Sekai No Owari- Rain (Mary and the Witch’s Flower)

Just before GKIDS took a long time to get that anime masterpiece in English, this was the band that became famous in the summer of 2017.

Like my previous blog post that I mentioned, this is their real performance. And how they actually support the work of Hiromasa Yonebayashi and his new anime masterpiece, “Mary and the Witch’s Flower”. Studio Ponoc’s first debut masterpiece got the attention of anime fans.

No interruptions are in this performance. Just scenes and clips of that anime movie, while they perform.


Vime Ridge- Canadian WWI exhibit

Not Rock Ridge, or Hacksaw Ridge. Vimy Ridge. A famous battle in WWI.

Just before Canada did their Remembrance Day ceremonies in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and in Chelsea, Gatineau, they had this at the war museum. An exhibition for a few months. And it was all about Vimy Ridge.

At dawn until victory, in April of 1917 many Canadian divisions that were hiding in the trenches, came out with a British division, and took on Vimy Ridge, in north of Vimy, France. 7,004 troops were wounded, while almost 3,600 troops were dead.



At the Canadian War Museum, from April 2017 until November 2017, they showed everything.


They did mentioned on King Edward VIII from Great Britain. He was a colonel in the war, before he was awarded with a medal. Years later after the war, came to a shock when he and his wife met Adolf Hitler in 1937. A year after the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. And two years before WWII.

From paintings to the model of this monument that we all know of, Vimy Ridge will never be forgotten.

Japanese Canadians in WWI

Since there were WWI Canadian regiments with African Canadians, and Native Canadians, there were only a few regiments that no one believed on.


Japanese Canadians! They fought in the First World War, years before everything changed that lead to the Second World War. This can be very important in Canada’s history really. And make a movie about it also, in the future to make movie history.

And while they fought in the war, a soldier named Pvt. Toshitaka Ishihara was K.I.A. For memorial service, several Japanese Canadians were gathered in Vancouver, British Columbia around 1918 to mourn the death of that kind hearted young man.

The banner above them says, “In memory of Toshitaka Ishihara, who died as a soldier”. Cause that boy demonstrated not only as a soldier, but as a courageous Japanese-Canadian.

Years later, I do feel sorry for the Japanese-Canadians when the Second World War was declared. Rounded up into camps, and lost everything. Until by late of 1945, the war was over in the Pacific as U.S. Army General Douglas McArthur did his famous speech on the day that the Japanese surrendered.

So besides war movies that took place in the Second World War, a war movie would do great to tell about these Japanese Canadians that fought in the First World War. And make movie history also.

The other Canadian regiments too. Since the movie “Glory” made movie history. So to the Japanese Canadians mostly, and other First World War Canadian regiments that fought in WWI, I must confess, that they did a grand job on serving our country really.

100th anniversary of WWI (2017)

Today, happens to be still the 100th anniversary of how Canada fought in WWI. But next year, on November 11th, 2018, at 11 am, it’ll be over. Just as how the First World War came to an end on that day, 100 years ago at 11 am. November 11th, 1918.

And as we celebrate our Canadian soldiers that have fought in WWI, there have been battles that have been famous on. That mostly Canada was involved with.But we’ll never forget them. Especially on Remembrance Day today.

After the Battle of Vimy Ridge, while the British Empire dealt with the Western Front and Africa, Lawrence of Arabia became very famous when the news spread about him. And his band of Arabians that fought in against the Ottoman Empire and German army.

From air raids, and taking over Baghdad by by the British, the U.S., Cuba, Greece, and Panama then declared war on Germany as they were brought into Europe. Liberia also months later.

Then came the Battle of Hill 70. After the Battle of Hill 60 was a German victory, and the 2nd Battle of Ypres was an allied victory, so was this. Allied victory. The Battle of Messines in west of Flanders, Belgium also.

After the Battle of Verdun as a French victory, and three battles as a second phase of the Third Battle of Ypres, then came the 1st Battle of Passchendaele. The result, a German victory. But the 2nd Battle of Passchendale was then later, an Allied victory. That Canada will never forget on. However, a year ago for what happened in the skies, they never forgot the Red Baron too. Before he met his fate thanks to a WWI Canadian pilot who finally got him.

Months later by December, 1917, after 14 battles that took place in Africa, during the First World War, that Lawrence of Arabia was onto maybe, Panama and the U.S. then declared war on Austria-Hungary.

