Pom Poko


From Studio Ghibli, written by Hayao Miyazaki, and directed by Isao Takahata, this can show how raccoons can be in Japan than besides the ones in North America.

In North America, those raccoons are just furry mammals that make messes in our garbage cans. As they can have rabies, come out mostly at night, we have to be careful of them.

In Japan, those raccoons are okay, only different. Out in the streets, they are just raccoons. But out in the forest outside of Tokyo, where no human can find them, they are bigger, furrier, as they live in their own civilization. They are what they call in Japanese folklore, Japanese raccoon dogs. They even talk like humans, as they have the power to shape shift.

In the late 1960’s, their old home was destroyed by construction sites as they made suburban homes on hills. Later in the early 1990’s, the raccoon dogs found a good home for them, in the forest outside of Tokyo, Japan. And whenever the humans do more construction sites, special events such as parades and more, they do a little payback. With a taste of furry vengeance.

To the attacks they did, they badly injured and killed construction workers. Some of them were frightened by the raccoon dogs, as immediately they quit. However, more and more construction workers easily replace them.

In their home in the forest, and whenever they are out there, they can still shape shift. From being raccoon dogs, to flying creatures in the sky, they watch over the people of Tokyo.

As two raccoon dogs fell in love together, and had children, there were two more raccoons dogs, planning their next attack. But thats not all, those two were voice talented by Clancy Brown and J.K. Simmons. It was before they became famous later on. Since Clancy Brown was in “The Shawshank Redemption”, and the remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. As for J.K. Simmons, it was before he won Best Actor in “Whiplash”, and how he was funny and good in “Juno”. Although he was good as an ox with emerald swords, in one of the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ movies, but this deserves on how he loves Studio Ghibli.

Later on at last, they found a new home. One that they deserve like how their old home was. A golf course within a suburban sprawl. And there will be no ‘Caddyshack’ trouble there.

Since I saw this for the first time, 10/10 stars. And a ‘A++’ on this. Thanks to Studio Ghibli very much.

The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, and Michael Caine are the only three actors I know in this great hit. As Vin Diesel was the last witch hunter in this movie.

Long ago since the pilgrims have had their first Thanksgiving feast, there is a reason why they should never pray God too much and never come to the new world. For some women who are witches in disguise. As in Salem in 1692-1693, there were like 40 women murdered of witchcraft. Especially a few more in 1712. Even if they should’ve went back to Europe, they never did. They never gave a shit on their old home at all, years before the American Revolution happened later. They cared too much on the new world, when that was happening. Until that was over, and long forgotten. And witches like that, they will be terminated.

Before that happened in Salem, there were some witches in the Middle Ages as the very first. Barbarians, monks and warriors were to kill those witches before the Black Plague can get worse. Many hunters were killed, but the queen was destroyed. However, the last witch hunter was cursed to be forever young. For more than 800 years, he lived a very long time. Throughout generation by generation, he and others were aware of people with magic. Like ‘Harry Potter’, they do not want to see anymore witches ever again. To walk among this Earth.

Armed with a shotgun and a long sword, with iron and fire, he had to make sure that witch queen may never be reborn ever again. Fighting against resurrectors, the witch queen’s servents, and other evil witches, he was on the balance. Between his life and stopping all this.

With 8/10 stars on this, this is totally good. Except for a pussy faggot lady singing on the end credits. On a hit song from the Rolling Stones.

Siegfried and Roy (white tiger and white lion magicians)

In the city of lights, where Elvis sang his hit song, Las Vegas, there was not only David Copperfield as a magician, but two magicians like brothers as they perform and do magic. Siegfried and Roy. Not only they do magic, they perform with their best pets they ever had. White Siberan tigers and white lions.

Both born in Germany, they survived the war in Europe in WWII when it was ending. By the time they first met together, they became partners. After becoming popular, they went to Las Vegas in the 80’s and 90’s. As they ran into the Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus, they wanted one thing they wanted in common: white tigers and white lions.

