1917 (2019 movie)

There have been movies that give a year number as the title. For example, “1981”, “1987” and “1991” together as a whole autobiography story didn’t turn out great in theatres. Same thing to the Steven Spielberg on “1941” that took place a week after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

The actual superb film, related to these, would be “1984”, based on the novel by George Orwell. Released in late 1984, this occurs to be Richard Burton’s final film, as they dedicated that movie for him. Joining Richard Burton, are John Hurt, Suzanna Hamilton, and Cyril Cusack. Film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert did found it interesting for sure.

35 years later, from the director who did “Jarhead”, Sam Mendes shows his new war movie that took place during the First World War. Set in April of 1917, they had it close to where the battle of Vimy Ridge took place. And it’s not just that. He had it dedicated to his grandfather Alfred Mendes who fought in WWI, and was a messenger also.

So related to his grandfather who did delivered messages in 1917, this whole story took place after Operation Alberich as the Germans retreated back to the Hindenburg Line. Two British lance corporals were to deliver a message to a regiment to call off an attack, as the Germans are waiting for them there. Therefore, they wouldn’t end up like Kirk Douglas and his French regiment that fought against the ‘Ant hill’ in “Paths of Glory”. Mission failure as a few had acted like cowards.

But this was a mission complete, as one of the lance corporals made it just in time. Many British troops were rescued as they pulled back. Unfortunately for his friend that joined him, was stabbed very badly by a German pilot after his plane crash landed at a small farm close by.

So for a success, 7.9 out of 10 stars is what I give. Dramatic, but deserved to win those Golden Globe Awards and Oscar awards.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (2019)

Since Warner Bros and 4Kids Entertainment did the first three Pokémon movies, they haven’t did a Pokémon movie for almost 20 years. And it was a shame that 4Kids Entertainment went bankrupt and was shut down in early 2017. In which it wasn’t fair really.

Since the other movies were released, as how some went direct to video, “Pokémon” definitely needs to be brought to a successful conclusion. For Ash Ketchum needs to become for what he should’ve done after almost 30 years.

During the years for how the Pokémon fans loved the global worldwide phenomenon, they always wondered on what happens if the Pokémon were real. In live action since Jim Carrey as the Grinch, and Mike Myers as the Cat in the Hat from the works of Dr. Seuss. Film critic Roger Ebert and the guys from “Pawn Stars” may not like this phenomenon, or the live action Dr. Seuss movies, but us anime fans were all ‘HOLY SCHNIKES!’ when that question was finally answered.

On the day that Stan Lee and Douglas Rain were as dead as Eli Wallach in late 2018, it was thanks to Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures, the Pokémon Company as film director Rob Letterman did this that brought Ash and Pikachu number #2. He in fact, made a deal with its creator, Satoshi Tajiri to make this as Satoshi Tajiri-san accepted his offer. Based on one of the Pokémon video games, ‘Detective Pikachu’, now comes a live action film on that global worldwide phenomenon.

So they went from this….

….to making it real as it is.

Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Detective Pikachu are number 1# in both Japan and North America. Joining them are Kathryn Newton, Suki Waterhouse, Bill Nighy, Ken Watanabe, and Rachel Lillis as the voice of Jigglypuff since she was Misty from the hit anime tv show.

Set in the Pokémon universe, after the disappearance of a detective, his 21 year old son who gave up being a trainer had to head to Ryme City to investigate. A city in which humans and Pokémon live in peace, as battling against Pokémon and catching Pokémon is outlawed. During his stay, he ran into a talking Pikachu who was suffering from amnesia and had found out that his father was alive and onto something big. Related to why they did an actual Mewtwo, as a violet gas can make them violent and go crazy. They did found out about father of that boy, as he didn’t really die. I can’t tell you, cause that can be a spoiler alert now, wouldn’t it?

