In time, people would believe in the future to what it would look like, as they use these time capsules. They choose items to place them in the capsule as they bury the thing in the ground. And after a matter of years, they reopen it and people get these things. But sometimes, when people want to believe in the future, they don’t want the end to come. Unless they have to know.

Some say the end of the world may come on New Years Eve. Especially if we have to evacuate.

In this movie with Nicolas Cage, he faced disasters upcoming, the dates and how many people are killed when the end of the world came in this thrilling 7/10 star movie.

In 1959, an elementary school used a time capsule for the first time as the students, were to draw pictures on what the future would look like. They did except a pale girl. She wrote down the dates of disasters, how many people are gonna be killed, and where. She disappeared after the opening ceremony. At night, police officers were looking for her in the school as her teacher found her. Her fingernails were bleeding as she was scratching on the closet door that the end will come.

50 years later, the capsule was reopened as new school students grabbed each drawing that the students of 1959 drew on what it would look like. The number of disasters page was sent to a boy and his dad who is a professor. It showed these disaster dates on everything. Plane crashes, train derails, the 9/11 attack on World Trade Center, factory explosions, forest fires, the bombing in Paris, cruise ships sinking, massive ice storms, blizzards, snowstorms, Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, the one in Mexico, the Ice Storm in 1998, hurricanes, oil rig explosions coming down, oil spills, and more.

It all began to change when they ran into alien beings. They were able to save enough people just before the Earth was destroyed. Instead of a zodiac that can be a sign of the apocalypse, or like in that comedy movie “This Is The End”, or a ancient South American calendar by the stupid natives, the Earth went out of orbit as it collided with the Sun.

And that’s how it all is on this 7/10 star movie I rate. We do not want that on a New Year’s Eve for all this to happen. But as what I say for as always…

After an old year ends, a new one begins.

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

In a sequel to ‘The Maze Runner’, and based on the second book to that, in a series, the band of boys face phase II since the left the maze. The scorch trials.

After rescued by a rescue team, they didn’t realize it was a part of ‘WCKD’. So they got away, as they race into the city of ruins, since the sun had scorched the planet. There were zombies who have the hemorrhage virus, as they had to get away from them. Stay immune.

They lost one boy, as they have allies joining them. By heading towards rocky mountains, they were able to join a resistance. A resistance to fight against that woman scientist and ‘WCKD’. Their leader is like a true John Connor as he is truly, amazing. He is played by Canadian actor Barry Pepper as he was really good in his acting.

Unfortunately, three helicopters from ‘WCKD’ found them. An attack was on as they were almost hostages. The lunatic scientist was with them as she still had to find a cure to stop the virus. That was why they were experimenting on teenagers on to do so. The attack when on as one of the boys, was captured. Instead of her being proud, I saw the horror in that woman. She is played by Patricia Clarkson. The warden’s wife who almost died in ‘The Green Mile’. But one of the boys, with his friends and the resistance vowed revenge that they will kill this raping scientist. Even if they put a bullet to the head of her. And that will happen in the final chapter book, of ‘The Maze Runner’.

And that will happen in “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure”. For a sequel, 7/10 stars. And ‘WCKD’ is never good to be true.

The Negotiator

Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, David Morse, and Paul Giamatti were the only stars I know of in this police like movie since “Die Hard”, “The Fugitive”, and “Tower Heist”.

Since a cop was murdered, his partner framed for murder and got fired, he held up a heist in a police tower and was trying to unfold a mystery for who was the one who framed him. He held a couple of hostages as he was able to scare off police officers in a gunfight. It was the police captain who did this, all along as he got shot, dead.

The cop was glad it was all over, as he and a new partner were reunited again. He got his job back by having his handgun and badge back. 8/10 stars on this movie.


Since Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson were Jedi Knights in the three prequels of “Star Wars”, and Jamie Bell in his time in movies, all three long ago were jumpers. Not just people who jump a lot, but people who can jump between time and space.

Two adult teenage boys played by Hayden and Jamie, have gotten this power since they were five years old. A teleport power as they can teleport anything and anywhere in the world between time and space. They can even teleport to beat traffic, as they can be anywhere in the world.

Samuel L. Jackson was a villain as he was to stop this. He was a jumper too. He wanted to mix this all up. Working together, they saved the world. Even when they use their teleport powers. For the way the villain was defeated, he was left out in the desert in a cave on a cliff.

I must say, both guys are really good. And 7 1/2 out of 10 stars on this.

Anime TV Christmas episode specials of 2015

From last year’s in 2014, these are the only ones I found more on anime to their Christmas specials. Both English dubbed and English subbed.

“Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the houses, not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse”.

Except for a couple of Christmas hamsters that did a grand job last year!! Hamtaro as Father Christmas and Bijou as his helper. Last year they did grand jobs like the rest. But this year, there was more to come.