So, they did those amazing acts in the shows, with those white tigers and white lions. In the movies the were in, they were maybe mentioned in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”, but they were seen in three movies we all know of. “Vegas Vacation” “Casino”, and “Ocean’s Eleven” in 2001. They way they did it, with those white tigers, and white lions, it was inspiring. I’m very inspired by this. And I totally love for the way they do it.

However by 2003, then came a bad accident. When some of the animals broke out. They got a little badly injured, but they came out okay. After so long for what happened, they decided to retire. By 2010, they did. Two years before Hayao Miyazaki retired and was next.

What I believed in those two, was how greatful they did with those white tigers and white lions. By the time I was born in 1995 in Las Vegas, my mom bought a giant white tiger plush doll. From that place where those two performed. And had their white tigers and white lions there. Along with that merchandise. It was not only for her, but for me when I was a few months old. I was a bun cooking in her oven as I came out. And when I came to that, I totally loved that white tiger my mom gave to me. It was the very first gift I ever recived as a human. Later on, I came to a photo.

After hearing about those two, my first gift, and those white tigers and white lions there, I’m totally inspired by all this. I felt like if I was raised by those gigantic white tigers, white lions and white wolves. Just like how “Princess Mononoke” was from Studio Ghibli. Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki on that. Thanks to that also included here, I feel like him or Herman Melville from the movie, “In The Heart of the Sea”, ready to write his story of ‘Moby Dick’. His own story of how a young infant is raised by those three there. All white. Not like ‘The Jungle Book’, that story by Rudyard Kipling, but more on something inspiring I admire. From those movies I saw. “Princess Mononoke”, and “First Knight”. Those and this here, I’m totally inspired.

Although I feel very sorry for them on their accident, but I would love to pet a white tiger from them for sure. To see how one can love me.

This is the plush I remember as a baby. From that place thanks to my mom very much.

And I would love to be up close on a white tiger or a white lion. As hopefully, they are harmless. Although those words ‘white tiger’, can mean a good team name like how the White Tigers were in the original ‘Beyblade’ series. However, I just think that’s just their team name in that anime TV series. And no plagiarism on taking away their team name. And these two here, are the perfect white tigers I admire also. Just like how these white tigers are, to those two magicians.


Siegfried and Roy, I just want to say I’m totally inspired by all this, especially your white tigers and white lions. This is just so really good, I want to make a motion picture like so. Maybe be like Hayao Miyazaki or Stanley Kubrick. And I’ll always love those white tigers and white lions of yours. Thank you very much you two.

A Bridge Too Far (1977)

From director and actor Richard Attenborough since “The Great Escape”, he made this epic WWII movie with an all star cast. Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Gene Hackman, Anthony Hopkins, James Caan, Robert Redford, Dirk Bogarde, Ryan O’Neal, Hardy Kruger, Laurence Olivier, Elliot Gould, Edward Fox, and Denholm Elliot. Wow!!

Based on the book by Cornelius Ryan, thousands of British, Polish and U.S. troops of the Airborne were dropped behind enemy lines. Somewhere close to Holland and Belgium. Their mission was to take on three bridges, and hold them on as long as possible. Even kill those Germans that try to take it back.

SS officers wanted to blow those bridges to bits, but the commander refused. He wanted reinforcements and all the Nazi’s there is to take on this battle.

For what I saw in that movie, was the most amazing scene in my life. Airborne airplanes of troops taking off at once, as some of the Airborne planes, were pulling gliders along. Just like “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” on the dogfight scene. Then came the part on how they were jumping out. With those parachutes in the sky, it’s like the 1984 movie poster of “Red Dawn”. As that was happening, the gliders were released as they glided down. Some crashed unfortunately by the forest. As there was a mighty force on that, there was more on many tanks, artillery vehicles, cannons, and trucks carrying troops. There was thousands of them. Thousands of tanks. Throughout the movie, this was known as Operation Market Garden. This was mentioned and seen in a level on that PS3 video game of “Medal of Honor: Airborne”.

