Hercules (2014)

Based on the mythological Greek legend, this was one of the stories of Hercules and his comrades as they had to face battles, betrayal and sacrifice. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson plays as Hercules as he faced the hydra, a humongous boar, and a gigantic lion.

All that in single fights. Then came cannibals as he, his comrades and some Greek soldiers fought. They were cautious of centaurs, but they were facing betrayal.

John Hurt played an emperor in this as he wanted to conquer, all of Greece. As they had to face him, a truth was told on how his wife and children died. When he was drugged up, he fell asleep as three wolves came loose as they killed his wife and children. In his mind, he tought it was Cerubus, the three headed dog of Hades.

As it was only three big black furry wolves, he killed them as he did get bitten though. Remember, something like that can make you be one when the moon is full. Taking out the emperor and his army, it ended the entire movie as he did all the work he can.

The legend does say he was sent to heaven to see his father, Zeus. After all the fighting he did. But he will be in the stars and constellations. For as far as I saw, this is a 7/10 star movie. Besides those two, they were Ian McShane from “Coraline”, and Rufus Sewell from “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Amazing Grace”. Those guys were great!!

Anne Bancroft (1931-2005)

I’ve heard about Anne Bancroft when I first saw her in “Silent Movie” and “To Be or Not to Be”, as she was married to Mel Brooks.

She was married to him until her death in 2005. I never knew who was she until now. that was before I started to watch some of those Mel Brooks classic movies.

Besides those two movies, she was the queen ant in the first Dreamworks movie of “Antz”, the gypsy woman in “Dracula: Dead and Loving It”, a woman in “The Elephant Man” with Anthony Hopkins and John Hurt, a countess in “The Hindenburg” movie, a church woman in “Blazing Saddles”, and for what I’ve heard about, she was in “The Miracle Worker”.

So she did had a good filmography. Kinda didn’t like for what was going on in some of those movies, but she was Mel Brooks’ favorite. I remember watching “Antz”. However, I didn’t recognized her voice until now.

Like James Caan, Paul Newman or Robert Redford, she was Mel’s favorite. And I’m sure Mel will see her in heaven when he passes away.

Hollow Man

With Kevin Bacon and Josh Brolin, this movie was directed by Paul Verhoeven and filmed in 2000. Since 1933 of the H.G. Wells science fiction horror story of “The Invisible Man” with Claude Rains, this was one of Kevin Bacon’s crazy movies as a bad guy.

In a warehouse in a lab downstairs below, a experiment was on invisibility as they have been testing on animals. One formula to invisible, blue. The antidote, red. When a scientist as their leader decided to be the first human to be invisible, he takes on being invisible as it slowly drives him insane. Almost like the novel and the 1933 classic Universal Studios movie with Claude Rains.

They tried bringing him back, but the effects on the antidote made him suffer. They couldn’t get him back. It drives him insane as he ends up just like Claude.

He had been having sex with women, sneaking up on people, scaring kids while wearing a plastic mask, and murdering people. He even killed an agent government officer while taking a swim in his pool! You cam see him invisible by water, smoke, his plastic stuff he was wearing, thermo scanners, lots of steam, a fire extinguisher, spilled blood from blood bags, and flames by flamethrowers.

One by one, the scientists have been murdered by him as he goes wild. Almost like “Alien” as each member gets killed one by one. And down below for where they were, no one could hear them scream. Just like the “Alien” movie that ‘In space, no one can hear you scream’. And you could hear the laughter of an invisible hollow man, like if he doesn’t want to look himself in the mirror anymore.

He was almost like Claude Rains when he gave new designs on his looks on his mask. A fake hair, hat, sunglasses, and clothes. He began to blow up the lab with some sulfuric acid and some nitroglycerine as two of the scientists were the only ones alive, and trying to get out. He lost his new look and clothing as he was almost burnt by a flame-thrower.

When he got electrocuted almost, they can see him almost. Only by looking at his bones, flesh and organs. The lab blew up, taking him to the flames of hell. I’m telling you, this is a 10/10 movie!

