The Tale of Princess Kaguya (A Japanese folk tale)

There are many tales and stories for how people are, when they are either born on Earth, or born on the Moon. Not aliens, but for how many humans can be in their civilizations, and mystical worlds for how they can be. Which is why this Japanese folkloric tale, can show how one lady must appreciate on. And thanks to a Studio Ghibli masterpiece, and two anime movies related to that, it all makes sense.

Long ago, in Ancient Japan, an old bamboo cutter found three things hidden in a tree, in a bamboo forest. Clothing, gold coins, and an infant, at the size of his thumb. So by taking that stuff, he showed them to his wife. But for what they loved on more than anything in the entire world, was that infant, which is a baby girl. After that tiny infant grew to the size of a real infant, they raised her very well. Like how a real mother and father would do.

Years have passed, as they named her daughter, Kaguya. And she loved being in the countryside with her friends. But by the time her parents were very rich, they moved from the country, to the capitol. And they were like a king and queen, living in a big neighborhood. With their little princess at their side.

As five princes, ask for marriage on Princess Kaguya, she gave them a task. To find mystical objects, as to one who makes it first, will marry her. But they cheated as they never married her at all. So she stayed single. The Emperor of Japan wanted to marry her, but she refused. In fact, she had a secret that she couldn’t handle.

Her secret, was that she, Princess Kaguya, is a human…born on the Moon. She came from the Moon to learn how living on Earth can really be to her. But when her people from the Moon Kingdom, want her back immediately, she had to return very soon.

Her parents were very sad to see her leave, when it was time. The Moon Kingdom people found her, took her, and left the Earth when they erased her memories. Kaguya while leaving, loved the Earth as she said goodbye to her foster parents. And took a look at the Earth in tears one last time. Her parents were in tears too when they said goodbye also. Then they ill for a while, after her departure. By the time they got better, went onto a new life, back in the country from where they came.

Princess Kaguya, who came from the Moon and was born on Earth, loved on how her life there, was really meant for her.

Many centuries have passed, as this was told throughout those years. In Japan, and throughout the world. That was when years later, they made only a few movies of her. Two in anime that I trust on.

In the late 1990’s, when “Sailor Moon S the Movie: Hearts In Ice” showed, that legend of her was mentioned in that anime movie. When the astronomer would believe, Princess Kaguya was real. And how her legend was really meant for him on Earth. Unfortunately, a snow queen named Princess Snow Kaguya, took the name out of that legend, and began to freeze the entire Earth. That was when Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Scouts were to stop her. But as in a special way, they made their black cat Luna, to become a human for a short while. So Luna as a human, pretended to be Princess Kaguya as she carried the astronomer with her. By flying across the Earth, that astronomer will never forget that moment for as long as he lives.

It was the same again, for “InuYasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass” in 2004. When they mentioned her legend, as a villain took her name as her real name for a demon lady. Especially when she was controlling a mirror/glass castle.

Those two anime movies, have mentioned her name and legend, as those are related to her. In 2013, came her real tale, thanks to Studio Ghibli. In fact, that was Isao Takahata’s very final masterpiece, before his retirement.

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in the Oscars, that anime movie showed her folk tale as it was a very emotional masterpiece that I appreciate on. I know it sure was too bad, it never won that Oscar award, for Best Animated Feature. But Isao Takahata would deserve that Oscar award anyway. He was so fond into that story, he loved it. With great art skills, and how he did it, it all makes sense to the tale of Princess Kaguya. GKids in fact, chose a really good US cast by making the English of it. And how it’s still a masterpiece to this day.

Kaguya really wanted to live on Earth a little longer, but she had to leave for her old home, which is the Moon. And how her people need her. Doesn’t really mean she and her people are aliens. They just live in a Moon Kingdom that no one has ever seen before. And assure to you one thing. Kaguya loves both the Moon and how life on Earth can be. And how this really meant for her. Especially when she misses her foster parents very much. But her parents never forget her. They just missed her a lot really.

And in conclusion, this Japanese folk tale shall never be forgotten. The same for Isao Takahata’s farewell masterpiece before his retirement. On how he really loved that story, and made into that a masterpiece. For that was very emotional, and with splendid artwork that I thank him very much on.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (Studio Ghibli)

This was Isao Takahata’s very final masterpiece, before his retirement after Hayao Miyazaki. Nominated for an Acadamy Award for Best Animated Feature, this is based on a Japanese folk tale.

