Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar winning masterpiece)

I love the Japanese version much better than the English version. And this does deserve that Oscar award for Best Animated Feature Film. Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki that did this. As this definitely made cinema history.

From Studio Ghibli, this told on how Chihiro with her mom and dad were moving to a new home. Her dad however took an odd turn that lead them to a forest. By entering through a tunnel, and then to an odd place where no human had ever been, it occurs to be the spirit world. So after sunset, Japanese spirits come out.

Cut off from the path that leads back to our world, both her dad and mom accidentally ate some food and were turned to massive pigs. Not like the ones on a farm, but four times large.

Chihiro was all alone until she met Haku, the dragon boy, a scrubber who works in bathhouses, and No Face, the silent masked creature. By changing her name to Sen, (which means a thousand in Japanese) by a spirited old woman, she had to work in a massive bathhouse, outsmart that witch by taking her baby boy to her twin sister, help out Haku, and how she met him a while ago. So that she with her mom and dad can be human again, as they’ll return to our world once more. Otherwise, she’d be with Haku in the spirit world forever. In fact, she did it successfully and what was Haku’s real name. Therefore, he returned to the real world like how Chihiro did. And never forgot for what they did.

So like “Ocean Shores”, I didn’t really mind the Japanese version. I really loved it. Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki. Besides, I don’t think you’ll like the English version. For a success, 10/10 stars is what I give. A straight ‘A++’.

You’re Under Arrest: The Motion Picture

From the anime TV show that looks badass to their anime film, those cop girls were courageous and fabulous. Natsumi and Miyuki are the real heroes in this, as they with their friends work for the police department in Tokyo, Japan.

By the time some bridges were blown, phone lines cut off, a blackout wiping out all power, to a chase that lead them to the Tokyo International Airport, they were after some madmen with submachine guns and handguns.

They almost escaped, but they luckily got them. All eight to ten madmen. And for a surprise party on these two female officers at their apartment, they were deserved an award for sure.

So for a success, 10/10 stars is what I give. An ‘A++’.

Top 10 Archers in Movies & TV Shows

Since the ancient times to our modern day society, archery has been used for sports, hunting, fishing and how they were in wars. Before firearms were created centuries later. Especially in the Olympic Games in the summertime. A crossbow with its arrows can be used in hunting, fishing, and in those wars mostly. A regular bow and some arrows are for all of them.

In this list, these are the top 10 archers from movies and TV shows. Five from movies, and five from TV shows. No matter if they are animated or not.

10. Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo (Rambo series). This U.S. Vietnam War veteran in the Special Forces has been hard core against the Viet Cong, the Russians, and the Burmese. For he can be silent but deadly in the jungles as an archer. With bronze explosive warheads, he can take down a gunship or two in just a few seconds. However whenever he shoots without those explosive tips, he gets them right at their stomachs and heads. Clean kills. So if you were one of those murdering armies, you do not want to mess with John Rambo. For he will get you hard core big time.

9. Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead). Survivor of that zombie infested apocalyptic future, he never misses not one bit. Against psychopaths, some who have mental heath problems, the zombies, and people who have turned into evil ways. He mostly uses a hunting crossbow, than a regular bow. And never wastes too much on arrows. By being a good friend with the rest of the immune survivors, he is also wanting to make sure that those zombies and psychopaths, would never again plan to destroy their future. Even when this whole TV series came to an end.

8. Derek Stephen Prince as Uryū Ishida (Bleach). Ichigo Kurosaki’s friend and classmate in our world, and a Soul Reaper like Rukia against Hollows in their world. No matter if his long bow and arrows are real or spiritual, he never misses as a Soul Reaper who wears glasses. He can especially shoot up to 1200 arrows in such long range attacks. No matter for how courageous he can be, he is definitely a master archer. In fact, he saved Rukia one time and was there for her. Also, he would have the ability to curve his arrows while they fly. And fire a volley of arrows at a single target.

7. Orlando Bloom as Paris (Troy). Helen of Troy’s lover, Hector’s young brother, & prince of Troy. For he and Helen were the ones that ignited the Trojan War, but kept it a secret with Hector. He fought hard and was very well, before he and Helen escaped with the survivors, during the siege of Troy. He almost killed Menelaus during one of their battles. However with his skills in archery, and marksmanship, right after Hector was killed by Achilles, he got his revenge by shooting arrows at him. One to his only weakness: his left heel. No matter on how he shoots, he’ll aim at your heel.

6. Cherami Leigh as Lucy Heartfila (Fairy Tail). A teenage wizard and a companion with Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet and the rest of our heroes, she’s been the most remarkable anime character in the entire TV series. No matter on what she wears by her special magic, she never misses whenever she uses a bow, and three arrows to shoot at the same time. By using sacred arrows or not, it can be best for her rather than using those magic keys that she uses. She can be like her friend Erza Scarlet, by defeating a dark priestess who is possessed by a Phoenix Stone.

