Movie fact: a super villain’s cat


In every movie we see, James Bond, Austin Powers, and the ones I rely on, a super villain can care for taking on the world. But the one thing a villain can care for the most, is that pet cat they have on their lap. Since Blofeld was a super villain as the first, he always carries that white Persian/Domestic Shorthair cat of his. All white, wearing a clear diamond necklace, as it can just sit there on him or just walk around. Probably screeching. Blofeld died later on, probably himself as he left his cat alone. So I wonder, who gets to keep him?

Dr. Evil from Austin Powers was like Blofeld as he had a cat named Mr. Bigglesworth. In the first movie, it was all white and can get upset. And it’s those words, when ‘Dr. Evil gets angry and when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people DIE!!!’. However later, launching into space above the atmosphere, Mr. Bigglesworth was on the inside eye of ‘Big Boy’ as it was the last scene, Mr. Bigglesworth was gonna have it’s fur there. Having it’s arms and legs spread out, looking out the window, like it’s gonna be an ‘Uh oh’ to him. You can tell by it’s face. And it did to him, 30 years later. By reentering the Northwestern hemisphere, this cat lost all of it’s fur due to the cryogenic process. Thanks to Mustafa, played by Will Ferrell. It was hairless as it lost all of it’s fur due to that. It didn’t grew anymore fur later on, even in the two sequels. They made a clone of that hairless pet only shorter, naming it “Mini Mr. Bigglesworth”. Both hairless cats. After therefore, never seen in ‘Goldmember’, they must be presumed dead. Died of old age.

Now some super villains can be the worst of the worst with cats, but there is one, in which will have to pay for everything since the mid 90’s. Giovanni from the anime TV series of “Pokémon”. Head of all on Team Rocket, he can be an unseen character, but can be seen throughout the entire anime series of “Pokémon”. He tried to take power, steal Pokémon and Mewtwo, but lost in every battle. He will have to pay for what he had done wrong. And he is like Blofeld. Why? Because he has that cat type Pokémon, the Persian. Second evolution to Meowth.

He and his Persian will have to pay for what they have done wrong, as this entire series ends. And who gets to keep his cat? I do! The way you look at it, it’s way better than any cat a super villain can have.

However, like Dr. Evil, a hairless cat did went rogue and had a white mouse as it’s pet. Like Blofeld, Kitty Galore played by Bette Midler was exactly like him only wanting revenge, in “Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore”. Such an all star cast, like some of the James Bond movies related to them and a sequel to “Cats and Dogs”, this was a kids version of the James Bond movies. The worst part for her, was that magician played by Jack McBrayer. She lost it all, when victory was won.

To look at a villains cat, it does have to be taken care of, as long as they don’t become hairless. Like for what happened to Mr. Bigglesworth and Kitty Galore. So I protest, that we should create cats, that will shed it’s fur or lose it’s fur. Like what people get on allergies on cat hair, this we should have in the future, will not give away fur even if they leave that on your couch. Or if they lose hair by toxic chemicals, they should never get that and have it’s fur cleaned. Becoming indestructible, toxic proof and safe for animals like these.

Would you ever think of that, than taking Blofeld’s cat to the pound, and taking it’s diamond necklace, to be rich for money?


Charles Gray (1928-2000)

This British actor who passed away three months after Y2K in 2000, was clever and a genius as he was the Criminologist in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, as he was in three songs, as he was in two of the James Bond movies. A friend in Japan in “You Only Live Twice” as he was the sinister archenemy Blofeld in “Diamonds Are Forever”.

I didn’t knew he was a friend in “You Only Live Twice” to Bond in that movie. But he was crazy when he was Blofeld in that diamond movie. He must’ve met Donald Pleasance as the first Blofeld when they were filming “You Only Live Twice” in Japan. Wow!

He was in other movies such as “The Beast Must Die” as a diplomat. That I saw on TV once.

In his role as Blofeld in “Diamonds Are Forever”, he and all of his crew were gonna fool Bond with masking. Duplicates of him as they are only his crew members, wearing plastic masks that look like him. So Bond won’t know which is the real Blofeld. To his plan, he was gonna steal diamonds, build a giant laser orbiting the Earth, as they would fall into the hands of him.

