When Marnie Was There- 10/10 stars!!

I saw this, at the Toronto International Film Festival. (TIFF) Downtown Toronto. The same place where I went to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition during the Christmas holidays. Last year.

It was, a hit great masterpiece!! 10/10 stars. Based on the book by Joan G. Robinson. They say in this world, like in the movie, there is an invisible magic circle. An inside, and an outside.

Young Anna was on the outside. Sent from her foster home to the countryside, she believes in what she sees. However, when there was a mansion up ahead, she befriends a blonde girl named Marnie.

Similar to the book, Anna and Marnie became great friends. And how they relate each other in life. A secret was told between these two as it was a great ending, that I give this movie, 10/10 stars!! “A+++”. And it’s song too, by Priscilla Ahn, “Fine on the Outside”.

This movie, and it’s song have got to win in the Academy Awards for Oscars!!! Even for Best Animated Feature of the Year. Song too. Better than any animation, we should give Studio Ghibli a chance, to let this movie win. To make Studio Ghibli, anime in Japan and North America, popular again and equal. Even giving them a second chance.

So let’s this be a hit masterpiece, it’s song too. For I give this 10/10 stars and a “A+++”. 🙂

Michael Cera in “The Ripping Friends”

I couldn’t believe how young Canadian actor, Michael Cera was in the hit TV show on Teletoon, “The Ripping Friends”.

In one episode he did, he was the wimpy sidekick, Boy-Boy with a wanna-be superhero guy named Man-Man as he wanted him to fight all crime there is. He’d got himself killed in every mission there is, until he was free at last and wanted to be normal.

We’d be careful in life, when we wanna be, in which we wanna be. Even in jobs. Like a pizza delivery guy, a phone operator, or any of those things we see in the yellow pages books. That’s for what the lesson was about, as he learned that.

And from that moment forward, he became a good actor. In Hollywood. From being a wimpy cartoon kid to a funny drunkard, he will do what he can for the next cartoon there is.




After… (Him drunked in “This is the End”)


Shooters in movies

“American Sniper”, directed by Clint Eastwood was a drag for what happened in the end, to the day Chris Kyle was killed. Terrible. Clint is old, but he’ll be dead soon, that he’ll surprise us all.

But it does take me back to the days when shooters in movies, go up how near or far they shoot. Two US presidents died in this.

1. John Wilkes Booth- 1 inch, to the day when Lincoln and his wife were at Fords theatre. He was an inch away from his pistol to Lincoln’s head, as he fired a pistol at the back of his head. Lincoln died later back home, but John was arrested later, but got shot when he was found.

2. Charles Whitman- 400 yards. Mentioned in Stanley Kubrick’s movie, “Full Metal Jacket”, he was a ex-marine who was up on a University tower in Austin, Texas and shot many men. He killed 16 men from 28 stories high. 33 injured too. All that from the Observation Tower of the University of Texas.

3. Lee Harvey Oswald- 250ft. In many movies, we all know that he was an ex-marine, but he surely shot President Kennedy on that day. He was 250ft as he was shooting at a moving target. From that book depository building. Oswald shot out 3 rounds with an old Italian bolt action rifle in only 6 seconds. And scored two hits, including a bloody headshot. Mentioned in Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” as R. Lee Ermy told his marines everything.

4. Jack Ruby- 4 inches. After the day JFK died, and Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, Jack Ruby was cross about this. So cross, he shot him the day he was going to jail. As a photographer scored himself by taking a photo of Jack shooting at Lee. 4 inches he shot Lee as he was arrested later until his death after that. Died of lung cancer.

5. Chris Kyle- 1000 yards. He was 1000 yards shooting at an Arabian sniper in Iraq during the Iraq war as no one could shoot that far. But he did break that record. He had to kill that Arabian sniper, for he was the worst. And scored himself a headshot when he gotta this guy.

Charles Whitman, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Chris Kyle were US marines. Two were assassins as Kyle was America’s sniper man. That can show how motivated marines and shooters can do.

And before any recruit…

…like Arliss Howard…

…Peter Edmund…

…Matthew Modine…

…and since R. Lee Ermy, they will all be able to do the same thing.



Like “The Great Gatsby”, “The Monuments Men” and the two Steve Martin movies of “The Pink Panther”, this was one in which it becomes a total mystery. Johnny Depp played as Lord Charlie Mordecai, an rich art collector as he was up for a mystery when a painting was stolen.

Traveling in parts of the world, from London, England to Moscow, Russia, Hong Kong, China and to Los Angeles, USA, he and his bodyguard, with his wife and a detective, they have search for the painting before investors and that thief would grab it.

In this besides Johnny Depp were Ewan McGregor, Paul Bettany, Jeff Goldblum, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Going after that painting, that can lead to a treasure since the 1940’s, they definitely wanted that painting.

For a success, 9 and 1/2 out of 10 stars.

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

If you think think the movie, “The Poseidon Adventure” is over, then think again!! Irwin Allen directed a sequel to this classic movie. Michael Caine, Sally Field, Slim Pickins, and Peter Boyle were all I know in this sequel. Nothing else there was.

