The Interview

This movie came out, only on the internet, not in theatres. That way, you wouldn’t have to pay much to go to the theatres. And besides, this movie could’ve been an insult to all of Korea, the way they made this movie. I’m telling you, it’s hilarious!

A famous interviewer played by James France and his partner played by Seth Rogen are famous and funny in New York. When the U.S. were proud of these two, they were also worried of a North Korean prime minister. He wanted to declare nuclear war on the costal western area of the U.S. Or worse, atomic holocaust!

That was when they had the greatest idea, than anyone can interview. They wanted to interview the North Korean prime minister, in all of North Korea!

However, the CIA met them. Not only they wanted to interview this ambassador, but to assassinate him with poison, for what this man could do! The CIA do not want to let this man go down in history, as the greatest mass murderer since Ho-Chi-Minh.

When they made it to North Korea, and when they were there, they’ve made the greatest adventure more than anyone had ever did. Although, it did had scenes on what the Koreans might fear though, which was why this movie didn’t made it to theatres. This is a favourite I might see again. Just like “This Is The End”. And it is awesome! 10/10 stars.

Out of those Asian countries, Korea, Vietnam, China and Japan, which one would you be, than besides any country there is? But you know, I think those parts of Asia did a great movie anyway, and really reliable too.

The Maze Runner

Based on the novel, about skills and escaping, there were a band of boys that had no memory of why they came and why they were in a labyrinth. They remember their names after a day, as they had to stay away from the dangers of the maze.

Some wanted to stay and be hidden away, while one remembers as he and other boys found a way out. And they did. It took time to find the only way out, whole avoiding robotic alien humanoid monsters as they can give poison to a victim.

Some boys have died in the centre of the maze, while others have died trying. The rest, finally escaped as they made it! However, when they made it, there was a purpose to why they were there and being set up. When the Sun came close to Earth, like when worlds almost collided, it caused solar flare attacks as they killed thousands of innocent lives. Major cities were lost, as they were burned to dust. The poison from the alien robots, contained a hemorrhage virus that was occurred as it infected many lives on Earth. So like when a virus struck while that was occurring, it killed innocents as it was used, for these alien robots. That was when a mad woman scientist who was too involved into this so much, she decided to experiment on surviving boys as they were set up. She watched over them, until there was a gunfight in the lab. She always want to be sure that, ‘WCKD is good’. But for what she was doing, was wrong.

Finally, the movie ended as those kids escaped. Flew in a helicopter as some soldiers rescued them. While hovering over cities that were almost burned to a crisp, the mad scientist woman was still alive. She was in a meeting, as she found out, this was a success. That is when she says, they will be placed into phase II.

That woman is a psycho killer, since Norma Louise Bates from “Psycho”. This is almost like the Hunger Games. I just hope, those kids are still alive. For what I recommend, this is a 6/10 star movie that you might see.

Abbott and Costello in Hollywood

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were not only as actors as themselves, but as barbers who became agents. In one of their movies together I haven’t collected, Bud and Lou worked for MGM as they made this movie.

Two barbers, take the job as Hollywood agents as they had to help out studios in Hollywood. They did, when they framed an actor and became famous in business in the end.

It is funny in some scenes, when you see it. How Lou tries to sleep instead of taking sleeping pills, how Bud couldn’t hear him while wearing cotton earplugs, and how they end up on a roller coaster chase! Just like one of those three Roger Rabbit cartoons!

This is anyway, a 6/10 movie for sure.

To Be or Not To Be (1983)

Based on the 1942 classic, on that line from ‘Hamlet’, Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft, Christopher Lloyd, and Charles Durning are in this movie. With a Earl Boen, and the commander from ‘Spaceballs’, Mel Brooks only starred in this movie than directing it.

A married couple, and Polish actors of a big theatre in Warsaw, Poland are entertaining Poland in 1939 when the German army was on the mass border. Finally, they invaded Poland as they destroyed many cities. Adolf Hitler was in power of Germany as he was mad. With his army that invaded Poland and countries in Europe, it was the eve of a world war. Two days after Poland was invaded, WWII was being declared.

There must’ve been 300 German soldiers, as they were mostly on land, as there were some in the air as they bombed Warsaw. Only Polish RAF pilots, both Polish and British have tried to take on the German armies. But some might’ve not prevailed.

In a way of acting, out of the streets of occupied Poland, and living in small poor apartments where they can hide away from marching Nazi’s, the couple, a Polish RAF pilot, the acting cast, and some families later on, have made a plan to escape. But, they also have to take a plane to get themselves onto England, or the Nazi’s will capture them and place them into concentration camps.