Next year, more WWI events and battles, that we should know on. And on November 11th, everything will be done.


Most honourable medals in the wars

Besides the Bronze Star medal, there have been lots of medals that soldiers get when they fought in battles in a war. Honourable ones, and most famous medals. Since the First World War and the Second World War to the Vietnam War, these are the most honourable medals in wars of all time.

At first, is the Canadian Victoria Cross. Mostly used in the First World War, Canadian soldiers get this for ‘The most conspicuous bravery, daring or pre-eminent acts of valour, self-sacrifice, or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy’. Meaning that on how hard that they fight, against the enemy, they can deserve this.

Next, is the Purple Heart. The USA uses this medal since the Second World War and the Vietnam War. U.S. soldiers get this medal for “Being wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces”. It means that when a U.S. soldier gets wounded, and can take the pain, he will win this medal. Just as long as they return nice and safe.

And third but as the very last, the Medal of Honor. For a member of the Army, or the Navy, or the Air Force, they can deserve this. They get this award for “Conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty”. It means that no matter how hard one can be, and be in the bloodiest battle in war history, this can you deserve on. This is the number 1# war medal.

Members who had fought in the World Wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, they deserve those war medals. Such as Desmond Doss, Ron Kovic, Billy Bishop, Frederick William Hall, Alan McLeod, John Kerry, Charles Bronson, Samuel Fuller, and the rest of famous war veterans. Except for some veterans that became actors, and went into some movies that I hate on the most.

Veterans today are very old. Especially when they wear their old uniforms and have their medals that they keep. Although I do feel sorry for them, but I just hope they have some smiles on their faces before they die of old age. And those medals such as these here, they really earn them.

So rather than listening to this running cadence…

“If I die in the combat zone. Box me up and ship me home. Pin my medals upon my chest. Tell my mom, I done my best”.

…very old war veterans would rather have an idea on what to do with their medals. In their last will or testament before they die of old age. They would either keep their war medals in their grave, or just pass it on to their grandchildren who believe in them.

So these are the famous war medals, and war veterans deserve them. No matter how old or young they are.

The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017)

Michiel Huisman, Ben Kingsley, and Hera Hilmar, are the only guys that were really good in this drama movie that took place during World War I.

A nurse from Philadelphia, USA, travelled nearly close to the Middle East, as she wanted to help out the Turks who need medical aid. So by taking two carts full of medical supplies and her brothers truck, she had the help of a Ottoman lieutenant. Just before the First World War was declared.

She and the lieutenant were really good friends. Before the Russian troops and German soldiers arrived later and traveled to Africa. Months later, Ottoman soldiers travelled to Africa also. And this was before Lawrence of Arabia did his attack after those famous words…

“No prisoners! No prisoners!”

For a successful WWI movie, I give this 9.5 out of 10 stars.

Alien: Covenant

F*** the movie “Passengers” with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. This is WAY better. Especially when you watch this over Halloween. In this sequel to “Prometheus” and a prequel to the “Alien” franchise, witness the birth of Xenomorphs and Neomorphs. Since the day H.R. Giger imagined for what he drew on, that changed everything.

A massive spacecraft, with almost 20 crew members, carrying 2,000 colonists, and 1,140 human embryos, were heading for a peaceful human home world that they can start life on. It takes almost 20 years to get there. That was why they were in cryogenics in deep space. Until they make it all the way there.

However, an interstellar storm ruined for what they had. The crew were awaken and disturbed, and almost 45 colonists were killed in their cryogenic chambers, including the captain himself. He was burned alive.

After some repairs, they received a transmission from a nearby uninhabitable planet. It was from the survivors of the Prometheus expedition. So, an investigation was on. But they didn’t realize for what they ran into. From a crashed alien ship to sacks of spores, and the egg chamber, witness an alien paradise. Where the birthplace is, before alien queens are born.

Michael Fassbender was not just one android, but two androids. One from the “Prometheus” movie, and another who serves the crew of the massive spacecraft. Along with him are Danny McBride, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Seimetz, Nathaniel Dean, and James Franco as the ship’s captain before he was burned to a crisp.

For a successful horror flick, 9 and a 1/2 out of 10 stars. However, I do warn you. Cause once you see those deadly aliens, and how they are born before alien queens, it’ll f*** you all night long. 