Besides Pikachu and Mewtwo, only a few more Pokémon were chosen to be in live action. Such as Jigglypuff, Charizard, Psyduck, Lickitung, Pancham, Aipom, Bulbasaur, Greninja, Dodrio, Venusaur, Charmander, Cubone, Mr. Mime, Snubbull, Ludicolo, Snorlax, Ditto, Machamp, Sneasel, Blastoise, Torterra, Pidgeotto, Growlithe, Arcanine, Magnemite, Haunter, Gengar, Pidgeot, Graveler, Togepi, Totodile, Purrloin, Magikarp, Gyarados, Treeko, Ratatta….and the last two that are the most adorable. Eevee and only one its evolved forms, Flareon.

They did had Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus. Just statues in an office. So besides “DragonBall Evolution” and “Ghost in the Shell” that didn’t turn out great, this became certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes in which was great. And this does have references to movies we know of.

For example, while Detective Pikachu was dealing with Mr. Mime, Tim Goodman acted like Michael Madsen from “Reservoir Dogs”, as he and Mr. Mime did the cartoonish version of how he was pouring gasoline on him, and was gonna set him on fire. He didn’t do it for real, but while acting like a real mime, Justice Smith did excellent. Other references to other movies such as “Batman” from Tim Burton, “Home Alone” from Chris Columbus, and etc are included in this.

Only two Pokémon were able to evolve in this live action movie. Magikarp to Garaydos, and Eevee to Flareon. So for a success, 10/10 stars is what I give. A straight ‘A’. Thumbs up. Ash Ketchum maybe old school, but Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds are number 1# now, along with the rest.

And I have a feeling that other Pokémon will be chosen someday to be in live action if there is a sequel. Such as Fennekin, Piplup, Ponyta, Espeon, Umbreon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Wigglytuff, Machoke, Vulpix, Vaporeon, Sylveon, Glaceon, Gogoat, Rhyhorn, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Lucario, Furfrou, Mew, Pichu, Dratini, Dragonair, Raichu, Dragonite, Braixen and etc.

Moneca Stori’s 50th Birthday!!

*This is my first celebrity birthday review, to someone I admire on so much, some of us definitely miss her very well. And this dedicated to her for sure*.

I did a report on her in high school, ever since I watched her anime TV shows a lot on TV channel YTV back when I was in elementary school. By showing my classmates this photo and her roles, they remember those glory days as how I enjoyed.

Born on January 17th, 1970, Moneca Stori began her career in voice acting mostly in her hometown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Every anime fan loved her voice a lot as her characters such as Laura Haruna from “Hamtaro”, Videl in “Dragonball Z” by the Ocean Group, and Kagome Higurashi in “InuYasha”. Before Kira Tozer took her place in “InuYasha: The Final Act”. Although she was in “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”, “Monster Rancher”, and “Megaman NT Warrior: Axess” as other different characters in a few episodes, but occurs to be still amazing with such a talented voice.

All of this that I’ve mentioned, as seen on YTV mostly. Except for “Megaman NT Warrior: Axess”. That was on Teletoon.

By working with her friend Richard Ian Cox since “InuYasha”, Thea Stilton in season one of “Geronimo Stilton” was her last voice role before she retired. But never got into anything else like Carly McKillip, or Matt Frewer, or any of the rest of the Canadian voice actor celebrities.

She may look like Shelley Duvall or Sharon Tate, but she really isn’t like them. She is nothing like them. By 2010, she currently retired from voice acting and no one has seen her ever since. Not even at ComicCon, or at anime conventions, or anything else.

10 years later, as of January 17th, 2020, she just turned 50 years old. Happy Birthday to miss Moneca Stori. I still do miss her a lot, as how we anime fans, miss her anime TV shows and movies where she had her major roles. But we still are in collecting anime DVDs at special small conventions and so forth. But not too much like music records.

Since then until now, Canadians celebrities such as Margot Kidder, Denis Akiyama, Leslie Neilsen, Harvey Atkin and John Mann have been long gone dead and nearly forgotten. A few more too like Samuel Vincent’s younger brother, Gabe Khouth who died of a heart attack in the summer of 2019. (Notable for portraying the green/orange haired twin brothers in “InuYasha the Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island”).

