Knute Rockne, All American (1940)

This blog post is dedicated to Jim Kyte, and JR Watson as they love football movies.

Pat O’Brien and Ronald Regan are the only guys I know of, who are in this. Since Pat O’Brien was Francis Patrick Duffy in “The Fighting 69th”, and was way before Ronald Regan got into politics and became 40th President of the United States of America.

Based on a true story, Knute Rockne was a Norwegian-American football player and actual coach, when he supported the most famous team in all of the NFL. Notre Dame. He in fact, went to the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA. And gave out the name we know. “Notre Dame Fighting Irish”.

During his time as a coach, they stayed strong. And after George Gipp died of pneumonia, he all of a sudden got into a plane crash. He was 43 when his plane crashed down on March 31st, 1931. All of America was shocked and appalled for what happened with him. But Notre Dame stayed immortal no matter what.

For example, Rudy Ruettiger who was diagnosed with dyslexia, joined the Notre Dame football team, as they did a movie about him in 1993, with Sean Astin portraying him. Vince Vaughn, Warren Beatty, and Charles S. Dutton since “Alien 3” were with him.

A second example would be, that in “Full Metal Jacket”, film actor Ed O’Ross portrayed U.S. Marine Lieutenant Walter J. “Touchdown” Schinoski, as he occurred to be a football player for Notre Dame. He was the first platoon leader, until while entering the Battle of Hué City, in South Vietnam, during the Vietnam War, he was all of a sudden killed by the Viet Cong after land mines were set off, by the tanks.

Notre Dame definitely remains immortal, no matter what the cost. So for a success, 8/10 stars is what I give.

Carly McKillip in “Hot Rod”????

I saw only half of Andy Samberg’s live action debut, as I gave this a thumbs down after for what happened, in that movie theatre scene, as how Sissy Spacek told the truth of how his father was, when he wasn’t really a stuntman daredevil. Lousy movie. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Same thing to “Knives Out”.

But what came to me was actually this. Canadian voice actress Carly McKillip was talking with Bill Hader as she only made a cameo scene.

She was that high school girl with blonde hair listening to Bill Hader’s story, as she believed in him. She only said ‘Cool’.

I was like Christopher Lee from “The Mummy” in 1959, when I had his emotional look by looking at how Carly McKillip was, before her marriage with Darren Savard in May of 2015. Rather than her other roles in lousy cartoons or whatever, I still prefer her in Japanese animation mostly. She almost took the role in one called “Tsuyokiss”, but due budget cuts or whatever, they never accomplished it to be English dub.

Mostly, she is known for portraying Sakura Avalon in the hit anime TV show in all of TV channel Teletoon, “Cardcaptors”. And it’s movie too where she and her friends won that vacation trip to Hong Kong, China.

Way, way before pollution got worse, the proclamation that occurred in the late 2010’s, by the law and order of China, as well as the corona-virus in early 2020. Since that as how we are losing celebrities such as legendary actors Kirk Douglas and Max Von Sydow, it would be amazing if she were to be back into the movie and tv business. Her friends and husband too if that depends. Her sister Britt McKillip has already had her time, as I think it’s her turn now, no matter what the cost may be.

And I would give my life by doing a retro anime TV channel, where every anime fan’s favourites are on it. Rather than Netflix that they keep on boasting about, this would be something.


South Park- Lets Fighting Love

Normally I’m not a fan of “South Park”, but I do love the funniest episodes and it’s movie too. The humour, the animation, making fun out of ginger kids, seeing dead celebrities as ghosts in 2009, dealing with the truth that I found out, as how Barbra Streisand became wickedly evil and became a massive killer robot. Which is why I don’t like her, as she is not my cup of coffee.

Some time later, I was all ‘holy schnikes’ when I saw this. Episode 112. Season 8, episode 1, “Good Times With Weapons”. This is was when Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman bought martial arts weapons from a vendor at a local fair, as they became ninjas. Their friends Craig, Clyde, Jimmy and Token did the same thing. Butters however became the super villain. Instead of their regular names, they had warrior names.