John Merrick, the Elephant Man (1862-1890)

This was John Merrick in real life, as the real Elephant Man.

And this was John Merrick, in the 1980 movie of the same name, 90 years later.

John Merrick who once lived on this Earth, was really human. Rather than being an elephant or an animal. He just had some deformity that no one believed on.

Deformity means that someone can have a body problem. For example, Siamese twins stuck together. This can be a heartbreaking problem. Especially if they are alive or dead. 

Next are the cast members in the 1932 movie, “Freaks”. They had deformity problems, but became famous in that very old movie. No arms or legs, small faces, very little, or any of that. But some midgets from that movie years later, were in the 1939 colorized movie, “The Wizard of Oz” as the munchkins. 

Thirdly are those movie icon characters. Sloth from “The Goonies”, and that raving psychopath Michael Myers in that John Carpenter movie, “Halloween”. They had deformity problems on their faces. Jason Voorhees too from “Friday the 13th”, but was way worse. 

Fourth and the very last, that in countries such as Iran, Africa or Vietnam, kids can get deformity problems really bad. Especially if they are affected by Agent Orange. They can die from that very easily. Both deformity and Agent Orange, that toxic chemical gas. 

John Merrick here, was the very first with that deformity problem. Born on August 5th, 1862, he was born with that deformity of his. He couldn’t speak, he had body skin problems, and became known as the Elephant Man. In a freak show as a part of the circus. 

A few years later, London surgeon Dr. Frederick Treves took him in. And taught him the privilege of speech, manners, and kindness. By age 27, he was definitely, a very kind  man. However, he did wanted to be more normal like everyone in the UK. Which was why on the evening of April 10th, 1890, at age 27, rather than having more pillows on his bed, he had only one pillow. And died in his sleep when the Elephant Man’s neck was dislocated. Dr. Treves examined his body the next morning on April 11th, 1890. 

After the Elephant Man died in early 1890, Dr. Frederick Treves dissected John Merrick’s dead body. 

By examining his skin samples, and using plaster casts on his head and limbs, the skeleton of John Merrick was placed on display at the Royal London Hospital in the UK. He did everything on John Merrick before Dr. Treves died at age 70, in late 1923. 

And here is what is interesting on John Merrick….

By wearing that white hood, and dark black clothes, they wouldn’t recognize him. He wore that outfit a lot until his reveal and accident days later. 

He may have died at almost 30 years of age, but he was definitely a human to the people of the UK. Rather than being called ‘The Elephant Man’. 

The Elephant Man (1980)

This was my very first Anthony Hopkins movie, before I saw him with Jodie Foster in “Silence of the Lambs”. And the very first time that he was ever with John Hurt in this.

Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt, and Anne Bancroft were in this movie, as this tells the true story that you might be surprised or shocked to see this. Nominated for nine Academy Awards and four Golden Globe awards including Best Picture, this made history.

In the wildlife of Africa, Mrs. Merrick was attacked by wild elephants. She was killed by them, but was given deformity to his newborn son. Years later, he was in a freak show, as a part of the circus. He was known as the Elephant Man.

That was when Dr. Frederick Treves, a London hospital surgeon met him, and took him. By giving him special care, he was able to talk like the rest of us days later. The Elephant Man was John Merrick.

From that surprise to how he told the people that he is a human being, you’ll believe everything on him. So for a surprisingly story of John Merrick, or the Elephant Man, 8/10 stars. Really good.

Point Break (1991)

This movie is better than the 2015 remake, and that 2007 stupid animated mockumentary movie, “Surf’s Up”.

Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, John C. McGinley, and Tom Sizemore were in this together, that one must explain everything. From the FBI to surfing, this explains everything. Almost like a sad story.

Surfers, disguised as Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan, have been robbing banks. Only a rookie FBI agent from Ohio, was after them. He found out on who they were, and how they loved surfing and skydiving.

At first, it was an impressive friendship between the surfing guru and the FBI agent. But was heartbreaking when everything was revealed, and how his surfing guru friend died in the very end. He was at his point break at a massive wave, until he died while surfing. With his friend dead, and how it was heartbreaking to lose a friend, he gave up working for the FBI by throwing his badge in the waters by the beach.

For a really good movie, from the 1990’s, almost 9/10 stars is what I give.