And one thing Blofeld still loves, is his white cat. In the end, while escaping on a mini sub pod, James Bond killed him for sure. And that’s the death of Blofeld I am ever gonna see. Even if he died with his precious white cat. As of Bond said to him…

“Welcome to hell Blofeld”

And his white cat would screech while wearing a diamond necklace. He died in March, 2000 due to cancer. He was 71 years old before he was 72. He sure must’ve had a big life as an actor. But I am sure Blofeld burns in hell. And who will get to keep his cat?

Short Circuit (1986)

When you are aware of artificial intelligence, some robots can have emotions and feelings. Especially like the ones from “A.I.- Artificial Intelligence”.

However military robots are okay for mankind. Especially like the ones from the 2014 version of “Robocop”.

Which was why I watched this, as it had Ally Sheedy from “The Breakfast Club” and “WarGames” in this movie. When a robotic company made military robots, one of them got hit by lightning as it had emotions and feelings in it. It ran away, escaped and made a friend with an animal pacifist.

The animal pacifist had so much animals. She had cats, kittens, skunks, goose, dogs, otters, and more. She wouldn’t let them go until she finds a home for them.

The robot was on everything. TV, movies, books, jokes, and everything that we humans get into. But it came to an amazing ending when it was still alive.

Really good movie. 7/10 stars for this here. But we do need to be aware of artificial intelligence. Especially for what happened in those “Terminator” and “Matrix” movies.

Rocky Horror Picture Show- Time Warp

This was the best song ever to be shown in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. About how time is fleeting and one gets to keep control. There was the hunchback, the maid, and that dolly girl singing and dancing along with those guests. That couple just watched them dance. This was before that Dr. Frank-N-Further came down as that sinister scientist. The Criminologist played by Charles Gray showed on how they danced.

Do if you’re thinking of time travel, what would it be like to be in a time warp, going forward or backward in time, you’d be in a warp dancing to this hit song.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This musical comedy was a Especially to one of their songs I really enjoyed. “Time Warp”. Starring Tim Curry, Charles Gray, Susan Sarandon, and a cast if others, this was a hit musical classic movie. When a engaged couple got lost, they found an old mansion as people from Transylvania were there. Especially Dr. Frank-N-Further as he made so much chaos, they’ve had enough. They did great dancing and good songs. A smash hit song was “Time Warp” as I loved it so much, you’d be thinking about time and space anyway. The couple and a friend escaped, as the house blasted off into space. Lost in time and space for what happened to them. And the narrator, was a Criminologist as he was played by Charles Gray. The same actor who played the sinister Blofeld in “Diamonds Are Forever”. James Bond by Sean Connery took care of that, as he ended Blofeld. This is a 7/10 star classic. I even give 10/10 stars to their song, “Time Warp”. And you’d be in the time warp anyway.

Time travel, dangerous!

Throughout many movies in many years, time travel has been said that its dangerous when you travel. When you are sent back in time as things can change in the future on the timeline. Just like “Terminator”, “Doctor Who”, “Looper”, “Free Birds” and many other movies in time travel. TV too. When something does happen to you, you could turn time and space inside out.

You’d be like lost forever when you disappear. It’ll be crazy somehow, if you ran into your future self. You’d be in shock or how you should never met your old self. That was why in “Back to the Future”, Jennifer had a big surprise that made me laugh when she saw her old self. But not “Looper”. That was awkward. Old Biff in “Back to the Future” met his younger self and didn’t mind. After giving him the almanac, and coming back, he was erased as he knew it was a bad idea.

In some movies that happened in space, time in space can happen out there. “Interstellar” for example, when those astronauts went into light speed, like a black time warp hole, they went many years into space as everything on Earth changed.