In fact, this has a great US cast. Chloë Grace Moretz, James Caan, Mary Steenburgen, Darren Criss, Lucy Liu, Oliver Platt, George Segal, James Marsden, John Cho, and Beau Bridges.

An old bamboo cutter, found a tiny child in a bamboo tree. Raising her together as newborn child, they loved her more than anything in the world. They named her, Kaguya. And by watching her grow up fast, she was learning to adapt well. Very emotional and thoughtful, this masterpiece was splendid.

Kaguya never married anyone, as she had to make a destiny in the end. When the time came, she will always love her mother and father who raised her on Earth.

10/10 stars on this emotional masterpiece that I agree to on. I know it sure was too bad, this never won that Oscar award for Best Animated Feature in the 87th Academy Awards. But Isao Takahata deserves an Oscar award for his Studio Ghibli masterpieces that he did.

Ali (2001)

Before boxer legend Muhammad Ali died in the summertime of 2016, this right here showed the movie of his legend. In fact, this was nominated for two Oscar awards. For Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. On Will Smith and Jon Voight.

Will Smith portrayed as Muhammad Ali. Greatest boxer in the world. With wit and athletic ideas, along on defiant rage and inner grace, he changed the American landscapes forever. What was terrible to hear were the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

Back in the 1960’s, things were different for African Americans. And how normal white people were aware of them. That was when around 1964, the Mississippi Burning was on. When America was at war with itself. But this was more into boxing. 

During his time, Muhammad Ali fought serious boxers in this movie. Sonny Liston, George Foreman, and Joe Frazier. Two in America, and one in Africa. Everyone in Africa were cheering for him. 

Along with Will Smith and Jon Voight are Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith, Mario Van Peebles, James Toney, and a cast of other African American actors. Except for one who did the movie ‘Blizzard’. For what he did was a failure on making a Christmas movie. 

After Muhammad Ali won the boxing match in Africa, he was married to a sexy girl named Sonji Roi. As they were happy together for many years. 

What was serious was how he was going in the U.S. Army for the Vietnam War, but he refused. He wouldn’t listen to a military soldier. He was court martialed as he was suspended from boxing for a while. He had to find a job, make money and make sure he is still in his religion. Until finally, he was back in business. 

So for a legend, on this famous boxer, 8/10 stars. 

On Your Mark (Studio Ghibli in English)

This right here, is the English version of that Studio Ghibli music video, ‘On Your Mark’. Really good. They did not say the words ‘On Your Mark’ like for what happened in the Japanese version, but I accept this version too.

Follows the same story line as always. Two guys saving the angel girl, aiding her well, and setting her free. From the bad guys that want to experiment on her.

With a success on this, 10/10 stars

Godzilla (1954 Japanese original)

Not the 1956 version of “Godzilla”, cause that’s “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”. But this right here, is the Japanese original. The very first.

Spoken in only Japanese, but with English subtitles, this is the very first original Japanese movie of Godzilla. The king of the monsters.

Nuclear radiation from an atomic bomb, unleashed this behemoth from the sea, from it’s long centuries-old sleep. And by running amok, by sea and by land, Godzilla destroyed everything in his path. By attacking Tokyo a few times, he crushed a train by his big feet, used his heat breath to take down giant power lines, using his atomic breath to attack many buildings, as well as using his teeth and long tail, to chew on power lines, and push away suspension bridges. Tokyo was in ruins for what he did. The Japanese military used everything they did. Artillery cannons, tanks, jets, machine guns and everything. Neither of them worked.

However, by a special Japanese eye-patched scientist, he made the ultimate weapon. He sacrificed himself to risk everything, as Godzilla was defeated in the sea. You can tell by the bones for how big his skeleton was.

So I’m giving this 10/10 stars.

The different types of Skull Island in the “King Kong” movies

This is the original Skull Island in the 1933 classic movie, of “King Kong”. The very original when Morgan Freeman saw this, when he was 6 years of age.


In the 70’s version, there wasn’t any map of that place. But right here, is the 3rd version of Skull Island, in the 2005 movie of “King Kong”, directed by Peter Jackson.

Skull Island Map

And finally, the 2017 version of Skull Island in “Kong: Skull Island”.


