List of members of the Miao Family (Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat)

This blog post is dedicated to the hit cartoon TV show, thanks to Amy Tan, PBS Kids, and to the fans who really want to keep this animated feline alive. Her family and friends too.


Sagwa Miao.


Dongwa Miao.

Sheegwa Miao.


Mama Miao.


Baba Miao.




Uncle Miao.

Auntie Chi-Chi.

Their adopted cousin, Cha-Siu Bow Wow (as a friendly doggy).

Auntie Wen (Wise babysitter).

And their ancestor, Ming Miao.

Those were the members of the Miao Family in the cartoon TV show, “Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat”. Based on the children’s book by Amy Tan. Since that cartoon TV show was popular by PBS Kids, it was much better than the other cartoon TV shows here in North America.

What I like about them is that they know bits of their history, their family tree too, they do their calligraphy and artwork by their tails, as they also do some acrobatic purr-formances. Better than the ones that they do on Animal Planet on ‘Puppy Bowl’, they do acrobats very well. I can imagine if some of them were to do a performance, while playing that 1980’s hit song from Dead or Alive, ‘You Spin Me Right Round’.

Also, two interesting things that occurred to them.

1. Some of them went on an ancient crater expedition, in the episode “Great Balls of Fire”, as they were to look for a meteorite that crash landed. For where they went, was very inspiring.

2. In the episode “Cat Burglar”, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa together, caught their first cat burglar who was stealing jewellery in their palace. Red handed, all by themselves.

They did made friends with the alley cats, and other characters that made only one appearance in each episode. Such as Jet-Jet, Lik-Lik, Hun-Hun, Wing-Wing, Won-Tom Ling, and other alley cats who are friendly with them. Tribal cats too with travelling performers.

From their TV show, they had small bits of their merchandise. Rare DVDs in volumes, videotapes, plush toys, some figures, books, colouring books too, a teapot set, Valentine’s Day cards and stickers, paper cups, paper plates, napkins, invitation cards, ‘thank you’ cards, blowers, cone cups, pillow sheets, table covers, and how they were mentioned in a TV Guide book from September 2nd, 2001. They were meant to do a second season later on, and deal with more ideas of what can happen. Unfortunately, the members of PBS Kids didn’t care as they cancelled it.

Some fans have been keeping the spirit of Sagwa alive, whenever they find those episodes, before posting them on YouTube.

Camptown Races (original song)

Rather than that version from “Blazing Saddles”, or in those cartoons, TV shows and movies, I started to like this song since I was in my final years in high school. I would listen to this song also back homecoming from my fishing trip at Charleston Lake. Near Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

Performed by the 2nd South Carolina string band, this is my kind of version of that old song since the Western days. Especially on the railroad business. Let’s say, the mail train service at nighttime in both North America and the UK.

Whenever I listen to this song, I think of some of the classic steam trains by making their deliveries at both day at night. However mostly, I can imagine that at nighttime, at a local massive train station, while working in the mail train service, back in the old days, some singers such as these guys would do something like that. On either instruments or just listen to this on a CD radio player. But make sure not to listen to this too much.

Cause while one comes in like this one, especially if someone is swinging a red lantern up and down to know that you’re waiting for it….

….you don’t want your boss to be like Slim Pickens from “Blazing Saddles” to go…

(Fires two gunshots)

“What in the wide, wide world of sports is a going on here?! I had you people to get the mail delivered!! Not to jump around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots!!”

Henry the Green Engine: “Sorry. The mail boat from the mainland was delayed”.

YTV on Medabots

Artificial intelligence on these robots have not been invented yet. But in a matter of years, it will be. And I’ve seen this anime TV show on YTV with my own eyes. Even on those programming blocks such as ‘The Zone’ and ‘Vortex’.

In the future, robots called Medabots were born to live with humans at that time. It was thanks to a scientist who had created them at the Medabot Corporation. Gold medals, the size of coins were the life source to them. Especially in robot battles.

A 10 year old boy wanted to be a great champion in the world tournament. However, he was unable to buy one, as his parents wouldn’t let him. So thanks to a store clerk as a friend to him, he gave him an outdated model named Medabee. And luckily, he found a coin in the river that was the source of him.

Medabee does talk like what the rest of the Medabots. And he does have special skills and abilities in battling. However, when a robot battle occurs, he would show up. Mr. Referee portrayed by Dennis Akiyama. Before he was Prof. Toru Iwatani in “Pixels” with Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Peter Dinklage. And as that referee, he does his catchphrase:

“Then it’s agreed! This will be a submission robattle. The first Medabot to cease functioning loses, and the loser must submit one Medapart to the winner, for keeps. I shall act as referee, me Mr. Referee, so no one gets hurt. Medafighters ready? Medabots, robattle!”.