With Allied tanks that have bulldozing blades like bulldozers, fixing bridges, and avoiding German troops and their war machines, they went through many old iron bridges. After the German officers attempt to blow up some of the bridges, the wires and detonators malfunctioned. They never worked. After more and more fighting, their very last coming up is the one that’s close to Arnhem.

After losing many men, with some wounded, they wanted to withdraw. So both the Germans and Allied troops stopped fighting. For how those ruins show destruction. They never made it to that bridge too far until later. By the Airborne, sending more troops, they continued fighting until an Allied victory happened. And thanks to that PS3 video game, “Medal of Honor: Airborne”, on Level 4 to Operation Market Garden, this all ended. For everyone in this. They made it to the other side of that bridge too far, as PFC. Boyd Travers was promoted to Corporal.

Cpl. Travers later in WWII in that video game, took on Operation Varsity as he later, took on the final mission. The Flak Tower. By taking out the artillery guns, radios, and war machine gunners, he and the Airborne had the tower to explode with explosives. As the only survivor, by taking the detonator, he knobbed the switch three times, as the Flak Tower exploded. After the German army fell, the war ended.

Colonel Scott Webb was glad to hear this. And he believed it is because of the tenacity, the skill and guts of the Airborne that America had triumphed. The dedication and supreme sacrifice exhibited by these soldiers makes him proud, and honoured to be a member of the Airborne.

For what happened in this, leading from the Airborne on a bridge too far to victory, I give this a ‘B++’. Almost a straight ‘A’ on this. Due to Nazi’s in this that went berserk.





Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

From Dreamworks, as their first animated movies, this one made me cry with a smile, as my heart opened to how magnificent these horses were in this movie. For the way these horses are, and roamed free, I felt like I was gonna cry sadly. But I didn’t. It made me smile, with my heart opened as I shed a tear. When I first watched this a bit, I didn’t know much until now. However, I am so glad this went okay. As a straight ‘A’ movie on this. 

In the 19th century on the American West, the frontier was magnificent as wild horses would roam free. With a horse captured by cowboys and Calvery soldiers, many horses like him were into slavery by the Pacific Railroad. They were destroy his home, when this horse stopped them. With the help of a female horse and a Indian friend. As many horses escaped, he helped bring back his Indian friend home. After befriending him, his tribe and that female horse, he returned home far out west for where he was born. Where his mom and the rest of his wild horse family were waiting for him. That female horse came along with him, as they were to stay together forever. 

This has the voice talents of Matt Damon, James Cromwell, and Daniel Studi. No talking animals in this, but the horse’s story was narrated by Matt Damon. As Daniel Studi was the Indian, James Cromwell was the calvery colonel.

Better than those taking animal movies and cartoons, this is magnificent I’m telling you. A straight ‘A’ on this!! 10/10 stars!! 

Total Recall (1990)

Better than the remake version, this original version is more like it. As your brain is the living piece of your body, your mind can have memories. And all of it forever as long as you shall live. I deal with my mind like that, on not letting myself do something. Like if I want to talk to myself or whatever. Sometimes, you just got to take control of it. And not do any bad habits to yourself. For bad memories and nightmares, you just have to let them go away. And make sure they don’t come back to you ever again. Not even if makes you piss yourself in bed.

Good memories are okay to remember, but not the bad. For what you hate on. As you have to control your body. Even try to control yourself on not pissing yourself in your bed ever again.

You have to be sure, to control yourself, your mind and memories, and not get yourself in an incident. Which was why this happened, as you do not want to be lobotomized.

In 2084 AD, colonists were taking control of Mars. For mineral ore and how they were killing every Martian and mutant there. In fact, they were getting into terraforming. To make the air breathable for humans. On Earth, there was a construction worker who was having bad memories of Mars. He couldn’t help it. So by going to a recall program, to have his memories fixed and bad memories erased, it worked for him at some point. Unfortunately, everything backfired. His memories as a construction worker, was false as there are people who are trying to kill him. Including his fake wife. They want him dead. So on the run, running away from Earth to Mars, he had to stop all this madness and find out his real identity.