5. Stacey DePass as Corona (Spider Riders). Born as a warrior and a Spider Rider, with Venus as her companion, she became the kindest friend to our hero Hunter Steele from our world, and Shadow, a massive spider and Venus’ caring interest. She only does her archery skills and never misses whenever Hunter is deeply in battle and gets injured. In fact, she has romantic feelings for him a lot ever since she first met him. You can also tell for how she glows. She does get aware of Aqune getting in the way, but not anymore. Her victims that she kills by her bow & arrows: humanoid insects.

4. Moneca Stori as Kagome (InuYasha). A high school girl from modern day Tokyo, but also the reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyo from Feudal Japan. Together with her friends, they were to find shards of the Shikon Jewel that demons were obsessed on. Right after she shattered it by accident, no thanks to a demonic raven that stole it in the beginning. Although she didn’t like InuYasha at first and wasn’t good in archery, but became really grand like how Kikyo was. She has special powers in archery during her quest, that could penetrate barriers and pulverize foes. Wow!!

3. Taron Egerton as Robin Hood (Robin Hood). No longer as Robin of Loxley, but as the most famous bandit in all of England. For he robbed a massive load of cash, and gave to those who needed hope for their future. Against the notorious Prince John who nearly became king, and his partner the Sheriff of Nottingham, he is a shadow against them as he can be fast in archery. With tons of arrows, and by both using a bow, and a fold out crossbow, his foes and guards would be as dead than you can ever see. Before King Richard the 1st came back and thanked him a lot.

2. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games). She volunteers as Tribute! She can hunt, watch out for tracker jackers, loud crows, and be an expert in archery. For she took her sisters place in the 74th to 75th Annual Hunger Games. Before the revolution against the Capitol broke out. With her skills and arrows that have explosive tips, she took on those Peacekeeper troops, bombers, gunships and booby traps. In fact, she happens to be the girl on fire that they do not want to mess with. Especially for Commander Thread and President Snow.

1. Billy Crudup as Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke). Taking the number 1# spot on the list, is the marksman who had met Claire Danes as San, the girl raised by those massive white wolves. Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli and GKIDS mostly, his character was cursed by a demon pig as he had to find a cure before that mark on his arm kills him. As it lead to him towards the Forest Spirit, he had to stop a conflict between man and creatures. With his skills and that mark on him, he has the strength in archery to decapitate a samurai’s head, severe both arms of a warrior, stop a musket from firing, catch an arrow, and kill a demonic pig at its massive eyeball. Together with San and the wolves, they were able to save the Forest Spirit as the mark on him was finally gone forever.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite archers in movies and TV shows?

Lover Come Back (1961)

Ever since Doris Day was as dead as Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway in 2019, she was great as both an actress, and a animal welfare activist. So like Stanley Kubrick‘s daughter Vivian, she had rescued several stray animals. And co-founded some animal foundations later on.

Until on Valentines Day in 2019, during another harsh winter in Canada, that was when I watched this. As my first Doris Day movie. A romantic comedy.

Set in Madison Avenue in Manhattan, NY during the Golden Age, while female performers were wearing rabbit outfits, as the the rest were having parties and getting drunk in the mornings, a female advertiser and a slacker advertiser became rivals. The slacker advertiser was Rock Hudson.

Then came the idea that Rock Hudson did, that lead to him being as a liar liar. He and his partner portrayed by Tony Randall were the ones that created VIP. Not V.I.P. VIP. A candy that could make people be addicted on.

So by a chemist who is funnier like Jerry Lewis, he made VIP colour candies. The size of cookies or mints. The advertising people tried some. And for what that chemist did was hilarious. They were actually alcohol candies. It made them all drunk.

The next morning, came the funniest hangover I ever enjoyed. Much better than Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis did in all three ‘Hangover’ movies.

Tony Randall’s character after the hangover made me smile and cry as they found out for what the VIP did to them. With that ice pack on his head, it was no wonder it earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In fact, this was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. But didn’t win unfortunately.

And as for the hangover, both rivals were married as Doris Day’s character as the queen bee advertiser was impregnated all of a sudden. That made me laugh and entertained. And you would’ve seen her almost naked in a motel.

So the moral is that we do not want to be a liar liar like Rock Hudson. And we want to show or tell on what is truthful. Especially in advertising. We definitely need to be truthful.

For a success, 9/10 stars is what I give. In conclusion along with those three are Jack Albertson, Whitt Bissell, and Jack Kruschen as the chemist. Before he was the chemist, he was one of the inmates who escaped from the Louisiana Penitentiary with Horace McMahon as they ran into the comedian duo Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. In a 1953 comedy that’ll take you out of Earth, to the planet Venus. “Abbott and Costello: Go To Mars”.