Stan- Shadow-hachi.

Kyle- Bunroku.

Craig- Ginza.

Token- Black Chaku.

Butters- Prof. Chaos.

The rest- UNKNOWN.

By queuing the cheesy J-Pop music, they did one of its popular songs that they ever did. With English lyrics and very bad grammar, this would go from their regular animation to stereo type Japanese animation. They may look like ninjas, but also as street fighters like for what you see in the hit video game, and it’s anime tv show with its movies also. The translation of the lyrics can be the funniest.

References such as ninjas and genitalia, I like the Japanese version than the English version. And it goes like so in both kanji and what it regularly means….

素晴らしいチンチンもの 金玉の髪ある それの音 サルボボ? いいえ!忍者がいます

(Subarashii, chin chin mono Kintama no kami aru Sore no oto, sarubobo? Iie! Ninja ga, imasu)

Hey Hey Let’s Go! 喧嘩する 大切な物を protect my balls 僕が悪い so let’s fighting Let’s fighting love… Let’s fighting love…

(Hey hey let’s go!, kenka suru Taisetsu na mono o, protect my balls Boku ga warui, so let’s fighting Let’s fighting love Let’s fighting love)

この歌ちょっと馬鹿 訳が分からない 英語がメチャクチャ 大丈夫 we do it all the time

(Kono uta, chotto, baka Wake ga wakaranai Eigo ga, mecha, kucha Daijōbu, we do it all the time)

Hey Hey Let’s Go! 喧嘩する 大切な物を protect my balls 僕が悪い so let’s fighting Let’s fighting love… Let’s fighting love…

(Hey hey let’s go!, kenka suru Taisetsu na mono o, protect my balls Boku ga warui, so let’s fighting Let’s fighting love Let’s fighting love)

Roger Ebert may not appreciate this, as a part of the works by Trey Parker and Matt Stone since their first movie. But since his death in the mid 2010’s, as how the TV show got worse, this definitely needs to be brought to a successful conclusion like the rest we are dealing with today.

And I’ll never forget for what they did when they got into anime. Protect the things that are important to you, and always love fighting…

Top 8 Sheriff’s in Movies

Since the west and small towns in counties, there have always been a sheriff. And as I dealt with a few, besides one that is evil like Chucky from “Child’s Play”, these are the top eight sheriff’s in mostly movies.

8. Clifton James as J.W. Pepper (James Bond series). Starting off on the list is my dad’s favourite character. In two of the movies with Roger Moore, this sheriff from Louisiana had been helping out James Bond by giving him a hand in those chases. Such as going after the man with his golden handgun, his midget sidekick, and the henchmen of an African mobster. With bigoted attitudes, his continuous spitting, and his tendency to speak loudly, he’s your comic impression thanks to him.

7. Walton Goggins as Chris Mannix (The Hateful Eight). Former militiaman of the Confederate army, he became the new sheriff of Red Rock, Wyoming sometime after the ‘War Between the States’. However in 1877 during a fierce blizzard, he trusted two bounty hunters as they took shelter in a stagecoach stopover. By dealing with a prisoner and four strangers, he can be funny, self aware, and cautious when they get themselves in a situation that made them never heading to Red Rock.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ray Owens (The Last Stand). Not a lot of crime fighting for this Arizona sheriff, but inside of him, he has a vengeance for beating up guys. Kind on the outside, but will mean business on the inside to let out. After a fugitive drug lord escaped, he with his friends (including Johnny Knoxville from ‘Jackass’), made their last stand against him before he could get across the border bridge to Mexico. And whenever he’s around, he’ll give you parking tickets.

5. M.C. Gainey as Roscoe P. Coltrane (The Dukes of Hazzard). By working for Boss Hogg, he had always been aware of the Bo and Luke Duke ever since they were teenagers. Bitter and dangerous, he will mean business no matter what. He often has been keeping the boss’s plans clean, until the boys found out their schemes and so forth. He can be a slow witted buffoon, whenever he goes after the dukes in chases, but often gets himself into a mess. Never seems to learn better from those dukes.