I surely do wish that she would get back into the anime business as a voice actress. Big time. Same thing for Carly McKillip, Richard Ian Cox, Matt Hill, and the rest of her Canadian voice actor friends. As I admire her very much, she is my number 1# actress in all of movies and tv shows. Both she and Carly McKillip, as Maggie Blue O’Hara and Kelly Sheridan are number 2#.

By celebrating her birthday, I’ve seen 25 best episodes on her role as Kagome from “InuYasha”, and 25 best episodes on her role as Laura Haruna from “Hamtaro”. Also, in “InuYasha”, how can I forget those hilarious moments when she tells InuYasha (Richard Ian Cox) to go, “SIT BOY!”.

Happy 50th Birthday miss Moneca Stori. I still do miss you very much.

Men at Work (1990)

From the studio that helped out “Steamboy” and “Das Boot”, Triumph Films had given out the directional debut of actor Emilio Estevez. And it’s not just that, Emilio Estevez and his brother Charlie Sheen were in this together. They really made their dad and actor, Martin Sheen very proud.

So rather than both “Young Guns” with Kiefer Sutherland about Billy the Kid, this is where they together as garbage men, solve a murder mystery, and save the environment. By stopping a madman and his chemical crooks by polluting the ocean water. Joining them is Kieth David since he was with Charlie Sheen in “Platoon”. And besides, this is better than both movies on “Weekend at Bernie’s”. By dealing with Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen together, they are indeed amazing. No matter what they get into.

So for example. if they were together in a war movie like “Flyboys” and “Platoon” from MGM, both would be great marksmen by using the machine guns, like the BB gun that they had. A comedy movie from Columbia Pictures, or Universal, or New Line Cinema mostly, I wouldn’t mind. But not those whodunnit murder mystery films that have too much drama. No matter if there is violence or so.

One more example would be, that if they were in an animated movie, let’s say from GoodTimes Entertainment, then they can be grand in voice acting as how Kathleen Barr, Paul Dobson, Terry Klassen, Colin Murdock, Lee Tokar, Scott McNeill, David Kaye, Matt Hill, Garry Chalk, Myriam Sirois, and Debbie Reynolds were from one of my favourite Christmas animated movies.

I sure hope they get into more movies together as brothers. Cause since the Fanning sisters in “My Neighbor Totoro”, and the McKillip sisters in “Coming Home for Christmas”, they would do great anyway. No matter how old they are, like their father Martin Sheen.

So for a success, 7/10 stars is what I give.

And I can tell you this Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. Your actor friends Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall, Willem Dafoe, and Tom Berenger would be both proud of you guys. And I was all OMG when your dad, Martin Sheen met Mako Iwamatsu. A famous Japanese actor in this amazing video clip. You can see for yourself…

Steamboy (2005)

A few months after the release of “The Polar Express”, they found out that this anime film was in production for ten years and utilized more than 180,000 drawings and 440 CG cuts. From 1995 to 2005, this became one of the most expensive Japanese animated movies made to date.

From the director who did “Akira”, Katsuhiro Otomo, this shows his actual steampunk action film.

Set in an alternate 19th century, from 1863 to the First World War, a 13 year old boy had realized his father has betrayed his entire family as he built machines that killed the Royal Family of Britain, as well as innocent lives from parts of the world at a Great Exhibition. There were robotic knights, early flying machines, blunderbuss hand held cannons, as the boy became an actual steam punk superhero with a steam filled jet pack.

This has the voice talents of Anna Paquin, Alfred Molina, Patrick Stewart, and Rick Zieff since “Mississippi Burning” with Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe. In fact, this is the first time I ever saw Anna Paquin as that 13 year old inventor. Since she was Sheeta from “Castle in the Sky”, thanks to Studio Ghibli, I believe she has a remarkable talent in voice acting than regular acting as of today. In fact, this is like for how Kathleen Barr did since she was Rudolph in “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: The Movie” in 1998, and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys” in 2001.