Top 8 Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters

I may have missed that anime TV show from YTV, but it has been a while since I saw on which monsters I like on. In this top list, there is one from each duelist, and how they fought in duels. Kaiba and his Blue Eyes White Dragon will not be included. And it’s from just ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’. Not ‘Yu-Gi-Oh GX’, that next generation.

8. Red Archery Girl. Owned by Pegasus, the one eyed psychopath in the Duelist Kingdom, before he turned his cards too much cartoonish, he used this mythical type sea creature that sailors dream of, whenever they are out at sea. But as a monster, he had this in the climatic battle between him and Yugi. By looking at her, she seems much better than those other mermaids for what appears in media. But was no match for older Yugi as he defeated him. His mermaid card was no longer found again.

7. Science Soldier. Owned by Alister, he had this along with robotic soldiers to deal with Kaiba in the ‘Flight of Fear’. During the “Waking of Dragons” season. He had this in the jet plane first, before they went on the roof during the flight. Much better than for what happened in the Duelist Kingdom, this is one of his cards much better; thanks to Dartz who had hired him. His science soldier & robotic soldier monsters may have nearly defeated his rival, but you know Kaiba. His favourite is always those dragons.

6. Cyber Commander. Owned by Tristian, he had this in that spoiled brat’s funhouse. It was during the ‘Shadow Realm’ before they had their ‘Battle City Duels’. Almost like for what Alister had a season later, his tough monster soldier was great on defeating Nezbitt. Who was in the form of a robotic knight. Armed, dangerous and badass looking than ever, his battle monster was great by defeating him for payback. Cause for what he did to Tristian earlier, it made him lose control of himself on possession.

5. Black Skull Dragon. Owned by Joey Wheeler, this is a combination of both monsters, that seems to be much better than the Red Eyes Black Dragon, and the Blue Eyes White Dragon. He had this in the Duelist Kingdom to face Yugi first, before he could get to defeating Pegasus so he could win the cash reward for Serenity’s eye operation. His monster was so close to defeating Yugi, but didn’t make it unfortunately. However, this dragon can be so fierce, it’ll tear a duel monster to pieces.

4. Musician King. You can listen to ‘Rock & Roll All Night, & Part Every Day’ from KISS, but do watch out for this duel monster. Owned by Johnny Steps, that dance off arcade player, as a combination of both duel monsters, he used this in a duel against Yugi. Much better than that movie, ‘This Means War’, they were competing for the love of Téa Gardner. For this monster had rock and roll music so loud, it defeated three of Yugi’s monsters. However, it was no match against his favourite, the Dark Magician.

3. Valkyrie Brunhilde (Zigfried). You won’t be listening to both that tale of Joan of Arc from France, and that ‘Valkyrie’ song from Germany once you see this in shining armour. Owned by Zigfried Von Schroder, along with eight more, he had this as a leader to defeat four kids in the Grand Championship, until they faced Kaiba and his dragons in the final around. This monster nearly had defeated Kaiba in the final minutes, but was no match against his dragons. So close, but terrific really.

2. Harpie Lady. Owned by Mai Valentine, who happens to own a few more, this harpie lady is something that you do not want to mess with. Much better than the ones were in “Jason and the Argonauts”, this one is remarkable. With massive feathers on its wings, along with large talons and claws also, this winged harpie has the ability to defeat someone’s monster in a duel. Mostly in my opinion, rip out the guts of a feisty kid wearing glasses, and squash it’s head.

1. Dark Magician Girl. Owned by Yugi, and taking the number 1# spot on the list, this happens to be number 1# close to her counterpart, Dark Magician. Born during the final minutes between Yugi against the Master of Magicians, to how this anime TV series came to a successful conclusion, the Dark Magician Girl has been my favourite duel creature in the entire series since this became a popular duel monster. Cute, beautiful and good looking. Besides, this has magic powers that are fantastic.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite duel monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh?

Platoon music video

Since “Platoon” became popular, and no wonder it won Best Picture in the Academy Awards, this had been remained one of the classic Vietnam War movies ever in history.

This is the number 1 music video, from the Rolling Stones on ‘Paint It Black’, this goes to the stars of Oliver Stone’s classic Vietnam War movie. For Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger, John C. McGinley, Kevin Dillon, Reggie Johnson, Kieth David, Mark Moses, Francesco Quinn, Forest Whitaker, Tony Todd, Richard Edson, Johnny Depp, Paul Sanchez, Andrew B. Clark, Corey Glover, David Neidorf, Chris Pedersen, James Terry McIlvain, Ivan Kane, Peter Hicks, Basile Achara, Chris Castillejo, Corkey Ford, J. Adam Glover, Dale Dye and five other stars that were those Vietnam War soldiers.

Oliver Stone did his best on this before his other movies. He must’ve felt proud of himself when he won that Oscar on Best Picture to this.