Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are both together in a movie, where you have to stay off of the ground. When two men decide to work at a place called Bixby College, by leaving a small town in the Arizona desert, they run into trouble as communications, the phone line, and some were down.

Even the road was blocked, because of four giant enormous worms with four multiple snake tongues. They started attacking people, even when they are vibrations on the ground. They hear them as they catch them. They don’t know what began. All they do, is find vibrations, eat, and kill people.

They ate a local farmer, it’s sheep, 3 construction workers, a doc and his wife, a local store owner, a trailer home person, and maybe something else. The only way was to stay off of the ground of the earth. Like high up on a electric wire, giant rocks, a big and hard bulldozer, buildings, even a water tower like what they do to steam trains.

The ways they killed them, was by making one crash into a wall, shooting it with many assault weapons, letting one eat a bomb, and letting one fell off a cliff as it died. When I saw this movie, I love the way Kevin Bacon, and Fred Ward do rock, paper, scissors, how Kevin Bacon plays a prank on Fred, how they are glad they would kill one, especially on how they saw that giant worm fly off a cliff and died.

There was a Spongebob version of it, almost like “Jaws”. “Sandy, Spongebob and the Worm”.

Dracula- 1931

From Universal Pictures on these “Universal Studios Monsters”, this was almost like a silent film as this shows Bela Lugosi as the famous Count Dracula. Based on the book by Bram Stroker.

After Mr. Renfield is possessed by Dracula after taking a warning by the villagers, he and Dracula take on London as Dracula can only come out at night, while his assistant spends his whole life in a mental hospital. The way the see Dracula, is because he doesn’t have a refection, and he hates the church cross. Luckily, he was no more after placing a stake through his heart.

This, might’ve showed the beginning of “Universal Studios Monsters”.

October Sky

Based on a true story, in a small coal mining town in the 1950’s in Virginia, when they are a lot of freight trains of coal, everyone were starting to believe about rockets flying into space. October of 1957 was when the Russians launched Sputnik 1 as it orbited the Earth.

Homer H. Hickam believed in rockets as he and his friends did experiments on that stuff. After many have failed by rocketing off course, exploding, and going haywire, he could just give up. He just tried and tried. Based on the legend of the “Rocket Boys”, they were all given a bright future after two were successfully launched. His dad believed in his son after all as he got an amazing career.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Laura Dern, Chris Cooper, William Dee Scott, Chris Owen, and Chris Ellis are all I know in this movie.

And from that moment forward, to the Space Race and so forth, Saturn V rockets and space shuttles were born. 10/10 stars is what I give on this.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Heads will roll

-Movie poster

In Washington Irving’s novel, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, we were shown that during the American Revolution, it was chaos. American patriots and British troops attacked each other with fire and metal. One of them, who was a Hessian soldier on the British side, lead his troops to the Battle of White Plains on October 28th, 1776. Just before the British can claim a victory on that day, General Washington ordered his men a full retreat to the north. While most of them escaped, the last few patriots fired cannons at them, as the Hessian soldier had his head shot off by a cannonball. His skull was shattered to pieces.

They buried his headless body the next day. Where he can never been seen or told from ever again. Unfortunately on an unholy burial ground, that was when his headless body was resurrected again. By having a jack o lantern pumpkin as his fake head, he and his undead horse would ride on dark foggy nights, searching for a new head.

Which was why in the story, he started chasing the new schoolteacher Ichabod Crane while he was homecoming from a Halloween party. After Ichabod crossed a bridge, he threw a pumpkin at him, and fell to the ground. The next morning, all what’s left was Ichabod’s hat and a shattered pumpkin. No one ever saw Ichabod Crane, in Sleepy Hollow ever again. He didn’t even get a chance to win the girl, Lady Katrina Van Tessel. It was his rival, Brom Bones who won her, and married her. So all in Sleepy Hollow in the end, would know that Ichabod Crane had been spirited away by the headless horseman.

In this movie, thanks to Tim Burton in his own way, this made this win an Oscar award for Best Art Direction. And I would recommend watching this over Halloween.

So in his own way, it showed that in the late year of 1799, almost 25 years after the American Revolution had ended, Ichabod Crane was not a schoolteacher. But as an early police investigator as he was to deal with the headless murders. So he went from New York City to Sleepy Hollow, and man! This movie was worth it.

