Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day)

From a commercial on a boy singing this, to the band Green Day, they did this song that can totally make you think of September. On how it can be, when kids and students go back to school. Especially colleges or universities.

As your memory would rest a lot, it comes to imagine if you slept throughout the entire month of September. You would never be awaken from the 31st of August, until the 1st of October. You’d be sleeping in your bed a lot every day, like how Malcolm McDowell was as a young actor. When he sleeps in, in the mornings. I saw him do that in Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”.

I may not find their music video interesting that happened maybe on MTV, but this one here is nice. Very, very nice. 8/10 stars on this song.

And if you need me in October, wake me up when September ends.

Nine Lives

Kevin Spacey in “House of Cards” was really bad in his acting. But was good in “The Negotiator” and “Superman Returns” back then. However this movie I watched, showed him a lesson. On how felines can be. When he was in the body of one lousy cat.

Along with Jennifer Gardner and Christopher Walken, this was absolutely better than Bill Murray as Garfield.

When a businessman on building towers in New York City promised her daughter a kitty cat for her 11th birthday, he had to do this fast. But when he got into an accident, his body was transferred into the cats body. People think he’s in a coma, but was magically transferred into the cat’s body. As he spent quality time with her daughter, he was turning out to be feisty, funnier than Garfield, messy, noisy, and of course, being a bad cat.

However, when he had to save his business, he had to do this fast. Or else he’d be inside the cat’s body forever.

What was interesting in this movie, was that in the beginning, they showed video clips of cats, people posted on the Internet. They became famous as they were seen on Animal Planet, and many reality TV shows with animals.

For how I like this, I give this spectacular movie, 9 and a 1/2 out of 10 stars.

First Knight

In my early days, I remember watching this. Along with “Princess Mononoke” from Studio Ghibli, this was really good. Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Ben Cross, were King Arthur, Lancelot, and Malagant in this 8/10 star movie.

With bits of land divided between King Arthur and Malagant, Lancelot was becoming really good as a fighter. When he met Arthur’s fiancé, she was in love with either him or Arthur. But by the time he became a knight of a the Round Table in Camelot, Malagant was cross. At rage, his men almost destroyed Guinivere’s hometown. But by the time he killed Arthur in Camelot with his crossbow, Lancelot avenged him. By the time Arthur was dead, he’d became first knight.

And in the end which was surprising that I ever saw, they cremated him out to sea. Within those rainy days, watching that on a videotape in the mornings, that movie was good. However already, two new movies came that were really great. “Princess Mononoke” from Studio Ghibli too. And me and my bros at a young age lobg ago, were the first fans of that stuff.

Ghost Dad

Before Patrick Swayze was in “Ghost”, there was Bill Cosby himself as a ghost. The creator of ‘Fat Albert’ himself.

Bill Cosby played as a ghostly dad, who got into a taxi cab accident. That made him become a ghost. He can fly, go into telephones, walk through walls, and become the Invisible Man himself, since Claude Rains.

By reaching out to his kids, he helped a little kid to take out the trash, and another to do a magic trick, as well as going to a nosey spy’s house. He made that kid faint. And by the time a boyfriend was talking on the phone, he spoke to him as a ghost himself!! Through the phone!! That made me laugh so hard, I was dying for that!! 

So as laugh out loud comedy, I give this 10/10 stars here. ‘A++’. Thanks to Bill Cosby. God, he made me laugh hard. And I love him!! 😂😂😂😂

The Birth of Saké

It takes 6 months to make saké. Everyone’s favorite drink in Japan. In this documentary I watched on Netflix, these workers at a brewery have to be strong to make that saké. As this was dedicated to the loving memory of them.

To their culture, civilization, making that stuff and everything, you’ll have to get used to this. Living your life in Japan.

From somehow October to April, that’s how long you have to do. To make Saké. And after they are in bottles, they are ready to be shipped on lorries to the towns. Especially major cities.

I give this ALMOST…10/10 stars here. Close enough. But really good. Just a 0.2 precent that I dislike on what babies can have on their clothing. Some North American animated characters that I totally dislike.

However if I’m there, living my life in Japan, I’ll be more focused as an anime/manga fan. Just for me.

