Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Ever since ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1’ happened, this movie came where our 16th President of USA became a vampire killer. he’s got good skills somehow, but if he’d join Mr. Van Helsing played by Peter Cushing from Star Wars, he and him would kill Edward McCullen once and for all and save Bella Swan to become normal again. In Canada maybe, their will be maybe a movie I think where Prime Minister John A. MacDonald becomes a werewolf killer. That’ll mean 3 guys to kill McCullen and Black in Twilight, once and for all, and kill all the vampires and werewolves in Twilight. John A MacDonald: Werewolf Killer, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Mr. Van Helsing: Vampire and Werewolf Expert. 3 guys against vampires and werewolves in all of Twilight to kill.

John Hurt- 1984

In 1949, author George Orwell had a vision of the future. His book maybe good, but the movie is the best with John Hurt in it. It was all about 1984 in a different time way, where things are way different back then. the song ‘Sexcrime” was good on that film. the question is not “was 1984 like this?”, but what was Ottawa, Ontario Canada like in the year, 1984?