All the effort made this movie win the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects which is cool. Besides, you should’ve seen him taking out a tracking device out of his nose. It was a big one like a red ball, and man! You should’ve seen it! His nose twitched on taking it out!

With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Ironslide, Ronny Cox, and Dean Norris, this movie was directed by Paul Verhoeven. I give this almost 7/10 stars, as I couldn’t believe for what happened in the end that was something I had never seen on Mars. After a big explosion, in just one white cloud, it made the air breathable on Mars. There was blue skies, a sun, and white clouds. Mars no longer a red planet for Martians, but another planet terraformed. Like LV-426 from the “Alien” saga.

The Screech Owls and the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup. The biggest trophy in the NHL. The National Hockey League. As to those who win it, in the Stanley Cup Final, gets to win that trophy, and drink it. Pour your favorite booze in it, and drink it from the cup.

For as far as I can remember, I was with that big trophy two times in a photo shoot. When I was a baby long ago, and how I was with it again with my bros years later. It had been the biggest trophy I saw in my life.

Since winners win it, a while later as they hold onto it, they do have to give it back to the NHL. By the members of it. Those are the rules. When there have been stories about this once, never would the NHL have that big trophy stolen. Which was why I was lead into two books, as it was made into a TV series later. And those two books, were from ‘The Screech Owls’.

Like “The Boxcar Children” and “The Hardy Boys”, a group of young friends, which are peewee hockey players are into hockey tournaments. Like how my bros were a long time ago. When they find out about ghosts, terrorists, murderers, kidnappers and thieves, they solve mysteries. My bros read a few books of them once, but I was surprised to see one book that connects things to all. Between the Screech Owls and the Stanley Cup.

‘The Night They Stole The Stanley Cup’. That was the title of one of their books in the series. On a hockey night in the NHL, thieves were stealing the Stanley Cup as those hockey detectives were the only ones to stop them. Like “The Great Train Robbery” with Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland, the thieves were silent but deadly, as they were stealing it. Especially with tricks up their sleeve. Unfortunately, they failed by those kids that stopped them. They were arrested later, as the Stanley Cup was safe.

Along with ‘The Ghost of the Stanley Cup’, which is another Screech Owl mystery on that big NHL trophy, there was a ghost on the creator who made that big trophy. Lord Stanley of Preston. There was presumably, but never showed in his actual form like Patrick Swayze from “Ghost”.

Since those two books on the Screech Owls and the Stanley Cup, that book series was popular ever since. It was discontinued later after 27 books were made. Then came the TV series. Once aired on Discovery Kids and YTV, that live action kids TV show was nominated for Best Children’s Youth Program. At the Gemini Awards. However later in 2002, got cancelled.

It may have been a good run for that on TV, as well as this book series, but we would be sure to not have anymore thieves. To steal the Stanley Cup. Like what would Don Cherry say about this? And about kids known as the Screech Owls, trying to stop them?

Hitman and Hitman: Agent 47

From the famous video game series, two movie adaptions show a bald agent, who’s an assassin to do the jobs. Long ago, when he was a boy, his memories were erased as he and many other bald boys, were part of an experiment. They were in a program, turning into lethal killers. Agents.
They had scan codes on the back of their heads, as they show a number. One of them for example, was Agent 47. Deep in the snowy mountains in Europe, that was where they were. Close to Russia. Some try to escape, but never did. The man behind the program escaped as the boys stayed behind. With their master training them, one of them graduated. Which was Agent 47. His reward, two silver handguns.

The first “Hitman” movie in 2007, showed how Agent 47 played by Timothy Olyphant was in Eastern Europe, as he remembered his origin. Along the way, he had to find out who was the man behind the program, and why. It was a success.

The second movie in 2015, which was “Hitman: Agent 47”, showed how Agent 47, played by Rupert Friend, was with the daughter of that man behind the program. They were trying to catch that man, before another organization could use him on how he did the Agent program.