The Lonely Shepard (Kill Bill)

From this musician named Gheorghe Zamfir, he did this number 1# song in the 2 part volume movie of “Kill Bill”. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, this song was played on the Hanzo sword scene, Beatrix Kiddo was given. From Hanzo Hattori, played by Sonny Chiba, he said that speech he spoke of on his oath. And why.

With that Hanzo sword he created, it was his finest one.

When I listen to this, I daydream in my head. Imagining, that I’m actually wearing a Japanese headband, as I’m getting one powerful samurai sword. Just like how they are that Hanzo Hattori created. As I want to be just like Samurai Jack.

Thanks to this, I love this song. 10/10 stars here.

Inuyasha Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time

A moth god. With many moths. As he was sealed in Ancient Japan for 200 years. However, when a jewel shard came, he returned. And that jewel shard was a part of the Shikon Jewel. In this very first movie of “InuYasha”.

In the days when they were looking for the shards, they were still killing demons. But when Sango’s pet, Kirara was under a spell, so was Kagome. Miroku, Hatchi the raccoon, Sango, Shippo, and Inuyasha were the only ones to stop the spell, and get rid of that moth demon. Along with his two female minions.

Later in the movie, was surprising. Inuyasha dead, like if Dirty Harry played by Clint Eastwood shot him with his 44. magnum pistol. Kagome screamed sadly as she lost him. And with herself back home, winter came. Like what I always wanted to see. Snow in the anime series of “InuYasha”.

Although Jaken and Kagome’s grandpa need a vacation, but things worked out okay. Kagome and Inuyasha had to be sure to stick together to defeat the moth demon, who grew 350ft high. Kirara luckily got herself back again, by Sango’s tears. On how much she loves her. As Sango and Kirara got back together, more demons from the moth man kept on coming.

However with luck, there were able to defeat it. No more of the 350ft moth man. And in the end with Kagome back home, the snow melted away as spring came. With Kagome watching the blossoms on the trees, she smiled. And maybe for the first time in years, she smiled at cherry blossoms also, which are called ‘sakura’.

Thanks to this, the third movie and the fourth, I rate the three InuYasha movies I see, 10/10 stars.

Finally on the funny scenes, there are two. To the word we say the most…

Kagome and O-Dog: “SIT BOY!!”

(InuYasha falls down hard)

(steam hisses from InuYasha)


Top picks on the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake

The 2011 Earthquake in Japan may have been more devastating a while back. But there was one, that was much bigger in Japan. More famous on.

Saturday, September 1st, 1923. At 11:58am. Two minutes before noon. Tokyo and Yokohama in the Kanto region of Japan. As the Yokohama harbor would have many ships, Tokyo was becoming a big city in the beginning of the 20th century. Everything was coming at the time there. Steam trains, clothing, industrial goods, vehicles, and more.

In fact, Jiro Horikoshi was a young man at the time when he was getting into a university. To becoming an airplane designer.

Then…it happened. With a 7.9 magnitude on the scale, an earthquake struck. Silent in the ground but the ground cracked hard. However on the surface, it woke all of Tokyo as a wave in the ground shook them. With buildings that have collapsed, some trains derailed, muddy landslides destroying houses, sparks of ashes were in the air, as the clouds turned black. From a brightest morning to a dirty blackest afternoon, thousands were killed.

Some were injured, as others were helping out. Helping the injured, and putting out fires with waters. From hundreds of firestorms to smoke billowing everywhere, everything almost was gone.

While an American, his three boys and his father in law were on the beaches, more firestorms scorched many bodies. Luckily for Jiro Horikoshi, he survived with three friends he trusted on, including Honjo.

By 1927, five years later, Tokyo and the Yokohama harbor were rebuilt again. Fast. And for the second time, Tokyo was almost destroyed again. 23 years later. Firebombed by U.S. bombers, when Japan was in WWII. U.S. General Douglas MacArthur was there, when the war in the Pacific ended.

In that hall are urns. Containing the ashes of more 40,000 innocent people. That were burned to death. In the Great Kanto Earthquake. Also, another memorial hall. More urns. Containing the ashes of more than 100,000 people killed in the firebombing of Tokyo. In the final days of WWII in the Pacific.

As a film critic, I found out about this thanks to some researching. Especially the ones in popular culture by movies and TV. And I give these top picks, that show the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.


