Digimon Adventure tri: Future

Like Part IV, it left me no choice but to watch the final chapter, Part VI online on the Internet, as a DVD copy was coming out very slow at my local library. As I made it just in time for Christmas, when “Digimon Adventure tri” came to an end.

By going back from the Digital World to our world, it was almost a digital apocalypse as the Digimon Emperor caused mayhem. More and more dark Digimon that were infected, caused the military to show up, as they were unstoppable to them. Tanks, gunships, and battleships were like toys against them. And with that, they fought back by nearly wiping them out.

Just before more and more dark Digimon, were heading on our continents of the Earth, the Digidestined with their Digimon did all the best they can, on mega digi evolutions. Until finally, they rescued Gatomon as Tai came back. Kari who was suffering from a fever was glad to have Gatomon and her brother back, as Gatomon became a dragon Digimon called Magnadramon at once. I haven’t seen her as Magnadramon since her cameo appearance in “Digimon: The Movie”.

Meicoomon returned to the Digital World after the darkness was destroyed, as Meiko will never forget her at all. Some other characters like the Digimon Emperor disappeared however. But the good part was, the memories are fully restored to the Digimon, as they also rescued the new Digidestined from season 2 from the hit anime TV show. They made a cameo appearance in cryogenic pods.

A few months later, Meiko returned to the country. By the time it was Christmas Eve, they sent her a package with Christmas gifts to her, and gave her a phone call too. During the phone call, that made Meiko very happy, is that they’ll always be friends forever no matter what. And they’ll have a bright future (or Mirai in Japanese) that they’ll have, and remember forever no matter what happens. Meiko was very glad to be a new member of the Digidestined.

So for a remarkable final chapter to the “Digimon Adventure tri” saga, 10/10 stars and a straight ‘A’ is what I give. A year and five months is what I’ve been going through, as I’m glad all six anime movies foretold the whole story, as I got to the successful conclusion.

And as “Digimon Adventure tri” concludes the whole story…


The End

Digimon Adventure tri: Coexistence

It took me months to find a DVD copy of Part V, from my local library, after I had to no choice but to watch Part IV online on the Internet.

The Digimon Emperor as a psychopathic lunatic, was way worse, and ready to unleash devastation across the Earth. For his army of infected Digimon, were appearing from portals including Meicoomon, as they were all over in continents. In North America, Japan, Russia, China, the Arctic Circle, and etc. They were all over the news on TV. Every human on Earth were watching this, and has heard about the Digidestined also.

Back in the Digital World however, the Digital World was on the verge of destruction, as the Digidestined had to help Meiko with her worse fears. Their Digimon too, although they still have a bit of amnesia left. Meiko does in fact, have some fond memories of her and Meicoomon, that I admire on. But there is still hope to save that cat like Digimon.

From going back into our world, for food, refreshments, discussion, and some battles against the infected Digimon by avoiding the police and reporters, they ended up back again in the Digital World in a desert place. Although they were strong together, but after moments of fighting hard, Tai and Gatomon became P.O.W.’s by the psychopathic lunatic.

Right now, the Digital World wants to take over our world. But not unless they can save Meicoomon, Gatomon, Tai, and stop the madness, in the final chapter of the ‘Digimon Adventure tri’ saga. So I give this as always, a straight ‘A’ and 10/10 stars.

But until Part VI, which is “Digimon Adventure tri: Future” comes out very soon…

最後の章まで続く… (Saigo no shō made tsudzuku…)

To Be Continued Until The Final Chapter…

Digimon Adventure tri: Loss

By looking for a DVD rental of Part IV to “Digimon Adventure tri”, it left me no choice but to watch that entire movie on the internet.

The Digimon to the Digidestined, such as Agumon, Gatomon, Biyomon, Gabumon, Palmon, Tentomon, Gomamon, and Patamon, had no memory on our heroes, and were having amnesia. But they got along pretty okay. Only Meicoomon remembers and really misses Meiko a lot.