Black Robe (1991)

Based on the novel by Brian Moore, and it had took place in aboriginal history in Canada, by some of these events, a Jesuit priest was in Quebec of the time of Samuel De Champlain as he was with the Indians, who are trying to survive.

Fall and Winter of 1634 in Quebec, Canada, French colonists are settling in New France or Quebec as they are aware of the Indians of the Algonquin. Between them and the Indians, they are trying to face survival on winter when it comes. That was when a Jesuit priest went there to go help them.

Things were a lot different and hard in the aboriginal times. Such as in Quebec, and how down south in North America, was where ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ took place. 1757 was where a war was between the British and French, with the help of Indians as they were fighting for land to live.

That was before the American Revolution in 1776 and how Canada became a country in 1867.

As they head to Huron, they try to survive and trust the priest as they fear him, like if he was a demon or some sort. When some fear him, they might get into a conflict. However, they were captured by Tomahawk warriors as they were taken to a camp. The chief there, even cut off one of his fingers! Gross!

Winter came, as they had to survive. Heading towards islands, avoiding frozen lakes and all that and etc., Black Robe stayed a bit longer as he helped a few Indians to believe in him and god. That was the end of the movie. In the epilogue, 15 years later, the mission to help Canadian Indians have failed as people from France returned to Quebec. As their new home, their New France and away from the Indians.

For something like this, maybe 6/10 stars for a straight movie.

Slap Shot

Paul Newman and a gang of others star in this hockey typed comedy. About a losing team that starts to be a winning team as they get new players and new ideas. With three new players, all brothers wearing glasses, and who love toys and electric cars, they get into so many fights in hockey games, who knows what their manager will say?

In every game in fights, I would’ve thought they would just give up games after they have been fighting with other hockey teams. Instead, they just kept on going like what they want to. And I would’ve thought if they get caught by the police, they would be sent to jail as they might give up.
This does show how good they are, and how they might deal with people back in their hometown.

After they won the hockey games, and sticking their butts out at people, the team gave up hockey, and decided to retire after all these years. For what I saw, it was a straight 6/10 star game. And some parts funny too.

The Great Dictator

In an all talkie funny starring Charlie Chaplin, he not only plays a Jewish barber, but plays as spoof dictator in this parody type movie on what would Germany like when Hitler comes into power. As instead of the swastika, they use two ‘X’s as the symbol as Nazi Germany.

While there were soldiers obeying his orders, how the dictator is in power, and people are afraid of him taking things too far, the Jewish barber and a loving woman try to escape to a countryside where they’ll be safe. When he and a friend got caught, they managed to escape together as the Jewish barber looked like Hitler. The dictator was arrested then along with a friend as the barber as the dictator took his place. By making a speech with goodwill, he placed an end to this nonsense as this war in all of Europe was no more.

He even gave a speech to his love in his mind, to see how peace can be on Earth. For what I saw for the first time, 6/10 stars!! Not bad, but funny.

Ringo Starr (The Beatles) on Thomas the Tank Engine

When “A Hard Days Night” was a smash hit to North America in the Oscars, and how it changed cinema history, the Beatles were still popular. Such as for John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCarthy and Ringo Starr.

Since they broke up, became no more and how John Lennon and George Harrison passed away, we all know Paul was on Saturday Night Live as he did two popular songs. “Live and Let Die” and a Christmas one.

As for Ringo, before I saw him in the Beatles, since he was the drummer, he was also the very first narrator in the TV series of “Thomas the Tank Engine”. Based on the stories by the Rev. Wilbert Awdry. And some by his son, Christopher. He even played as a character who even told the “Thomas the Tank Engine” stories again in episodes in the TV show of “Shining Time Station”. It happened on YTV as he only did one season.

For as what I believed, I think he was a great narrator. And really reliable too. I’m sure Paul, John and George would be proud of him. Very proud. He may happen in some anniversaries of that locomotive, and all of his friends just as long as he is okay with that.

And since he did a great job on that, and worked on music a bit, George Carlin took over as he was a great narrator. Then Alec Baldwin, and a few more that took over. Even Pierce Bronson who narrated one of the movies, straight to DVD.