Pics from last year….

hamtaro, father christmas bijou, red scarf  hamtaro christmas and red scarf bijouelder ham1 snoozer snoozer's new blanket snoozer's new blanket 2 sleeping boss sleeping cappy sleeping dexter sleeping howdy sleeping maxwell sleeping oxnard sleeping panda sleeping pashmina sleeping penelope sleeping sandy sleeping stan red scarf bijou red scarf bijou2 her two new ribbons elder ham2 morning1 morning2 morning3 morning4 two at a time ferris imagesca1z8lae aki untitled laura smile laura smile2 heke3

This years…

Pokemon Christmas Night   


 IMG_1480-0 IMG_1481             

Pokemon- Stantler's Little Helpers  
    Pokemon- delibird's dilemma                                               Pokemon- Snorlax Snowman

1. “Pokémon” on their Christmas specials. ‘Stantler’s Little Helpers’, ‘Snorlax Snowman’, ‘Kanga Games’, ‘Delibird’s Dilemma’, ‘Winter Games’, ‘Trouble in Big Town’ and ‘Christmas Night’. Those are all parts of ‘Pikachu’s Winter Vacation’ as their specials went from 1999 and 2000 to 2006 years later. They show how Pikachu and his Pokémon friends spend their Christmas adventures by going off into snowy hills and helping Kris Kringle with delivering gifts to the world. Two of their songs were interesting. ‘Magic in the air’ and the theme song to ‘Pikachu’s Winter Vacation’. Those were the best memorable times for what they showed back then, than the Christmas specials there is today. Anime from 2000. The anime today is still good. But these are the best memorable Christmas specials we will never forget. (Both English dubbed and English subbed for these two. Even when it was aired on Cartoon Network)

chirstmas shot alley christmas1 christmas2 christmas3 christmas4 christmas5 christmas6 christmas3 huh2 sorry bijou blushes blushes2 christmas7 christmas8 laura and kana, christmas shopping dinenr night Hamtaro, Panda and Oxnard alright!! snow snow2 panda cage Mimi look what I got! hey Mimi's dad slide2 slide slide3 heke2 rare laura6 rare laura7 rare laura8 rare laura9 shop1 shop2 laura, kana and maggie maggie o'hara uh...laura hey2 hamster fairy huh3 laura awake christmas night shot1 christmas night shot2 hamtaro claus hamster christmas magic hey! alright!!! Ep232 soaring in the air soaring laura sleeping sleeping hamtaro

2. “Hamtaro” on their Christmas specials, only aired in Japan. The first one showed Panda’s owner Mimi, as her dad was having trouble. It all went well as things went better on Christmas Day. She had a big dark reddish brown teddy bear in the morning when it was something she wanted. Hamtaro, Panda and the rest of the gang, had a great time as Panda was glad things went better. What about Hamtaro? He got a slide as a gift from Father Christmas. The second Christmas special showed if Kris Kringle was real as they need to believe in him. Maggie O’Hara was in this as two new friends of Hamtaro were with him, who believe in magic. When they were called by a hamster fairy friend, they realize Father Christmas, was a hamster! Almost like Elder Ham, they thought he was him and faking, but wasn’t! It was him as a hamster. St. Nicholas as a hamster was sick as he couldn’t deliver the gifts. So the hamsters had to help him. Avoiding black magic from a evil hamster wizard, they were able to save the day and deliver the gifts just in time. When they were all dressed as Father Christmas, they needed one more volunteer. Laura. Showing them the Christmas spirit, they gave two gifts. A snowy magical Christmas tree for Brandy and Laura, and a Christmas outfit for Laura to wear. All dressed as Father Christmas, riding on the sled and with one reindeer, delivering the presents in one night, they rode in the air in the snowy sky as it was all magical for what they did. When Laura and Hamtaro were sleeping st last, they thought it was all a dream, but it wasn’t. It was their best Christmas adventure they did, that no North American has seen!!

Prince of Tennis- Christmas at the Tenipuri Family 
3. “Prince of Tennis” on ‘Christmas at the Tenipuri Family’. An anime TV show only aired in Japan. However, interesting. In one of their chibli episodes that show flashbacks, this one showed how these characters were young back then when they celebrated Christmas. After going through trouble, they found out the true meaning of Christmas as they watched Father Christmas flying in the sky delivering gifts to the world.

Love Hina- Silent Eve 
4. “Love Hina” on ‘Silent Eve’. Anime fans found this interesting. In their Christmas special aired in Japan, a group of friends, all girls, had a Christmas adventure together in Tokyo. They made love, celebrating Christmas, and the true meaning of it as they celebrated together, just before the new year.

Christmas Eve Festival- Toradora  


5. “Toradora” from episode 17 to 19. In a relationship between a boy and a girl in high school, they made love together as they celebrate Christmas. It did sad ending, if you look at some of the episodes of this anime TV show aired in Japan, you will know this will go well in the name of love. However, this did aired in America. Even at the kissing scene which is beautiful.