After a setup behind the Van Tassel family, who was after the resurrection of the headless horseman, after he died in the revolution in a more humane way than a cannonball, Ichabod Crane survived and won the girl Katrina Van Tassel. What about Brom Bones? He got sliced in half in a bloody way. But the headless horseman in the end, before he and a witch would go to hell hole, at the bottom of an odd like tree, got his skull and entire head back.

Luckily for Ichabod, he, one more boy and Katrina made it back to New York City, ‘just in time for a new century’.

The cast was amazing. Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane, Christina Ricci as Katrina, Michael Gambon as Katrina’s father, Jeffery Jones as a reverend, Peter Guinness as Ichabod’s father, Martin Landau as a chief citizen in Sleepy Hollow, Alun Armstrong as a high constable, Christopher Lee as the Burgomaster, Richard Griffiths as a drunken magistrate, Michael Gough as a cowardly banker, Casper Van Dien as Brom, and last but not least, Christopher Walken as the Headless Horseman.

So for a success, 9/10 stars is what I give.

The Mummy’s Hand

Tom Tyler and Dick Foran are in this movie, as this shows another type of mummy. I first saw this whole movie when I first watched on channel AMC in the early morning. Same story, same incident but different. After Kharis, tried to bring back a woman she loved by using ancient leaves, he was caught and was committed to be buried alive.

Like what they did in they did in the other mummy movies, the way they do it is to cut out their tongues and wrapped them up quickly in mummy bandages. Then they place it in a coffin.

A little while later in this movie, after finding this mummy, he was brought back to life. There was a traitor who did this, and taught this mummy, the way what was going on. He walks differently, how his arms are curled, even when he died by burning oil as he was burned to death. Good thing the traitor died first before him.

Abbott and Costello- Who Done It?

In a murder mystery like this, Bud and Lou are in a broadcast studio as they are the detectives to solve this mystery in order to prove that they are. The most things I hated is that girl who was been squealing like a pig, and made a rip off on orange juice, the way they were trying to on a water fountain Bud and Lou were, the “volts are watts”, and a phone thing.

The ones that are hilarious is when Lou was getting Limburger cheese and wearing a gas mask, then a pin, the way Lou was going on a piano, going and smashing through glass doors and windows until he ran into a wall, how he wanted to call the cops, how he jumped out of his shoes, how he thought was getting killed because of the record players, the way he and Bud were in elevate going up and down, how Lou was hilarious to amazing adrenaline brothers in a talent show, the way he taught the phone operator a lesson, how Lou screamed on the radio, how he fell off a building and into a flagpole high up on a building, how he was hit by an egg in the head, how he was high up on electric wires, how Lou made light signs that say, “Send Help”, how Lou was full of electricity and made the bulb bright up in his hand, and finally, throwing a bulb at the “Send” which say “End” which was the end of this movie.

There is a clip that’s related to this which is “Alexander 2222”. Find that osmovies!

Abbott and Costello- Ride Em Cowboy

With those goofy partners, they are with Dick Foran again as they happened to be in the wild, wild west. Bronco Bob played by Dick Foran as he was famous as a singer, a bull rider, a cowboy, and he even wrote books about himself. Even those two work for him at a cowboy ranch!

Unfortunately, after taking a train, and before they headed to the ranch, Lou accidentally shot an arrow through an Indian tent. There were Indians Bud and Lou ran into. And Lou has been forced to marry an ugly Indian. He refused. But the Indians must that he will.

The cool scene in this movie on how the way they capture a bull or a wild horse to ride it, and how Lou was having comedic time in a swimming pool, and how he was trying to milk a cow. But the bad scenes I hate, are those Indian dreams they’ve been having to Bud and Lou.

Then came more scenes, when Bud and Lou were in a car going through a train tunnel, and came out backwards because of a train going by, and how they ran into a big black bear that’s in their car! At last in the end, while Dick Foran as Bronco Bob sings “Ride Em Cowboy”, Bud got rid of the Indian girl as they were lucky they didn’t marry an Indian.

The Invisible Man- 1933

Before Claude Rains was in “The Wolf Man”, based on the book by H.G. Wells, this shows a scientist who becomes a madman that makes his mind goes nuts after this power makes him invisible. Una O’Connor is in that movie for what I know, before she appeared in “Bride of Frankenstein”. She was played as Jenny, a woman who would give him food and drinks to him.