  • “The Wind Rises”. Hayao Miyazaki’s final Studio Ghibli masterpiece before his retirement. Jiro as a young man was there when he met Nahoko. For the first time. They together, along with a friend and Honjo luckily survived. And to the way Hayao Miyazaki did the earthquake, it was a big tremor wave. As the train went like a roller coaster when the ground shooked. It went on for a few seconds as after that, the train was damaged as it went from the brightest morning, to the blackest afternoon. Remarkable thanks to Hayao Miyazaki and all on Studio Ghibli. (And as a personal note, the voters of the Academy Awards should’ve given that Oscar award for Best Animated Feature in 2014 to Hayao Miyazaki’s final masterpiece). Later in that masterpiece, that scene was mentioned when Nahoko finally met Jiro once again.

  • “Perfect Storms”. A TV show on the History Channel. To their episode ‘Fire Twister’, they believed flaming tornadoes were there. There were maybe a bit. But not like what they believed on. However, researching on that and interviewing people is good. Especially authors who wrote about the Great Kanto Earthquake. In fact, they even interviewed one survivor who was there, when she was 18 years old. By 2013 presumably, she’s around 100 years of age. Wow. Throughout telling this before the fire twisters, it was all true thanks to them. On how an earthquake can actually happen, and how Japan was getting into glory in the 1920’s. Before the earthquake happened.

  • “Tokyo: Magnitude 8.0”. An anime TV series. With perhaps maybe flashbacks of that 1923 earthquake, these kids here along with a female adult try to survive a 8.0 magnitude earthquake, that has struck Tokyo. With only 11 episodes in one whole season, they try to find the parents of these kids. Hoping if they are alive or not. Probably like “San Andreas”, but I’d say very interesting here. Besides, that little girl there looks cute.

  • “Haikara-san ga Tōru”. From the manga books of that, to an anime TV show released in Japan in the 70’s, this is really surprising. At the climax by manga author Waki Yamato, a wedding was on. And just before a love couple can kiss in a wedding, that earthquake struck. The church collapsed as everyone got out just in time. The bride almost lost her love, but the groom was luckily to be safe. They got married later on, as they remained together ever since.

13056 tumblr_no1fztBHe41sda2uvo7_400

  • “Teito Monogatari” in 1991. As a four part anime adaption, there was a supernatural explanation for what caused the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. Avoiding officers possessed by evil, and disgusting parasites that go in your mouth, a lady with violet hair and some friends, were to find out about this, and save the world from dark evil.

images index03

  • “Urotsukidōji”. An anime TV show, as it’s like Naruto and Inuyasha together. In a fight between a boy who actually looks like Naruto, against a monster with a water demon, they together accidentally released the earthquake. For where this happened, this is in one of their 96 episodes in this entire series. Somewhere. However, for that main protagonist , he absolutely better.


  • “Kasei Yakyoku”. In this anime adaption, there was a kind woman falling in love a generous man. As they were at a house where a mother in law was there, they were confessing about their marriage. When the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake struck, it destroyed the fancy house. And later, another woman living in a suburban area, she lost her home too along with her mom. But was calmed down, when these two came to help. They were glad to be okay, but must’ve sobbed in tears when they lost good characters.


And last but not least…


  • “Akatsuki no Aria”. (or Aria at Dawn). To this young anime girl named Aria, at a boarding school in this anime adaption, she was helping the injured after the earthquake. With her mom injured along with them, she had to help her before anything could get worse to her. Luckily, the injured were recovered quickly including her mom. With their house filled with some people homeless, they had to help since the earthquake happened. She was fearless enough to survive, including her mom, but she became very good later. And the way I look at her, she reminds me of another Aria who’s really beautiful like her.

So those are the top picks. That show about the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake. About how these characters survived, and how in other stories, there in an explanation on what caused this than besides the plates of the Earth.

Sausage Party

In this R rated animated movie, this has the voice talents of Seth Rogen, Kristin Wiig, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Salma Hayek, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Edward Norton, and voice cast of others as talking food.

Getting away from funky humans, by eating them alive, they planned a revolt. Learning about the truth, and fighting against the humans, they only killed three guys. The others were were trapped in freezers, alive.

With lots of sexy scenes, swearing, funny moments and a bit of singing, this is just so darn hilarious, everyone loves this. But didn’t make it to the 2017 Oscars for Best Animated Feature due to the swearing and sexy scenes that kids may not like. Besides, they want something they totally admire. From like Dreamworks or Warner Bros Animation. But not the animated studios we see today.