Azumanga Daioh-christmas meeting 

6. “Azumanga Diaoh” on ‘Christmas Meeting’. Another anime TV show, only aired Japan, but very interesting, a bunch of schoolgirls as friends dealt with their final days of classes before the Christmas holidays. As they dealt with Father Christmas and the Chinese zodiac, they celebrated by singing at a karaoke bar on Christmas Eve. After that, they saw the beautiful snowfall.



     img_1580  img_1579       

   img_1588  img_1589

 img_1592  img_1593  







   ari yori aoshi-beautiful snowimg_1611  img_1614 img_1615   img_1616

7. “Ari-Yori Aoshi” on ‘Beautiful Snow’. Aired in Japan, a teenage boy meets a mysterious girl with magical powers, as she can go through walls and appear right in front of him. After finding a magical necklace, that would make it snow in Japan. By the next morning, he thought it was all dream, but it wasn’t. She was still there, in his kitchen apartment making breakfast for him and her. They had a date together as they helped out a few good people before Christmas. By the time she had to leave, they had a beautiful kiss which is beautiful.


8. “Dragonball” on the original series. Back when Goku and Bulma were kids together. From episode 35 to episode 44, Goku in a snowy village as he played with some friends. He was spending some Christmas when a evil games master wanted to challenge him in his control tower. I saw one of their episodes on YTV a long time ago with my own eyes on TV. With the help of a Frankenstein like friend, they defeated him. After that, Goku met Bulma again in a nearby city as they were reunited again. Even with their friends they trust on.

img_1622  img_1623   img_1624  img_1625  img_1626 img_1635img_1636 img_1637  img_1639img_1638  img_1641  img_1642img_1643 img_1644 img_1645  img_1646  img_1647   img_1649 

Itsudatte My Santa! kiss 


9. “My Santa”. A anime Christmas special. Two parts together. When a boy who was born on Christmas Eve, never sees his parents and never believes, she meets a bright young beautiful girl, as she is one of Santa’s helpers as a human. An actual girl. They traveled the world in one night as he believes in her, as always. She stayed for one more year in the real world as it was time for here to go. She will always love him, as he will always love her. They had a couple of dates, as they were to be never parted again. Even at Christmas, where he still believes in her and Father Christmas. As always.

di gi charat Gorgeous-nyo  

10. “Di-Gi Charat” on their Christmas special. Aired in Japan, and he came out on DVD in North America, especially Canada, three small girl fairies wearing costumes, celebrate their Christmas special by going on a cruise as they have a Christmas party on board. They even exchange gifts for each other at Christmas. And it was the best time of their lives.

So those are the top 10 as there will be more next time.

Merry Christmas from osmovies anime fans!!!! Right here on!!!!

snowy tree 

The Tokyo Tower

There have been many anime TV shows and movies for where they show a final judgement. At the Tokyo tower.

Located downtown in Tokyo, Japan, 1,092 ft high, that is where it is. Better than the Effiel Tower in Paris, this shows everything. Tall and proud as it can be at day, it can light up at night as everything you love on anime, is all there. Even when it snows today and in anime TV shows and movies.

In anime TV shows such as “Cardcaptors”, “Sailor Moon” and “Digimon”, each of the characters get visions in their dreams on a final judgement there can be up there. It cannot be broken unless the future depends for what lies up there. After that, it’s all over.

When you look at it, it’s just the way it is. It can sometimes be mysterious like what you saw on anime TV shows and movies that took place there.

Anime characters like Sakura, her friends, the Sailor Scouts, the kids and their Digimon are the only things in common in those, as they dealt with that. They would all be up there right now, sharing their emotions and thought on that since their adventures. On how it can be up there at night, with the lights on, as they can take trips down memory lanes. And when they are up there, they can look at the view of Tokyo from above. It can be closed at night, as anime fans are welcomed. And after that, they go home as they’ve had a great time.


Spinner Sun: (yawns) “That was such a great time”

yep nice going

Jet-Jet: “Yeah! You were hopped up on snacks than that Kero”

you really let him have it

Lik-Lik: “Yep. Nice going Sakura and Sagwa. You two are really getting along together”

Sakura: “Oh yeah. We are getting along good together” (smiles)

it was nothing

Sagwa: “It was nothing”

The Tokyo Tower still remains there, as long as there are more anime adventures to it.

Bob Seger- Little Drummer Boy

When I first heard this song during Christmas time, this is way better than any singer who would sing this song. Even better than that choir that sang in that ‘Little Drummer Boy’ stop frame cartoon Christmas special.

When I first saw him in this, he wasn’t so bad after all. And thanks to this music video here, from that cartoon, it was one of the best songs I listen to last year on my Christmas to remember. I even listened to this the last time after I got “The Wind Rises” and “Wolf Children” on DVD. Songs like this to a very famous singer, can make you remember, your best times at Christmas. In your own home. Not even going down south.