Out of those three that I found, it makes a good difference. The first two are just long lost islands, deep in the fog, as the 2017 version here, looks like a skull to me. However, it can be deep behind some raging storms. That no sailor can ever get to. As for the 1933 version, the way it is called ‘Skull Island’ is because of the mountain, that looks like a skull. That is how they named it. The 2005 version was called ‘Skull Island’ was because of many skulls all around, that many people and creatures died on that island. And you should’ve seen the skulls that were in the 2017 version of that place, which is why they called it ‘Skull Island’.

Finally, in all versions including the 70’s versions, they can have it’s killer creatures. Dinosaurs, raptors, gigantic anaconda’s, the V-Rex’s, killer crocodiles, gigantic bugs, dino birds, a T-Rex, daddy long-legs, skull crawlers, a squid, water buffaloes, and Kong himself.

And not only that place is dangerous, but there can be one issue. On those maps, for it’s all true, there is a wall. The massive wall that the natives built, to keep away from the dangers of that place. And how they worship Kong as a god to them. Especially when they make sacrifices to give Kong for what he wants. A human bride.

kongvh4 Skull_Islander  king-kong-natives  Skull_Islander_(Kong_Skull_Island)SonfoKongNatives

But for the way they are, horrifying and don’t care. Not even one bit. Which is why if they were all caught, one punishment that they would face like how we did in the 17th century.

taken away African_Slavery_Facts_Roots_2 Slavery_Question_1 01936_2004_001_pr birthmark

African slavery. Like how they ended up long ago. That is how we should do to those horrifying natives.


For the way that these natives are in those Kong movies, they would be captured, and taken away. As they are to be tortured, whipped, and they would no longer belong to the island. But belong to very powerful men like how our ancestors were. For the way they showed us, on what was wrong and what was right. In hard labor, working their asses off, and if some were caught in trouble, death by firing squad. Native children too. Mostly on both Africans and Asian natives like these guys are.

That would happen in a new Kong movie, after Kong would destroy a native village, and kill many islanders. But if there were any survivors, slavery it would be to them. Captured, and brutally tortured.

kong-compare-top-superJumbo-v2 PIC-28_PLANESKong_plane1_jpg kong76b600px-76kong32

And as for Kong, the 8th wonder of the world? It would take a whole army like how they are, to take on a gigantic gorilla. Even if he is portrayed by Andy Serkis once more, and you would have to built a fighting robot to kill him. What about skull island? Nuclear capabilities by wiping out all life on that island would be the only option. And make that island no longer be a part of this world. No matter how different that place is. In any version or so forth.

The Karate Kid (1984)

I prefer this original movie, than the 2010 remake with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. For this is legendary.

Ralph Macchio, Pat Mortia, and Elizabeth Shue, were together in this 1980’s masterpiece as doing karate the old fashioned way, is a very good thing. Not the way you would do in a serious martial arts class.

When a boy and his mom moved from New Jersey to California, L.A, they began to grow fond of their new life. For that boy met new friends, and was starting to like his school a bit. However, he ran into some serious teenagers including a girl’s ex-boyfriend, he got beaten up badly. But when he almost got into some trouble even more, he was luckily saved from a Japanese old fashioned martial arts master. He was from the island of Okinawa, Japan as he loved his country much more often.

And as his teacher, he was able to teach him martial arts the old fashion way. By doing ‘wax on, wax off’, ‘sand the floor’, ‘paint the house side to side’, and ‘up/down’, and etc, he was ready. And by entering a tournament, he was able to kick back that ex-boyfriend and his friends. He was the winner, and he was victorious.

On such a 1984 masterpiece, 8/10 stars.

Cats and Dogs & Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

In the beginning, God created beast and man. And made both of them equal. So both can live in friendship, in harmony and at peace. Even when they have creatures as pets. But as cats and dogs were born, they were new to the world too. As some can mostly like cats, some can mostly like dogs, and as some can like both cats and dogs.

But between these two animal pets, they are aware of each other, and have been rivals since the days of Ancient Egypt and so forth in time. That was when these two movies from Warner Bros. did them, from the early days of their Home Entertainment movies, to the year 2010 when everything change differently. cats and dogs in these movies, were super spies. And protect the humans from any danger there is, that may come to them.

