Why Japanese animation is WAY better?

Why Japanese animation, which is known as anime or manga, is so cool and better is because they are rare, hard to find, make great anime ladies, and how they came from all they way from Japan. In English Dubbed, they speak English we understand. But not English Subbed. Because they speak Japanese with English subtitles that we don’t understand. They do such great TV shows and movies that they are better than those cartoons we see today. Maybe a bit we trust, but not all of them. They even make such great toys, collectables, merchandise, posters, DVD’s and movies. They are rare also.

They mostly came out in the year 2000, because it was the big year of a new media age. In fact, they released so much of that, they ewes everywhere at that time. But now things have changed, all is different if there a chance to find some good ones to trust on. Kids even had to go to elementary schools on such days in the mornings, and afternoons, even on camping trips when their parents just take you all the way across Canada! And when you come back, nada! Thanks to your school life, and parents! They are like Japanese treasures of great animation.

Thats the same thing for what happen to me. But I never want to let anime or manga down. It’s true for what Ferris Bueller says in life and how it moves fast. And sometimes there are things where you could miss it. But only to tell that to parents and teachers.

People can show these to children, and grandchildren to see what they think hopefully. To make matters better or for worse, there is one way you can trust that you never want to let your favorite cartoons down. And that is a right way than sticking to a parents idea.

So Japanese animation is way better than regular cartoons today, if we hopefully can never let some down, even when you watch videos on the Internet. That is why for me, I’m never going on a cross country trip EVER again! Not even in a road trip with my parents!

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