It had a great ending, as they must’ve had a new life later on. Never returned to Poland. Mel Brooks was married to Anne Bancroft before or after this movie was made. And the two actors, Earl Boen and Christopher Lloyd, they were young before Earl was Dr. Silberman in “The Terminator” as Chris was two years before he was Doc Emmet Brown in the “Back to the Future” trilogy. Must’ve been really good. And Mel Brooks was really good as Adolf Hitler, who was just like him!

I saw this two times, as I rate this 7/10 stars. In fact, Mel did a music video on TV once, as he was dressed up as Adolf Hitler. He did a Hitler rap, as it was really good. Quentin Tarantino must’ve been inspired by this, as he made ‘Inglorious Basterds’.

100th Anniversary of the WWI 1914 Christmas truce

This is an historic moment in Canadian and Britain history. Thanks to two movies, “War Game” and the live WWI movie with Daniel Bruhl, this is the 100th anniversary of the Christmas truce in 1914.

Most soldiers have thought this would be over by Christmas, but it took longer than they thought after that. In December 1914, on the Christmas Eve, no longer there was fighting, but singing by the Germans. They sang Christmas songs on that night, as the British soldiers could hear them.

The Canadians too maybe, by chance.

By the morning or evening, each soldier from their trenches came out as they wished a truce, as they all had a merry Christmas. They shook hands as they had the fun they could get. By morning, they had lots of fun. Playing games, eating candies, singing songs, singing goodbye to some soldiers, shaving, and lots they did on that date. It was a historic moment, but true as it’s a matter of giving and friendship at Christmas time.

After that, major commanders must’ve heard about this, as they must never let this happen again. Both the Britain and the German empire. The war continued as it became more deadlier than they thought. That was why this took longer until November 11th, 1918.

I shall never forget this historic moment, as I would think about how these guys would meet again in heaven. I must’ve think, that they are meeting again right now in heaven, as they are celebrating Christmas there. Even celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

So thanks to a book I read, and these two movies, I would always remember this historic moment. Even in Christmas time, when it’s a matter of giving and hope. For these Britain, Canadian and German soldiers on how they had the Christmas WWI truce in 1914.

Sailor Moon Super S The Movie: Black Dream Hole

When you look at children sleeping, they must have okay dreams. Rather than being possessed by clowns from another world.

That was when, the you know who’s came along! Powerful, beautiful, weird on their mottos and words, but they have abducted Rini. Sailor Mini Moon. Pink haired, like Serena as she is like a daughter to Serena. And Serena like a mother to her.

In the opening credits, it showed how young they were. How Serena was a happy very young schoolgirl, how Ami used to bake cookies with her mother, how Raye wanted a good look for a photo, how Lita was catching dragonflies and how Mina loved to do performing things when she watched TV. I was thrilled to see how happy there were and now. They were baking goodies for love and all that, in the beginning as they were for Valentines Day maybe.

And this is when Luna and Artemis had their kitten child, Diana.

When Rini befriended a white haired boy, they would see each other again. By then, when the news had spread on abducting children, they wondered why. The music was played by the piper as it had Rini. They found out about this as they followed her, as they found out who that pied piper is. Working for a awkward, sinister queen that was making a black hole in a space station.

Those anime teenager girls became the you know whats, as the crazy parts was taking on the pied pipers magic. Since he loves children, he makes freaky minion bubblegum candies that plan to attack them. How they are set up. Tuxedo Mask was in this, as he got injured. Rini was abducted as she was taken away. With the help of the boy, going in the sky and meeting up with Michelle, Trista and Amara as Sailor’s Pluto, Neptune and Saturn, they’ve dealt with that fight in that space station. They fought hard.

The space station for where the pied pipers live, and are creating the black hole, it was like that place in the ‘Pinocchio’ story in which how very bad naughty children get transformed into donkeys. But in this anime movie, none of them did.

Sailor Moon did all she could to rescue Rini as she made a terrific scene. That pied piper queen was defeated as all of the children were saved. They made it back to Earth, just when the black hole and the space station was destroyed.

On the beaches, after the Sailor Scouts have saved Rini, they smiled as Rini gave a kiss to that white boy before leaving. They watched him leave as they watched the sunrise. This second Sailor Moon movie was what I was looking for, when I saw clips of it on a intro a few times, and on TV. The same goes for YTV on how they did the anime shows such as this one. As I’m fascinated and inspired on anime like this, I give this 7/10 stars. It is for Sailor Moon fans such as girls, but I knew something like this since I saw the tv show on YTV. But they are still beautiful. Anime hot looking attractive girls and women.









Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts of Ice

What was better than any movies on snow queens, an endless winter, is something like this anime movie. From “Sailor Moon” that made the entire TV series, made this movie that I ever saw.

While these girls were on winter vacation, Serena, Luna, Artemis, Darien, Raye, Ami, Lita, Mina, Rini, Michelle, Trista, and Amara, Luna the black cat, befriended an astronomer. He discovered a crystal that came from a comet that landed on Earth, as it made him become very sick. It made her fiancé worried as she might get sad.

Out in space, a vicious but sinister snow queen wanted to take over the Earth and make an endless winter. To find the crystal first and have that. So she had to sent out ghostly ice witches as they froze up parts of Tokyo.

That was when those anime girls had to transform into their Sailor Scouts.

They had a fight as they only took down three. The rest retreated just as when Tuxedo Mask showed up. Serena found out what Luna had been doing as they made a sad but loving scene. I was looking for a scene like that, since I saw an intro I saw a couple of times. Even on TV. The same for when they did this on YTV.

However, one of the snow queens witches found the crystal as they had a conflict in the end. Taking on the ice queen, together will all their might, the defeated her and saved the Earth. And know what love to all means.

Sailor Moon made a wish to Luna to be a human for a moment, to prove the astronomer that a mystical woman was for real. He knew this in his childhood as he could find her. And she did, while the back cat Luna was in disguised. His love came back as they were together again.

This wonderful anime movie ended with Luna reunited with Artemis as they were together in love. And so did Serena and Darien. In the credits, the Japanese song ‘Moonlight Destiny’ was played in Japanese as it made a together love scene. With Artemis, Luna, Serena and Darien watching the sunset as they watched the night sky. Even when they embraced together. As I’m fascinated and inspired on anime like this, I give it 7/10 stars. It is for Sailor Moon fans such as girls, but I knew something like this since I saw the tv show on YTV. But they are still beautiful. Attractive anime girls.



Naruto Shippuden: The Movie

I saw this DVD at HMV as I watched this on the internet. It was amazing!

Naruto, Sakura, Rock Lee and Neji were protecting a priestess as she could see people’s deaths. Like if she was in ‘The Dead Zone’. She would see that Naruto would die at the end. In her eyesights and dreams.

A man and four of his companions were becoming demon sucking monsters as they unleashed an army of darkness. An army of stone warriors that can’t be defeated. They almost poisoned Sakura, but made it out okay. The four companions were defeated and killed by these heroes when it was too much power for them.

Their leader must’ve been mad about this, when he had heard the news. But couldn’t take it when he had control of a very powerful demon. His body must’ve bursted open when the demon he had controlled escaped.

The priestess wanted to live after all, as she was saved by Naruto as his friends came to the rescue. Such as Kakashi and Shikamaru. They took out the stone army of darkness when the demon was defeated. It had a great ending as everyone from the Hidden Leaf Village were together. Even Naruto and Shion. Shion was the priestess that wanted to live after all.

On this first anime movie in the Naruto series, 6/10 stars. I’m proud of these two here.


Anime TV Christmas episode specials

Since I watched a ‘Shining Time Station’ Christmas episode special, ‘Tis a Gift’ with Ringo Starr as the conductor who told us the Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas episode stories, “Thomas’ Christmas Party” and “Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree”, I watched these anime TV episodes. One from each anime TV show on how they celebrate Christmas. And they were wonderful!

Two Hamtaro episodes, ‘A Wonderful Santa Claus’ and ‘Merry Christmas!’. Hamtaro was giving out presents as Father Christmas, with the help of Bijou. To his friends he all knew. That is a episode later. The 25th episode was the ‘Merry Christmas!’ one as Boss knew Father Christmas could give out gifts to everyone. But I’m sure Laura, got for what she want for Christmas. A plush doll that looks like Hamtaro and a doll house. Not love from that Travis!

Case Closed, on the episode was ‘Karaoke Killing’. A detective type Yu-Gi-Oh boy who solved the case on a murder to a rock star. He had the time for that and when he gave a gift to her girlfriend. It was romantic!