In 2001, “Cats and Dogs” began when both were super spies. And how they have their secret battles against each other, away from the humans. Along the way, a beagle came to join as he was a renegade to the dogs. But to the cats, lead by a white Persian cat, from a far off mansion, his mission was to achieve a goal. Make humans be allergic to dogs than cats. So he almost did it. But the renegade beagle stopped him and survived. For he almost died by a big blast. And has become a secret agent when he was a full grown beagle years later.

For what happened was only the beginning. While Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollock and Miriam Margolyes were humans in that movie, the voice talents of the cats and dogs were a surprise. Tobey Maguire as the renegade beagle before he was Spider Man, Alec Baldwin as a dog partner before he was the third narrator for “Thomas the Tank Engine”, Sean Hayes as the white Persian cat villain, Jon Lovitz too as his sidekick, Charlton Heston for Dog HQ before he was in the Tim Burton movie of “Planet of the Apes”, Billy West and Joe Pantoliano also, and Michael Clarke Duncan as a sheepdog, since you’ve known him as John Coffey in “The Green Mile”.

Almost 10 years passed, as they forgot all about them. However, a sequel to that movie was out. James Bond style.

In 2010, was “Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore”. While the Persian villain cat was in Alcatraz prison, as a reference to “Silence of the Lambs”, a new cat villain came to town. She was once a cat agent, when she lost all of her fur at cosmetics factory, by falling into a tub of violet hair removal gel. That was a reference to the first Batman movie from director Tim Burton. But as she vowed revenge on the humans and dogs, she was like Mr. Bigglesworth from “Austin Powers”. Dr. Evil’s cat, as she was no longer a white cat. But a Sphinx cat. And her revenge, was a satellite and a satellite ray, to make dogs go insane by the signal. Cause when they go wild, they were to be locked in the kennels. Where no dog, can be loved ever again. And as years since the renegade beagle became an agent, and became the boss of dog HQ, they found a new dog renegade. A German Shepard as they hired him. By unlocking secrets, and what else that they might find, two dogs, and a pigeon ran into a cat agent. Who was after the secrets of Kitty Galore too. But it lead to no choice, but to these words that I knew since the 1990’s version of “Lord of the Flies” in the beginning…

“It doesn’t matter who’s in charge. We just gotta work together”.

So cats and dogs were to work together, as they had to stop this. Until finally, Kitty Galore was defeated, and was under the care of a magician now. Portrayed by Jack McBrayer. So from that day forward, their rivalry ended, as they would be sure to protect the humans as always. In this sequel, replacing some of the old cast from the first, was a surprise. James Marsden as the German Shepard, Christina Applegate as a grey cat, Roger Moore as a tabby cat since you’ve known him as James Bond, Neil Patrick Harris as the boss beagle, replacing Tobey Maguire, Michael Clarke Duncan as the sheepdog again from the first movie, Sean Hayes too as the white Persian cat at Alcatraz island, Wallace Shawn as his 2nd in command cat friend replacing Jon Lovitz, Bette Midler as Kitty Galore, Nick Nolte as that friend to the beagle who replaced Alec Baldwin, Katt Williams as a pigeon, Joe Pantoliano as that tech specialist again, J.K. Simmons as a K-9 agent, two more voice celebrities that happened to be in some Studio Ghibli movies, and finally….Phil LaMarr as a butt ugly robot, since he was Marvin in “Pulp Fiction” and Samurai Jack himself in that TV series of the same name. That and the new season in 2017.

For the humans in that sequel, Jack O’Donnell as a San Francisco cop since he was Robin in “Batman Forever” and “Batman and Robin”, Jack McBrayer as that magician, Paul Rodriguez as a mad bomber, Fred Armisen as a German worker at a satalite base, and a young actress who was in Studio Ghibli’s Oscar nominated movie, “When Marnie Was There”.

Cats and dogs can be aware of each other today. But in those two movies here, from Warner Bros, they can be super agents to protect the humans, since James Bond 007. Recommended for people of all ages. No matter how old or young they are. But as I look at both felines and canines, they can be friends at some point. Just as long as they don’t cause any trouble. For some of us can like either one or both.

So thanks to Warner Bros, recommended for all ages, no matter how old or young we are, I give both here 7 1/2 out of 10 stars.