Also, you don’t want deja vu for what they call. A ‘Cardcaptors’ episode, “Groundhog Day”, a Ruby Gloom episode and “Edge of Tomorrow” can be way worse to be in a time loop. You’d be winding up the same day over and over, until you get it right. That happened to Sakura, Ruby Gloom, and Bill Murray. Tom Cruise in “Edge of Tomorrow” was covered in black alien blood in which he was winding up the same time, over and over whenever he dies in battle. The same went for that anime show, “Cardcaptors” like both only a power card was controlling time.

When you look into time and space, you don’t want to be in an alternate universe in your time. For example, director Tim Burton made a bad ending to “Planet of the Apes” as he should’ve made a sequel. Mark Whalberg as an astronaut went through a wormhole as he was sent many years into time. When he went through the wormhole again, and went back to Earth, all the people on Earth were apes. And I really hate Tim Roth that bitch. (Forgive my foul language)

Like that, the original “Planet of the Apes” showed how after the astronauts left the Earth, the Earth was changing quickly since they left it. You can tell by the clocks they had in the opening scene and when you look out there. Time bends and space is boneless. And in the end, there was an atomic war as the Earth was destroyed. In a reboot, the humans were like indian cavemen as the apes were intelligent. And Charlton Heston said those words when he looked at the ruined Statue of Liberty.

James Franciscus learned that too in the sequel when he was in the sequel, looking for Charlton Heston. “Beneath the Planet of the Apes”. And I don’t want to say no more of those movies, because you would learn about that when you see them.

In some movies on tine travel, based on the book by Mark Twain, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”, some people can get spirited away in time to the medieval ages as you would need to get back. Bruce Campbell in “Army of Darkness” made it back as he faced that. Same with Martin Lawrence in “Black Knight”. And a Spongebob episode too that occurred to them characters. “Samurai Jack” was like that, only going into the future but never made it back to his own time in the past.

In conclusion, that can be all dangerous. Time and space. Even when two legendary Pokémon control can control that to make things better. Dialga and Palkia.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Director Michael Bay did this, as his last movie that he did for the ‘Transformers’ series. And has stated that he and Mark Wahlberg will not work on the sixth ‘Transformers’ movie. But someone else will finish this Transformers movie series. Especially when this will be over by 2020 AD.

In this action packed, intense movie, there was a reason why the Transformers kept on coming to Earth. And lots of them. Cause it was the creators of Cybertron, their home-world that chose this planet. They are the source, and they always have been. Since the dawn of time, the age of the dinosaurs and throughout our human history, they chose this planet to take away our life and resources on this Earth. Al Gore will not be pleased if if those stupid Transformers, burn this planet to a cinder. How’s that to know since you saw those original ‘Planet of the Apes’ movies?

More importantly, it can be one thing that us humans may fear on the most. Judgement Day. The end of the world. The day that the human race would be destroyed by alien visitors, or the weaponry that they built to protect themselves.

Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci, from the fourth film returned in this fifth installment. Joining them are Liam Garrigan, as King Arthur in a flashback in the beginning that takes place in 484 AD, and Anthony Hopkins as an English astronomer. (You probably know him as ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’ in “Silence of the Lambs”).

The Autobots, Dinobots and surviving Decepticons were still a threat to Earth. Especially on more that keep on coming. Which was why the entire Earth was at war against them. By building armies and sentinel robots, (especially like the ones from “X-Men: Apocalypse”), their target: destroy any Transformer there is on Earth. And kill any humans who are in the way. Especially spoiled bratty kids.

However, for Optimus Prime, while in deep space, finally found one of it’s creators. A cybernetic sorceress portrayed by Gemma Chan. The same Asian-British actress who was that female android in that AMC tv series, “Humans”. Like that, and for what Kristanna Loken did in ‘Terminator 3’, she can be more powerful, clever, faster, and outsmart any alien robotic freaks. More importantly, she can control other machines. And as an anti-Terminator, she can terminate any cybernetic organisms.

By finding secrets to Earth and why those stupid Transformers, the human race almost ended. When she was bringing the ruins of Cybertron to Earth, and to take away resources. But before she can unleash hell on Earth, the Autobots and Dinobots found long lost Transformers who were here on Earth since the age of King Arthur. And by working together, defeating her, the Decepticons including Megatron who was reborn, they were glad that this was all over.

