab. They would’ve made him more dirtier in tar with much of that stuff. But the tar tankers were smashed to pieces. In that TV episode, there were four tar tankers as two were the ones James the Red Engine rammed into. The other two were okay and safe. In the story by that rail fan author, they were actual two tar tankers. He was brought back home by Toby the Tram Engine, and Percy the Small Engine as he needed to be cleaned at once. Toby was rewarded with a new coat of paint. Henrietta too. All James did was to watch Toby happily running off with the news. But he was cool covered in tar.

Since tanker railcars can transport other liquids such as water, milk, cream, toffee, sauce, and jam, trains do have to be careful when they carry those tankers. Liquids like these can make a mess, especially tar. But not oil and fuel. Totally dangerous. 

Al Gore, Tina Fey or Sandra Bullock don’t want another inconvenient truth to see tankers like that to happen again. To cause pollution in natural disasters. We want a nice green Earth than a polluted Earth if more of those happen again. So let’s be careful. 

An Officer and a Gentleman & Top Gun- Becoming a fighter pilot

If you want to become a fighter pilot, in the Navy or Air Force, you would have to know when you do, it takes a math questions to ask, and training to do. So when you’re in college to become a pilot, you would have to answer all the math questions.

It’s like your in gaming development in college, if you want to create video games. Like PS3 and XBox video games. It’s the same thing. Taking a lot of math questions to ask.

However, when you joined the Air Force or the Navy, you are enrolled into boot camp first. That is where all that learning comes and physical activity happens. And it lead me into two of the popular movies thanks to my dad.

“An Officer and a Gentleman” and “Top Gun”. Two of those popular movies in the 80’s we all know of and love on.

Richard Gere as Zack Mayo, in “An Officer and a Gentleman” wanted to become a fighter pilot like the way his dad was. He was even with him as a boy. As a man, living with his uncle, he enrolled into boot camp. That is where all that shows. Learning on how to fly, answering the math questions, preparing to survive and do lots of physical workout. With four to five friends, they were under the command of Sergeant Foley, played by Louis Gossett Jr. Where he asks if are you a queer or a steer. He even called him, ‘Mayo-nnaise’. And since graduation, they bid farewell as he left.

Now in “Flyboys”, the way they did dogfighting back then, it was all the old fashioned way. But still today, we have to deal with our knowledge on math while flying. And in dogfighting, you have to target your enemies and fly as hard as you can. Which was why after there is this, there is “Top Gun”.

“Top Gun” after “An Officer and a Gentleman” was released, showed how your journey to becoming a pilot can continue in dogfighting. When you are an actual pilot.

It’s still a total popular movie. Tom Cruise as Maverick, Anthony Edwards as Goose, Tom Skerrit as Viper, Val Kilmer as Iceman, Tim Robbins as Merlin, Michael Ironslide as Jester, John Stockwell as Cougar, Rick Rossovich as Slider, Barry Tubb as Wolfman, Whip Hubley as Hollywood, and James Tolkan as Stinger. When you’re a pilot on practising for dogfighting, it would be cool as you would have a new name. Like the ones they used in “Top Gun”. But careful, while practising. You don’t want to get into a bad accident. Since Cougar left, and Goose was killed while training, Maverick and Merlin had to work together in the final dogfight. That is how fighter pilots become who they are after the final dogfight.

It’s a fighter pilots journey when I watched those movies together. It maybe tough in boot camp, but the best part comes when you’re in the game. Since Zack Mayo became an actual fighter pilot, Maverick as a fighter pilot became also a instructor in Top Gun.

It’s a long way to becoming a fighter pilot. As long as you know your math, survival skills, flying, and targeting your MiiG 28’s to shoot. And remember, it’s a highway to the danger zone.

The Walk- A++!!! 10/10 stars!!!

For many acrobats, it takes a lot of practicing to do that, before you perform. In showcases, circuses, and out on the streets. Even for French mimes. Some acrobatics do that mostly in public.

img_1838 img_1842 img_1843 img_1848 img_1849 img_1852Hamtaro and Pashmina img_1853

Unless if they don’t get caught by the police. But this was a true event in this movie. That actually did happened.