Ever since R rated anime movies such as “Paprika”, “Perfect Blue”, “Akira”, “X: The Movie” in 1996, “Highlander: The Search for Vengeance”, “Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust”, “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie”, “Appleseed”, “Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade”, and “WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3” came to America, anime fans loved them very much. However depending on the critics, they decide to what they thought of them.

North America mostly, dealt with “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut”, “The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat”, and “Beavis and Butthead: Do America”. They were popular at the time. And now this here, is splendid!! But it sure was too bad this never made it to the Oscars.

And thanks to breaking the fourth wall in the end of this movie, I give this here, 9/10 out of 10 stars. The song they sing to in the beginning is just darn stupid.

The three daughters of Stanley Kubrick

Like Hayao Miyazaki and his son Goro Miyazaki, as father and son, there are these children here.

Katharina, Anya and Vivan Kubrick.

The daughters of Christiane Kubrick, and Hollywood’s greatest film director. Stanley Kubrick. In their entire lives, they must’ve been happy of their dad as a film director. For how he was filming his movies. However, they must’ve felt terrible for what happened in 1999. When Stanley Kubrick died of a heart attack after “Eyes Wide Shut” was released a few days ago. But they’ll never forget him. For how he did on movies he worked on. Based on books he enjoyed reading.

And with that fabulous speech in the Oscars on him by Steven Spielberg, they appreciate for what he spoke of that was very thoughtful. They loved it.

When Stanley Kubrick was alive, and when they were all young, they must’ve been surprised at first to see their mother, Christiane Kubrick in “Paths of Glory”. With Kirk Douglas, she was that singer close to the end of the film. And by the time Stanley Kubrick was working on “2001: A Space Odyssey”, Vivian Kubrick helped out. She did an uncredited role. In “2001: A Space Odyssey”, at the scene where Dr. Heywood Floyd was doing a video phone call, she was there. In that phone call, she played as Dr. Heywood Floyd’s daughter. Known as ‘Squirt’. Who was gonna have a birthday tomorrow in that film. She must’ve been eight or nine years of age in that film.

William Sylvester must’ve loved that kid, as they did a grand job in that film scene. Before Roy Scheider took his place in “2010: The Year We Make Contact”.

Stanley Kubrick along with Vivian, they went on a little more in movies together. For she was a birthday party guest in “Barry Lyndon”, a smoking guest on the ballroom couch in “The Shining”, and a news camera operator at the gravesite in “Full Metal Jacket”. Where all the dead have been covered with white lime. Those roles Vivian did, are all uncredited.

While Christiane and Anya Kubrick stayed behind, Katharina was helping out too as an actress. Uncredited. For she was a dancer in “Barry Lyndon” along with her sister Vivian, a mother of a boy in a examination room in “Eyes Wide Shut”, as she was a girl passing by Alex in the record store, in “A Clockwork Orange”.

Vivian and Katharina Kubrick together, not only as uncredited actresses, were somehow really good in other movie departments. Along with their father, Stanley Kubrick. As Vivian did the soundtrack of “Full Metal Jacket” and “Eyes Wide Shut”, Katherina was good in the art department on “Eyes Wide Shut”, and a location researcher on “The Shining”. Vivian along with Katharina worked on the art department a bit on “The Shining”. Uncredited. Those two made their father very proud.

After Stanley Kubrick died in 1999, they were many documentary movies. With them in it. Along with Anya and Christine Kubrick joining them. And by 2008, at the 40th anniversary screening to “2001: A Space Odyssey”, one of her daughters was there, sponsoring. For she met Keir Dullea as the star in that masterpiece, Daniel Richter as the chief ape in the beginning of that movie, and Malcolm McDowell starred in her father’s next film later on, “A Clockwork Orange”. They knew him very much as how these daughters did.

In conclusion, Stanley Kubrick may not have seen the year of 2001, but his daughters and wife had. And will be watching over them from heaven. Proudly. Finally, as Katharina went onto artwork, Christine went into retirement. For Anya, she moved on. However for Vivian, like her father, she is a lover of animals and has rescued several stray dogs. Perhaps maybe doing that stuff today.