Casualties of War

Are you going through trouble as a teenager? Have your parents been so crazy? Is there something inside you, that makes you that you wanna do anything? Well there is one movie, and that is when your in the army, your in the Vietnam War!!

Starring Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, and introducing John C. Reilly and Jon Leguizamo, it’s CASUALTIES OF WAR!!!

As Vietnam soldiers, they are going through trouble, as they are sent to battle. They think life, isn’t fair, even when they are at home, or something else. Just because, they are doing what’s important, everybody’s acting like that they can do anything. Even, when they are killing enemies.

The best scene, was that they are on a train bridge, and a dying bloody woman, comes up, and they angrily shoot her, with assault rifles, handguns, maybe a grenade launcher, and a M60 machine gun.

You should’ve seen them how they shot her, and how the movie was. But in the end, when the war was over, the soldier played by Michael J. Fox, had got a new life, as he went in his own way and liked it.

So I must say, I should give this maybe a few thumbs up, and a star maybe, if there’s a chance.


UHF- Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic is a comedian, a singer and a actor. He was best in his song, “Just Eat It”, but he was in only one movie, which was called “UHF”.

In his good imaginations, and hilarious scenes, he was in parodies of movies as himself, as he works for a TV station. Sure there were good shows in that movie, like “Conan the Librarian”, “Wheel of Fish”, and more. He even had a good song in the end credits. But he was hilarious, as Indiana Jones, and Rambo! The Rambo one, he ever did was funny!

In UHF, along with him, is one of the guys from “Seinfeld”. Not the Jerry guy, but someone hilarious. He was Michael Richards. So I think Weird Al Yankovic is the nost hilarious guy, he has ever been.

King Kong

From 1933, to 1976, to 2005, King Kong has been the most craziest ape, in all of his movies. He even challenged Godzilla in 1963, in “King Kong VS Godzilla”. So this ape, is crazy alright, but all he ever wanted was that woman. Ann Darrow. But the difference is this. In 1933, played by Fay Wray, the ape loved the woman, but the woman never loved the ape. In 1976 and 2005, played by Jessica Lange and Naomi Watts, the woman loved the ape, and the ape loved the woman.

But in all 3 movies, were the best actors we know. Carl Denham, the film director, played by Robert Armstrong and Jack Black. Jack Driscoll, played by Bruce Cabot, and Adrien Brody. And in the 1976 version, a guy named Jack Prescott, played by Jeff Bridges. Also, Captain Eaglehorn, played by Frank Reicher, and Thomas Kretschmann. Also in 2005, there was a kid named Jimmy, played by Jamie Bell. That was him, before in was in the movie, “The Adventures of Tintin”.

The one thing that we might hate, are those Indians on that island. They wanted to give Ann to Kong. But in 1933, when Kong was attacking the village, Kong did killed some for good riddance. But in 2005, when Kong was in the village, they were not around. But it be best if they were killed, like in 1933.

The one thing also, are the weapons. In 1933, all they had were rifles, and pistols, when they were in the jungle, and machine guns to the airplanes. Two at the front, and one at the back. But they did had those gas bombs to knock out Kong. In 1976, same weapons we use in the Vietnam War, but also a robotic arm, that shoots the mini-gun to kill Kong. In 2005, all they had while the jungle are Thompson submachine guns, Luger pistols, handguns, and rifles. Also in the city, same weapons to the airplanes, like in 1933, but also a artillery cannon and a machine gun while chasing Kong. Finally, what made Kong to knock out, was chloroform.

So I think, the 1933 version is even better. Morgan Freeman went to go see that movie, when he was 6 years old. Too bad there are some stuff, we might not see, like what I said. In conclusion, there is a Simpsons Halloween special called, “Treehouse of Horror III”, where Homer is King Kong, and he and the girl were married!!


Top 8 Aviation dogfights in movies

Aviation is all about flying, and there have been many dogfight movies. And I give my top my 10 aviation dogfight movies. Studio Ghibli included on this. As they can fly high, shoot hard on bogeys, they have the need for speed.