Philippe Petit played by Joseph Gordon Levitt is like Giovanni Caproni from Hayao Miyazaki’s final masterpiece, “The Wind Rises”, as he was on the torch of Lady Liberty. Telling his story of how great he can be in acrobatics. In Paris, France, he was a high wire acrobatic. He had been doing his performances in the streets, avoiding police officers as they love him do it. He even rides on a unicycle wearing a top hat. He even loves having his invisible magic circle created.

When he created his circle, the people around him have to be sure they avoid the line. Or get crushed by his unicycle. That’s the way an acrobatic goes. However, whenever there is a mime, he opens his door, and comes out of it. But the way he did it, it’s like how Anna visioned in “When Marnie Was There”. That Studio Ghibli movie like the book. How there is an inside and a outside. And Anna was on the outside before she met Marnie in that movie. And became really great best friends too.

At the time when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were being created, he had his dream to be on there. His dream was to walk on the high wire between the two twin towers. Of the World Trade Center in the city that never sleeps.

Before World Trade Center, he walked on a high wire, between the two towers of the Notre Dame cathedral. Everyone in Paris saw him do that, and loved it better than his high wire acts above a river.

For months, he had been training hard. By getting ready and having a team to trust on, they travelled to the city that never sleeps. In a few more weeks, he had been spying on the buildings, and preparing his plan. How he was gonna get up there, and avoid the guards before he could get caught again.

At night and by sunrise, they’ve set up the high wire. Tightly. When he started walking on the wire, that is when all of New York saw this. It took him almost an hour, to walk on that wire back and forth a couple of times, just when he was finished. He was very famous after that.

August 7th, 1974 was when he did this. In the first two years after World Trade Center was born. Before 9/11. On September 11th, 2001. This movie was even dedicated to the victims of the September 11th attacks in 2001. Very remarkable. Thrilling, and heart pounding, it almost made me feel like Haru from “The Cat Returns”. After her adventure, he heart was still pounding.

By the time his team returned to Paris, he stayed in Manhattan as he was given free access forever to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. He was all that there is. Stunning, very remarkable, wonderful, thrilling and heart pounding. 10/10 stars on this!!! A++!!! Like all the other movies I rated that were really great!! “The Wind Rises”, “When Marnie Was There”, and etc.

img_1816 img_1818

Although I do feel sorry for the real guy today, since they never mentioned on September 11th. For what happened to World Trade Center. It was such a sad day when that did, just when President George Bush declared war on Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. It must’ve been very sad for Philippe, that he may never see his most favorite place in the world ever again. But what I do know is that after Obama was elected, on the 10th anniversary of that, they made a monument there to remember those twin towers. He must’ve been very happy to see that. And he will remember his greatest time in his life. Must’ve shed a tear when they did this, cause he was so happy about it.

In this also, is Ben Kingsley. Who helped him practice as he did the greatest achievement, in acrobatic history. Philippe may have missed his favorite place in the world, but he did shed a tear cause he was happy when he saw that monument. For what Obama did that was remarkable.

10/10 stars and a ‘A++’ on this!!

Furthermore, Robert Zemekis was the director who made this since he created “Back to the Future” and “The Polar Express”. He made this very remarkable.

You may have seen many acts we know of. But for this one, this showed how he did it in his life. The most remarkable, and rememberable act in acrobatic history!!!

King Ralph

The Royal Family of Britain. Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Williams, his brother, his wife Kate, and their newborn sons. George and Charlotte. And other members of the Royal Family.

One day, after it was raining, they were getting a photo taken. With the electrical cords in the water, on the metal for the family to sit, they were all just getting ready to smile. With the raindrop puddles on the cords, they made an electric problem. With that chain reaction of electricity, the entire Royal Family got electrocuted!! Man, you should’ve seen it!

The entire Royal Family of Britain- DEAD. All electrocuted. A gigantic funeral was for them, like the famous pope when he passed away. Even for the newborns when they died.

With Buckingham Palace empty, many researchers tried to find who else is left of the Royal Family. One researcher did. Born with a famous British woman as the mother, a man named Ralph was now an American singer in Las Vegas.