4. Ben Mendelsohn as the Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood). Filthy rich and greedy in all of merry old England, he kicks Alan Rickman’s butt as this villainous character. His attitude was put to the test when Robin Hood has been stealing his cash, and giving them to the poor. Irresistible, purely evil, angry, and lustful, this is a man who used to having things in his own way. Until it makes him fly by his neck, as he had a way to hung himself….executed.

3. Brian Dennehy as Will Teasle (Rambo: First Blood). Control freak in a small town in Washington state, he was the king of that town until Vietnam war veteran John Rambo showed up. Paranoid, stubborn, ego centric, he was the light that made Rambo blow a fuse. By becoming the nasty sheriff against him, he didn’t stop until he and his pals were to have him dead. However, he was given mercy by Rambo when had his very sad breakdown at the very end.

2. Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice (Smokey and the Bandit). A distinguished officer of over 30 years seniority from Texas. Loud mouthed, mule headed, and ignorant, he can have personal charm. But when he means business, he’ll bust your butts for good. But when he was after Mr. Bandit (Burt Reynolds), he still drives in his damaged police car. Even if he was missing a hood, some headlights, two doors, a busted wheel, no glass windshield, and has only three tires.

1. James Marsden as Tom Wachowski (Sonic the Hedgehog). Taking the number 1 spot on this list, it’s best if we call him by his real name instead of calling him ‘donut lord’. In hopes of joining the SFPD, rather than working in Montana, self less and world weary, he wants to be as grand as Dirty Harry. (Clint Eastwood’s character). His dreams were stopped all of a sudden when he ran into the anthropomorphic blue hedgehog. By helping him find his rings, Wachowski and Sonic want to make sure not to fall into the wrong hands of Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey). And I sure hope that in it’s sequel, he will finally get to meet Tails, Amy Rose, and Cream the Rabbit his friends.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite sheriff’s in such famous films? These top 8 may be hilarious as well as being serious, but all are as grand as Jim Carrey since he Dr. Robotnik…. (Last seen on a mushroom planet), Colleen O’Shaughnessey (and Amy Palant too) as Tails, Lisa Ortiz as Amy Rose, and Rebecca Honig as Cream the Rabbit.

Okko’s Inn (2019)

Okko’s Inn was wonderful! It made me laugh and cry so much.

-Makoto Shinkai, director of Your Name & Weathering With You.

I was in 2nd grade when I saw Brad Silberling’s directional debut, from Universal Pictures, “Casper” as haunting season began in the autumn of 2002. Rather than watching videotapes in elementary school that we were forced to watch in an indoor recess like those ‘Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Videos’, those direct to video sequels of “The Land Before Time”, and a few more that weren’t so great, both this and “Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics” occur to be the only two that entertained me. Besides, you should’ve seen for how they did an anime adaption of ‘Puss in Boots’. Before Antonio Banderas took his role in the ‘Shrek’ movies. Ghosts or phantoms, that would scare the living daylights out of those characters in you would want to be sure if some can be friendly like Casper.

From Kitarō Kōsaka, Japanese animator for Studio Ghibli, and other anime films like “Akira”, shows his anime masterpiece that we will know, that ‘seeing is believing’. Thanks to GKIDS that focused on those Studio Ghibli movies, and a few more from Makoto Shinkai and Mamoru Hosoda.

With the voice talents of Madigan Kacmar, KJ Aikens, Carly Williams, Glynis Ellis, Noelle DePaula, Scott Williams, Nicolai Gorden, and Colleen Ann O’Shaughnessey who played Sora Takenouchi from the first two seasons of “Digimon: Digital Monsters”, as seen on YTV, this made me entertained. She in fact, portrayed Tails in a cameo scene in the number 1# movie of 2020, “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

After the death Okko’s parents in a car accident on the highway, Okko moved in with her grandmother in the Japanese countryside. By running a ryokan (旅館), a Japanese inn, she was making great progress until she mets two kids who are actually ghosts like “Danny Phantom”, and a kid demon who likes to munch on people’s foods. The inn wasn’t haunted, or occurred to be placed on burial ground. Just two ghost kids who are looking for fun and mischief like that Dr. Seuss story, “The Cat in the Hat”.

