Take me out to the Ballgame

Ever since Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra, first met in “Anchors Aweigh”, along with Jerry Mouse, this is the one, where they play in a ball game with the St. Louis Wolves in the 1900’s. Things were different at that time of year. It’s classic, on how they sang very good songs, and how they sing the most classic baseball song, “Take me out to the Ballgame”. When I saw this movie on TV, I think this maybe the classic of all baseball movies. But very funny. You might even check out their song.

The Green Mile

Based on the book by Stephen King, this is one of the most remarkable movies with Michael Clarke Duncan, before he died of a heart attack a year ago. He played as John Coffey, with magical healing powers, as he helped out the guards and warden, while on death row. Back in the 1930’s, during the Great Depression, a lot of work was going on with the prisoners, as it was hard to find a medical doctor, and prisoners before John arrived were sentenced to death row. Tom Hanks, Barry Pepper, and David Morse, were the guards, as James Cromwell was the warden. And every prisoner, on the night of death, would walk their last mile, before executed by electricity in a chair. The guards call it “the green mile”, because of its colour of the floor, and its green. The craziest thing was that mouse, would appear and disappear, Mr. Jingles, by going into a closet. And those guards would have to dig everything out, to find that mouse.

Of course the gross parts of how a wild one, would piss on the guards and floor, and spit chocolate. So it shall be a good one, as long as Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey rests in peace.

Jurassic Park

Do you think cloning exists? Have you seen scientists who found prehistoric mosquito’s and found the blood of dinosaurs? Well this is one of the Steven Spielberg classics, of course he did directed “The Adventures of Tintin” movie, ever since he read the books as a boy.

On an island off the coast of Costa Rica, a construction of a dinosaur park, had gone horribly wrong when the power was shut down by a security guy, who promised to steal dinosaur embryos. But when a T-Rex escaped, it caused havoc. Luckily some of the workers went back to the mainland by boat, leaving the security guy behind, when until he got killed by a venom spitting dinosaur when it escaped. But when some people were left behind, they try to get the hope of survival, as they get the power rebooted to get themselves off this island.

This cast shows Sam Neil, Richard Attenborough, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Peck, Samuel Jackson, and Wayne Knight, as some of these guys might survive from killer dinosaurs. All these dinosaurs do is eat, kill, multiply, to those that are carnivores. The ones that eat plants are herbivores. So if they are going to survive, they arm themselves nothing but combat shotguns, assault rifles, and handguns in order to live. To the first one is the best of the best. The second and third aren’t so good, so I give those, “F—“!!! Triple F minus, like “Lord of the Flies”, for what I wrote.

Without a Paddle (2004)

Have you ever get lost in the woods, while going on a treasure hunt?

On November 24th, 1971, a Boeing 727 aircraft between Portland and Seattle, on Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305, was hijacked by an unidentified criminal named D.B. Cooper. He didn’t killed anyone, but grabbed $200,000 in cash, took a parachute, jumped out of that plane and disappeared in the forests. A massive search was on, but never found his body, or the cash he stole.

Four boys as lifelong friends really liked that story about the disappearance of D.B. Cooper. They even built a treehouse when they were kids. Almost 15 years later, after one of them died in a parasailing accident, and had a funeral, the three guys were reunited. They even found a map of where D.B. Cooper and his treasure really is. So they went on a hilarious treasure hunt that you’ll need to be aware of how nature is.

Starring Matthew Lillard, Seth Green, Dax Shepard, and Burt Reynolds. The funny parts are the giant grizzly bear, the “dy-no-mite” shirt from Burt Reynolds, the motorcycle on graves during the funeral, and how one of them was shooting crazy with a assault rifle with a grenade launcher. You do not want get lost at all. Even if a bear eats and craps a satellite phone!

So I’m giving this a thumbs up. 8.8 out of 10 stars is what I give.