It wasn’t that long when they got wiped out by Machinedramon, and Meiko by surprise, finally made it into the Digital World. And caught up with our heroes. They did got separated, just like old times, until they finally found Meicoomon, and found out who the Digimon emperor is. A man named Gennai who didn’t care. He wanted the life of Meicoomon. Reunited once more, on a massive ship close to icebergs, they defeated Machinedramon, but things began to get worse by Gennai….

I do give this a straight ‘A’ and 10/10 stars. And there were two parts that I admire on. One is Salamon. Before transforming back into her form of Gatomon, she was really with Kari and was never afraid. She had never left him, and Kari was like a mother to Salamon. And two is Biyomon. Like the Digidestined on mega evolution forms, she was transformed from Birdramon to Phoenixmon. By looking at it, it beats all the phoenixes for what you see in the movies and TV shows. It was what I call, ‘The Flight of Phoenixmon’.

Although they do need to protect Meiko and Meicoomon from Gennai, but something tells me that Part V will have to come pretty soon. In “Digimon Adventure tri: Coexistence”. But until we get to that and the final chapter….

つづく… (Tsudzuku…)

To Be Continued…

Digimon Adventure tri: Confession

It took me two months to find Part III of the “Digimon: Adventure tri” saga. And to tell you the truth, rebooting is the only option.

Right after “Digimon Adventure tri: Determination”, Meiko was really sad about Meicoomon brainwashed. But it really wasn’t her fault. The infection on the Digimon made it a lot worse. And it was able to get into the Digimon that the Digidestined had. Before things could get a lot worse, they had to face only one option. A reboot.

Which was why after the reboot was completed, they went back to the Digital World, and lost their memories. The kids went after them, except for Meiko. Meicoomon may be still alive, but this will come to a successful conclusion for sure. Especially when they get the Digimon emperor.

Which is why I give this a straight ‘A’ and 10/10 stars. Very successful.

And just when Part III ended, from Kari’s whistle that she had as a kid, to the Digimon that are little and have amnesia, something tells me that Part IV is coming soon. In “Digimon Adventure tri: Loss”. But until we get to Part IV…..

つづく… (Tsudzuku…)

To Be Continued…

Digimon Adventure tri: Determination

It took me months to find Part II of “Digimon Adventure tri”. Surprising at first in the beginning, but was shocking on what the Digidestined had witnessed.

Weeks after the first movie, they brought in a new character and a new Digimon that the saved on. Meiko and Meicoomon. And together, they keep each other safe.

However, more infected Digimon came. And it wasn’t just that. There was a new Digimon emperor. Since the first one was a psychopath, this new one, was the source to the infected Digimon. And how he intends to take on both worlds. Our world and the Digital World.

From the parks to their school festival, and how they need to be together, they faced on everything they can before Meicoomon disappeared. Brainwashed. Joe learned about that as a valuable lesson. But they will find Meicoomon and stop that villain for sure. So I’m giving this a straight ‘A’. 10/10 stars.

So for more to come…on “Digimon Adventure tri: Confession”…

つづく… (Tsudzuku…)

To Be Continued… 

Digimon Adventure tri: Reunion

Ever since there was a 15th anniversary to Digimon, this came along. A new adventure that is a sequel to Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. From Toei Animation, they did six parts. This is Part I. And I can assure to you, this won’t be like “History of the World, Part I” by director/actor Mel Brooks.

The Digidestined, Tai, Kari, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, Matt and T.K., have been dealing with serious times in high school. Until mysterious power outages and blackouts begin to occur. Infected Digimon, going from the Digital World to our world, they caused havok. One titan Digimon in fact, was targeting a new Digidestined. A transfer girl student with a cat Digimon named Meicoomon. However luckily, they saved her just in time.

In the city, from to the airport to the giant ferris wheel, they were to find out thanks to their Digimon that returned. Agumon, Biyomon, Gatomon, Palmon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Patamon, and Gomamon. More importantly, the way that they transform, pretty looks interesting and different. Didn’t noticed that in the TV series.

It was amazing that they came in this reunion movie. This first part is only the beginning. They’ll be more to find out pretty soon. Especially for what can occur in Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and Part VI.

For a success, a straight ‘A’. 10/10 stars. And this will come pretty soon to a successful conclusion.

つづく… (Tsudzuku…)

To Be Continued…