I only had one dislike I didn’t agree on in this film. And it was that bratty girl named Scarlett O’Hara St. Jones portrayed by Kari Wahlgren. Inspired by that character from “Gone With The Wind”, she’s more likely on all the four spoiled bratty children together from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” from Roald Dahl. Just before those two movie versions came out. And frankly against her, she can kiss the butthole of her chihuahua pet dog as I wouldn’t give a damn.

So for a success, 7.5 out of 10 stars is what I give. Brilliant than “Mortal Engines” and “The Golden Compass”.

Emperor (2012)

August 6th-9th, 1945 was when the Enola Gay, dropped the first two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. From those two tragic days to Japan’s path of surrender, the Second World War against Japan came to an end.

Since Gregory Peck, Tommy Lee Jones portrays U.S. General Douglas MacArthur as he was on his path of glory, while Matthew Fox as Brigadier General Bonner Frank Fellers was on the search for his long lost friend. However, her uncle told him that she was killed in an Allied bombing raid, like the opening scene in “Midway”. By explaining the truth to him, he gave him a box of letters written by her, and kept it for safekeeping.

During the U.S. occupation of Tokyo, Japan after the war came to an end, Takatarō Kataoka as Emperor Hirohito agreed with General MacArthur that they would have Japan reconstructed. In fact, he did a splendid job as one of the most famous emperors of Japan. Way before Akihito and Naruhito.

So for a success, 8/10 stars is what I give on this.

U-571 (2000)

By winning the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing, just as how “The Hunt For Red October” did, it’s a sea adventure with Matthew McConaughey, Harvey Kietel, Bill Paxton, and David Kieth. As you want to make sure not, repeat NOT go 20,000 leagues under sea like the novel that Jules Verne wrote.

During the Second World War, in the Battle of the Atlantic, a U.S. submarine was able to disguise itself as a German sub. By capturing a live German sub, their U.S. sub got annihilated by more of the, including a destroyer that was after them. Some of the U.S. crew and some German captives were on the U-571 as they were trying get away from them. By avoiding depth charges, torpedos, and the guns of the German destroyer, they didn’t stop until the U-571 gave it payback before taking severe damage, as both were lost forever in the sea. The U.S. crew survived, and were rescued. What about the German captives? They met their fate in attempts to escape, but were executed while the captain went down with its ship. Same thing to the destroyer that they annihilated on.

So for a success, 9.5/10 stars is what I give.

In conclusion, this has inspired some artists who saw this. Stephen Hillenburg was the first as he had this, and “The Hunt for Red October” for his teaser trailer of “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie”. All were stuck in that tiny submarine that BobPants SpongeSquare had while he and his pet snail Gary were taking a bath.

I don’t know why he would do such a thing to those submarine crew members, including the ones from “The Hunt for Red October”, but his cartoon TV show needs to be brought to a successful conclusion. And I definitely mean it.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995)

Since “Some Like It Hot”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Nuns on the Run”, and “Private School”, I’ve seen guys been dressing up like women. Much better than Dustin Hoffman in “Tootsie”. But when I saw for what Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo did, this kicked Dustin Hoffman’s ass for sure. In fact, this was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

Joining those three are Robin Williams, Julie Newmar as herself, Chris Penn since “Reservoir Dogs”, and Arliss Howard since he was Sgt. Cowboy from “Full Metal Jacket”. In fact, this has the moment that Arliss Howard actually met Chris Penn in person. In which a Kubrick actor had finally met a Tarantino actor.

Three drag queens in Manhattan, New York won a road trip to Hollywood, California. For the championship final to see on whoever wins the big prize. The presenter of the crown would appear to be Julie Newmar herself.

Their names were Vida Boheme (Patrick Swayze), Noxeema Jackson (Wesley Snipes), and Chi-Chi Rodriguez (John Leguizamo). During the voyage, they picked up an autographed photo as it says…

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

After that, their car broke down at a small town much like Athens, Ontario. They had to spend the weekend, while their car was getting fixed as all three together, dealt with the townspeople who did needed to get fashioned up again.