8. “Red Tails “. With African American pilots, they took on Nazi squadrons, before they can get to U.S. Allied bombers. They called themselves, ‘red tails’ because of the red tails they have painted, on their fighter planes. With tricks, stunts and more, they took on every Nazi pilot there is in the air. Including the leader, which wanted revenge. After they attacked their base. And thanks to them, these African American pilots ruled the skies.

7. “Iron Eagle”. With a young boy who joined the USAF, he wanted to become a fighter pilot like his dad. But in 1981 at a incident in Libya, his dad was shot down behind enemy lines. By going after him with a legendary pilot to bring along, they search for him as they took down many enemy aircraft. They rescued him as he fought hard. With that, he became known as the ‘Iron Eagle’.

6. “King Kong”, 1933. As it comes to the most famous scene in monster film history, the best way to kill a gigantic loving ape are airplanes. In this amazing dogfight. Four biplanes, with co-pilots as the machine gunners in the back. Over the Empire State Building in New York City, they took on Kong, the 8th Wonder of the World. Although they lost only one airplane that Kong took down, but they never gave up until Kong was weak. The last two gun firing finally came, as Kong was shot badly. Classical than the 2005 version, that was how monster movies are made.

5. “Independence Day” (1 and 2). Fighting against aliens that want to destroy us, Will Smith, Liam Hemsworth, Bill Pullman, Randy Quaid, Jeff Goldblum and Jessie Usher were the only ones to stop them. As they would ‘Welcome to Earth’ on them, they used many fighter planes. Both normal and intergalactic against them, they would have to make sure their shields are down. For what happened in those majorly battles, was to fight for Earth. And never again, see another alien species. They were successful in those. And for Randy Quaid, running into aliens? He sure gave out a call to them, on his kamikaze dive upwards.

“Hello boys! I’m baaack!!” (boom!)


4. “Top Gun”. On the final dogfight, Maverick, Merlin, Iceman, Slider, Hollywood and Wolfman, were the best ones fighting against Russian fighter jets. With the need for speed, they ricochet machine gun bullets, and watched out for missiles. Although Hollywood and Wolfman were shot down and rescued, as Iceman and Slider were heavily damaged, Maverick and Merlin were the only team to take on those enemy jets. Iceman shot only one, as Maverick shot only three. The third shot he missed before his last shot which was the fourth.


3. “Castle in the Sky”. From Studio Ghibli, and director Hayao Miyazaki that did this, there were three dogfights. One between the pirates and the military, and the other between the military and the robots at Laputa. In the middle of this masterpiece, while they were close to Laputa, the pirates were spotted by the military. As they took on heavy fire, as they fought back. While Pazu and Sheeta were in a glider, they got separated when they were in a storm. By the time they arrived with those pirates as hostages, Pazu and Sheeta were the first people to ever land on Laputa. They made it before them. Unfortunately, another dogfight was ignited. When Col. Muska activated the robots, he betrayed the military. He made them destroy every fighter ship there is. All of the soldiers and pilots fell out of the sky as they all died when they crashed in the sea. The robots won the dogfight. However, a good ending happened in this movie after Muska was defeated and remained dead. To the destruction, the pirates, Pazu and Sheeta escaped as Laputa flew up higher in the sky. And no wonder after a happy ending, this became popular. As Studio Ghibli became popular.


2. “Porco Rosso”. From Hayao Miyazaki that did this, we go to only three dogfights in this Studio Ghibli masterpiece. When Porco was rescuing very young schoolgirls from pirates in the beginning, as he fought his rival two times more later. For the love of Gina, and Fio Piccolo who helped Porco fixed up his plane. As a WWI veteran and bounty hunter, he would never give up. With that curse on him, he’s still the best as a pig.


1. “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”. In this very first Studio Ghibli movie, from director Hayao Miyazaki, there was only one. Taking hostage by knighted enemies, Nausicaa, her friends and a one armed woman were prisoners when a gunship came out of nowhere. It was the soldier who befriended her later in this movie. He killed many of those knighted soldiers in a single dogfight. Every pilot, gunner, and bomber were K.I.A. With those destroyed, they crashed down. Nausicaa wanted to stop him, but his friend, that soldier pilot saw a vision of her. While shooting. By the time he was shot down, Nausicaa and her friends escaped. As no wonder this Studio Ghibli movie became popular.

As the first three are the number 1 winners, the others remain great as well.