Although it does make a reference to the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg. However I was all ‘woah baby!’ when Okko met a fortune teller as they went shopping together, as a reference to season three of ‘Stranger Things’.

By becoming a junior innkeeper, she became a celebrity in the countryside as she met new friends and people besides the ghosts. After that, she confronted her fears by dealing with the truck driver who caused the accident. Although she does miss her mom and dad recently, but she’ll know that she’s not alone at all in life.

So for a success, 9.5 out of 10 stars is what I give.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada- Natasha Richardson’s ski accident that lead to her death in March of 2009.

I’m not a fan of Natasha Richardson, Liam Neesons wife, but I do know for what happened to her. That lead to her death on March 18th, 2009. They mentioned about her in a South Park TV episode, but they never said about her death, when and where. But I sure did found out.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Just 2 hours and 15 minutes from the capital of Canada, as it’s close to Montreal. A place where people can go in the summertime to enjoy the great outdoors, as a lot of skiers can go there in the winter. To hit the slopes. Besides it’s resort, and right at the mountains, that’s for where Natasha Richardson had her ski accident, while on vacation.

She wasn’t wearing a helmet, but was fully dressed. So on March 16th, 2009, she was a beginner in skiing. By having herself slipped on a slippery slope, she rammed into a tree, banged her head badly, and later was having a blood clot in her skull. She was taken by a medical helicopter to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, USA. Two days later, she was found dead at age 45. As dead as Maude Flanders from “The Simpsons” TV show. Epidural hematoma. (photo as shown).

On March 22nd, 2009, a private funeral was held for her. Liam loved his wife, but never forgot her. Since then, I was able to conquer its slippery slopes while I was on break from middle school. Before heading off to college in near the mid 2010’s. Place can be jammed packed a lot in the winter as always.

Mont Tremblant however, far north in Quebec, Canada can still have its icy slippery slopes. (So slippery that black oil slick, or oozy slime, or a banana peel). Waiting for new victims to have another accident that can lead to their deaths.

Her accident may have been an unfortunate event, but it does give me an inspiration. An abominable snow-woman. Who would freak out travellers and skiers on the snowy mountains. Kind of like “When Marnie Was There” and “The Shining”. Even if it takes place in the snowy mountains of Canada, or Colorado, USA, or far north of Japan near Mt. Fuji, or the Bavarian mountains, far north of Germany. (No offence to Liam Neeson really).

This one may look like if she is abominable snow-woman, but she’s not a yeti. Some people would call her that before her death, because of wearing furry soft coats.

A Ring By Spring (2014)

*This blog post is dedicated to Canadian voice actor Kirby Morrow. Who portrayed Trowa Barton from “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”, and the perverted but courageous monk, Miroku from “InuYasha”. And other roles that he did besides North American cartoons that were once popular on YTV. Just like the Ocean Dub version of Dragon Ball*.

I’ve always been a fan of Kirby Morrow since his anime roles that made him famous on such as one of the Gundam Wing pilots in “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” and the perverted monk Miroku in “InuYasha”.

This is actually him in this romantic comedy movie.

After a fortune teller gave out a special fortune to a woman, saying that ‘she will get a ring by spring, or she will never marry’, she had been aware of what can occur if she finds someone she can admire on. So after that and accepting a new job at a local warehouse a few months later, she met a bowling expert like Jeff Bridges as Mr. ‘Le Big Lebowski’.

Normally, fortunes can show on what can happen to someone in the future. Whenever if it’s in a few months or maybe a year. As that person wants something amazing to occur. But not disastrous results that can lead to death since Christopher Walken in “The Dead Zone”. Luckily for her, it became all wrong.