Arliss Howard as the tow truck driver, and Chris Penn as the sheriff were the only two characters who were looking for trouble. By relating to movies such as “Spartacus” and “The Ten Commandments”, most of the townspeople covered them as they made their way to Hollywood. But the three drag queens left the autographed photo as a gift, just when they took off.

Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel did a movie review about this on TV. Gene loved it, and so did Roger Ebert. For the way their performances were, except for Chris Penn unfortunately.

So for a success, 8/10 stars is what I give. And the next time some guys dress up as women, it’s best if they are hilarious as how Jack Lemmon, Eric Idle, Matthew Modine, Robin Williams, and these three guys would be. Not Tony Curtis. He had bad acting.

I may not be a fan of drag queens, but these two sure did….

Cilan: I don’t think this is really my style…..

(Everyone gasps)

(Everyone starts laughing and teasing them)

Reindeer 1#: Get a look at redhead!

Reindeer 2#: That one should have bees for a beehive look!

Reindeer 3#: I know, right? Especially for ketchup kid!

Reindeer 4#: Pokémon snobs!

Ash Ketchum: Come on! What’s the point of doing all this in the first place?!

Mia (portrayed by Chantal Strand): That’s because your father, Satoshi Tajiri never really cares, as he definitely needs to end this whole phenomenon!!

Reindeer teacher (portrayed by Debbie Reynolds): She does make a good point, you know. I’m with you Miss Mia.

Pansage: Pansage?

Reindeer teacher (portrayed by Debbie Reynolds): And next time, get rid of your pet monkey!

(Laughing and teasing continues)

Mr. Brent: What a bunch of freaks! They want to be amazing, but these guys are lame!

Dirty kid: Hey Ketchup Kid, you need bigger boobs!

Orange-haired girl: Yeah, and your friend here needs a bigger butt!

Blond boy: Ha ha! What a sissy look, man!

Daisy the dog: Uh, are they trying to be like Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo?

Chloe the cat: Not in any way. No.

(Mimi from Digimon takes a photo on her laptop)

Mimi: I can’t wait to Instagram this! The both of you defiantly look like those three clowns from that movie, as I’ll be getting a ton of likes on this post!

Kari: Good luck with that Mimi.

(More laughing and teasing continues, along with three transfer students until Henry the Green Engine rolls in)

Slyly the Fox: Whoa! You scared the living daylights out of us!

Henry the Green Engine: What are you Italian-American immigrants and cross dressers doing here?! This studio is for animated cartoons from the UK, USA, Canada, and some of Japans best than Pokémon dweebs! Get out of here!! Spoiled brats!

White haired schoolgirl: Oh well. His dad still needs to bring that tv show to a successful conclusion.

Nurse Joy: Now wait just a sec! Before you characters do anything else, I’m not impressed for what occurred today. For how you are laughing and teasing at both these boys and Pokémon, as how my daughters and I saw the mess you did at our Pokémon center earlier this afternoon. With that SPLAT stuff, as some of you have damaged our equipment! And FYI, Pokémon and us characters are not dweebs.

(Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer smiles with a grin, nervously)

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: We had an Espeon, a Eevee, a Growlithe, and a Luxio that almost suffocated when their sleeping chambers were interrupted while taking intensive care! Lucario however, was woken up disturbed by your slime that you threw.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: We reindeer never really did it, but I know who after witnessing it. You see, it was Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, Buttercup from “Powerpuff Girls”, and that boy Benjamin from “Ben 10”.

(Buttercup shows that she’s found guilty on doing it, as Spongebob faints after being accused)

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: Oh, so it’s you guys, huh?

Buttercup from “The Powerpuff Girls”: It was an accident! Honest! We thought that this stuff were to stick on the walls and windows!

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: But doing something like so, can make you pay for what you did wrong! Besides, you cartoon characters are troublesome!