In 1984, Ringo and Wilbert did an interview on TV as they talked about this character. He may haven’t read the books about it or any of that, but I’m sure he did a great job. Maybe even show some of that and telling the stories to some young relative he knows of. He and Wilbert were awarded with egg cup holders after that. And that must’ve been nice. Just for what he and Wilbert did a great job. On “Thomas the Tank Engine”.

St. Vincent

For a 10/10 movie, Bill Murray plays as an old man who does crazy funny things as a neighbor when a mother and a boy moved in next door.

He’s a smoker who swears, gambles, gets more money, and does many things as that when he befriends that boy. His mom is a nurse as she works overtime. Sometimes regular time. She’s played by Melissa McCarthy. He even taught some bullies payback who were making fun out of him.

The best part about the movie was that they were watching an Abbott and Costello movie. “Africa Screams”. Best movie in the Abbott and Costello series.

In the end after he’s been having a stroke, and his old wife died, he was awarded as a saint when the boy found out secrets about him. It had a great end. Even when the credits role like it’s 80’s style. Where the movie keeps playing in the end as the credits role.

Naomi Watts was in this as pregnant wife as she didn’t care. She gave birth in the end, as it was a Mexican baby they had.

Not only Vincent was a smoking old man, he was a Vietnam War veteran for when the boy found out about him.

This movie can be in the Oscars alright. The best of the best.

Sahara (1943)

Related to “Fury”, on tanks in WWII and killing Germans in Africa, this was how Americans and the British had to face the Sahara desert during WWII. Humphrey Bogart was in this.

When massive casualties were happening, and a general retreat was called out, a 3 man tank crew in an odd looking tank were all what’s left after some have died in battle. There were survivors they picked up along the way. A medic and four infantry men. Five British, one French.

Then came an African soldier, keeping an Italian PoW as they joined them along the way. When a German Nazi pilot came in the skies, he attacked as they shot him down.

He was killed later, along with the Italian prisoner as they made it to camp. They needed water at a well there, as there were 500 Nazi infantry men coming who are in need of water.

With only 9 men, they took on the Nazi’s as they got killed, one by one. One of them had to go get help, while the rest hold them off. With of need on water, a well was filled up as dehydrated Germans were drinking all the water they needed from the well. That was a miracle when they found out. After taking on battles with their tank, weapons and ammo, they captured some Germans as British soldiers came to the rescue.

With men on reinforcements, working together to survive in the Sahara desert, three survived including Bogart and two trusted boys, while the rest died while fighting. 6 1/2 out of 10 stars!

The Theory of Everything

10/10 stars, as this was a smash motion picture hit. British actor Eddie Redmayne won a Golden Globe and an Oscar award for being the Best Actor for playing as the most famous man in astronomy and cosmology. Stephen Hawking.

Based on a book somehow by his wife, Jane Wilde Hawking, but mostly true events, this was how Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde Hawking were together when they met in university in 1963.

Stephen and Jane first met at a bar, as they talked about everything in science. Even when Stephen had her over for dinner, as they danced at a ball. Even had love there, when they rode on the carousel and watched the fireworks.

The days have went by, as Stephen was acting a little strange these days, as he was losing his ability to walking and on his muscles. Even his fingers. Which was why when he fell, went to the hospital, the docs examined him as he’s got motor neuron disease. The doc told him he’s got two years to live. Which was terrible for him. He even had to tell this to Jane.

After they got married, and had three children, Stephen grew weaker these days as he wasn’t able to walk, never eat, drink slowly, have a wheelchair, another one motorized, as I felt like if he getting paralyzed. At a theater, when he grew ill, he lost his talking as he wasn’t able to talk again.

Technicians and helpers gave him a computer on him and his wheelchair. He became the man he is today. After writing a book about time in space, things have changed later on. He went on discovering what is the theory of everything as Jane Wilde Hawking broke up with him later. But she can see him again. That was before Stephen Hawking died on March 14th, 2018.

One part in the movie is that when his friend was helping him on his wheelchair, he placed him on the statue of Queen Victoria as he is sitting on her. Although he had a happy life, but he is a brilliant cosmologist on the universe, for what lies in space and in the stars.