This man went nuts, as he showed his true himself after taking a fake nose off of him, including the bandages. He was the true invisible man in this version by Universal Pictures. He even took his clothes off as they didn’t see him naked!

After he escaped, he met an old friend which he can trust. He wanted to make sure no one can find him. After taking some clothes, having food and drink, he took a long snooze. His friend called her girlfriend to come here. And she did.

But when he escaped again invisible, but with no clothes, he stole money from a bank, caused a horrible train wreck, as he managed to get into a barn house. He slept in hay. Luckily the police found him and shot him. In his ending moments before he died, he reappeared as himself. He almost looked like Johnny Depp!

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Ben Stiller, Steve Coogan, Owen Wilson, Ricky Gervais, and Robin Williams are back in action as they are in this sequel to the movie, “Night at the Museum”.

Two years after the first film, Larry Daley the night guard played by Ben Stiller, now does a CEO device business on inventions that are inspired the way he was a night guard. I liked the way he does. To a visit, the Museum of Natural History is now under repairs and upgrades as some of the artifacts are heading to a place where they’ll be safe while the rest can stay. In Washington DC, the Smithsonian.

He did saw his friends again after the sun went down and the artifact brought them back to life. It was only been two years until now. Bad awkward news have happened when that stupid Dexter monkey brought the Egyptian artifact with them, and brought some of the artifacts to life including the pharaohs big brother played by Hank Azaria. So he had to travel all the way from New York to Washington DC where he has to find his friends. At a really cool scene, after a long time, he meets Jonah Hill long ago just before he got into workout and was with Channing Tatum in “21 Jump Street”.

So good, was that he found his friends, just before he met the Pharaohs big brother. Luckily, he pulled a trick on him and his Egyptian guards by releasing a giant octopus from the crate. After so much animals and the rest came back to life again, riding on a motorbike, he meets General George Cluster played by Bill Hader.

“General George Cluster. At your service. Yee-ha-” (boing) “I’m alright!”.

Then it’s Amelia Earhart played by Amy Adams. She was pretty impressive. It says that Amelia was a pilot who disappeared in 1937 after flying across the Atlantic. In this movie, she was Larry’s partner, was curious about anything, and she didn’t even got killed by those Egyptian spears! In this movie I must say, shows more than I thought.

Jay Baruchel, as a sailor in the painting of the end of WWII in New York, Robin Williams as another Theodore Roosevelt except as a bronze head who needs his nose scratched, Christopher Guest as Ivan the Terrible, Alain Chabat as Napolean Bonaparte, Jon Bernthal as Al Capone, Craig Robinson as pilot, Clint Howard as a Air and Space technician, George Foreman as himself, Shawn Levy as the Infomercial Father in the beginning, Ed Helms as Larry’s assistant, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant as Wilbur and Orville Wright, Alberta Mayne as the Kissing Nurse, Eugene Levy as the Albert Einstein bobble-heads, then that Hank Azaria did the Thinker and the Lincoln statue. The hilarious part was on the way the Thinker who does the firepower move, and how water was given to the octopus from a painting. 

For a success, 8/10 stars. Except for some stupid shit that I hate on. 

I even went to the Smithsonian over the summer a while ago, saw some of clips from movies that show the President of USA, Speed Racer the anime tv series, the hat of Abraham Lincoln, and a life size statue of Pikachu. That Pokemon would be the greatest artifact to bring back to Canada since the TV series began and more came out in the year, 2000!



smithsonian pikachu

Night at the Museum

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Robin Williams, Steve Coogan, Ricky Gervais, Mickey Rooney, Bill Cobbs and Dick Van Dyke, are in this movie based on a children’s book that might related to so drying in New York City today.

Every day, the Museum of Natural History is normal, but at night, a Egyptian artifact to a pharaoh played by Rami Malek can bring anything in a museum to life. Creatures, cavemen, indians, animals, small Romans and cowboys, even a skeleton of a dinosaur. At sunset, they have to go back to their normal positions, or they’ll turn to dust.

But when this night guard does some things wrong, he has to fix them in order to keep his job safe and to prove what was going on after 3 buglers stole some artifacts. As he did, he got his job back, and every single artifact celebrated. What I don’t like about this movie, is that monkey named Dexter who’s always a bad one.

My favorite one in this movie, which is an artifact are those Civil War soldiers as their bodies are white, blind, and stuffed. They are cool the way they shoot.