A Cat In Paris

From Academy Award winner, Matthew Modine from “Full Metal Jacket”, I was only interested in him in a movie like this. In Pre-Animation such as drawings, and taking shots, this is an art sketch movie like what people do at Pre-Animation and Illustration at Algonquin College, in Ottawa, Canada.

While a cat burglar was in Paris, taking stuff and stealing jewels, a cat is with him as that black cat with red stripes, is also a part of a family. A mother as a police officer, with her daughter are trying to move on after her fathers death. The mother’s husband. A massive search was conducted for that thug who did the murder of that father, as he was still at large.

Thrilling and suspense was on, as the babysitter of that daughter also works for that thug. On a wild goose chase, with the burglar, the cat and that girl, the mother made her best to rescue her daughter, with the help of her partner. Played by Matthew Modine.

The thug died by falling off of a crane as he died by falling to his death. The baby-sitter and the rest of the thugs men were arrested and taken away. As the mother, her partner, the burglar, the daughter and the cat were glad this was over, alls went that went well.

The movie ended as the cat was still with that family, at Christmas time. After when the mother married this man, as they were a new family. That man who was once a cat burglar, that commissioner mother, her young daughter, and that black cat with red stripes.

“C-“, but was good.

The Birds

From another one of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, this is one in which birds can get revenge. This was before “Chicken Run”, “The Big Year” and “Free Birds”. How birds want to be free, away from humans as some can get payback. Parts of this was in that movie spoof with Mel Brooks, “High Anxiety”. Mel had a lot of pigeon poop on him, and people there smelt him, that he was disgusting.

In a small costal town, close to San Francisco, seagulls, ravens, sparrows and many birds were out for revenge. Ones that fly and some can be flightless. Even for the chickens. They watch over humans as they plan revenge. You can tell by over the wires and on play structures.

They used live birds in this movie, as some can be graphics maybe. I’m not sure. They can take people’s eyes out, as all together can be strong. They can break into windows, smash through roofs, fly down chimneys, and peck through doors.

The survivors of that town made it out as the birds watch them leave, and that was it. Many critics wanted to ask Alfred, what were the birds up to. Revenge? Alfred did not answer. He kept things to himself.

And I tell ya, this is a straight “C” movie.

Psycho (1960 classic)

From Alfred Hitchcock, comes the number one classic of all of his movies. Psycho. Based on the book, comes the screen when we see the most hit famous shower scene in film/movie history. Where a woman gets stabbed and killed in the shower, bleeding her blood down the drain as she died with both eyes open.

This shows three members of the cast. Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, Janet Leigh as Marion Crane, and Vera Miles as Marion’s sister, Lila.

The movie began with a banker lady named Marion Crane, who was falling in love with her fiancé. She stole $40,000 dollars in cash!( That’s one million dollars today)

By feeling guilty of this, she didn’t stop until she got to Bates Motel. The owner, Norman Bates was frightened and not only nervous, he was having difficult time with his very old mom. Norma Louise Bates.

Norman not only as an owner and a peeping tom, but has a hobby of stuffing dead birds when they are dead. Then came the famous scene in cinema history. Marion Carne killed by a shadow woman figure in cold blood while taking a shower.

Horrified, Norman cleaned up the mess, placed Marion’s dead body in the car trunk, her belongings and the 40,000 dollars too; then sank the car in a muddy swamp close by to the motel.

Her sister Lila Crane was worried about her until investigator named Arbogast started to help. Unfortunately at the house by Bates Motel, Arbogast was killed by the same woman who killed Marion in the shower.

Lila and Marion’s boyfriend were the only two to investigate as they found about two things behind the truth that you are not going to believe. One of them was he dead corpse of Norma Louise Bates herself.

At the police station, they found out where Marion is, the $40,000 and the dead investigator for where they are. In the swamp for where the car is. Then the psychiatrist told the truth.

Years ago after the death of her husband, Norma Louise Bates raised her son with cruelty and manipulation as she forbids him to have a life away from her. She taught him that sex is evil and all women (except her) are whores. For many years, Norma kept her son as he didn’t made any friends. And no one else in the world. When Norman was a teenager, Norma started to love someone as she begins to plan on marrying him. They start to do business as they open a small motel. Norman became jealous of this, as she killed Norma and her new boyfriend. After the funeral, Norman stole his mothers corpse and developed a split personality.

Sometimes, he can be him and sometimes, his mom. So what’s left of Norma and Norman himself, they together are the complete psychos. And were to be sent to an asylum, locked up in a room, by wearing a straightjacket.