One of the original Pokémon episodes called ‘Holiday Hi-Jynx’. While Jesse was out for payback for what happened to her on Christmas years ago, Ash, Misty and Brock helped a Jynx to get to the North Pole with the help of a telepathic Lapras. It can talk alright. With it’s powers. After that was over, snow came falling as they received Christmas gifts. For Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu. You’ve seen how young Jesse was and how the Jynx can help out. When it’s raining or freezing. Even when Misty looks warm with Pikachu when she’s wrapped up!

Cardcaptors, which took place during the holidays as Sakura was capturing ‘The Fire’ card. At a carnival as she made a beautiful smile as she was happy to see snow falling. But I’d let Sakura to stay away from Li. But Meiling and Madison were good, along with Sakura’s other friends at school. And of course, her schoolteacher, Layla Mackenzie. She looks romantic. However, I still dislike that Li boy. But her sister seems nice.

‘Ranma 1/2’ as Ranma was dealing with his girlfriends on Christmas Eve. ‘A Xmas without Ranma’. He didn’t transformed into that red haired girl, but is played by Richard Ian Cox. Who played Inuyasha. And his sister Akane, wanted to stop this. Three girls wanted Ranma for Christmas as one of them is voiced by the same actress who played Sango! Everything went better when they were all invited to Ranma and Akane’s house for Christmas dinner as the snow fell. And Akane received the gifts she wanted for Christmas, thanks to Ranma.

Pretty Cure on a episode called ‘A Holiday Visitor’ as Hannah and Natalie were celebrating at school before Christmas break. They were having a bake sale, just when there was trouble ahead. They were transformed into Cure Black and Cure White. That is how they are the Pretty Cure. The episode had a great ending as they were now on Christmas break.

‘Dinosaur King’ on a episode called ‘Santa saurus’ as Max, his parents, his two friends such as the beautiful Zoey, their dinosaur friends and two of rival kids have to behave on Christmas Eve as they were dressed up in costumes. Zoey’s was beautiful in Christmas clothing, Max was a snowman, and some of their mini dinosaur friends were caribou than reindeer. They did had a rival fight, but another brutal dinosaur fight out in the streets. Thanks to them and four more weirdoes.

‘Digimon’ in the second season on a episode called ‘A Very Digi Christmas’. That was when our main heroes and new ones had the manage of giving when their Digimon came for a surprise. Sora, Kari, Yolei, Mimi are still dynamite gals as they are beautiful. Although, they were dealing with more Digimon enemies coming into their world. That kinda sucks at Christmas time.

‘Magical DoReMi’ on a episode called ‘Saving Santa’, all four girls as magical guardians save Father Christmas as he was weak from his sickness. They deliver the gifts for them. They did a grand job as they received an award from their queen. It was a bit wonky, but they show the true meaning of giving at Christmas time.

Tokyo Mew Mew or Mew Mew Power couldn’t make it, because those two Christmas episodes were in Japanese. They didn’t make it to Japan in English dubbed, by the TV show ‘Mew Mew Power’. Although they were looking for dinosaur cards, powers of wisdom, protecting the Earth, learning new adventures, solving mysteries, figuring out what could happen in the future, capturing creatures and powers, breaking curses and saving Christmas, they were good. I had to try something new for a change.

‘Tis a Gift’ from “Shining Time Station”


‘A Wonderful Santa Claus’ and ‘Merry Christmas!’ from “Hamtaro”






















‘Karaoke Killing’ from “Case Closed”


‘Saving Santa’ from “Magical DoReMi”


‘Holiday Hi-Jynx’ from the very first season of “Pokémon”











‘The Third Element’ from “Cardcaptors”







‘A Xmas without Ranma’ from “Ranma 1/2”




‘Santa saurus’ from
“Dinosaur King”













‘A Very Digi Christmas’ from “Digimon” in season two










‘A Holiday Visitor’ from “Pretty Cure”







“Mew Mew Power” didn’t make it in English, but was good! 😀






Happy Holidays from ‘osmovies wordpress’!!!


Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Lost Tower

This is my first Naruto Shippuden movie I saw, when I borrowed a copy from the Ottawa Public Library.

Naruto, whisked in time to a lost city as she helped a fair teenage queen to prove she can have the rights to rule the city, than a mad ventriloquist.

He wanted to take over ventriloquism over the city as wicked as the queen.

Naruto and the queen named Sara, worked together to save her people as there was a chance to get Naruto back to his own time.

It had a positive ending, but I’m sure she, her mother and daughter went okay. But I do not like how Sakura reacts. So the way I see this, 5/10 stars. Close enough.