John Goodman was King Ralph, in all of Britain as he was hilarious! He had funny ways of himself to make himself comfortable as they loved him that way. Except for Peter O’Toole and John Hurt as two famous British counts as they tried to make him become what a king is suppose to do.

7/10 stars on a comedy movie like this. Thanks to John Goodman.

Eddie Redmayne in a “Thomas The Tank Engine” movie

Since Eddie Redmayne won his Oscar award for Best Actor in “The Theory of Everything”, and went on into “Jupiter Ascending”, there was one I was surprised to see him in. In a computer animated children’s movie. 

He went into voice acting as he loved it. He was not only a villain or a scientist, but was a talking train locomotive!

Before the 70th anniversary of “Thomas The Tank Engine”, he was the voice of a train locomotive named Ryan. In a “Thomas The Tank Engine” movie. Released in theaters in the UK presumably, but was straight to DVD in the US. In all of North America.

In a animated movie like “Pirate’s Passage”, he helped the little blue engine find buried treasure, and meet new friends. They may have faced trouble, but who knows what could happen between the both of them?

After all, that TV series has been going on since the 1980’s. First Ringo Starr, George Carlin, then Alec Baldwin, Pierce Bronson, now him! Who knows what they might do next?

Case Closed (Anime TV series)

Like Yu-Gi-Oh, before that, this was truly how one boy can solve a mystery. I first tried this anime TV show a on Christmas special as it was my first time. Since I found out about the truth, and watching a Valentine’s Day special, I now know all about it.

This anime TV show even once appeared on YTV, long ago before I was born. By that, it was cancelled that I never knew. But I found it pretty cool.

Jimmy Kudo, a tall high school boy loved being a detective. He was mostly on police work. While on a investigation, he was knocked out and forced to drink a poisonous pill. The criminals made him drink it. Instead of killing him, he shrank back into a kid. To his young self.

By living with a friend named Rachel, who’s father is a detective, he keeps his identity okay as I think he is still young. I believe sometimes, he changes back to his older self. But I’m not sure. Usually, he is still young and okay. Using his ideas, gadgets and gizmo’s, he solves mysteries. From murder cases to mysteries, he does everything. As his young self, he calls himself Conan.

Like “Pokemon”, this keeps on going for a while. Cause that hero seeks to find a cure to make him older again. And undo his young self that is within him. Along the way, Rachel and Conan do get along well like if they are falling in love. But it will seem to come to an end soon.

Anime knows it’s legends. And stories too.

In 20 movies there were, one of them was something stunning. “Lupin the 3rd VS. Detective Conan: The Movie”. Our detective hero in this, met the wolf thief lord, Lupin the 3rd! Hayao Miyazaki’s very first anime character created in the time when Studio Ghibli was born! It was nominated for the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. Before that, the fist adaption was a TV special crossover. How Conan met Lupin.

The series is still going good. “Pokemon” like that, is hard to say until that series is ended, like that. Cause our hero will soon find a cure for himself, and undo his curse that is within him.

For something like this, stunning and amazing.

Top 8 eggy picks on a ‘Egg-cellent Adventure’

Since I saw a “Masterchef” episode, and saw cartoons, books and something about it, they always talk about an egg-cellent adventure. Cause there is eggs in this, and it’s an excellent adventure.

1. Egghead, played by Vincent Price. A Batman villain in the original 60’s TV show as he had his egg-cellent adventures. Taking on Batman and Robin played by Adam West and Burt Ward. The yolk’s on him, as he knows his egg-citing ideas.

2. “Horton Hatches an Egg”. The children’s book by Dr. Seuss. About how Horton the elephant had to hatch a egg for a lazy bird. It took him a long time to do it. They did a cartoon of this by Warner Bros. Since they made movies on the children’s stories by Dr. Seuss, live action and animated, they should make a movie on that children’s story. Animated. With Jim Carrey as Horton the elephant again as he hatches the egg. It would be an egg-cellent adventure for him as a funny actor. That movie could win a Academy Award maybe for Best Animated Feature. With maybe Jim Carrey winning a Oscar for Best Actor in it. Two Oscar awards for that. For a movie release date in theaters, April egg-th, or egg-teen, 20 egg-teen. (April 8th or 18th, 2018).