Two lessons in this movie are, that we don’t need to steal $40,000 to plan a marriage. We should plan something wisely so that we don’t need to feel guilty about it. And when we raise our children or grandchildren, we need to raise them well and wisely to make them happy and what we can do. And what they can do to be happy. Which this, can be related to “Wolf Children” on how that woman when she raised her children.

Norma Bates, when she raised Norman, she was a complete psycho as she made Norman to be a complete psycho too.

This is a 10/10 classic movie as there was a remake in 1998. With Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates, along with Julianne Moore as Lila Crane, and William H. Macy as Arbogast. Thats all I know of the cast. This is hit horror classic in the 60’s when this came out.

Good Charlotte- Hold On

This song was in the trailer of “Hoot”. When I first heard it, I always thought of something pushing forward and stopping something. Like that construction site in “Hoot” against those owls. So when I heard this song, thanks to Jamie, a friend of mine, I thought of it like suicide.

So like “I’m Just a Kid”, whenever I feel ashamed of myself like what I did in high school, I always listen to that and this if I feel bad for myself.

Maybe not anywhere now, but just in case.

I’m Just a Kid

Back in high school, whenever I feel ashamed of myself on work and progress, I listened to this song that was related to “Hold On” by Good Charlotte, a band. This was in “Cheaper by the Dozen”, the movie with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt, and a teenager movie me and my brothers saw one. It was like a gladiator Braveheart one, except they were all red like fierce and it had the guy from “Undercover Brother”. “The New Guy”. Funny. If I’m anywhere that ever happens, if I feel ashamed of myself, I always listen to this song just in case if I did something wrong. I’m just saying, if I feel ashamed, I listen to this.

Hoot (2006)

I’ve always knew something about Logan Lerman when he was in a movie based on a novel.

Logan plays a boy, who he and his family moved from Montana to Florida. He wonders there, about another boy who’s an outsider and wants to help him.

There was he and her sister as he wants to help them. After breaking a bully’s nose, suspended on riding the bus, and was ordered to write an apology letter, he realizes what that outsider was doing. There was a construction site over burial ground on owls. Luke Wilson played a police officer there. Befriending this boy, these two embark on a day trip together as best friends on the best parts of Florida. Going swimming, catching fish with your hands, and know how to catch fish by using a net.

Logan as that boy, did lure that bully in the construction site, in which he got into trouble, that bully did. And the best part, the boys stepsister made a visit to his house on night in his room! On the day they made a last stand, these three teenagers had to tell the truth. Everyone believed them, as out came owls. One by one, big and small, this construction site was finished as the owls were saved.

Things have changed after that, as he and his parents decided to live Florida there. These three are still best friends as they like to hang out, as the owl site there is now an owl preserve. The officer played by Luke Wilson was now a detective, as the manager of the construction idea was into community service. Did get knocked in the head by a coconut. And finally, that bully was sent to military camp. He got what he deserved as a mistake for him. Even R. Lee Ermy would still call that guy, a ‘Gomer Pyle’.

Owls can be beautiful to see, as long as you stand still and they would come out. Below you and above, they are owls.

7/10 stars. An “A” on this movie.

The trailer played the song, “Hold On” by Good Charlotte which that song was interesting.

What did I thought of ‘Fury’?

When I saw this movie, I thought Logan Lerman was going to make things worse more, if he did something worse like the way he was in ‘Noah’. But no. As a soldier to that tank, he was in a world of shit. Yes, he was alive after that battle, and was not afraid.

Brad, Shia, Logan, Scott and Michael were in that small tank that was powerful enough to take on three hundred enemy soldiers. It was too bad only four died, and one survived.

Because their tank, was their home as they did the best of it. They had to have everything in battle, even of their tank gets broken down. There was a land mine that blew up the tank track chains as they couldn’t go any further at the crossroads. There were other tanks destroyed before them because of German anti-tanks. They deflect artillery as they can shoot straight at a tank. Like armour piercing ammo.

And the Germans, they didn’t know what they were doing. They committed suicide to themselves for what they had done, as there were children that want to be soldiers. But it was a bad idea. If you were one of those American soldiers, you would gave to shoot children anyway. Or their parents. Like “Platoon”.

Hitler, did not appeared in this movie, but it looked like he took things too far in Germany before he shot himself in the head, in those months before Germany surrendered.

Logan, who was afraid to fight once, was scared as he was born to kill. Like Matthew Modine in “Full Metal Jacket”. He killed many German Nazi’s as he loved to fight. Born to kill.