With Bumblebee speaking a few words to Optimus Prime becoming wise and kind, they were leaving Earth. For it was time to come home. But already, a new threat was only the beginning to be the very last. Unicron and that cybernetic sorceress who is still alive. And let’s pray that the sixth installment, has to be the very last.

For a success on “Transformers”, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” and this, 7.87 out of 10 stars. All five of them.

Never ever trust the technology in this world today!!!

Since old fashioned machines like the one in “The Imitation Game”, “Terminator”, “Robocop”, Steve Jobs on Apple, computers, the Internet, YouTube and everything that people are into, never trust technology there is today. For what I saw in “Terminator Genisys”, people are obsessed on stuff like Genisys like if it’s Apple technology. But it was a part of Skynet that was gonna unleash hell on Judgement Day.

And some people are obsessed on making TV commercials today, like if they repeat that stuff over and over. We even see that in movie theatres.

One company did made good commercials. Only for a while. The same company that made those home videos on “Lots and Lots of Trains”. Some are good today, but not so good if they repeat that stuff over and over.

Although you should trust Bell Canada TV on other TV channels you want to see, like Rogers. You’d just got to deal with that type of TV technology. Trusting that type or not.

You would have to be sure also, to use new types of technology when you’ve never used them before. Like electric stoves than heating stoves. Very old people have trouble with that all the time in the future. And other types of technology.

Some of that stuff, can make old people comfortable a bit, but we prefer to be old timers. But in the future today, as young ones, we wouldn’t be too obsessed on today’s technology. Kids and we today should prefer the old days. In conclusion, directors Hayao Miyazaki and Stanley Kubrick are very good old timers like me. So if you think today’s future technology is great, think again.

Never ever trust artificial intelligence at all!!!

After seeing many movies that build robots, cyborgs and everything made by artificial intelligence, I’ve been to warn people that you should never ever trust artificial intelligence. They can turn your back for what you have done very wrong, as they can annihilate mankind.

Being human is what we should be than it is on that stuff. The thing is that people want to build something that could help us, build a better future, to protect us, serve us, make our life better and make things better. Even for some when they are programmed to love. But they mustn’t. They can go wild on you as they can turn their backs on you when they malfunction and try to kill you.

William Hurt as Professor Allen Hobby should’ve never built robot kids as in ‘Astro Boy’, never build too much on robots. Being human is what we should care the most. Never do robots at all!

Terminators can be killers when you build cyborgs when they hack into everything. They can totally exterminate mankind as they can be different in many types. Totally not a good idea. Robotic armor can be cool like in ‘Avatar’ and ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ just as long you get to control them well, very quick and know how to use it just as long you don’t get killed by an alien.

Cyborgs, robots, everything made by computer, technology, and all that in artificial intelligence, never trust that stuff at all when they can hack into everything, and turn your back on you. Never trust that stuff at all!! Ever!!!

And I propose, that this robot, cyborg and A.I. business must stop now!!! Right now!! To the world now!! So that we’ll never again see what we can create that can cause annihilation. But if they continue to do more of this A.I. business in many ways, today and in some movies, mankind will be nothing but burned ashes in the air, descending into heaven.

Everything we know if in this, and everything that’s A.I., all that is a stop right now. So that we live to be human is what matters to us. Be human.

Patrick Cranshaw (1919-2005)

He was the old man Blue in “Old School”, as he was in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”, “Wayne’s World”, and “Bubble Boy”. For a moment, he did had a small face in some photos but he had a regular one as always. Like us. Had lots of facial hair like how he was in “Old School”.

Patrick in fact was one of the sailors in “Almost Heroes”. But I am sure he is okay singing ‘Dust in the Wind’. 

Cranshaw passed away due to pneumonia as his friends and family surrounded him in his home.
He did had a happy life, but he was Will Ferrell’s best guy. He was his ‘boy blue’.

Will Ferrell: “You’re my boy Blue! Your my boy Blue”.