3. “Pokemon” on ‘May’s Egg-Cellent Adventure’, ‘An Egg Scramble’, ‘Extreme Pokemon’, ‘A Not So Flying Start’, ‘An EGG-sighting Adventure’, ‘Hatching a Plan’, ‘Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon’, ‘Who Gets to Keep Togepi?’, ‘Time Warp Heals All Wounds’, ‘Lapras of Luxury’, ‘Hatch Me If You Can’, ‘Mother of All Battles’, ‘All Dressed Up and Somewhere To Go’, and ‘One Big Happiny Family’. In those episodes of that hit anime TV series, back in the old days and now, Pokemon eggs showed egg-cellent adventures as well. When May wanted to protect all eggs, Ash for his, Misty as well as them. Brock too. They had their Pokemon. Rewarded from kind farmers. All hatched, as Misty kept her Togepi, May on her Glaceon later, Brock on his Chansey, Dawn on her Cyndaquil, and Ash on his Pokemon. The rest were released to be where they are.

In the movie, “Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea”, when a egg hatched in May’s arms, she took care of it, just when she released it in the end of the movie. It belonged to the Temple of the Sea anyway.

4. Kirby’s Egg-Cellent Adventure. In the anime series of “Kirby: Right Back at Ya!”, Kirby found an egg that belong to a very big bird as Kirby returned it to it’s mother. With the help of Tiff, and her brother Toff, they worked together to take it back to it’s mother bird. As long as that penguin emperor didn’t get in the way of things.

5. “Being Ian” on ‘The Good Egg’. Way better than the episode from “For Better or For Worse”, Ian was to take care an egg for a while until the end of the week. He named it, Egg-Bert. Since that, the animators of “Ice Age” took that name. And was in “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” when Sid the Sloth found three big eggs. Sid took that ‘Egg-Bert’ name for one of the eggs he found. He also named the other two, ‘Yoko’ and ‘Shelley’. Cause of the shell of the egg, and the yolk on it. Before he knew it, they were T-Rex eggs. They hatched, as they were no longer ‘Egg-Bert’, ‘Shelley’ and ‘Yoko’. Three baby T-Rexes. That was when the mother T-Rex came, and took them back, taking Sid with her.

6. “Little Bear”, the TV cartoon show on ‘Little Bear’s Egg’. In this egg-cellent adventure, Little Bear, Emily, Hen, Duck and Owl found a robin’s egg that fell out of the nest. They had to bring it back to the mother bird, a robin before it hatches.

7. “The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure”. Recommended for young kids, who love this, in a sequel to Don Bluth’s first movie straight to video and DVD, this talked about how eggs can show. This has the voice talents of Jeff Bennett and Kenneth Mars. Since he was the inspector in “Young Frankenstein”. It was springtime in the dinosaur age as many dinosaur families have laid eggs. Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie have been trying to stay out of trouble so they won’t disturb families with nests. They almost drowned when they fell in a tar pit. By the time two thieves stole an egg from one of the nests, they try to take it back from them. Not only they saved one, but they found another egg. It happened to be a T-Rex as they named him, “Sharptooth”. They found his family again as it went well after that. They didn’t see him later until the 5th movie. That was when he started talking. “The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island”.

8. “Golden Yeggs” with Porky Pig and Daffy Duck. Daffy Duck learned his lesson on his adventures in this egg-citing cartoon. When he laid a 24 carat golden egg, he became famous. That was when he was kidnapped by a crime boss and his thugs. He had to lay another golden egg until he did. But before he can leave, he had to lay more. It was seen again in “The Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie”. Only when the crime boss was taken away, Daffy laid more golden eggs!! Man! So much for eggs on his egg-cellent adventure.

In the anime TV series of ‘Digimon’, and it’s movie, I know there are Digi Eggs. I saw the movie as I saw two eggs. As I saw more in the TV series. From the original two to Tamers, then Frontier, Data Squad and finally, “Digimon Fusion”. That’s still a part of this. I just don’t know which episodes contain Digi Eggs.

The other ones aren’t so good, that I hate and dislike, wherever they are out there. These are the only picks on ‘egg-cellent adventures’. If 20th Century Fox does an animated movie of “Horton Hatches the Egg”, I’d be happy to see it egg-cellent.