Kirby Morrow’s character became like Adam Sandler from “The Wedding Singer” as he tried to make thinks up to her. So rather than dealing with a her former boyfriend who is like Macaulay Culkin as Ritchie Rich, he had beaten him.

So for a success, 7/10 stars is what I give. Very romantic, but I’m glad to see Kirby Morrow in person.

And I’ll never forget for what he did in voice acting. Especially when he was Miroku on doing hilarious moments. When he did these here, as I call out in front of the tv screen…..


However by making it up to Sango (portrayed by Kelly Sheridan), his monk character finally found himself peace with someone he would really care for. By the end of “InuYasha: The Final Act”, both Miroku and Sango got married, decided to settle down, as they had two twin infant daughters and a baby boy too, that they’ll ever love on as their actual children.

With himself in regular acting and voice acting, I sure do wish he could get himself in major movie roles. TV show roles too. Even if it’s anime besides those North American cartoons we see today. And in hopes of becoming famous, he’ll send English actor Freddie Highmore packing.

Hope for Sakura Avalon (for Cardcaptors since Teletoon)

(See my previous blog post). This is for bringing back the 1# hit anime TV show on TV channel Teletoon. And it’s movie too where they went to Hong Kong, China.

CARDCAPTORS. Don’t delay. Sign into this petition and do it today!!

Save Sakura Avalon (the Teletoon version of Cardcaptors)

Thanks to an anime fan named James Levy, he did this video and petition as he is like me who really cares for “Cardcaptors”. Not, repeat NOT ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’, it’s original Japanese title and story. Besides, he doesn’t like some of the new English cast members. He prefers the very original English cast such as Carly McKillip, Maggie Blue O’Hara, Samuel Vincent, Matt Hill, Nicole Oliver, Brian Drummond, and the rest of them.

Not only he knew that Carly McKillip got married in May of 2015 later on, how the English version was on Teletoon, Toonami, & WB Kids, and so forth, he definitely wants every ‘Cardcaptors’ fan to bring this back to TV. In addition, I agree with him. Which is why I already joined him, as we definitely want this to come back. Not just do it for us anime fans, but to save the real character that came to us in North America.

Save Sakura Avalon today. NOW. To those who would agree to this, don’t delay. Do it, join, and save Sakura Avalon today. NOW. Not later, not tomorrow, not after breakfast. NOW.

Maggie Blue O’Hara’s 45th Birthday

Dedicated to Miss Maggie Blue O’Hara. A Canadian voice actress like Kirby Morrow, Nicole Oliver, Carly McKillip and Moneca Stori.

Maggie Blue O’Hara who has returned to Canada from Hong Kong, China. (Before the proclamation was already claimed).

Notable for portraying a female teenager villain in “Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz”, Daphne Spankenheimer in “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”, Holly in “Monster Rancher”, a panther demon like person in an “InuYasha” episode once, and Madison Taylor from “Cardcaptors”, she’s one of those Canadian voice actresses that was popular once on both TV channels YTV and Teletoon.

She befriended Carly McKillip, Samuel Vincent, Richard Ian Cox, Matt Hill, Moneca Stori, Colin Murdock, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, Brian Drummond, and Scott McNeil while doing these roles, just before things changed as how she moved to Hong Kong, China. Just like one of characters in “Cardcaptors: The Movie”, but was there for 10 years. She moved back to Canada in 2015, just before things got out of hand by proclamation and order by the Government of China.

Since her return, she had been getting into voiceover work. But not a lot. As of March 16th, 2020, she just turned 45 years of age. Just getting close to her mid 50’s as how Moneca Stori and Leonardo DiCaprio are.

By celebrating her birthday, I have watched her voice acting performance in “Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz” for a second time. She is still the Madison Taylor I remember since “Cardcaptors”. With her video cameras, costumes and her filmmaking skills, she would be there for Carly McKillip as Sakura Avalon.

Happy 45th B-Day Maggie Blue O’Hara. You’ve been such a Madison Taylor in all of my memories.