Henry the Green Engine: They are troublesome! Especially when they are spoiled brats like that stupid Timmy Turner and his fairly odd parents. Hmph!

Mia (portrayed by Chantal Strand): Say Nurse Joy, do you take care of real animals like kittens for example? Cause my pet kitten could use some grooming and treatment if that’s okay.

Nurse Joy: I sure do. And I love kittens. Why not head to our place by the end of the day? You can invite some friends too if you would like.

Mia (portrayed by Chantal Strand): Oh thanks Nurse Joy! We will be pleased!

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: Wow! Is that really your kitten?

Mia (portrayed by Chantal Strand): She sure is.

(Her kitten starts licking her, as Paige is impressed. Just then, her older sister Marnie comes in, very impressed)

Nurse Joy’s young daughter Marnie: I must say! She is cute. And Rudolph, I must say. Paige and I occur to be fans of your movie when we saw you over Christmas. We love your movie when we saw you on YTV four times. And it’s always important to tell the truth after all really.

(Spongebob looks at his friends, feeling nervous until his friends decide to leave him)

Fishy student: Sorry buddy. We’ll tell everyone else about what happened.

(Everyone leaves, as Mia’s kitten happily meows)

Later on, Mia and her friends are at Nurse Joy’s place having dinner….

Slyly the Fox: Hey Dawn. What do you think?

Dawn: This is great! I love it!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: Basically, I just told them the truth. I heard that they not only care for Pokémon and were popular, as how we were on YTV, but they own a Suicune.

(Slyly gets a worried look, as he looks out the window. He thought if he’s lying, but he isn’t)

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: Just help yourself at home fellas.

(Rudolph’s girlfriend Zoey kisses him on his cheek as he blushes)

Zoey: I’m glad for what you did to those crazy cartoon characters.

Rudolph: Gosh. Thanks Zoey.

Sagwa’s mom, Mama Miao: He deserves it for telling the truth. We won’t tell anyone.

Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat: Wow. Congratulations Rudolph. You deserve it.

Nurse Joy’s young daughter Marnie: I’ll wash the dishes. Mom will be working late tonight.

Meanwhile, back at the Pokémon center, Nurse Joy is doing her business while Jimmy Neutron, Benjamin and Buttercup are doing the work.

Jimmy Neutron: Normally, I would never do this unless I’m in summer school for doing something really stupid. By the way guys, we’ve received word from our creators. Not only we are to do this for a year, but we got summer jobs to wash the engines on the island of Sodor every day. Make them look spic and span.

Benjamin from “Ben 10”: Oh man!!

Buttercup: Don’t say a word Benjamin! Who cares about your cartoon for sure?! Cause when I get my hands on my father/creator Gennedy Tartakovsky, he’s gonna pay for what he did really. Especially with his lousy cartoons that he did besides Samurai Jack.

(Henry the Green Engine hears their conversation as their pet Suicune comes in)

Henry the Green Engine: Think of it this way old friend. Nobody has ever forgotten the time of how YTV and Teletoon went too far, as how their cartoons did. But they cannot for the glorious ones that they cancelled, before we advanced also.

Suicune: Hmm….


Street Fighter Alpha: Generations (2005)

As a prequel to “Street Fighter Alpha”, this tells on how Ryu needed more training before he could face his foes and opponents. Characters such as M. Bison, Zangief, Chung Lee, and the rest aren’t in this, but Ken and Sakura are.

It was strange in the beginning at first, but it made perfect sense when I saw the rest in this 45 minute film. This had nothing to do with the live action version with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

By training like how Beatrix Kiddo faced in “Kill Bill” with Pai Mei, he not only dealt a monk, but someone he met as a student who murdered someone in cold blood on a rainy evening. He got his match by defeating him, but had to leave for travels when “Street Fighter Alpha” was coming soon.

So for a success, 10/10 stars is what I give. Besides, the hot bath scene was sexy when you would do the wolf whistle.