Out in war, it can be dreadful and horrible to see gunfights in the air, as soldiers can get killed. Even when there are heads being blown off by machine guns, losing a leg, and losing a persons face in a tank. Logan threw up when he started cleaning.

Brad as that sergeant, I was like ‘we’ when I saw his back. He had scars like if there was an on board fire in the tank. And his back got burned by the flames. It was one bad scar on his back. I would not see a WWII veteran to have that.

‘Deals are peaceful as history is violent’ for what Brad Pitt said. Even when you are at in that time in area in Europe on WWII. You can tell by the fleet of airplanes in the sky. So many of them. Like 100 in the air.

And the way the guns were shooting, were like ray guns. Red ones. Like the way they did in “Platoon”. I tell you, it’s the same effect on that, as it was like that in the 80’s.

So ‘Fury’ is a big war movie. Probably make it to the Oscars as number one, as you might realize, how warfare can be. If those five men take on enemies they hate, you would know how deadly tanks can be.

(loading the cannon of the ‘Fury’)

Staff Sergeant Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier: “Fire!”

(‘Fury’ fires)


(Pvt. Norman Ellison sees Arthur and the beast)

Staff Sergeant Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier: “Hit that son of a bitch! Hit it!”

Cpl. Trini Garcia: “Do your job! Do what you fight for! Do what your here for!”

(Pvt. Norman Ellison fires the machine gun)

Remember, war never ends quietly. Deals can be peaceful, as history can be violent in this movie.









Fury (2014)

“War never ends quietly”. That was the quote on the poster, as it was true.

Massive casualties have happened to man and tanks, as they get killed behind enemy lines. This took place in WWII as an American five man tank took on the Germans in Germany.

They get cool names for their tanks like ‘Fury’ for example. Other cool names like ‘Meat Grinder’, ‘Goliath’, ‘Razors’, ‘Snowplough’, ‘Duke’ and cool names that are only war man type.

Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Scott Eastwood, and Micheal Piña are those men were that ‘Fury’ tank. They took on Germans in battle, as they took out many of them.

War is not fair, even for the Germans as some committed suicide. It was a blame to Hitler. In a last stand, they took out almost three hundred Germans, as Logan survived. The rest died with honor in that tank. It was their home. The best job they had ever had.

9/10 stars and a straight “A”.

Pumpkinhead (1988)

They say a ‘Pumpkinhead’ can have the carved pumpkin for Halloween as a head for a mystical monster, but this one was more of a demon like alien.

Lance Henriksen, played as a farmer as he wanted revenge on six city teenagers that murdered his only son. So, meeting up with a gypsy witch in the mountains, and selling his soul and blood to this, he unleashed a demon that was going to kill those teenagers as it did.

There was six teenagers. Three boys and three girls. Four were killed as two survived. The farmer felt ill and guilty to this, when he sold his soul to this demon type monster. He was possessed by this, as he had to kill himself and let a teenager kill him before it gets worse. So he was killed, as the creature was burned in flames. The witch in the end, buried a kid Pumpkinhead demon, wearing it’s necklace that the boy gave to his father.

This is a 10/10 star movie, as it’s an “A+” movie. Live action, settled in the country hills, as I do not want to hear a sequel to this! I don’t want to know more.

Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat (TV show)

I watched this at a neighbors house with it’s kids and in the car, on the way back to Ottawa from Toronto from Canada’s Wonderland as I would not believe for what I saw, that I believe in might saving. Saving these chinese and siamese cats.

Sagwa Miao was a kitten, who lived with her family in a palace as a fat emperor was the mayor of a small town in eastern China. She always trusts her parents known as Mama and Baba Miao, as plays with her brother Dongwa, her little sister Sheegwa, a bat named Fu-Fu, alley cats known as Jet-Jet, Lik-Lik, Wing-Wing, and Hun-Hun, some mice she knows of like one named Shei-Hu, her grandparents Yeh-Yeh and Nai-Nai, and many other friends and members of her family that she can trust with. Even for other cats she met with.

They each learn a lesson, in every episode as they need to know the ways they are dealing with life, and even in China. The emperor is a bit of a food lover, while her wife cares for beauty on her, as they have a chef, a messenger, and three daughters. The worst thing is that they hate mice and rats as they get scared of them totally.

Both human and animal, learn a lesson as long they don’t do anything wrong. There are some episodes I dislike, but not all of them. I am looking for their merchandise. Maybe books and plush toys, but mostly DVD’s that are lost out there, as I’m trying to collect them to keep them safe.

This is a 9/10 kids TV show, as this will be remembered forever. It can happen on TV for some of the time, but hopefully for a while. Maybe longer. Even when I rate this, a straight “A”.