From robot battles, to the store clerk by calling himself ‘Phantom Renegade’ who is a masked vigilante at night, they’ve been dealing with the forces of evil also. Such as that team wearing black rubbers suits that are like Team Rocket from “Pokémon” but different. In fact, their boss was like Mini-Me from “Austin Powers”. Luckily at the end of season two, they gave up by the time their boss went to prison. Except for one as the leader who was dimwitted and immature. By instead, a woman named Ms. Caviar who had loved him a lot, got in a new path as they were to be together no matter what.

I never saw season three. Just the first season and second season on YTV before that TV channel got into other cartoon TV shows. I did see promos of their DVDs, but I have never found them. In fact, their promos on YTV were unique when that anime TV show was popular. This is one of them.

Make that two including the first one…

But I never forgot for what YTV did on them, before everything got ruined.

YTV Promo- Gundam Wing

I was glad I found “Gundam Wing: The Movie” on DVD, just before Christmas from Value Village. For I saw that on YTV with my own eyes!!

First came the anime TV show that would be on YTV at 11:30 pm on weekdays and weekends, just before midnight. And then came that anime movie for how their war was brought to a successful conclusion.

From 49 episodes to a special and then the ‘Endless Waltz’ on that movie, it was remarkably beautiful.

So I’m giving this an ‘A++’ and 10/10 stars. I thank that YouTube subscriber for uploading this YTV anime promo very much.

Hunter Killer (2018)

Note: This has nothing to do with those Terminator vehicles that are called ‘hunter killers’. Both the tank and gunship in that apocalyptic future.

Related to “Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying The Bomb”, Gerald Butler, Gary Oldman and Corey Johnson did a fantastic job on preventing a nuclear apocalypse almost. From the harbours of Russia to destroyers and submarines out at sea, a Russian madman like General Ripper called in his militia to draw first blood on the USA. He took the Russian ambassador as a hostage, as he ordered his men to execute his counterparts.

Only a U.S. Navy commander and his submarine crew were to stop that Russian madman and his militia. By the time they went into enemy territory, they did the same thing for what the submarine crew did in “Ice Station Zebra”. They went in silent but deadly, in Russian waters and remain undetected.

They also in fact, rescued three Russian submarine crew members who were betrayed by the lunatic madman. But that’s not all, the U.S. Navy had also ordered a 4-man squad of Navy SEALs to rescue the Russian ambassador. And did it quicker than ever before than how Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton did in “Where Eagles Dare”. War was almost declared, but they pulled through to stop the crisis. And as for the Russian Navy, since that madman betrayed his comrades, his comrades betrayed him back. And you should’ve seen for what they did to him. Oh and btw, the madman will remind of American actor/comedian Steve Buscemi.

So for a success thanks to the U.S. Navy and the Russian Navy, and how we do not want a nuclear apocalypse since “Dr. Strangelove”, 8/10 stars. Really good.

Shenandoah (1965)

Filmed near Eugene, Oregon, USA in 1965 when America was facing the Vietnam War, this was nominated for Academy Award for Best Sound and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress presumably. Unfortunately was defeated on both awards by “The Sound of Music” with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

Like “Glory” and “The Red Badge of Courage”, this took place in 1864. A year before the American Civil War had ended, and a year after the 2nd Battle of Fort Wagner. In which the 54th Massachusetts regiment didn’t reclaim the fort. All African American soldiers including Col. Robert Gould Shaw were wiped out off the face of the battlefield.

With James Stewart and George Kennedy, a father with his six sons and two daughter-in-laws have celebrated two things. One was marriage, the other was a baby granddaughter finally born. Unfortunately as the ‘War Between the States’ got worse by the Union army, one of his sons got captured. The same thing for the daughter-in-law’s husband. So they went looking for them, rescued a few Confederates, and destroyed a train by burning the boxcars.

However, things did went dramatic as two of his sons got betrayed and killed. The same thing for his daughter in law by thugs. But as James Stewart saw for what happened to one of his sons, he said the most famous speech that he had ever spoke of. John Wayne would be very proud of him.

They were glad that they made out, after homecoming. But they’ll believe in God at church no matter what. And stay strong too. Therefore, their mother would be very glad of them. For they are very lucky. So I give this 8/10 stars.

Otherwise, they’d end up for how he lost for what he had before he became notorious. The Outlaw Josey Wales. Served in the Confederate army by William ‘Bloody Bill’ Anderson. Dead or Alive. $5,000 reward in cash.

Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh Battles

Since I saw that anime TV show with my brothers and cousins a bit on YTV, I was aware of the battles as I wanted to make sure that Yugi, his older self, Téa, Tristian, Joey, Bakura, Serenity, and Mai Valentine were to make it out alive. Although his rival Kaiba wanted the god cards, but he had to be aware on what could occur. In this list, these are the top 10 battles in the Yu-Gi-Oh TV show since we played those cards, and for how we enjoyed that anime TV show.

10. Siegfried VS Kaiba (Season 5). During a special tournament, before dealing with Dartz in the ‘Waking of Dragons’, Kaiba faced an aristocratic player, and was as grand as how Barry Lyndon would be. During the game, he had horse soldiers who were mostly girls that almost defeated Kaiba. Unfortunately, when he still loves his blue eyes white dragons, he can finish the game, big time.

9. Yugi VS Arkana (Season 2). Facing for what this lunatic appears to be the ‘Master of Magicians’, both players were chained to the wall, as they wouldn’t leave until the duel was over. Otherwise, they’d face the wrath of buzzsaws that this psychopath magician did. However thanks a special trick up Yugi’s sleeve, he unleashed his final move, as it did the final blow on him. The Dark Magician Girl, as I saw the birth of her.

8. Kaiba & Yugi VS Dartz (Season 4). By reclaiming the souls that were taken during the ‘Waking the Dragons’, Yugi and Kaiba were the only duo to face this formidable sensei. They maybe rivals, but they had to deal with some double duels. Kaiba faced him first, before was losing his soul. Yugi then came in to finish the game, by taking his place. Just as Dartz was defeated, his castle collapsed. Therefore, the whole crisis was over.

7. Téa Gardner VS Angry Penguin (Season 3). During the ‘Shadow Realm’, Téa took an odd turn as she began to face a talking macaroni penguin. Set in an Antarctic area, Téa had to use some of Yugi’s cards including the Dark Magician Girl to duel him, while Yugi was trapped behind her. Thanks to her memories, skills, strengths and abilities, she outsmarted that top hatted, talking macaroni penguin.

6. Alister VS Kaiba (Season 4). While Yugi and his friends were enjoying life somewhere the countryside, Kaiba was dealing with Alister who was sent by Dartz to deal with him. They had their duel on top of his company jet plane, just before they crash landed. For what they did was a ‘flight of fear’ than a ‘fear of victory’. In fact, his younger brother had to control the plane after Alister gave a malfunction to it.

5. Téa Gardener VS Mai Valentine (Season 1). During the Duelist Kingdom, Téa Gardner did a grand job on facing Mai Valentine. In which indeed, has her happier ladies. In fact, this was her first duel game that she had ever accomplished on. A real player, and it was a good thing she wasn’t in the Duelist Kingdom after all. She came to watch Yugi to be the winner.

4. Mai Valentine VS Joey Wheeler (Season 4). In order to save Mai from the wrath of Dartz, who was brainwashed like the rest during the ‘Waking the Dragons’, Joey Wheeler risked his life before he had his soul taken. Since their first match, to how they became friends later on, this was the first time I ever saw Mai Valentine to sob in tears in the aftermath. That was right at the moment that she vowed revenge on Dartz.

3. Kieth VS Yugi (Season 2). In order to reclaim his puzzle necklace, in which was stolen, he had to face Kieth who was brainwashed by this mystery duelist. He hasn’t seen this dude since the Duelist Kingdom. But when he couldn’t handle it by the mystery duelist, Kieth shattered the puzzle to pieces, and caused a fire that Yugi almost died. Tristan and Joey had to get in their and pull him out.

2. Johnny Steps VS Yugi (Season 2). By winning the love of Téa Gardner, a former dance player challenges Yugi to a duel instead, after a dance off. Didn’t lasted really long as how the rest would, but I didn’t mind. From song player monsters to how Yugi can have tricks in his sleeve, he luckily outsmarted him. In fact, he recognized Yugi cause for what happened in the Duelist Kingdom. So would you win a girl like Téa Gardner in a duel like so?

1. Yugi VS Atem (Season 5). This was when the whole series came to a successful conclusion, after the final showdown before new movie, ‘Dark Side of Dimensions’. Just before Millennium items were gone forever almost, as how the pharaoh went back to his own time, Yugi faced him and his god cards one last time in his tomb somewhere in Egypt. But his older self will never forget for how they were, and what amazing times that they had together.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite battles for what happened in “Yu-Gi-Oh”? For this anime TV used to be really popular on YTV?