List of anime shows, anime movies, and anime specials by Toonami (A-Z)

Besides those channels YTV and Teletoon, and had or has the most anime there is, is Toonami. That is a channel of my type, that I’ve heard about, and how I researched everything.

Toonami is a cartoon channel that deals with lots of anime there is, as well as with Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network a bit. And every time they deal with those TV shows and movies, by day and late at night, they have this spacecraft. Where this robot deals with everything. From “Hamtaro” to “Cardcaptors”, to “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, they dealt with every anime masterpiece there is. Including the ones that I saw on YTV and Teletoon with my own eyes.

And here they are, from A to Z. Some I’ve heard about and are really good, as almost most of them have appeared on YTV and Teletoon.

Astro Boy (2003)
Attack on Titan
Bakugan: Battle Brawlers
Blue Dragon
Blue Exorcist
Cowboy Bebop
Cyborg 009
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z Kai
Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters
Duel Masters
Eureka Seven
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG
G Gundam
Gundam 0080
Gundam SEED
Gundam Wing
Harlock Saga
Hunter x Hunter
InuYasha (both this and the Final Act)
Mega Man Star Force
Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096
Naruto Shippuden
Neon Genesis Evangelion
One Piece
Pokémon (Indigo League, Johto Journeys, Johto League Champions, Master Quest, Battle Frontier and Pokémon Chronicles)
Rave Master
Sailor Moon (original English version)
SD Gundam Force
Sword Art Online (I & II)
Transformers (Energon, Armada and Cybertron)
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Zatch Bell
Zoids: Chaotic Century
Zoids: New Century Zero

This is WAY better than WB Kids I guess, just as long as Yakko, Wakko and Dot don’t get in the way. But as they dealt with Genndy Tartakovsky’s work on “Samurai Jack” and “Star Wars: Clone Wars” in 2003, they dealt with anime specials and anime movies. In fact, they included some Studio Ghibli masterpieces. By asking permission from Hayao Miyazaki first. As they actually showed them on TV!

And those were, from A-Z on anime specials and anime movies, including some Studio Ghibli masterpieces…

Blue Submarine No. 6
Castle in the Sky (Studio Ghibli)
Children Who Chase Lost Voices
Dragon Ball Z: Bardock- The Father of Goku
Dragon Ball Z: Broly- The Legendary Super Saiyan
Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge
Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn
Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug
Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler
Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks
Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might
Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest
Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon
Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone
Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance
Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
Naruto- Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village
Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Studio Ghibli)
Pokémon 3: The Movie
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate
Pokémon: The Movie 2000
Pokémon: The First Movie
Princess Mononoke (Studio Ghibli)
Sailor Moon R: The Movie
Sailor Moon S: The Movie
Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie
Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli)
Summer Wars
Trigun: Badlands Rumble
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie

That’s how they’ve established every single anime masterpiece they did. Both anime TV movies, anime TV shows and anime specials. Technically, they didn’t add “Power Stone”, “Pretty Cure” and “Mew Mew Power”, like how they were on YTV, but I’m surprised for how they showed some Studio Ghibli movies on TV. What they had to first, was ask Hayao Miyazaki’s permission.

And in conclusion, as I thank these guys for the anime that they showed, I also wish them a happy 20th anniversary, to that channel after 20 years of everything that they did. Like what I agreed on, anime is the best as always.

Froggy Mix-Razzmatazz (for Cardcaptors)

From Froggy Mix, that did the song ‘No Nagging Anymore’ for the anime TV series of “Cardcaptors”, that was once popular on Teletoon, this is another one of their music videos to “Cardcaptors” that I’ve never seen before in my life.

In fact, they never even showed this on Teletoon. Which is very interesting. Cause mostly they were more into ‘No Nagging Anymore’ by that girl singer and her friends.

For what showed me here, are the later days in ‘Cardcaptors’ that went from Season 1 or Season 2, to Season 3. On how Sakura and her friends were still dealing with the cards, as well as facing new threats that they might face.

‘Cardcaptors’ was still glory on Teletoon long ago. And how I appreciate this English version much better than a new English version that some people are making today. Cause for what they showed me here, everything in anime is beautiful. And that will never let you go in your entire life and memories. As long as you still hold onto it.

Teletoon and YTV still suck today mostly, but for the anime TV shows and anime movies including this that showed us, glory and beautiful. That I appreciate a lot really.