With a few scratches, how he can never fear at all, he became one of the most deadliest assassins in the world. As that is still popular, among the video games.

Loaded with his silver handguns, sniper rifles, gadgets, sharp blades, knives, gadgets, extra ammo, mines, and more, he is still, the most deadliest assassin in the world. Thanks to these two movie adaptions and those video games of him. And these two movies, are excellent!

The Breakfast Club

From this 1980’s classic movie, I give this a straight ‘A’ on this movie. As it can change your life forever. At a high school outside of Chicago, Illinois, on Friday, March 23rd, 1984, five students got in trouble for what they did that was a bad idea. A beauty queen skipping class to go shopping, a brain that accidentally let off a flare gun in his locker, an athlete pulling a prank on another male student in the locker room, a criminal that pulled a false fire alarm, and a basket case which is a shy girl that just want to be by herself.

That was why on Saturday, March 24th, 1984, while everyone was chilling out on the weekend, they had to spend the entire Saturday in detention. As they share together, those five students really hated their parents, and how they were picking on them.

Around the 1980’s like “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, adults were serious about teenagers and kids for what they are doing. Parents like them, teachers, sister nuns from “Pan”, and that principal in this movie were like Mr. Hand from that movie, when they were serious. As they changed their lives forever, these five students here, they became good friends.

When the day was done, they became known as ‘The Breakfast Club’. For what they did in detention, than besides sitting in a seat, writing an essay was the fun they can ever have. Listening to rock and roll on a record player, smoking, having good jokes, and more, this was the best time of their lives.

With good quotes, funny scenes and more, this movie became one of the most popular movies of all time. That song, “Don’t You Forget About Me” from Simple Minds made it good, as it was nominated. And before David Bowie died in 2015, he wrote a really great quote on how it shows this movie. And to these students.

In fact, with the brain being single, the athlete and the shy girl fell in love together after they changed. As for the beauty queen, she fell in love with the criminal. She gave him one of her diamond earrings.

With Charlie Sheen’s brother, Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald since “Sixteen Candles”, Anthony Michael Hall before “Weird Science”, Alley Sheedy before “Short Circuit”, Judd Nelson before “The Transformers: The Movie” in 1986, and Paul Gleason.

As I give a straight ‘A’ on this, John Hughes really loved making movies on high school life.

55 Days in Peking

Like the Vietnam War before that, and like the French Revolution, there was this Charlton Heston movie that happened after the time of “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat”. Just around the time of that for where that story took place. Before came the cartoon TV show we all know.

1900, Peking China. Before it was called Beijing later on. China was poor at that time, as it never rained for days. Crops died. As 11 countries claimed it. USA, Russia, Japan, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and etc. At that time, the Boxer Rebellion was on since 1899. As there have been Chinese civilians killed. Even out on the streets.

China was pretty serious about this, as the Empress of China didn’t like it. She didn’t like foreign visitors. That was when fighting was on. All 11 countries united as one, with their armies of soldiers they brought along, as they battled against the Chinese Army. Many Chinese civilians and citizens were killed in the gunfighting, as this became known as the Battle of Peking.

Before that, there were some battles in town, before the Battle of Peking. As there have been a few casualties and losses. For the allied side. But it was a total victory in the end. With more reinforcements, and taking on the Chinese, the Peking battle ended. However, after 55 days of that in Peking, the dynasty ended for the empress. She had no choice but to surrender. And that’s what she did.

If a freaky Chinese empress was like that, but can nag all the time, a man like Charlton Heston would shoot her in the head. But not Tai-Tai I believe from ‘Sagwa’. If that happened to her, shot in the head, that would be saddest part of the magistrate’s life. He would see the horror and sadness in that since ‘Platoon’.

For what I saw that’s good, I recommend this is a movie for Charlton Heston fans like Tom Felton. Since how he loves Chartlon Heston movies since ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’. And for a good mark on this, ‘B-‘.