I never knew this until now, since I celebrated my Grandpa Lorne Houles passing. I saw this movie as it was good. Took quite a while for the ship to sink. Like the Andrea Doria mentioned in this and the first, she stayed afloat for 10 hours until she sank. But this one took quite for a day.

Helicopters, tugboats or any of that stuff, there okay with me if I ever watch that classic movie and it’s sequel. Whenever I think about my grandpas passing and Ernest Borgnines.

“The story is not yet over. Before her fate is sealed by the deep…the super liner Poseidon will reveal one last secret”, for that’s what the poster said.

And by the last survivors made it, the water coming into the ship have made a reaction to the boilers and some dangerous cargo as the whole entire ship exploded. No wonder something like that took long, how the ship from underwater kept exploding from the smokestacks underwater, and how it was entirely destroyed finally. So since my grandpas passing, the classic movie, and celebrating that, I sure knew Irwin Allen did something like that.

Jason and the Argonauts

Before Ray Harryhausen did “Clash of the Titans” in 1981, he did this Greek mythology movie. 

Facing against the gods of Mt. Olympus, a gladiator and a boatful of gladiators fought for their home, and challenged the world as they embarked on a quest for the most treasure of all. The Golden Fleece. 

Ray Harryhausen did special effects like skeleton warriors, harpie monsters, a gigantic titanium metal man, but the biggest one of all, the hydra. 

Jason played by Todd Armstrong fought against those, along with his gladiators as they found the Golden Fleece. This was a 6 1/2 out of 10 star movie I think. 

Small Soldiers

With the voices of Tommy Lee Jones, George Kennedy, Ernerst Borgnine, Jim Brown, Clint Walker and Bruce Dern, I was surprised to see them, in the voices of toy soldiers. 

When a toy series came out, between man and monster, toy soldiers hacked with a military computer chip, became actual fighters as they are up against their enemies, creatures. 

Only a boy, played by Gregory Smith, and her girlfriend played by Kristen Dunst were able to stop this. Along with the creature toys that were alive. 

Along with them are Denis Leary, Dick Miller, and David Cross. And some others I’m not sure of. 

Both YTV and Teletoon showed this movie, as I remember watching them. Back then, I remember it was popular in the late 90’s as they sold many toys and figures out everywhere. It was spectacular. 

7/10 stars on a movie like this. 

Clash of the Titans (1981)

I remember watching this classic movie for the first time, after watching the remake and sequel to them, and “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series. They did this on TCM, Turner Classic Movies as I saw this. Ray Harryhausen did special effects on this, that were good, but can be frightening to some children.

Gladiators and warriors, mad at the gods of Mt. Olympus as they do not want to have demigod children by them. Zeus was mad at them too. One warrior, Perseus, the son of Zeus was able to stop all of this trouble.

By special effects, Ray worked on Pegasus, a beast man, three scorpions, the gorgon Medusa, a two headed wolf, and Bubo, an owl.

In this were Harry Hamlin, Maggie Smith, Burgess Meredith, and Laurence Olivier. Those people I know of. This is a 7/10 great classic movie.

Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans

What was better than Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, was Sam Worthington as Perseus, the son of Zeus. After that first movie came out, then came this. And it’s sequel too, along with another to the Olympian series. This was a remake of the 1981 classic as I saw that a long time ago, for the first time, and a few more times.

Since he was in “Terminator Salvation”, Perseus played as a warrior, who defended Greece from any creature there was, and made an end to Hades. In both movies. He fought gigantic poisonous scorpions, a mutated creature that was once a man, the three blind witches with that eye, Medusa, devil demons, a kraken, a chimera, three gigantic Cyclops, a minotaur, as he fought against Aries, the god of war when he turned against Mt. Olympus, as he finally defeated Kronos. He was made out of lava.

And since the 1981 classic, not only he rode a white Pegasus, but a black one. A black Pegasus. Way better. For a pass on both of them, 8/10 stars.


The Mosquito Coast (1986)

Has a parent of yours, ever gone insane on doing something that’s the impossible? Like redesigning a new home, or giving ice to people in Africa or South America? I’ve watched this a long time ago when I was 15 years old. I thought it was a monster movie on mutated mosquito’s, but it isn’t. The madman behind this was a father.

Like “The Shining”, based on a book, Harrison Ford plays as an inventor, who’s the father of a big family, who goes insane for what he does something wrong. River Phoenix was in this, as he saw the horror within him. On what he done wrong.

Moved from the Massachusetts to the Mosquito Coast, close to the Carribbean Sea, the father of a family goes insane for what he was trying to do. That lead to a bad idea. Everything went wrong as they backfired. Forced to go downstream, the mother and the children would be happy if they returned to the States. They agreed but the father didn’t want to.

As they try to head home, the father got shot and died by a madman as he died in the end. They made it home to the States as they lived there forever more. Without the crazy father.

I believe this is a 7/10 movie when I saw this for the first time.