From the Earth to the Moon (1958)

Made by Warner Bros., RKO Radio Pictures, this shows another adventure based on the book by Jules Verne. Starring Joseph Cotten, George Sanders, and Debra Paget, this shows the dawn of the century, as man makes a rocket when a group travels to the moon for the first time!!

This was way before the Apollo missions, and how Neil Armstrong said his words. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

For how this began, it happened after the American Civil War. And by building that rocket, and making a one way trip, they actually made it to the moon. However, they never returned to Earth.

With no alien activity, and enough supplies to last for many years, they sure lived on the moon. Especially when there is gotta be oxygen inside the Earth.

I give this 8 1/2 out of 10 stars, as a film critic and a fan of Jules Verne.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

With James Manson, Pat Boone, Peter Ronson, Alan Napier, Arlene Dahl, and a duck, based on the book by Jules Verne, this adventure from 20th Century Fox long ago,  is something you would not want to forget.

This classic version is totally amazing like the 2008 version with Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutcherson.

Like the book, they travel all the way to the center of the Earth. They avoid hissing steam caves, echoes that go loud whatever you make a gunshot, a large ocean under the earth, a forest of giant mushrooms, a whirlpool, a family of dimetrodons, magnetic forces, the sunken city of Atlantis, earthquakes, volcanos, and a red lizard with a 20 foot long tongue!! This is one adventure, you would not wanna miss in this Jules Verne classic!!

And as a film critic here, I give this 9/10 stars.

Around the World in 80 Days (1956)

Based on the book by Jules Verne, this won five Academy Awards including Best Picture in 1956.

Starring David Niven, Cantinflas, Shirley MacLaine and Robert Newton, the movie is all about travel. And shows the ultimate trip, as 4 people travel the entire globe, in 80 days. By taking a hot air balloon, a train, sailboat, and more, they travel whatever transport takes them, as long they don’t get into traffic. Even among trouble they don’t want to get into. Surely 80 days is a long time, but they only have time management to do that stuff.

Finally after they returned, they actually did it.

In this are cameos. Frank Sinatra as a pianist, Buster Keaton as a train conductor, and John Carradine as a colonel who happened to be David Carradine’s dad. Years before he died in 1988, as David went onto movies. Such as Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” before his death in 2009.

Shirley MacLaine in this movie was great. Better than playing that nun in “Two Mules for Sister Sara” with Clint Eastwood.

And for thanking this masterpiece, based on that novel by Jules Verne, 9/10 stars is what I give this.


Kung Fu Fighting (original)

Sung by Carl Douglas, this song was in “Beverly Hills Ninja”, in a teaser of “Kung Fu Panda 2”, and maybe “Kung Fu Panda” and “The Karate Kid” 1984, this is the number one song. that’s all about kung fu fighting. Even if there is going to be a “Kung Fu Panda 3”! This is a classic, better than the other one in “Kung Fu Panda”. But I’d say they are both good songs.


Starring James Franco, and Jean Reno, inspired by a true story, this tells about Americans who become pilots during WWI. It was inspiring how its just like the 2005 movie of “King Kong”, when the fighter pilots do their things. Its just that in history, America wasn’t part of fighting in WWI. When the Lusitania struck a torpedo from a German submarine, it took only 18 minutes to sink off the coast of Ireland. So they wanted to go into war, but it was already over. It will be soon the 100th anniversary of this, from our years, 2014 to 2018. But history shall remain what it is, and shall it stand. Flying in WWI is not like what you see, especially when some would get shot down by the Red Baron. After all, Snoopy is not a part of this at all.

Eurythmics- Sex Crime (1984)

By this band, they made a great song in this trailer, of the George Orwell classic, with John Hurt and Richard Burton. “1984”. It does show what ever happen in this movie, and what happened in the year, 1984. This was the year people knew about the future when they watch some of these movies. Especially in the year, 2000 also when they were movies like these also. For what I know in from 1995, and 2000 to today, a lot of anime TV shows happened in these times. By anime, means Japanese animation. Well, not all movies that good in these years.